There are plenty of beautiful cities in Spain – whether it is the metropolitan cities or places of culture, history, architecture, art or cities with stunning coasts home to dreamy beaches.

Spain has to be on your Europe bucket list for its food, wine, music, carnivals and the much more.

The country also has excellent weather – warmer winters, beautiful spring and summer. Plus, there is excellent public transport in almost all the cities of Spain.

In this post, I bring you the most beautiful Spain cities from the north to the south, from the far west to the south-east overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

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So let’s dive into looking for the best Spanish cities.



Located in Andalucía, Seville is one of the most beautiful places in Spain, and one of my favourite cities in Europe that I loved exploring alone.

UNESCO sites, Splendid Moorish architecture, excellent food & wine – Tapas and Sangria, and dance performances – You got enough reasons to visit Seville!

most beautiful places in Spain
most picturesque places in Spain – Seville

Things to do in Seville

Check out The Royal Alcazar of Seville,  one of the three UNESCO World heritage sites in Seville.

The Royal Alcazar is one of the grandest palaces depicting the unique Moorish architecture.

If you are a Game of Thrones TV series fan, this was the royal palace of the Kingdom of Dorne in the series.

Recommended tour: Skip the line Alcázar Guided Tour with Priority Entrance

Visit two iconic monuments at the old town – The Cathedral of Seville – the largest Gothic church and the fourth largest cathedral in the world,  and the adjoining  La Giralda. 

prettiest places in Spain
the most beautiful places in Spain

Plaza de Espana is one of the most beautiful landmarks and one of the most photographed places in Spain.

Built for an exposition, it is a symbol of a beautiful blend of the country’s dominating types of architecture – Moorish, medieval renaissance and the Baroque style.

Watch the famed Flamenco dance performance – a unique bohemian dance style that tells the folklores of southern Spain. The best way to enjoy a Flamenco show is to opt for one of the tours.

How to reach Seville?

The nearest airport is Seville Airport. 

The best way to reach Seville from major cities is to take the train, which takes about 3 to 5 hours to arrive. Express trains reach much faster.

Recommended tour: Game of Thrones and Roman Empire Italica Tour

Costa Brava

One of the most popular destinations for tourists on their Spanish Bucket List is Costa Brava in north-eastern Spain. 

It is no surprise as Costa Brava is one of the most beautiful places in Spain, known for its white-sand beaches, rugged cliffs, white-tiled scenic fishing villages, abundant marine life, incredible nightlife and delectable seafood and wineries scattered all over the province.

Most beautiful cities in Spain

Things to do in Costa Brava

Whether you are planning a day trip from Barcelona or Girona to explore Costa Brava, there are plenty of things to do in the beautiful coastal town of Costa Brava in Girona province.

Explore the coves, beaches, medieval villages and many museums.

Depending on the time you have, you can plan to cover several beaches or beach towns or both.

Some of the medieval towns and fishing villages that you can visit are Besalu, Torres de Mar, Pals, Blanes and Lloret de Mar.

How to reach Costa Brava?

The nearest airport to Costa Brava is Barcelona. From Girona, it takes about 2 hours to reach by train, which is a perfect base if you have more than a day.

You can also take a day tour from Barcelona to Costa Brava to explore in a day.


Mallorca, also called Majorca, is the largest of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean sea.

It is one of the most beautiful places in Spain and a famous holiday destination among travelers.

Mallorca is known for beach resorts, sheltered coves, limestone mountains and Roman and Moorish remains. The capital city Palma is the most beautiful of all, renowned for its nightlife.

Things to do in Mallorca

You will need at least 3 to 4 days to explore Mallorca, as there are tons of things to do and see.

You can easily spend more than a week on this island alone, thanks to its stunning beaches, mountains and natural beauty!

The most popular historic attractions include the Moorish Almudaina Royal Palace, Santuari de Lluc monastery, 3th-century Santa María Cathedral.

For splendid views from the top, check out Bellver Castle, a 13th-century Gothic-style castle on the hilltop. 

You can also explore the Four Great Caves – Drach CavesCap de Formentor, a lovely viewpoint also home to a cave.

If you enjoy hiking, head to Mondragó Natural Park known for its rich mangrove forest and idyllic beaches.

Beach lovers should check out the stunning turquoise Cala LlombardsEs Trenc, Caló d’es Moro, Platja de Muro and Cala Agulla beaches.

