Texas Sunflower Fields are one of the most vibrant symbols of the Lone Star State, which has captured the hearts of Texas and its visitors.

Visit Texas during Spring and Fall to witness the yellow hues stretching as far as the eye can see; it is a stunning sight.

From North-Central Texas to the heart of the Hill Country, the Lone Star State blooms with golden fields that beckon you to explore, experience, and embrace the magic of sunflower season.

Whether a nature or photography enthusiast, Texas offers endless opportunities to picnic amidst the petals, chase sunbeams through the fields, and create memories that will light up your heart for years.

On your trip to Texas, if you are wondering where to see sunflowers, read this post to discover the stunning family-owned farms and sprawling landscapes that seem to touch the sky.

You will learn about the sunflower season Texas, the best photograph spots for the perfect fall sunflower pictures and some valuable tips and resources for your day trips in Texas.

It’s time to let the sunshine in and make every moment count – because in Sunflower Fields Texas, the fun never stops! 

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If you are wondering when is Sunflower Season in Texas, I would say it largely depends on the specific location and climate of the region. 

However, as a general guideline, here is when you can typically expect sunflowers to be in peak bloom in different parts of Texas:

Spring (Late March to May): Although you will witness many vibrant varieties of wildflowers in Spring, including the bluebonnets, you will also see some sunflower varieties bloom in the Spring, usually around late March to early May. 

These early bloomers can be found in warmer parts of Texas, particularly in the Southern regions.

Summer (June to August): Most Sunflowers in Texas bloom during the summer months, from June to August.

This is when you will witness many sunflower fields across the state coming to life with vibrant yellow blossoms.

Fall (September to October): Some sunflower varieties bloom into the fall season, typically from September to October. 

Texas sunflower fields near me

Fall-blooming sunflowers can offer a different and equally stunning sight, often complementing the autumn foliage.

Late Summer to Early Fall: This is one of the prime times to have the best experience of Sunflower Farm Texas.

This is when you will most likely encounter fields filled with lush, fully-bloomed sunflowers. 

Late July through September tends to be a popular period for sunflower enthusiasts.

Remember that weather conditions, including rainfall and temperature, can influence the exact timing of sunflower blooms. 

It is always a good idea to check with the specific sunflower fields Texas or locations you want to visit for the most accurate and up-to-date information on bloom times.


Visiting Sunflower Field Texas can be the most delightful and cherishable experience. But to make the most of your trip, I recommend following these tips:

Check for Allergies: Safety First! If you have pollen allergies, be prepared with any necessary medications or precautions before entering the fields.

Check Bloom Timing: Before your visit, check the official website or social media pages of the sunflower farm you plan to visit for updates on bloom timing and conditions.

Wear Appropriate Clothing: Choose comfortable clothing and footwear for walking through fields.

Sunflower fields can get muddy, so wear closed-toe shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Texas sunflower fields map

Protect Yourself: Sun protection is essential in the Texas sun. Wear sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses to shield yourself from the sun’s rays.

Bring Water and Snacks: Strolling through the fields can be sometimes strenuous. Carry a reusable water bottle and snacks to munch to stay hydrated and energized.

Camera and Accessories: Don’t forget your camera to capture the stunning sunflower blooms.

Consider bringing extra camera batteries or a portable charger to ensure you don’t miss out on any photo opportunities.

Respect the Flowers: While many sunflower farms allow visitors to take photos and even pick sunflowers, respect the flowers and the Farm’s rules. 

Don’t trample on the plants; only pick flowers if the Farm permits it.




If you are looking for one of the best Texas Sunflower Fields, head to Wild Seed Farms in Fredericksburg.

This sprawling Farm spans over 200 acres, offering a vibrant tapestry of colours and scents that will ignite your senses.

Did you know that the Wild Seeds Farm is one of the largest Wildflower Farms in the US?

Stroll along the fields, and a diverse array of sunflower varieties will greet you.

Click cinematic candid amidst the Lemon Queen, Grey Stripe Sunflower, Maya Sunflower, Chocolate Cherry, Sunspo and Autumn Beauty.

sunflower field near Dallas

Time your visit; these sunflowers burst into full bloom in late summer, creating a dreamy backdrop for your insta-worthy candid.

And that is not it! Have the best wine-sampling experience at the Vineyard and tasting room.

