This list for the most beautiful places in Slovenia was dangerously looking at being endless.

No, really, for a relatively small country, the number of gorgeous places to visit in Slovenia feels long.

Because Slovenia is a country full of jaw-dropping landscapes – surreal scenes from fairytales if I may add.

Snow-capped peaks, glacial turquoise lakes, splendid gorges, waterfalls, forests home to colourful Alpine wildflowers and woodlands, enchanting stone castles set amidst post-card perfect towns, spectacular Adriatic coast, fairytale villages appearing out-of-the-world for a traveller, incredibly delicious cheese, wine, exciting history and festivals – Slovenia is a complete package.

I’m not exaggerating at all. And anyone that’s been to this country will most likely agree with the use of so many adjectives!

Surrounded by other more well-known neighbours Italy, Hungary, Croatia and Austria mean lesser attention to this jewel in Europe, but that’s a kind of blessing for Slovenia – as it provides non-commercialized experiences for traveler looking for a decadent holiday.

Slovenia is also one of the countries that you can explore during all the seasons – as each offer different and splendid things to do and activities from hiking to skiing to rafting to camping.

In this post, get ready to fall in love virtually through this ultimate list of the most beautiful places in Slovenia – I’m sure you will find many picks.

Indeed, it would be best if you had more than once to visit all the attractions in Slovenia, so don’t forget to bookmark this post.

How to use? These places in Slovenia are categorized into two sets of natural wonders and one set of cities and towns. Feel free to go around and revisit what you like.


In this section, you will find the gorges, waterfalls and fairytale villages that are all some of the most beautiful places in Slovenia you should visit. 

If you love outdoors and enjoy nature, you might find a lot of places, even a few hidden gems in Slovenia.


Kobarid, a town in the Upper Soča Valley region bordering Italy, is one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia if you are looking for a quiet hamlet amidst nature.

Kobarid is also a historical town that played a significant role in the battle of Caporetto in WWI.

The city is famous for its museums among the many attractions – Kobarid Museum and the First World War museums.

But there are plenty of things to do in Kobarid if don’t enjoy museums.

Outdoor lovers should definetly plan a hike along with the mountain trail name – The Walk of Peace, which runs all the away from the Alps up to the coast on the west. 

most beautiful places in Slovenia

Stop at the famous historical landmark in Kobarid – The Napolean bridge, a medieval stone bridge on the Soca River which was rebuilt by the Italians after its destruction in WWI. 

Near Kobarid is the beautiful village Dreznica blessed with spectacular views of the Alpine meadows and valley.

I’d highly recommend spending a day or two here staying at one of the gorgeous homes to soak in the beauty and fresh mountain air. 

Don’t miss the pretty traditional church, pretty waterfalls, and definitely join one or two hiking trails if you are here during the summer.


You can explore the magnificent Julian Alps comprising of many stunning valleys and passes by basing yourself in Dreznica(which is closer).

The Vršic Pass is famed as the highest mountain pass in the Julian Alps, and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia, home to several major hiking trails that are popular mountaineers that attempt various climbs in the region.

most beautiful places in Slovenia

The mountains were named after Julius Caesar after his conquest during the Roman Empire and the name still exists. 

This pass is straight of a fairytale fitting everything gorgeous, from turquoise lakes and rivers, waterfalls from rocky cliffs, magnificent views on the many hiking trails, and snow-capped peaks dominating the panorama at every turn – which you can’t stop admiring as you navigate through the winding roads with hairpin bends.

most beautiful places in Slovenia

Apart from its gorgeous natural wonders, Julian Alps was a WWI location, which starts from the Russian Road and includes many areas within the mountains. Known as the Isonzo Front, hundreds of thousands of soldiers lost their lives in the war battling the rough terrain and harsh weather.

You can spot some ruins of the barracks and many memorials on your drive. 

Of course, don’t miss the Russian Church – a medieval wooden church surrounded by stunning landscapes of dense forests.

most beautiful places in Slovenia

You can base yourself in any of the nearby villages and drive around to cover some of the highlights like Soca, Bovec and Kranjska Gora.

If you don’t prefer driving, the next best alternative is booking a guided tour that will cover your transport, along with having a local guide.

Here are the best recommendations for the Julian Alps.