Here are some of the best tours that you should check out to explore Mallorca.

How to reach Mallorca?

The nearest airport is Mallorca airport.

There are also ferries leaving from Barcelona, but the journey takes about 7 to 8 hours to reach Mallorca.

So that’s the list of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

You can easily spend two to three weeks exploring this huge country, but no matter how much time you have, beautiful Spain should be on your travel bucket list.


Located in southern Spain in Andalusia is another of the prettiest towns in Spain, Granada.

This beautiful city in Spain is known for its spectacular Moorish Castles, gardens, and its excellent location surrounded by the stunning Sierre Nevada Mountains.

Most beautiful cities in Spain

Things to do in Granada

Granada is known for the famous, splendid fortified Moorish Complex – Alhambra, perched on the top of a mountain.

Most people explore Granada as one of the day trips from Seville. But if possible, I highly recommend you to spend at least two days in this charming town.

Most beautiful cities in Spain

Explore Nasrid Palaces, Palace of Charles and the Royal Chapel of Granada. 

Built between the early 12th and the 13th centuries, these series of grand fortresses and palaces symbolized the wealthy Moorish kingdoms. Check out the amazing Granada Cathedral.

Also take a walk at Generalife, the classic summer palace with beautiful medieval gardens.

Don’t miss the spectacle of sunset in the backdrop of the intriguing Alhambra fortress from the viewpoint Mirador de San Nicolas

How to reach Granada?

Malaga is the nearest airport to Granada.

If you are in Seville, you can check this day tour to Granada from Seville which covers transport. It is a great tour to cover the highlights in a single day.


Another gem in the Andulasican region is Córdoba, one of the of prettiest cities in Spain, where the religions, history and cultures have been flourishing for hundreds of years.

If you want to get more of the magic of Spain’s beauty, Cordoba does an excellent job.

Things to do in Cordoba

Most people visit Cordoba as a day trip from neighbouring Seville.

Whether you have only a day or more, you can enjoy the city at a leisurely pace, thanks to the compactness.

Check out the city’s top attraction La Mesquita de Córdoba, the largest mosque in the world, the stunning old town of Córdoba replete with marvellous buildings lining the cobbled streets.

Don’t miss the historic Jewish quarters and the majestic Renaissance palace – Palacio de Viana.

How to reach Cordoba?

The nearest international airports are located in Seville and Malaga. From Seville or Malaga, you can take a train or bus to reach Cordoba.


One of the pretty cities overlooking the Mediterranean sea in the south-east is the port city of Valencia, one of the best Spanish cities known for its colours.  

Valencia was one of the prominent trade towns during the medieval times and until the 19th century for its excellent location at the intersection of Turia River with the Mediterranean Sea.

Valencia is known for its rich historic past, a bustling port lined with lovely beaches and museums.

Things to do in Valencia

Check out the 15th century UNESCO World Heritage site, The Silk Exchange or the La Lonja de la Seda and Valencia Cathedral, fine examples of grand Gothic architecture.

Explore the Central Market of Valencia, which is renowned for its art nouveau design and the unique City of Arts and Sciences, which boasts of one of the largest planetariums in the world, and also an Oceanarium.

How to reach Valencia?

The nearest airport to Valencia is Castellon de la Plana airport. You can also plan a day trip to Valencia from Seville or Malaga. Book the trip here.


One of the most beautiful towns in Spain that should be on your itinerary the Andalusian city of Ronda.

Located in Malaga province, the city is known for its magnificent landscapes, rich medieval-Moorish history and architecture, it is one of the most scenic destinations in the country.

Things to do in Ronda

The main attraction and the iconic landmark in Ronda is the historic 18th-century arch bridge Puente Nuevo connecting the past with the present by linking the old town with the new.

The bridge is beautiful and so are the views from it.

Enjoy stunning views of the vista from El Tajo gorge, especially sunset views across which you can see the Puente Nuevo. Walk on the bridge and click tons of pictures. 

Take a walk in the pretty palace of hanging gardens. Explore the Royal Cavalry, a venue to the bull-fighting.

Hike to the natural caves Cueva del Gato and Guadalevin for the Canyon views. 

You can sign up a guided day trip from any of the popular southern cities like Seville or Malaga. Here is a day tour from Seville to Ronda. 

How to reach Ronda?