Unwind at the Brewbonnet Biergarten or explore the store with treasures for home decor and gardening enthusiasts. 

You can take home sunflower seeds and nurture your radiant garden.

The entry to Wild Seeds Farm is free, so bring your friends and family for an incredible day out. 



If you want the best Texas Sunflower fields, embark on a thrilling flower escapade at P-6 Farms.

P-6 Farms is a 30-minute drive from Houston and a 35-minute drive from Conroe, which sits in Montgomery and promises endless fun and excitement. 

Stroll through vibrant flower patches, surrounded by stunning sunflower blooms.

sunflower fields in Texas

As you explore, you will discover a mesmerizing array of sunflowers, ranging from the classic bright yellow to captivating dark red and orange varieties. 

The best part is you can even handpick these radiant beauties to take home (for a small fee). 

Soak amidst the pumpkin patch, navigate the intricate corn maze, and indulge in heartwarming hayrides and games that will leave you with cherished memories.


If you want a fantastic adventure near Houston, visit Froberg’s Farm, a 30-minute drive from Houston.

Froberg’s Farm is the perfect blend of nature, flavour, and fun and is home to one of the best Texas Sunflower Fields.

Renowned for strawberries, they have bloomed into a sunflower paradise with a sprawling five-acre sunflower trail. 

You will be welcomed by Froberg’s Flower Garden, filled with various varieties of gorgeous flowers with vibrant shades of Yellow and Orange.

sunflower fields in east Texas

And when October rolls around, the Fall Festival amps up the excitement. 

The pumpkin patches and corn mazes are all set against the backdrop of those stunning sunflowers. You can pluck a sunflower as part of the Fall Festival.

Apart from the flowers, soak amidst the citrus fruits like strawberries and blackberries, which are usually ready for picking.

And don’t forget to swing by their bakery. Renowned for their 35 flavours of homemade pies, every bite is like a taste of farm-fresh happiness.


If you are looking for the best Sunflower Field near Houston, head to Dewberry Farm, located 45 minutes West of downtown Houston, in the heart of Brookshire. 

This hidden gem is all about sunflowers, the sun, and sensational experiences. 

sunflower fields in Austin Texas

Sprawling four acres and bursting with over 25 varieties of Sunflowers, Dewberry Farm is one of the best places to witness Texas Sunflower Fields.

As Spring melts into Summer, these sunflowers put on a show like no other. 

Dewberry Farm knows how to throw a Sunflower Festival in May that’s an absolute blast.

Stroll through neatly lined sunflowers, handpick your favourites and strike a pose for your social media against this lovely floral backdrop.

Did you know an exclusive acre is reserved for the fall bloomers in the Dewberry Farms?

Dewberry Farm is more than just sunflowers. It’s a whirlwind of activities that cater to every age and interest. 

sunflower fields in north Texas

Your options are limitless, from carnival games to gemstone mining, a mind-bending corn maze, and a pumpkin patch

Check out the Ferris wheel and carousel, ready to whisk you into a world of joy.

Don’t miss hopping on the train for a whimsical ride around the Farm.

Indulge your taste buds with culinary delights from the concessions stands Rooster’, Mattie’s Kitchen and Annabelle’s.


One of the newest Texas Sunflower Fields is the Yesterland Farm in Canton, which planted its first sunflower patch in 2020. 

The Farm is known for its dazzling Sunflower Days Festival in September.

The festival is a sensation that bursts with sunflowers brimming with fall fun. 

Wander through fields adorned with radiant sunflowers while the air is filled with music and laughter. 

Lose yourself in a corn maze adventure that’s thrilling and intriguing. 

sunflower field in Texas

The beats of live music will set the stage for an unforgettable day, making every step a memory in the making. 

Hop on to the vintage rides for a nostalgic journey or a Ferris wheel to feel the wind in your hair as you soak up the view.

The roller-coasters add a dash of adrenaline to your day, creating an experience that’s as thrilling as it is unforgettable.

Yesterland is also hailed as one of the prime Sunflower Fields near Dallas. 


One of the best family-owned Texas Sunflower Fields is the Western Belle Farm in Waco, located at a 90-minute driving distance from Dallas.

The vibrant hues of orange, red and yellow Sunflower patches greet you with their radiant blooms.