Among the popular places in the Julian Alps is Kranjska Gora, an easy day trip from Ljubljana by car.

The village has several hiking trails and cycling paths in the Alpine mountains for those visiting in the summer. If you are here in winter, you can ski or go ice climbing.

You can also visit the gorgeous Lake Jasna, which has walking paths too that offer sweeping views of the mountains.

If you are a serious hiker you should join the spectacular Three-Country-Border trail filled with dramatic views, which eventually leads to the summit of the mountain at the conjunction of Slovenia, Austria, and Italy.


Among the many gems in Triglav National Park is the hamlet Mojstrana. It is close to the Julian Alps, so you can include this on your circuit if you are covering them. 

No matter what the time of the year is Mojstrana is one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia.

In winter, you will be welcomed by the snow-blanketed landscape perfect for skiing and snow-showing, while in summer, it is heaven for outdoor lovers and adventure seekers.

Depending on your preference, fitness and your time, you can choose from many short to longer hiking trails scattered all across the Alpine mountains.

You can also camp or stay at one of the traditional huts enjoying the delicious delicacies of the region. 


In the middle of the Triglav park close to Lake Bohinj is the famous gorge Mostnica in the Voje Valley near Stara Fuzina village, known for its unique rock formations and canyons carved by the Mostnica River amidst the dense forests.

most beautiful places in Slovenia

You can easily combine your trip to Lake Bohinj with a visit to Mostnica Gorge and spend half-a-day walking through the beautiful trail that passes through waterfalls and splendid rock formations around the river. 

It takes about 4 hours to complete the trail which runs for over 11km.

But the distance is worth your every effort as you will be rewarded very well.


Located in the Triglav National Park is the splendid Vingtar Gorge running for about 2km made by the powerful River Radovna, comprising of pools, rapids and pretty waterfalls, making it one of the best places to visit in Slovenia especially during summer months.

most beautiful cities in Slovenia

Its convenient location means you can combine a trip to Triglav and Lake Bled with a stop at Vingtar.

Most people plan a day trip to this gorgeous gorge from Bled, which is ideal if you want to take up hiking on one of the trails(highly recommended) and also because of the easy transport option.

most beautiful places in Slovenia

Did you know? Vingtar Gorge is home to the largest waterfall of Slovenia – The Sum Waterfall, which is over 25 meters high. 

The fantastic views of the Gorge that you pass through on the trails make it worth visiting, including the Glacial turquoise lakes, bridges, pools and many smaller waterfalls.


One of the most magical villages in Slovenia is Tolmin, straddling the confluence of Soca and Tolminka Rivers in the upper Soca Valley. Not many are aware that Tolmin was one of the strategically important locations during WWII. 

Whether you simply want to stay in one of the wooden homes, try the delicious cheese or explore the stunning landscape comprising of traditional cattle ranches of the Alpine – this is one of the places you should add to your itinerary to slow down and relax.

You can combine a visit to the village along with your trip to the beautiful Tolmin gorge, Triglav or the Socka valley.

Tolmin Gorge that was born at of the confluence of the Tolminkav River and the Zadlascica River is one of the famous places in Slovenia for outdoor lovers. 

Located close to the village at the lowest end of the Triglav National Park, you can complete many hiking trails depending on your preferences – This natural wonder is very stunning, so expect a lot of people crowded to capture one of the deepest gorges, especially if you are here during the peak season.


While many make it up to the fantastic Lake Bohinj, further ahead of the lake is the gorgeous Vogel mountain peak, one of the prettiest places in Slovenia.

From taking a superb cable car ride that will let you witness the dramatic panoramic views to go hiking in the summer to sign up for cross country skiing, Vogel is adventure-seekers heaven in the true sense. 

Thanks to its altitude, even if you are here during the spring months, you might experience snowfall.


One of my favourite destinations in the country is the stunning Logar Valley.

This gorgeous valley encompasses glacial Savinja Alps in the heart of Kamnik, one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia. 

You will instantly love this place if you enjoy the natural beauty or being outdoors in general – as you can go hiking and cycling in the summer months or take up winter sports activities on the Alps during the winter.

most beautiful places in Slovenia

Many biking and hiking trails to the Savinja Alps begin in Logar.