The nearest airport is Malaga airport. You can reach from Malaga or Seville by trains or buses. It takes about 2 to 2.5 hours.


Alicante, a port city located in Costa Blanca in the south-east overlooking the stunning Mediterranean Seaside is one of the best towns to visit in Spain.

If you are dreaming of scenic, cute Instagram locations, you should Alicante to your list.

It has all elements of a typical Spanish beach town coupled with an amazing history.

You can’t get enough of the white-washed tile houses adorned with vivid, bright flowers. 

Things to do in Alicante

If you just want to enjoy the beach vibes of Alicante, head straight to the pretty marble promenade Explanada de Espanya, lined with stunning beaches. 

If you want to get a bit of history of Alicante though, make a turn from the Promenade to reach the lovely old town, dominated by the medieval Castle of Santa Barbara at the top of Benacantil Mountain. Visit some of the museums too if you want more.

Most people staying longer in Alicante visit the gorgeous Pink Lake, which is one of the prettiest lakes in Spain, thanks to its stunning pink salt beds stretching across the horizon, which offers magical views at dusk and dawn.

How to reach Alicante?

The nearest airport is Alicante-Elche Airport. You can also plan day trips from Seville or Ronda. Book these tours here.


Costa del Sol is a beautiful coastal strip region in Andalusia, in southern Spain.

It stretches up to Penibética to the north and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea to the south and is home to many stunning towns and beautiful fishing villages.

The province is renowned diverse landscapes including beaches, cliffs, estuaries, bays and dunes.

Malaga is one of the most popular in Costa del Sol, and one of the best cities in Spain that should be on your Bucket list.

It is renowned for its upscale resorts lining the beautiful beaches, and rich historic Moorish architectural wonders. 

Malaga is a very popular summer destination among Europe travelers who come here to enjoy the excellent sunshine, beaches and bars.

Did you know? Malaga is the birthplace of the legendary artist Pablo Picasso.

Things to do in Malaga

If you want to explore the rich history of Malaga, head to Moorish architectural wonders the Alcazaba, an incredible 11th-century palatial fortification, one of the best-preserved pre-medieval monuments.

Next to it is even older beautiful Roman theatre dating to the 1st century BC.

Visit the central renaissance Cathedral of Málaga.

For stunning views, head to Mount Gibralfaro, at the top of which stands the Castle of Gibralfaro overlooking Málaga city and the Mediterranean Sea.

If you enjoy museums, you shouldn’t miss The Museo Picasso and Carmen Thyssen Museum.

Beach lovers must check out Playa de la Malagueta and Playa de la Carihuela beaches.

For excellent Spanish cuisine, explore the local market Mercado Central de Atarazanas.

How to reach Malaga?

The nearest airport to Marbella is Málaga-Costa del Sol international Airport. 


Marbella is one of the beautiful cities in Spain located in Costa del Sol, another gem in this province.

Things to do in Marbella

If you are looking for amazing beaches, head to Puerto Banús in Nueva Andalucía, to the southwest of Marbella.

Some other lovely beaches are Cabopino Beach, Playa de Calahonda, Playa de la Fontanilla and Playa de la Bajadilla.

If you are looking for nudist beaches, Playa de Cabopino and the beautiful Dunas de Artola o Cabopino are the places to go and Playa del Cristo is a kid-friendly beach.

Enjoy canoeing and swimming in the pretty Guadalmina River.

Hike to the top of the Mirador de Juanar observation deck for stunning views of the mountains.

Visit the ruin of the ancient stunning hilltop Sohail Castle in Fuengirola, which dates back to 300 BC. 

Take a walk in the historic old town in Marbella, The Plaza de Los Naranjos, which was established in the late 15th-century after the Christian conquest of the city from The Moors.

This stunning square is enriched by typical white Andalusian houses and three historic buildings: the Casa Consistorial, the Casa del Corregidor and the Ermita de Santiago.

For stunning sunset views, take a stroll along the Paseo Marítimo Promenade.

How to reach Marbella?

The nearest airport to Marbella is Málaga-Costa del Sol international Airport. From Malaga, you can drive to Marbella.



Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Spain.

It also has many feathers in its cap. The city, located in the Northern part in Catalonia is the most visited cities in Spain, receiving over five million(and growing) visitors from all around the world.