The Farm unveiled its very first Sunflower Festival in 2022, and it was a blast!

Ziplining, duck races, horse races, barn slides – you name it, they had it! 

Texas sunflower fields

The Farm transformed into a wonderland of laughter and adventure, where memories were woven amidst the sunflowers.

These sunflower-filled festivities aren’t just a one-time thing – they hope to make it an annual tradition. 

Don’t miss to capture those picture-perfect golden hour shots with the purple hues in the sky and vibrant golden yellow in the backdrop that will make your ‘gram feed shine.

Also, check out the pumpkin farms in Waco, yet another local’s favourite.


If you are looking for one of the prettiest Texas Sunflower Fields, visit Hamilton Farms.

A short 10-minute drive North of Lubbock on Route 84 leads you to the charming small town of Shallowater, where Hamilton Farms awaits.

These farms are known for their Sunflower Days, a limited-time magic that occurs in June-July.

The Farm becomes a sunflower paradise for a few precious weeks, inviting you to explore over 28 acres of golden blooms that stretch as far as the eye can see. 

Concession stands, farm animals, and many fun activities promise an exciting day with a nominal admission fee of $6.

sunflower fields in Texas

Explore the on-site farmer’s market, a treasure trove of delights ranging from fresh produce to grass-fed beef, preserves, homemade salsa and vegetables. 

It’s the perfect spot to snag some treats for a romantic date night picnic amidst the sunflowers.

If you are ready to shell out a few bucks, you can opt for professional photos amidst the sunflowers, a souvenir to cherish for a lifetime.

Hamilton Farms stays open until 9 PM, from Thursday to Sunday, ensuring you have all the time you need to soak up the Sunflower wonder. 


Another cute Texas Sunflower Fields is the Arnosky Farm in Blanco.

Visit Arnosky Farm in late May to witness these stunning beauties take centre stage, painting the landscape with their golden glory. 

They have a social media page where you can follow the bloom updates.

Arnosky Farm doesn’t offer a U-pick, but don’t you worry! They have got you covered. 

The cream of the crop sunflowers are handpicked and presented to you with love. 

Enter their charming Blue Barn, and gorgeous blooms of all varieties await your arrival. 

And the best part? You can bring cash or a check and leave your payment in their self-serve box after making your selections.

So, set your alarm clocks because the Farm welcomes you daily from 9 AM to 5 PM, promising a day as vibrant as the blooms.


If you are looking for one of the family-owned Texas Sunflower Fields, visit Aboud Family Farm, located 1.2 hours away from Dallas.

Tulips, Blackberries, and Sunflowers – you name it, they have got it! 

June is the prime time for peak bloom. But remember that nature has its rhythm, so it’s always wise to watch their updates for the exact dates and hours.  

Dive right into action with U-pick, and the best part? Each flower comes at a steal deal of $2. 

sunflower fields Texas

But if you purchase any flowers, the entrance fee to the field is waived.

However, if you are simply in it for the photos amidst the vibrant blooms, there is a small entrance fee of $2 per person. 

The Farm doesn’t stop at flowers; they are also home to delicious blackberries. 

Also, the seasons of berries and blooms overlap for a few weeks at Aboud Family Farm. So why not seize the opportunity to savour both?

So, whether you are craving the sight of blooming tulips, the taste of succulent blackberries, or the glow of sunflowers, this family farm has it all.


If you are looking for one of the hidden Texas Sunflower fields, head to Neal’s Berry Farm in Waller, where figs, peaches, blackberries, and vibrant sunflowers come together in perfect harmony! 

Pay a dollar per Sunflower Stem and pluck them to create your vibrant bouquet. 

It’s like crafting happiness with every pick! And guess what? The joy of U-pick is right at your fingertips.

There is a nominal admission fee of $3 per person. 

flower fields in Texas

Bring your trusty, durable shears to make picking a breeze. 

No worries in case you forget; kindergarten scissors will be your saviour, ready to lend a hand.

While the Farm promises a day of sunflowers and smiles, remember that nature loves to surprise us. 

Sunflower availability can shift with the weather, so check for updates before you set off on your Texas sunflower fields adventure. 



If you are looking for one of the best North Central Texas Sunflower Fields, head to the Robinson Family Farm in Temple.