It is recommended that you spend a day or two to enjoy the blissful offbeat Slovenian landscape and also the distinct culture of this place, one of them is staying at a traditional farmhouse.

Explore Logar Valley’s attractions like the Chapel, the unique Alpine nut, the many pretty wooden barns, the pine meadows and wooden logging chutes.


The Big Pasture Plateau, or locally known as Velika Planina is a high elevation valley comprising the Slovenian Alps in the northern part of the country close to Kamnik.

Thanks to the excellent connectivity, it is one of the best day trips from Ljubljana you can plan as it takes about an hour to reach.

One of the incredibly beautiful places in Slovenia, Velika is known for the charming village inhabited by herdsmen living in traditional Alpine huts surrounded by green rolling hills and meadows.

The Big Pasture Plateau is a year-round destination attracting different types of travelers each season – hikers and nature lovers during summer and spring, snow sports enthusiasts and winter wonderland seekers during the chilly season.

Come Summer, the landscape turns into a fairytale place with the perfect Alps in the backdrop. 

It is a delight to watch cattle herds out in the sunny pastures feasting on the hills as their bells tickle and herdsmen at work amidst a wildflowers canopy.

Don’t forget to try the fresh cheese or even better the delicious local cuisines where cheese is the dominant ingredient.

Check out the main attractions including the traditional hut-museum Preskar and the pretty hut-like Chapel of the St.Marys.

Summer is also the best time for planning hiking trips in and around the plateau, with many different difficulty levels.

From Kamniška Bistrica valley, you should take a cable car ride and the chairlift to the top of Velika Planina for enjoying stunning views. 

In winter these mountains slopes turn into ski slopes and the landscapes into a white winter wonderland, blanketed by thick sheets of ice. 


One of the prettiest day trips from Ljubljana or nearby Piran you should plan is Lipica, a quaint village and one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia, mostly famous for its gorgeous Lipica Equestrian Park and Stud Farm, which is over 400 years old.

The farm is famous for the Lipizzaner stallion – a special white stallion considered to be a special cultural breed that has been bred here since the mid-16th-century.

Today these perform at many of the riding schools across Europe. 

most beautiful cities in Slovenia

The best way to get to know so many things about this interesting place is by booking their guided tour of the farm, where you can witness performances and carriage rides.

You can also sign up for riding lessons if you are game.

Check out the Lipizzaner Museum to know the past of the oldest stud farm in Europe. You can also spend overnight at the excellent Hotel Maestoso on the premises.


Among the best of Slovenia when it comes to hidden gems, the town of Podčetrtek and the neighbouring village Dolenjska should be on your itinerary. Both are conveniently located for day trips from the capital 

Ljubljana, which makes it possible for you to plan a road trip-cum-day trip where you will witness stunning vistas and dramatic views on your journey. 

most beautiful places in Slovenia

Podčetrtek is home to many hot thermal springs and spas, making it a perfect place for unwinding amidst nature.

Check out the chocolate factory to taste the local delights and the stunning Olimje Monastery, one of the oldest in Europe, which also has a park.

Visit Dolenjska, the fairytale village where you can walk around, cycle or take up light hikes around the mountains. If you want a more laid-back experience, it is recommended to stay in this village.


White Carniola or Bela Krajina, located in the south-east part of the country bordering Croatia is one of the best places in Slovenia you should add to your itinerary if you are looking for a splendid offbeat destination.

MOST beautiful places in Slovenia

If you are wondering what to do in Slovenia that’s not on the typical tourist trail White Carniola would be a perfect pick.

Blessed with abundant natural beauty, river rafting options, cheese and vineyards, you will also experience some of the best local delights when exploring this amazingly beautiful town.


Very close to Bela Krajina on the River Kolpa amidst the Gorjanci mountains lies the fairytale village of Metlika, one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia for going off the beaten path in the southern part of the country.

Although the village is very small with a population of just about 5000 people, it is one of the well-preserved places in Slovenia that’s historically deeply enriching and full of amazing natural trails for outdoor lovers.

MOST beautiful places in Slovenia

From staying at pretty traditional chalets to tasting some of the most delicious Slovenian cheese, wine and cycling along the mountains – Metlika is where you should go for an offbeat, quiet holiday away in the mountains along with the comforts of civilization.


