There are tons of awesome day trips from Barcelona that you can enjoy no matter the kind of experience you are looking for. If you are wondering where to go from Barcelona, there are many options for you.

From hiking to jumping off the cliffs to beaches to diving – there are plenty of things to do outside Barcelona. Whether you enjoy nature or want to visit postcard-perfect fishing villages, I got you covered.

While there is enough to enjoy in the city, thanks to the excellent connectivity, especially trains, you can easily plan day trips near Barcelona on your own. 

Even better, plenty of amazing Barcelona day tours that you can book online have made it possible to make most of your time to have a fantastic experience on your Spain trip.

So let’s look at the options that you have for one day trip from Barcelona, some of them being ultimate road trip ideas in Spain.


Montserrat – Mountains and Views

If you are looking for a few of the easiest day trips from Barcelona, Montserrat is the place you should go.

If you love hiking and nature, you will enjoy the stunning cliff of Montserrat, which in the Catalan language translates to Serrated mountains. It is one of the comfortable day trips from Barcelona by train.

day trips from Barcelona

Montserrat Monastery is surrounded by beautiful mountains and is uniquely located below enormous rock formations, which gives the gorgeous appeal to the place.

It houses one of the few Black Madonnas in Europe – the Virgin of Montserrat

The monastery is a popular pilgrimage site, so you can expect long queues if you want to get in to have a look of Madonna.

Unless you have a ticket in advance or you are on a guided tour, you may want to skip this as you will need a lot of time. You can have a look at its replica in the Santa Maria del Mar Cathedral in Barcelona.


If you enjoy hiking, you have many trails that take you to the top. Depending on your fitness and time, you can choose from the map at the entrance. 

You will reach the peak of Sant Jeroni from where you can witness stunning 360-degree views of the horizon comprising of snow-capped Pyrenees mountain to the north and the Mediterranean Sea to the south.

Day trips from Barcelona
Stunning views of the valley from Montserrat – Day trips from Barcelona

There are also two funiculars or cable cars at the foot of the monastery.

One goes to Sant Joan from where you can see fantastic views of the Catalan countryside. The other will drop you at The Holy Grotto – Santa Cova cave, another holy site.

There are many shops close to the monastery where you can shop for Catalonian chocolates, souvenirs and gifts. You can have lunch at one of the restaurants or cafes.

How to reach Montserrat from Barcelona?

By train – From Barcelona, there are many trains that run to Montserrat from Plaça Espanya station.

The best is the R5 train that takes over 1 hour to reach, which is why Montserrat is one of the easiest day trips from Barcelona.

I’d recommend you to take the first one at 8:36 AM to reach early for fewer crowds.

By bus – Next to Estacion Sants train station in Barcelona is the bus stand from where buses leave to Montserrat, which takes about 1.5 hours to reach.

From the town, there are cable cars and funicular rides to travel further up the mountain.

Day tours from Barcelona to Montserrat

Barcelona day trips

If you want a free pick up from the hotel and avoid the hassle of transport and tickets, I’d highly suggest these guide day tours from Barcelona.

They are easy to book, have excellent reviews, and you can cancel for free up to 24 hours if you change your plans.

Combo tour Montserrat & Cava Wineries Day Trip from Barcelona w/ Pickup

From Barcelona to Montserrat, Sitges, & Torres Wineries

Montserrat Monastery & Natural Park Hike

Montserrat Royal Basilica With Cog-Wheel Train or Bus

Montserrat Day Tour with Wine Tasting & Black Madonna

Sitges – Beach Town

If you are dreaming of beaches while in Barcelona, head straight to the small coastal town of Sitges to the south of Barcelona. 

This lively beach town is one of the best day trips from Barcelona to enjoy the fantastic beaches, nightlife and a lot of carnivals.

Did you know? Sitges is also known as the gay capital of Europe and is very popular among the LGBT community. There are also a few popular nude beaches in Sitges. 