Visit the Farm in October to witness the landscape transformed by sunflowers reaching five to six feet, each blossoming a burst of colour against the clear blue sky. 

Follow the trail through these towering blooms and create your bouquet of happiness. 

Strike a pose; these sunflowers are the perfect backdrop for fall family images and those timeless class pictures.

The Robinson Family Farm is a treasure trove of excitement apart from flower fields in Texas. 

Stroll amidst the pumpkin patch that promises an autumn wonderland. 

Dive into the corn pit, stroll the corn maze, or challenge your crew to a game in the open yard – the fun never stops.

During select seasons, the gates swing open on weekends, welcoming you to experience the magic. 

The summer Sunflower Fest at Robinson Farm, held throughout June, is a surefire hit.


If you are looking for the best Sunflower field San Antonio, look no further than Sweet Eats Fruit Farm, nestled in the charming town of Georgetown.

Located at a 45-minute driving distance from the North of Austin, Sweet Eats Fruit Farm is renowned for its eight-day sunflower festival.

First introduced in June 2020, this festival has become an annual tradition that sets the town abuzz with excitement. 

Witness acres of sunflower blooms, stretching as far as the eye can see, creating a kaleidoscope of colours and a symphony of happiness.

You will see over 35 varieties of Sunflowers in all their glory. The first ten days are dedicated to the timeless beauty of single-stem yellow sunflowers that grow to 12-14 feet.

As the festival unfolds, you will experience the evolution of other sunflowers.

From the classic yellow to bold shades of black, purple, and green, these sunflower fields are a painter’s palette that comes to life.

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm is a photographer’s paradise. There is no need for special permissions; simply snag a general admission pass and let your creativity run wild. 

Capture stunning shots amidst the sunflowers in designated ‘No Pick’ zones, letting the beauty of the blooms be the backdrop to your masterpieces.

Tickets to this sensational experience cost $18 online and $23 at the gate.


If you want to see the best family-owned and operated sunflower fields in Texas, visit Wild Berry Farm.

Nestled in the quaint town of Sadler, this gem is conveniently located between Gainesville and Sherman, just about an hour’s drive North of the bustling Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Wild Berry Farm started cultivating Sunflowers in 2016, and since then, it has become one of the gorgeous Texas Sunflower Fields.

While the sunflowers grace the fields during the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons, a unique window promises an explosion of colour in mid-June.

This is when the sunflowers take centre stage, creating a canvas of magical beauty.

You can capture stunning Instagram-worthy shots amidst the sunflowers for a nominal fee. 

The sun-kissed blooms as your backdrop set the stage for pictures that will light up your feed.

Be a Sunflower harvester! Pay a nominal fee, cut these bursts of sunshine and take the stems home.

Remember to pack a trusty pair of shears and a container to cradle your treasures.

But wait, there’s more to Wild Berry Farm than just sunflowers. They also nurture an array of fruits and flowers that are equally captivating.

And as you explore, don’t forget to treat your taste buds at the Farm Cafe, where fresh produce from their fields transforms into delectable culinary delights. 

Open from Spring through fall, the cafe offers a menu that celebrates locally sourced fruits and vegetables, an authentic farm-to-table experience that will tantalize your senses.


On my trip to Texas, I was looking for a Sunflower field near me and found a family-owned legacy, Mainstay Farm Park, just a breezy 20-minute drive from the heart of Fort Worth in Cleburne.

Mainstay Farm Park, established in 1989, is more than just a farm; it’s a must-visit destination to discover the finest Texas Sunflower fields, also known as the ‘Biggest Backyard in Texas’.

The Farm unveils its sunflower symphony from September to October. 

It’s a burst of colour that will set your heart aglow, a canvas of beauty waiting to be explored.

Enjoy the live music that weaves through the air, a pumpkin house that’s nothing short of giant, a Haymarket bursting with treasures, and slides that promise an exhilarating plunge.

With over 30 attractions ranging from delightful to daring, Mainstay Farm Park is your gateway to a day brimming with fun and laughter.


To witness one of the beautiful Texas Sunflower fields, visit Lone Star Family Farm, a haven of fall festivities and blooming beauty located about an hour and a half Southwest of Fort Worth in Stephenville.

The sunflowers create a tapestry of colour that complements the myriad fall-themed activities that await you at the Farm.