In this section, you will find the most beautiful places in Slovenia, which encompass natural wonders as the country is blessed with abundant natural beauty.

It is no surprise that you can find many of the top places to visit in Slovenia on this list.


The iconic landmark of Slovenia is Lake Bled, which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia.

No wonder, it is among the top sights in Slovenia visited by millions of travellers every year, which is a symbol of the gorgeous beauty the country is home to.

For starters, its location amidst the spectacular Julian Alps in Upper Carniola is one of the many reasons why Lake Bled is one of the beautiful lakes in Slovenia.

most beautiful places in Slovenia

Although it is the most famous day trip from Ljubljana thanks to its proximity, staying overnight or a few days will enable you to enjoy without the crowds of day-trippers as there are tons of things to do and enjoy the blissful splendour of Lake Bled.

Among the top things to do in Lake Bled are taking a stroll around the lake, visiting the church on the island in the middle of the lake by taking a traditional wooden rowing boat – pletna, absorbing the stunning bird views of the Lake Bled by hiking to Mala Osojnica viewpoint, and to check out one of the enchanting Slovenian castles – Lake Bled Castle.

most beautiful places in Slovenia

If you are game for more hiking trails, check out Ojstrica hill.

Don’t forget to indulge in the famous local delight Kremšnita, a tasty cream cake which is a must when you are in Lake Bled.

Although there are many buses from Ljubljana to Lake Bled frequently, it is best to rent a car as there are many awesome places to stop and you can cover many stunning places if you have a few days, including the other gorgeous Lake Bohinj, pretty villages and valleys like Vingtar.

most beautiful places in Slovenia

If you are here during the peak season, expect higher prices, huge crowds and hotels filling faster.

So it is best to visit during the shoulder season or plan in advance for a convenient trip when you are thinking of Lake Bled. 


Located in the Triglav National Park, Lake Bohinj, a natural lake is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Slovenia. 

It is not yet as popular as Lake Bled, which is just a 30-minutes drive away, but don’t be surprised if you find crowds as its popularity is growing quickly – thanks to its gorgeous, clear turquoise waters and its location amidst mountain peaks, which are home to many post-card perfect villages that you can explore.

In summer, you can enjoy swimming, cruises or kayaking in Lake Bohinj, along with hiking around. For fewer crowds and different views, join a boat trip to Ukanc.

Visit Ribčev Laz village, where you can find a church. The lake’s water heads to Savica waterfall – the biggest in Slovenia which you should add to your next stop.

For some dramatic views of the lake and the Julian Alps from the top, take the cable car ride to the top of Vogel Mountain. 

Visit the Alpine Dairy Museum to know how cheese is made – you also get to taste many types. It takes about 2-hours one way from Ljubljana by bus. 

I’d highly recommend taking a guided tour that will make the most of your time without the hassle of arranging transport.


One of the most beautiful places in Slovenia is located close to the towns of Portoroz and Piran – The Sečovlje Salina Nature Park or The Sečovlje Saltworks, the largest salt extraction pond in the country.

One of the hidden gems in Slovenia, you can learn all about the process of traditional extraction of salt here on a tour. 

The pond is amazing, especially at dawn and dusk, and in summer and spring, you can spot many migratory birds.

You can walk around the wetlands for quiet, beautiful ambience. Sečovlje is worth a short day trip if you are in Piran or Portoroz.


Križna Jama or Cross Cave located in  Lož Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia and another hidden gem.

The cave is home to over 45 underground emerald green coloured lakes and home to over 50 wild species of organisms inhabiting the system, making it the fourth-largest cave ecosystem in the world in terms of biodiversity.

Križna Jama cave is a stunning water-filled limestone Krast cave, and one of the best natural wonders in Slovenia worth visiting.

You will find many natural cave formations in the underground lakes, which are illuminated with little golden nights, which makes it appear out-of-the-world and mystic. 

The best way to explore the cave is to take a boat trip that goes through the caves for about 1 to 1.5 hours.

The site is considered to be very rich in ancient remains of mammals and is one of the important archaeological places.

You can even spot a few remains of the bones of animals, many stunning formations of limestones on the walls of the cave and even some bats during the winter.