If you are planning a Spain trip including Barcelona in October, make sure to add Sitges as there is a film festival during this month. 

You can witness the bustling Sitges carnival if you are here in February, which attracts thousands of travellers from all over the world.

There are grand celebrations including a parade and lots of parties at this time.

Because of its proximity to Barcelona, clean beaches, lots of bars, fantastic nightlife, parties, shops and hotels, Sitges is one of the best beach towns in Catalonia.

If you love seafood, you are in for a treat as you get to taste a lot of awesome cuisines, Try Xató, Sitges’ traditional dish made of cod, tuna, anchovies, and black olives.

How to travel from Barcelona to Sitges

By train – Trains are the most convenient way to reach Sitges. R2 trains to Sitges leave from three trains in Barcelona – Sants, Estació de França, or Passeig de Grácia stations.

It takes about 45 minutes to reach Sitges. It is best to take the earliest train to make the most of your day.

By bus – MonBus and Flixbus have buses from Barcelona to Sitges. 

Recommended Tours from Barcelona to Sitges

Girona – For Game of Thrones Fans

If you enjoy history, architecture and medieval towns like me, you will love Girona.

A lovely medieval town overlooking Onyar River, it is one of the best-preserved historic Catalon towns, which is one of the best Barcelona day trips. 

You will instantly recognize the moat and the high walls if you are a Game of Thrones fan. 

Explore the beautiful structures in the medieval old town walking over the bridges along the river, and walk on the fortification walls for stunning views of the coast.

The Jewish quarter is one of the oldest areas of the town and lined with pretty colourful houses along the shore.

You can also witness amazing views from Sant Felix and the Gothic Cathedrals. If you have time, also check out The Arab Baths and the Sant Pere Galligants Monastery. 

If you are here on the weekend, visit the lovely flower market at the Rambla de la Llibertat.

How to reach Girona from Barcelona

By train – Trains are the best way to reach Girona from Barcelona and takes less than 45 minutes. Take one of the High-speed AVE trains for which tickets are available online as well as at the counter.

By bus – From Barcelona Nord bus station you get buses to Girona usually the ALSA, and it takes about 1.5 hours. 

Day tours to Girona from Barcelona

Blanes – Beaches, Views and Castle

Blanes is one of the most beautiful towns in the Costa Brava region. It is the first stop if you want to venture further here.

Thanks to its excellent connectivity, a beautiful castle and an incredible coast with beaches – Blanes is one of the best day trips from Barcelona and is especially popular among local families. 

While Sitges is for nightlife and fun – ideal for couples, singles or backpackers, Blanes is best if you are travelling with kids.

Enjoy a beach day at the beach in the town centre.

If you want to witness fabulous views, you have to hike up to the top of the hill to the Castle, which is a bit exhausting but certainly worth given the panoramic views and the breeze.

How to reach Blanes from Barcelona

By train – The RENFE trains leave from Barcelona Sants to Blanes. But you will need to take a cab to reach the town of Blanes which is further away. If you want to go walking, you will need about 20 minutes.

By bus – From Barcelona Nord, Buses to Blanes takes about 2 hours.

Pals – Beautiful Medieval Town

The enchanting town of Pals should definitely be on your list of best day trips from Barcelona.

Its location upon a hill surrounded by the stunning coast makes it a dreamy-holiday village, perfect for a small getaway from Barcelona.

The imposing historic medieval tower at downtown welcomes you as you step in, with the stone balconies and crescent arches of the houses and buildings lined along the cobbled streets in the Gothic Quarter transporting you back in time.

Make your way all the way to the top to explore splendid views of the countryside of Catalonia.

For lunch or shopping, you can head to the city centre which has some amazing restaurants serving excellent seafood.

If you want some adventure, the beaches in Pals are the best places to go to.

Thanks to a lot of cliffs lining the beach, you can jump off them right into the sea if you dare from at least 4 to 5 meters high.

It is one of the favourite pass time among locals, so know that you will have company in little cliff sports. Illa Roja beach is the famous beach for jumping off the beach, which is also a nudist beach.