Stroll along the trails that wind through the sunflowers and click candid pictures. Please note that you aren’t allowed to pluck any flowers.

Apart from the flowers, there are many other activities for kids and adults.

Let the kids explore mini corn and hay bale mazes, delight in pig races that are more charming than you can imagine, and watch their faces light up with wonder.

Try your hand at corn hole, practice your roping skills, or hitch a ride on a hayride that will fill your heart with joy. 

And when you have worked up an appetite, the Farm’s picnic tables are ready to welcome you, accompanied by treats from the concession stands, which makes it one of the best sunflower field in Texas.


One of the cute Texas Sunflower Fields in El Paso is Calhoun Flower Farms.

This isn’t just a farm; it’s a floral wonderland that beckons you to immerse yourself in nature’s vibrant palette.

Visit their beautiful greenhouse and smaller fields where many different flowers are planted.

While they are currently open by appointment only, the experience that awaits you is unlike any other.

And it’s not just about the flowers – it’s about the people behind the scenes. 

Meet the florists who weave their creativity into every petal, every arrangement, and every bouquet.

They will be willing to craft something special for you, a tangible memory of your time at Calhoun Flower Farms.



If you are looking for one of the gorgeous family-owned Texas Sunflower Fields, visit Maxwell’s Country Family Fun, a paradise of excitement on Amarillo’s outskirts.

Maxwell, known for its Pumpkin patch, opens its arms to you, promising a magical experience between the last weekend of September and the first weekend of October.

Enjoy walking through the trails that wind through sunflower fields.

With every step, the large, radiant blooms whisper tales of the Texas breeze, creating an ambience of fall weather that’s simply perfect. 

But when you are here, you should not miss the Maxwell’s Fall Festival, your ticket to an adventure-filled day. 

From the Bunny Village to the Duck Derby, from the Hay Pyramid to the Apple Cannon, every corner promises thrills that will make your heart race. 

And when the time comes to wrap up the fun, a hayride is the perfect way to bid farewell to an unforgettable day.

Your taste buds are in for a treat too. Funnel cake, corn dogs, kettle corn –don’t miss these delightful treats.

Secure your spot in advance by purchasing tickets on their website.


Texas has transformed into a sunflower wonderland over the past few decades, a stunning evolution that has unfolded since the early 2000s. 

While Lubbock and the Hill Country were once the sole destinations for sunflower fields, the landscape has undergone a colourful revolution, especially around North-Central Texas in the vicinity of Dallas.

Venturing down the back roads of these counties reveals a sight to behold – vast expanses of sunflowers, their radiant faces turned towards the sun. 

Farmers in these regions are super friendly. They welcome visitors to take in the beauty, understanding the allure of these sun-kissed fields.

Texas sunflower fields

However, these sunflowers are more than just a sight – they are the livelihood of the farmers who tend to them. 

In the spirit of respect and appreciation, visitors are urged not to venture into the fields or pick the blooms.

Hill, Ennis, and Navarro counties have also embraced this sunny trend, dotting the landscape with their vibrant blooms. 

For those setting off on an adventure, consider using the I35 West from Waco to Dallas as your starting point – a journey sure to reveal Texas’s beauty in a new light.


This is one of the renowned highways to witness and click giant sunflowers pictures.

Visit the area around late June and early July to see peak bloom.

The highway and the sunflower fields in the backdrop make it a perfect combination for a candid, insta-worthy picture.


Drive on Highway 287 in Ennis and witness two large sunflower fields.

Though no one knows who planted them, those five-foot-tall, vibrant wonders act as a perfect setting for the best photo shoot.

Why not pull over to the side of the road and turn this into an adventure? 

Texas sunflower fields

But here’s a friendly reminder – as you immerse yourself in the beauty of these fields, let’s also be respectful of the sunflower crops. 

After all, we want to ensure that this vibrant tradition continues to expand and grace the landscape year after year. 

So, snap those photos, capture the magic, and leave the sunflowers flourishing in all their golden glory!


One of the offbeat Texas Sunflower Fields is Whitewright, off Fiddlers Road.

You need to hike through the grass on the unpaved paths dotted with wildflowers to reach this stunning landscape.

Probably, this is one of the most challenging fields to access on this list of sunflower fields in Texas. But the adventure is worth the view.

Visit from early June through July to have the best sunflower experience.



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