One of the prettiest places in Slovenia is Lake Zelenci in Zelenci natural reserve in Kranjska Gora town in the northern part of the country. 

Zelenci is more hot springs than an actual lake, making it one of the best sought destinations during winters when the temperatures sink to the negatives in this region.

Thanks to its location bordering both Austria and Italy, this hidden gem in Slovenia has many admirers from these sections.

It is blissful to soak in the astounding emerald colour lake flanked by gorgeous Alpine mountains including the highest Triglav peak – of which you can get better views as you keep walking on the wooden paths.

Especially in winter, when the entire region is carpeted in thick snow, it is surreal, making it one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia you shouldn’t miss.

Even if you are here in summer or spring, the views are nothing less beautiful – and you can also spot some birds and colourful Alpine wildflowers.


Among the most popular natural attractions in the country is the gorgeous Soca Valley, one of the best places to visit in Slovenia.

The Soca River dominates the villages and towns from Kobarid, Bovec all the way, passing through forested hills – so you can not miss the turquoise coloured, gorgeous Soca when you are in this part of the country.

Bovec is the best town to enjoy spending time in the river, which is a famous town for adventure-seekers as there are many places for kayaking and even rafting on the Soča River Valley.

You can also swim in the river when the currents are mild during summer or have a picnic amidst perfect landscapes for a quick getaway from Ljubljana.


One of the many attractions in Triglav National Park is the Savica Waterfall, one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia, comprising of deep gorgeous around created by the force of the waterfalls.

You need to do a small hike to reach the waterfall, which is awesome and worth the climbing effort. 

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes right from the starting point of the hike at Savica hut to reach the viewing platform from where you can also spot the stunning Lake Bohinj. Savica is worth a stop while visiting Triglav.


How does walking behind a waterfall sound? If you are game for this adventure, then add Peričnik waterfall to your itinerary, one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia located in the gorgeous Julian Alps. 

The nearest place to the waterfall is the post-card perfect village of Mojstrana, from where you can find the hiking trail which is filled with amazing views.

It is a more popular waterfall for people exploring the Julian Alps, and in summer you can expect some crowds too.


Triglav National Park has many accolades – It is the only National Park and the largest in the country, is so huge that you can spend weeks just exploring this park alone. 

Encompassing rugged Julian Alpine mountain trails, glacial lakes, fairytale villages, gorgeous gorges, stunning valleys, amazing waterfalls – Triglav is one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia.

It is also among the most visited places in Slovenia and a major contributor to the tourism of the country – partly also due to its close location and good connectivity from Ljubljana.

Summer is the most popular time, but since the park is so huge, you will hardly encounter large crowds.

Depending on your time and preferences, you can spend between a day to several checking out many awesome things to do in Triglav.

In fact, many beautiful places in Slovenia on this list are a part of this national park – so you can include most of them if you plan ahead.

Depending on the places you are going to cover, you can decide your base – you have plenty of places to stay in Slovenia in this part – from the popular Lake Bled to smaller villages. 

The most popular activities include visiting Lake Bohinj, the hike of the seven lakes valley(multiple days hike), explore Soca valley trail, the hike to the highest peak in Slovenia – Mount Triglav, ancient wooden chapels, Kozjak waterfall and many pretty villages in and around the park(see other places on the list).


One of the top 10 attractions in Slovenia, which is visited by more than a million tourists every year is Postojna Caves.

One of the most beautiful places in Slovenia, the limestone caves run for over 24 km comprising of brilliant formations that can stir your imagination vividly.

You can explore the stunning formations of the stalagmites and stalactites partly by train(the first portion), and the other you can cover on foot.

most beautiful places in Slovenia

Most people also combine a visit with checking out the stunning Predjama Castle, one of the magical castles in Slovenia. Read more about visiting this castle here.

most beautiful places in Slovenia


Škocjan Caves Regional Park is home to eleven mammoth caves, with the park itself considered a part of the UNESCO world heritage site.

If you are looking for some of the best cave formations in Europe, Škocjan is where you should head. 

One of the most beautiful places in Slovenia, it is also among the highest caves in the world, and also receives hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

You have to take a tour to explore the caves, 3 km of which you can walk around. The stunning formation of limestones, waterfalls and gorges are mind-blowing no doubt. 