Whether you have just a day or a week to spend in one of the major cities of Spain, you can’t escape falling in love with this city.

Soccer fans will associate with the sport, while art and history enthusiasts love this city too. 

From music to history to culture to fabulous nightlife, probably never in any city does the care-free, outgoing and lively Spanish culture come alive more than in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia.

Things to do and see in Barcelona

You will ideally need at least two days to explore the city, with tons of things to do in Barcelona.

Even 48 hours wouldn’t do any justice, but will undoubtedly give you a peek into the highlights of the city.

Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece creations all find their home in Barcelona, and your trip is incomplete without visiting them.

You have to explore the most visited attraction in Spain, Sagrada Familia.

Other marvel creations of Gaudi that you should check out being Park Guell, Casa Mila, and Casa Batllo.

Also, check out the Gothic Quarter.

Walk along Las Ramblas, and taste the delicious street food at the La Boqueria.

Football lovers should head to Camp Nou Stadium, and if you want a romantic evening, head to Port Vell for a sunset cruise.

If you have more than two days, check out Mont Montjuïc, which is a mini-city in itself, offering magnificent views of the city.

How to reach Barcelona?

 The international airport Barcelona–El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport or El Prat Airport has flights from many cities around the world. 

It takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to reach the city centre using the airport shuttle bus or metro.


Montserrat is one of the mystic destinations in the country, and one of the most beautiful places in Spain, thanks to the group of mountains in unique inverted bell-shape, surrounded by the gorgeous Pyrenees mountain range and the surreal valleys.

day trips from Barcelona

Things to do in Montserrat

Located just an hour away from Barcelona, most people visit Montserrat as one of the side trips from Barcelona. Montserrat is home to the historic Benedictine Montserrat Abbey which dates back to the 9th century.

Dedicated to Virgin Black Madonna Mary, the monastery is a sacred site shrine.

A funicular ride takes you up to the monastery.

If you love hiking, you can also go for a long moderate hike on the well-marked trails to get to the monastery. 

And from the top of the highest mountain peak Sant Jeroni next to the monastery further ahead, you can witness stunning views of the region.

Day trips from Barcelona

There are day tours available from Barcelona as well, including a half-day trip to the Abbey of Montserrat. 

Click to view this full-day tour from Barcelona to Montserrat. 

How to get to Montserrat?

The nearest airport is Barcelona. 

By train – The best way is to take the R5 train that takes over 1 hour to reach. I’d recommend you to choose the first one at 8:36 AM to arrive early for fewer crowds.

By bus – Next to Estacion Sants train station in Barcelona is the bus stand from where buses leave to Montserrat, which takes about 1.5 hours to reach.


Another city that should be on your itinerary for beautiful Spain is the town of Girona, located in Catalonia. Girona is one of the most beautiful places in Spain – A lovely medieval village overlooking the Onyar River; it is one of the best-preserved historic Catalon towns, which is one of the best Barcelona day trips. 

Things to do in Girona

If you enjoy history, architecture and medieval towns, you will love Girona.

Walk amidst the beautiful cobblestone streets surrounded by high walls and a moat that leads you to the heart of the old city. Visit the 11th-century Gothic Cathedral de Santa Maria de Girona.

Visit the vibrant Jewish quarter, one of the oldest areas of the town known for pretty colourful houses along the shore.

If you have time, also check out The Arab Baths and the Sant Pere Galligants Monastery

If you are here on the weekend, visit the lovely flower market at the Rambla de la Llibertat.

You will instantly recognize the moat and the high walls if you are a Game of Thrones fan. Click to view GoT tour in Girona.

How to reach Girona from Barcelona

By train – Trains are the best way to reach Girona from Barcelona and takes less than 45 minutes.

Take one of the High-speed AVE trains for which tickets are available online as well as at the counter.

By bus – From Barcelona Nord bus station you get buses to Girona usually the ALSA, and it takes about 1.5 hours. 

Day tours to Girona from Barcelona –

  • Girona, Figueres & Dalí Museum: Day Tour from Barcelona
  • Costa Brava Full-Day Tour from Barcelona
  • Girona and Costa Brava Small-Group Day Trip from Barcelona



You can’t compile the list of most beautiful cities in Spain without mentioning its capital city Spain.

Also, many people skip Madrid thinking of it as only another Cosmopolitan city, which is true. Still, it is also one of the most beautiful destinations in Spain that you can’t miss. 

