The emergence of casinos as a token of pleasure and luxury is on the rise, and there is no way New Zealand is lagging. On May 5th, 2020, the gaming sector in New Zealand became fully regulated. 

The New Zealand Gambling Commission oversees the sector and the UK Gambling Commission. Because the license requirements are so stringent, the NZ Gambling Commission has shut down many local casinos that have broken the rules. 

So the gambling scene there is pretty specific about the rules and regulations, yet a valid recreational activity trimmed with the experience of tasty dinners and drinks. 

New Zealand gambling companies focus on Casino Deps online reviews as the players are always under the radar of regulatory companies. 

Here we are about to discuss a few luxury casinos based in New Zealand in detail for the reader’s convenience.

Auckland’s SkyCity 

The Baccarat room of Auckland’s SkyCity casino offers 24-hour gaming, a posh bar, a separate smoking area, and top-notch cashiering services. 

If you’re a beginner and want to learn how to play table games from a professional, Auckland’s SkyCity Casino offers learning packages that will teach you how to play these games. 

These packages are reasonably priced, and the SkyCity Casino is an excellent place to learn the games. They also have a bundle for you if you want to improve your skills.

The SkyCity casino in Auckland is located in the world’s tallest Sky Tower and is the simplest site to find when visiting the city. 

Auckland’s SkyCity Casino is one of the top brands in the world, featuring about 150 table games and 2100 gaming machines available all around the clock, seven days a week. 

This Casino emphasizes responsible gaming and gambling, urging guests to play only as much as they can afford. 

SkyCity Casino in Hamilton

The SkyCity Casino in Hamilton is situated on the banks of the Waikato River, making it one of the most picturesque locations in the city. 

The SkyCity Casino in Hamilton is one of the SkyCity Casino franchise’s locations. It has Features similar to the SkyCity Casino in Auckland, including gaming machines, table games, and bars and restaurants providing cuisines available in the Auckland franchise. It is available throughout the week and all around the clock. 

In addition to its regular services and experiences, the Hamilton SkyCity Casino offers an event to guests known as Money Carlo. 

It offers guests the chance to win $4000 in cash over two gaming rounds. SkyCity Casino also offers games like Casino roulette, slot games, bowling, gaming machines, and whatnot! 

Skycity Casino in Queenstown

Skycity Casino in Queenstown is home to some of the most popular casino games you can play while dining at on-site restaurants and bars. Eighty-six gaming machines and table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Midi-Baccarat, and Caribbean Stud Poker are available at the SkyCity Casino in Queenstown. 

Check to see if any special events or incentives are going on at the Casino before you intend to attend. 

If you wish to learn or sharpen your gaming skills, go for one of the ‘Learn to Play programs offered by this Casino. 

Wild Thyme Bar and Kitchen, the Casino’s in-house restaurant, serves refreshments to guests.

Dunedin’s Casino

Dunedin is a city on the southeastern coast of the South Island, near the mouth of the Otago Harbour. 

With well-designed gaming rooms, lavish mosaic flooring, and a tall staircase leading to a large glass dome top, Dunedin’s Casino has been rebuilt to give it a Monte Carlo vibe. 

The gaming experience at Dunedin’s Casino in New Zealand is a unique blend of old-world charm and cutting-edge technology. The opening hours are from 11 am to 3 am. 

They offer casino games like live poker, Caribbean stud poker, Blackjack, Roulette, live poker, and other electronic games to fuel the madness.

The Casino offers an on-site restaurant that serves authentic Cantonese cuisine, including fiery noodles, melt-in-your-mouth dumplings, and flavorful stir-fries that will keep your taste buds begging for more, the Casino’s fourth eatery; it features modern decor and is the most proper place to get a bite while listening to live music creating an ideal ambience for a pompous night. 

A total of 500 slot machines, 36 gaming tables, a Baccarat room, Poker lounges, and a brand-new electronic sports stadium can be found at the Christchurch Casino in New Zealand. 

The Christchurch Casino in New Zealand was designed with experienced and novice players. Got Game Arena, a one-of-a-kind esports arena at Christchurch Casino features four PS4s mounted on the arena’s walls and many other downloaded games. 

The best part about this arena is that you can play these games for free.


New Zealand casinos are not just for betting and winning but for an entire package of entertainment. 

This list is expected to assist the reader in planning the next trip to New Zealand or even have an idea about what to expect from a fully furnished casino experience. 


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