Its magnificent location along the coast of the Adriatic’s peninsula on the Slovenian Riviera alone makes Piran one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia that you should visit.

Not many know that the history of Piran is among the oldest in Europe.

The city is characterised by winding streets lined on uneven, hilly areas dotted with bright red-coloured rooftops around which you will find the high walls close to the bay. 

Piran is pretty and compact, with most of the attractions being walkable – perfect for a short weekend break!

best places to visit in Slovenia

You can keep strolling moving towards the centre, where you will end up at the heart of the old quarter – the majestic Venetian-style Tartini square.

For enjoying some of the most splendid views of the city overlooking the sea, there are many spots.

The most famous are the walls of the town, with the other places being the bell tower and the hills skirting the old town. 

Oh, don’t forget to stop at the lighthouse in Punta, which is a superb spot to watch a sunset too.


Among the top resort towns in the country is Portoroz, one of the prettiest places in Slovenia on the Adriatic Riveria known for its upscale sea-facing resorts, traditional spas and a glorious past of the Venice empire.

Piran’s neighbour Portoroz in the olden times used to be an important port for trade and mining of sea salt, with the city enjoying its importance well into the 19th century. 

beautiful cities in Slovenia

After WWII, the port town transitioned into a health and wellness town with the evolution of many luxurious spa and wellness resorts.

It is one of the best places in Slovenia if you are looking for a beautiful seaside getaway. 

Even if you are not going to spend money on high-end resorts, you can still enjoy a lot in this town – from the historic old town that perfectly holds different empires to the beautiful coast, the pretty promenade running all the way from neighbouring Piran and the beaches. 


Among the famous places to visit in Slovenia is Koper, one more jewel on the Adriatic coast in northern Istria. 

A popular summer getaway for the Slovenians and neighbouring Italians(a border just 30 minutes away), the city has been increasingly drawing international tourists in recent years.

Gorgeous views of the coast, beautiful beaches, some of the most colourful houses lining Titov Trg, the main square of Koper old town, ornate palaces and compact size are all the reasons what makes Koper one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia. 

top 10 attractions in Slovenia

Not just these, Koper has a rich history because like Piran, Koper also was a part of Venice kingdom – the reason why you see a predominantly similar style of architecture in the buildings, and also why there are so many fountains and squares that are common.

Don’t miss a tour of the central attraction of the old town – the 15th-century Praetorian Palace, from where the current city council functions and the other Belgramoni – Tacco Palace.


It may come as a surprise for a capital city, but Ljubljana is one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia – which boasts of one of the most beautiful old quarters and the hilltop splendid Ljubljana castle fortress towering over on one side of the River Ljubljanica, while the modern city thrives on the other part of the river.

It doesn’t feel like it at all, but being the biggest city the country, Ljubljana, one of the most beautiful European cities, is still compact, and you can enjoy most of the city in just a day or over a weekend comfortably without feeling rushed at all.

most beautiful places in Slovenia

Stroll the parts of the old town lined with winding cobbled streets home to many colourful medieval wonders like pastel coloured Franciscan Church, the market and of course, the many ancient bridges.


One of the most popular day trips from Ljubljana preferred by travellers is Skofja Loka, one of the fairytale towns in Slovenia encompassing all the post-card perfect elements – cobbled alleys dotted with colourful buildings and ornate patios, medieval bridges, waterways, and of course, a splendid castle – See what all you got there? 

Needless to say, one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia has many fans. Nature lovers will also find many short trails for hiking – thanks to the beautiful hillside.

most beautiful places in Slovenia

Capture the moment at the stunning the Capuchin Stone Bridge, meander through the historic cobbled streets leading to the main squares. 

Climb the top of the hills for many wonderful panoramic views of Skofja Loka. Plan a tour of the majestic Loka Castle, surrounded by medieval walls.


Imagine a city nestling amidst the gorgeous Alps, boasts of a history of thousands of years, home to some stunning lakes, rivers, viewpoints and delicious cuisine – we are talking of a total package here. 

most beautiful places in Slovenia

And Kranj, one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia ticks all the above boxes.

The fourth-largest city of the country is visited almost throughout the year also due to its convenient location between two other top places in Slovenia – Lake Bled and the capital Ljubljana.