How to Get to Pals from Barcelona

By train – There are no direct trains from Barcelona to Pals. But you can reach Flaçà from Passeig de Gràcia station in Barcelona, from where you can take a bust to Pals.

By bus – Buses are the best option to reach Pals. From Barcelona Nord station you get direct buses that will take around 3 hours to get to Pals. 

Recommended tours from Barcelona you can plan to explore Pals:

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Tossa de Mar – Fairytale Fishing Village

Tossa de Mar is one of the most beautiful towns in Costa Brava and is a favourite among the locals as well as travellers who visit in hundreds of thousands, especially in summer.

Tossa de Mar has a perfect combination of the historic quarter and a beach town. 

It is one of the fairytale fishing villages, and one of the most beautiful places to visit in Spain. Tossa de Mar is compact and pretty, and that’s what draws travelers.

On a day trip from Barcelona, you can perfectly enjoy all that the town has to offer.

It is even perfect to spend a day or two here if you have more time to enjoy the beauty of a small Spanish village.

So keep walking and climb up the steep way to the tower. There are many small(er) beaches around Tossa de Mar.

Start your day early by first getting to the Gothic quarter to explore the Roman archaeological site. Then keep walking towards the beach that’s not big, but compact and beautiful. 

At the end of the beach is the century-old lighthouse from where you can enjoy beautiful views.

And further ahead is the Castle Vila Vella, on the hilltop, the best spot for incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea lined with rugged cliffs, vibrant buildings and beaches.

You can even rent a mountain bike and set off to explore many other stunning beaches close to Tossa de Mar, like Cala Bona, Cala Giverola, Cala Futadera and Cala Pola.

How to get to Tossa de Mar from Barcelona

By bus –  There are no direct trains to Tossa de Mar from Barcelona so the best option is to take a bus from Barcelona Nord station which takes about 1.5 hours.

Recommended tour to Tossa de Mar:

From Barcelona: Costa Brava Coastal Path Hike & Tossa de Mar

Lloret de Mar – For awesome nightlife and parties

Next to the town of Blanes is another great option for a day trip from Barcelona.

The beach town of Lloret de Mar is one of the favourites among backpackers and party-goers for its fantastic nightlife and parties on a budget, with over 100 bars and pubs renowned for parties until the early morning hours.

If you are not into parties, you can still enjoy spending time in Lloret de Mar thanks to its beautiful beaches, which are considered one of the best in Costa Brava. 

The well-maintained beaches have been voted the best ones many times, and one visit to these sandy beaches and you will know why.

They may not be as beautiful as the ones in Tossa de Mar or Palls, but they are worth looking. 

At the town centre, visit the lovely Cathedral Iglesia de Sant Romà. For a small hike experience, head to the medieval Castle of Sant Joan on top of a hill from where you can witness magnificent bird views of the coast.

One of the attractions popular among the tourists visiting Lloret de Mar is the Santa Clotilde Gardens, a hill-top renaissance garden known for its extensive collection of plants and trees and incredible views of the town and the sea.

How to reach Lloret de Mar from Barcelona

By bus – Buses are the best way to get to Lloret de Mar from Barcelona as there are no direct trains. The buses leave from Barcelona Nord station and take about an hour to reach.

Recommended tours including a combo tour:

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Lloret de Mar: Tapas Walking Tour

Combo tour – Costa Brava Half-Day Tour from Barcelona With a Stop at Lloret de Mar, Girona

Calella de Palafrugell – Beautiful Coastal Town

Another dreamy fishing village that is one of the best options for Barcelona day trips is the town of Calella de Palafrugell.

It is one of the incredibly charming villages, which is a perfect city break from Barcelona that’s popular among the local families.

Calella de Palafrugell is one of the best choices if you are looking for a pretty beach town that’s not commercialised and has fewer tourists.

You will find lovely houses of the fishermen lined along the maze of streets in Port Bo Neighborhood along the coastline.