Rich History, culture, architecture, food and shopping markets – all these draw a lot of travelers from around the world.

Considered one of the most livable cities in the world for its excellent transport, plenty of opportunities for all and the high quality of living, Madrid is the largest city in Spain and also one of the most populous.

Things to do in Madrid

Take a tour of the Royal Palace of Madrid, home to the Royal family of Spain. It is the largest functioning palace, built on the site of a Moorish Alcazar.

It is known for its vast gardens, ornate rooms and an extensive collection of royal treasury, paintings and artefacts.

Explore the 16th-century former old town main square Plaza Mayor, a spacious open space, one of the most famous spots for hangout among locals.

If you enjoy museums, check out the National Museum of Arts or The Prado Museum – Museo Nacional del Prado, one of the most famous museums in the world for its comprehensive collection of European artworks from the 12th century to the latest times.

Take a stroll in The Buen Retiro Park or El Retiro Park, one of the most beautiful and among the largest parks in Spain, built in the 16th century.

Visit the lovely Crystal Palace and pretty rose garden Rosaleda

Shop at Gran Vía, Madrid or the historic flea market El Rastro.

Are you a soccer fan? Then you must not miss Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, the second-largest stadium in Spain and home stadium of Real Madrid.

Most beautiful cities in Spain

Don’t miss the reconstructed ancient Egyptian temple and one of the famous attractions in Madrid – Temple of Debod.

How to reach Madrid?

Madrid-Barajas Airport is the international airport which connects Madrid to most of the cities in the world.

If you are already in another city in Spain, you can take a flight or a train or a bus to Madrid.


Toledo in Central Spain is a lovely city that is worth visiting. Located close to Madrid, many travel to Toledo as a day trip.

One of the most beautiful places in Spain, you will see how varied and unique the landscape is compared to Madrid – surrounded by mountains and valleys. 

There are plenty of viewpoints from where you can witness stunning sunrise and sets during summer.

Things to do in Toledo

Toledo is known for its rich history and ancient architecture.

Check out the jewel of Toledo – The Royal Alcazar, a hilltop medieval castle that looks straight out of a perfect postcard. Check out the 13th-century Gothic-style Toledo Cathedral

Explore the historic Caves of Hercules, which also houses a Moorish style mosque.

If you enjoy museums, you will love a visit to the history museum of Santa Cruz and the art museum El Greco. 

If you are into castles like me, don’t miss visiting the beautiful Castle of San Servando, which is also a monastery where you can even stay overnight.

Most beautiful cities in Spain

If you enjoy hiking, there are plenty of trails that lead you to amazing viewpoints at the top of the mountains.

Adventure lovers can also try a hot air balloon ride or zipline across the mountains and over the valley.

How to reach Toledo?

The nearest airport is Madrid’s Barajas. From Madrid, you can reach Toledo in an hour by train.

There are plenty of buses available too.

You can opt for day tours from Madrid that cover a return trip, and the city highlights Book this one day tour of Toledo from Madrid. 

San Sebastian

If you are looking for a place to relax, party and have fun on your trip, San Sebastian, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, is where you should go. 

Most beautiful cities in Spain

San Sebastian, a famous resort town in the northern coast of Spain in the Basque Country used to be a getaway for the elite.

Still, thanks to affordable accommodation and a lot of activities, it has grown to become a famous destination for families, couples and singles to have fun, especially in the summer as the city is home to many stunning beaches and cliff beds.

Rent a bike and explore the hills around San Sebastian.

Take a ride on the funicular to get to the top of Monte Igueldo for amazing panoramic views of the coast. 

If you fancy a staycation, then it is the perfect destination for a quick weekend trip to Spain as many resorts are lining the beaches.

You can’t miss the wide variety of Spanish and Mediterranean culinary delights, mainly seafood delicacies, and lots of types of wines.

Most beautiful cities in Spain

If you want to go where the locals go, hit the beautiful Playa de la Concho beach, where you can enjoy a lot of water activities, including surfing. La Concha Bay is another popular place to unwind.

How to reach San Sebastian?

San Sebastian has an airport, and the other nearest ones are Bilbao Airport and Barcelona.

From Bilbao or Barcelona, you can take trains or buses. 

Canary Islands

Located to the north-west of Africa, the incredible Canary Islands is one of the best cities in Spain that you should visit.

