Planning a trip to Myanmar? Then, what is the best time to visit Myanmar? You should know that first. Because I didn’t give this much thought and ended up facing the most torrential rainfall I have ever encountered. I don’t want this to happen to you. In this post, you can find out what is the best season to explore all the places in Myanmar. Read further before chalking out the trip itinerary.

Best time to visit Myanmar – Summary

Winter is the best season to visit Myanmar, which lasts from October to February. The monsoons would have ended during the beginning of October. The days become less hot and manageable because the humidity is bearable. The weather turns pleasant as the evening progresses, and you will have cold nights at this time. 

best time to travel to Myanmar

Myanmar has a tropical climate combined with humidity, which means you will be sweating during the day no matter the time of the year. In winter, however, the moisture is at the best level, making the months from October to February the best time to travel to Myanmar

But there are slight exceptions about the best season to visit Myanmar. Read ahead to find out.

Best time to visit Myanmar – When not to go

Months to avoid: March to May

The summer begins at the end of February, and from March the weather turns super hot. The heat is intense, and so is the accompanying humidity, which is at its worst during this time. Summer in Myanmar lasts from March to May, sometimes even until June. So if you want to know what time is it in Myanmar to avoid, then it is during these months.

Myanmar time

Months to avoid: June to September

Myanmar is prone to heavy rainfall every year. Floods and landslides are frequent in all the regions, which leads to road closures, cancelled flights, delayed buses – In short, a lot of inconveniences.

Now you know that October-February is the best time to visit Myanmar, let me breakdown by regions and months on what to expect.

Best Time to Visit Myanmar by Regions


Although the best time to visit Myanmar is the winter months, the location of Bagan in central part makes it hotter than the rest of the regions. It is because this area receives lesser rainfall and as such, humidity doesn’t subsidize as much as in other regions of Myanmar. 

best time to visit Myanmar

During summer, which begins earlier here in February and lasts until June, it feels impossible to explore the temples during the daytime, as you also have a bit of walking to do. These are the months to avoid visiting Bagan. The best time to visit Bagan is from the end of November to the end of February when the temperatures become bearable. 

It is recommended that you explore by starting early during the day, preferably after watching the magnificent sunrise over the temples until the hot afternoon sun comes in, and then some around sunset.

Resources of Bagan:

Inle Lake

Inle Lake is located at a relatively higher altitude, which makes it more accessible than the other popular destinations of Myanmar. The hottest months of summer comparatively feel more comfortable at Inle Lake. The temperature reaches up to 32°C, which is better compared to the average summer temperature elsewhere in the country. 

weather in Myanmar

Winter months, especially during December and January, is an excellent time as the days are pleasant and the nights are cold, with temperatures dropping to even 10°C at night on some days. If you are traveling to Bagan during these months, you might want to add an overcoat to your packing list.

Resources for Inle Lake:

Best time to visit Yangon

Yangon, the capital city of Myanmar, is located close to the coast, which means expect higher than usual humidity. Luckily, the weather becomes good by the end of October, making the months from November to January the best time to visit Yangon. 

Best Time To Visit Myanmar - What to see & do(By regions & months)

The temperature is in manageable range during these months, but make the most of the best times at dawn and dusk by exploring more places at these times. Monsoon months of August and September are to be avoided as the city experience incessant downpours.

Resources for Yangon:

Best time to visit Mandalay

Mandalay is located close to Bagan. Hence the weather is similar, which means hotter than the other regions of Myanmar. Mandalay receives very less rain during the monsoon season as well and remains hot. Plan a trip here during the winter, from November to January, when the humidity becomes bearable.

best time to visit Myanmar

Resources for Mandalay:

Now that you know the best time to travel to Myanmar let me share you more details on what you can do during each of these months.

Best time to visit Myanmar by Months – October

October would be the time right after the heavy downpours be over. Greenery will welcome in you southern and northeastern Myanmar, which are known for paddy fields and Karst mountains. It is also the month when a lot of festivals happen all around. 

Thadingyut, the Festival of Lights is the most popular one celebrated throughout Myanmar at this time. You will see the traditional lanterns at homes and the streets lit. People gather at homes, pray and celebrate for three days. 

Three festivals happen in Mandalay in October – Dancing Elephant Festival, Kyauk Taw Gyi Pagoda Festival and Bo BoGyi Nat Festival in Amarapura. If you visit Inle Lake during this time, you can witness PhaungDawOo Pagoda and Indein Pagoda Festivals.


An ideal time for Bagan, Mandalay, Yangon and the beaches.

November is the best month to visit Myanmar IMO. The weather is at its best, and many major festivals are celebrated in various parts of the country this month. The most famous among them is the Hot Air Balloon Festival or Tazaungdaing Taunggyi, which is held on the Full Moon day in November. It is a dazzling experience to watch the giant balloons filling the night sky with light. 

hot air balloon festival

The next big reason to visit Myanmar in November would be Shwezigon Pagoda Festival, which is held during the last week of the month in Bagan, where the ancient traditions and culture come alive in the form of dance performances, theatre and recitals.

Best time to visit Myanmar – December

An ideal time for anywhere in Myanmar

December receives a high number of tourists in Myanmar, and rightly so because it is one of those nearly perfect months to be here. As for the festivals, the major ones are Mount Popa Nat Festival at Mount Popa and Candle Light festival at Golden Rock Pagoda or Kyaiktiyo, which can be visited on tour.

Even if cultural celebrations aren’t your thing, you can choose between heading to the mountains near Kalaw or Hsipaw for plenty of hikes or travel south for all the beaches. It is also an excellent time for taking slow boat cruises on the Irrawaddy River. Whatever you prefer, you can do all of them without having to worry about intense heat, humidity or downpours in December.


An ideal time to travel anywhere

Same as December weatherwise, maybe even better in some places. Ananda Pagoda festival in Bagan happens this month. Good time to hit the beaches as southern Myanmar has ideal temperatures during this time.

Best Time To Visit Myanmar - What to see & do(By regions & months)