Kranj is the unofficial capital of the Alps thanks to the spectacular snow-capped peaks that you can’t get enough.

beautiful places in Slovenia

On a clear sunny day, you can witness some of the highest peaks of the Alps amidst its mountain ranges, including Stol and Triglav.


Home to just over 10,00 people in the northern part of the country, Kamnik is one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia, known for many things – from its rich medieval, heavily Bavarian-influenced history on the cobbled streets of the old town, bright-roofed houses to magical hilltop castles and glacial valleys.

Although you can easily plan a day trip to Kamnik from Ljubljana, it is recommended to base yourself in Kamnik many days as you can explore Velika Planina, Logar Valley and Kamniška Bistrica river, which is home to Predaselj Gorge.

Explore the three beautiful castles, the old town, and Sutna street home to colourful buildings and the beautiful Kamnik Botanical Gardens.

Wander through the old town filled with medieval monuments, the church towers and pretty squares whom to many landmarks, including the most notable Khislstein Castle.

Nature lovers can also enjoy kayaking in the Kokra and Sava Rivers or hiking the Kokra Canyon. Take a stroll or pack a picnic around the lakes in Kranj.


If you are looking to off the beaten path in the country, it is not hard to find them. Among the most beautiful places in Slovenia for those looking for a non-touristy one, Maribor, the second-largest city bordering Austria could be a good option, although the city is so small and sparsely populated that it looks more like a town!

Many people visit Maribor as a day trip from Ljubljana or from Graz, an Austrian city that’s close, but if possible I’d recommend you to spend an overnight in Maribor as you will certainly not be disappointed.

You will find many elements of the medieval Habsburg empire as you walk amidst the beautiful old town or Glavni Trg, which is dominated by the town hall.

But this isn’t exactly the most ancient part because that’s in Lent on the Drava river, where you should take a tour of the world’s oldest vine.


The oldest city in the country is Ptuj on the River Drava, where the first settlement dates to the stone age.

This compact city is beautiful and walkable, making it one of the popular day trips from Ljubljana. 

Ptuj is the cultural hub of Slovenia, which is most famous among the festival-lovers for the 10-day long spring festival Kurentovanje that celebrates Slavic pagan traditions.

Do visit Ptuj if you can during this time to experience this unique carnival.

Among the unmissable things to do in Ptuj include checking out the streets of the old town embellished with cathedrals, arches, bell towers, town hall and monastery of the Franciscan amidst pretty smaller buildings – all remanents of the splendour of the Habsburg Empire.

As you reach the main square, you will notice the impressive Orpheus

But it is the castles on rocky hilltops that steal the show in Ptuj, not to forget the spectacular views that you can enjoy from these spots.


Novo Mesto straddling the Krka River in the south-east part of the country bordering Croatia is a jewel of the Lower Carniola Region.

Novo Mesto is the cultural centre and one of the prettiest cities in Slovenia.

Among the beautiful attractions in the city is the old town on the banks of the River, which is filled with terracotta-coloured roofs on the cobbled streets.

Check out the famous landmark Kandija Bridge on the river. The main square is Glavni Trg, which is home to many medieval monuments.

You can spend a weekend exploring Novo Mesto and planning day trips to gorgeous villages of Dolenjska and Bela Krajina nearby.


Below are the maps of the most beautiful places in Slovenia for your reference. These are the map routes I added on Google maps. I have categorized them into three sections.

These are some routes that you can follow if you rent a car for a road trip in Slovenia.

You can ideally do it between 10 days to 15 days or more if you are leisurely going to go or add some hikes in between.

This map involves exploring mainly the regions in and around Triglav Park. I did a clockwise one, beginning at Kobarid and ending in Vogel.

The second map covers the places from Kamnik to Logar Valley. You can begin the trip from Ljubjana.

The third is the map for the best cities and towns in Slovenia, assuming you begin from the western-most Piran passing through Ljubjana and further to the east covering the caves and the castle.

Of course, you can do it the other way around too or add natural landmarks on your way.

So that’s all you got to know about the most beautiful places in Slovenia. Hope you are charged up to plan a trip to this gorgeous country.

If you have any other suggestions, do share in the comments below.


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