It is an archipelago of seven Spanish islands, and it is one of the favourite cities in Spain for holidays among the Europeans.

Most beautiful cities in Spain

Things to do in the Canary Islands 

Explore the largest islands of the Canary, Tenerife, which is gorgeous.

It was the region of volcanic activity, mainly Mount Teide, and its eruptions have resulted in Black sand beaches, unique to this region. 

Plenty of lovely cafes, restaurants and bars mean a thriving nightlife that you can enjoy until the early morning hours. 

Most beautiful cities in Spain

If you are here in February, you can attend the colourful Santa Cruz de Tenerife festival in Tenerife, which is a grand festival with parades, dances and more. 

The other beautiful Islands on the Canary are Gran Canaria, known for vibrant houses and beaches, and Lanzarote, a famous beach destination for summer holidays.

You can also camp or go hiking in Timanfaya National Park, which is renowned for its volcanic geysers.

How to reach the Canary Islands?

The nearest airport is Las Palmas Gran Canaria Airport. There are also regular ferries from the ports of Cadiz and Huelva to the Canary Islands.



If you are looking for one of the best cities to visit in Spain that’s not crowded with tourists or is expensive and commercialized, it is Salamanca, located in western Spain, and the capital of the Province of Salamanca.

It is called the University city as it houses the oldest university in the country the University of Salamanca, which was established in 1218.

Salamanca is a historic town known for its medieval structures and the bustling student life. It is the city where most people learn the Spanish language. 

Things to do in Salamanca

Take a tour of the majestic University of Salamanca, which houses more than 30,000 students.

You can also check out the UNESCO World heritage-listed old town for the imposing 12th-century Old Cathedral and San Marcos, the Salina and the Monterrey Palaces and the beautiful Plaza Mayor.

Walk along the River Tormes to reach the scenic Roman Bridge and witness sunset views.

How to reach Salamanca?

The nearest airport is Salamanca airport. You can reach from Madrid to Salamanca by car.

Book a day tour from Madrid to cover the highlights of Salamanca.


One of the most fascinating places in Spain is Cadiz, in the southwest of the country, which is one of the most popular destinations among the European travellers for summer, thanks to its perfect combination of attractions, beaches, excellent food and drinks. 

Things to do in Cadiz

Did you know? There are over 60 beaches in Cadiz. Yes, that’s right.

You can spend all your time beach-hopping, drinking, dancing and binging on delicious Tapas, Seafood and Sangria. Go surfing, snorkelling or kitesurfing on these beaches. Or simply go for a swim.

Walk along its coastal promenade and admire the views when you have had enough of the beaches.

Or go check out some medieval ruins, including the second-largest Roman Theatre, the magnificent Baroque Cathedral of Cadiz.

Enjoy the stunning views from Torre Tavira watchtowers or admire the seaside castle of San Sebastián.

How to reach Cadiz?

You can take a train just 45 minutes from Seville. There are day tours from Seville that will cover the best of Cadiz.


A beautiful destination worth adding to any Spanish itinerary is the historical city of Segovia.

It is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, located on a hill, surrounded by the lovely countryside of Castilla.

Royal castles, amazing views and food make it one of the popular day trips from Madrid for tourists visiting Spain.

Beautiful Spain
prettiest cities in Spain

Explore the UNESCO heritage site old town, comprising of the majestic Royal Alcazar with turrets and imposing towers.

Walk amidst the Jewish quarter, and check out many Gothic-Baroque style Cathedrals and Roman aqueduct.

You can travel to Segovia in one day or spend a few days if you want to enjoy the beautiful medieval town with fewer crowds.

How to reach Segovia?

The nearest airport is Madrid.

You can take a bus or a cab to Segovia from Madrid. Book this full-day tour of Segovia to cover all the attractions.

Most Beautiful Cities in Spain – Bonus


The city of Galicia in the northwest is also one of the westernmost points of Europe, and one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

Thanks to its remote location, it is one of the non-touristy cities in the country full of its raw beauty waiting to be explored.

Things to do in Galicia

The beautiful city of Galacia boasts of over 1500 km of Atlantic coastline, the largest in the country and comprises stunning beaches, islands, medieval towns and fishing villages.

You will need at least a few days to explore the beauty of this community consisting of waterfalls and mountains,

Enjoy the wonderful beaches like As Catedrais beach, or islands like Ons Island, the luxurious Illa da Toxa, The Roman walls of Lugo – a UNESCO Heritage Site and fantastic Cíes Islands.

Visit the medieval town Santiago de Compostela and fishing villages like Noia.

How to reach Galicia?

The nearest airport is Santiago de Compostela. You can reach Galicia from Madrid. 


Bilbao, the capital of the Basque Country, is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain to visit, located in the north-west part of the country.

It is known for contemporary Spanish architectural wonders, delicious Basque cuisine and museums.

Things to do in Bilbao

The incredible Guggenheim Museum, a beautifully-designed artwork of architect Frank Gehry is the top attraction in Bilbao. This museum has extensive collections of modern art. 

For medieval wonders of the city, check out the beautiful The Plaza Nueva or Plaza Barria of Bilbao, the Gothic Catedral de Santiago (St. James’ Cathedral) and The Basilica of Begoña.

Take a tour of Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao’s Culture and Leisure Centre.

Walk across the iconic tied arch footbridge across the Nervion River, Campo Volantin Bridge or Puente del Campo Volantin – The Zubizuri.

Enjoy a walk-in Doña Casilda Iturrizar Park in the evening. 

How to reach Bilbao?

The nearest airport is Bilbao Airport. You can reach from Madrid or Barcelona by car.


To the west of Madrid lies the mountain town Ávila, one of the best cities in Spain to visit.

The central attraction in Avila that draws thousands of visitors is the historic walled city of Ávila, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to many prominent medieval structures. 

Most beautiful cities in Spain

Avila is nicknamed Town of Stones and Saints because of the walls. The city is also a pilgrimage site and houses many monks.

Things to do in Avila

Whether you enjoy architecture or not, you should still add Avila to your list for its stunning hilltop location offer superb views of the town. 

Check out the historic buildings with the walled city, including the historic Gothic Cathedrals

The Cathedral of Ávila, Basílica de San Vicente and Convento de San José. Complete the walk around the wall circuit passing through eight gates, many lovely towers and turrets. 

Recommended tour: Avila and Segovia: Full-Day Guided Trip from Madrid

best places to go to in Spain
where to go in Spain

In the evening, climb the hill to the viewpoint of Cuatro Postes for stunning sunset views.

How to reach Avila?

The nearest airport is Madrid. From Madrid, you can take a bus or book a cab to Avila. Even better, you can book a day tour that covers the highlights of Avila along with transport.

Where to Stay In Avila- One BR rental – Piso TesaApartment for families – Best Western Premier Sofraga Palacio; Best Budget Hostel – Hostal Los CastañuelosMid-Range Apartment – Hotel Rural Cayetana


If you want to witness the scenic Spanish countryside laden with greenery, mountains, waterfalls and rich historic old town, head to Cuenca.

It is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain worth visiting. History, splendid views and great food make it one of the perfect stops.

Things to do in Cuenca

Explore the fort city – a UNESCO world heritage, which is a treasure trove of medieval history and architecture.

Visit the Hanging Houses of Cuenca,  Casas Colgadas, 15th-century wooden houses perched at the edge of the cliff – the last remains of this distinct designed-houses.

best places to visit in spain
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Walk over the historic San Pablo Bridge built across River Huécar, and check out the beautiful buildings lined along the cobbled streets.

Visit the lovely Gothic Cathedral at the town square, which is flanked by other colourful medieval monuments.

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How to reach Cuenca?

The nearest airport is Madrid. You can take a full-day trip from Madrid to Cuenca.

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Not far from Barcelona is one of the hidden gems of the country, the town of Zaragoza, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

Located in the Aragon region, this charming town is renowned for its rich historic old quarter and perfect for a day trip.

Compared to other day trips from Barcelona, Zaragoza is less crowded and not very touristy, which is perfect to get away from the main cities.

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Among the things to see in Zaragoza, the top attraction is the beautiful Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar.

Wander in the charming streets of the old town. Explore the stunning Aljafería Palace and also Gothic styled Church – Catedral del Salvador de Zaragoza.

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How to reach Zaragoza?

The nearest airport to Zaragoza is Barcelona airport.

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So that’s the list of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

You can easily spend two to three weeks exploring this huge country, but no matter how much time you have, beautiful Spain should be on your travel bucket list.

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most beautiful places in Spain
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