If you want to hit the beaches, there are plenty of options.

The most popular ones are along with the Blue Flag. For best views of the crystal clear turquoise Mediterranean, head to the Cap Roig headland, which also boasts of a gorgeous Botanical Gardens.

If you are here in summer, you can also enjoy the famous Cap Roig Music Festival.

How to reach Calella de Palafrugell from Barcelona

It takes a bit of effort to commute from Barcelona to Calella de Palafrugell as there are no direct transport options except cabs, which can, of course, be expensive, if you are travelling alone or on a budget.

By bus – There are no direct buses to Calella de Palafrugell. From Barcelona Nord station, take a bus to Palafrugell, and then change to another bus to Calella de Palafrugell. The total journey will take about 3.5 hours to 4 hours.

Recommended tours you should check out:

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Vic – Medieval Town with Roman Ruins

If you enjoy Roman history, another medieval town for the ruins is the town of Vic in the heart of Catalonia. It is one of the good options to plan a day trip from Barcelona. 

Vic was an important administrative town during the middle ages, at the centre of which was the main square Plaça Major.

The 11th-century Sant Pere Cathedral with the medieval architecture is imposing along with the bell tower from where you can enjoy the views.

You can find many old buildings in the square, some of which houses cafes and restaurants.

Did you know? Vic is a stunning place for trying hot air balloon ride to admire the gorgeous views of the valleys.

You can notice the Roman-style architecture dominating the square, alongside Baroque and neoclassical styles added in the later centuries.

Walk amidst the quarters to reach another iconic structure in Vic, the Queralt Bridge, another well-preserved renaissance-style monument.

Vic is also a fabulous place if you love meat, as the town is known for many special delicacies including sausages and steaks.

How to reach Vic from Barcelona

By train – There are direct trains from Barcelona to Vic. Take the Renfe train from Barcelona Plaça Catalunya station to Vic, which takes about 1.5 hours to reach.

By bus – From Barcelona Nord station you can get buses to Vic that takes about 1.5 hours.

Recommended tours you should check out:

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If you want a private tour, I would highly recommend this tour for four – Exclusive Ballooning from Barcelona for Four People

Other tours – Pyrenees Mountains Small-Group Tour from Barcelona

Barcelona: Besalú & Medieval Towns Tour with Hotel Pickup


Empuria Brava – For adventurous Ski Diving

If you are looking for one of the most adventurous destinations in Spain, Costa Brava wins the spot.

Empuria Brava is the name that you will have heard speaking of adventure, and yes, it is a famous place for sky diving.

The great thing is it is possible to plan Empuria Brava as one of the incredible day trips from Barcelona, which means you can check off sky diving from your bucket list even if you don’t have much time.

Empuriabrava’s skydiving school is considered to be among the top in the world, so even if you have never done sky diving before, don’t worry for you will be in safe hands. 

The school offers a lot of courses for beginners as well as advanced students, tandem skydiving, beginner’s flights, wingsuit flying and also is a professional institution to teach professionals in the flying field.

If you are not game for sky diving, you can still enjoy a lot of things in this lovely coastal town located in the Gulf of Roses. The beach is huge, lined with luxurious resorts, perfect for idling away. 

You can enjoy delicious lunch at one of the many restaurants, many known for fabulous seafood cuisines and tapas.

How to Get to Empuriabrava from Barcelona

By bus – There are no direct trains from Barcelona to Empuriabrava. The best option is to take a direct bus from Barcelona Nord station to Empuriabrava.

Besalu – Scenic Medieval Town

Besalu is one of the most recommended day trips from Barcelona, which you will especially like if you are into history or culture.

For starters, its excellent location at the edge of rugged cliffs overlooking the coast is one of the best things about the town.

And its compact size means you can easily get to know the town within a day.

Walk amidst the uneven, narrow streets taking you back in time.

Admire the medieval buildings lined on the cobbled streets of the old quarter, with the most famous spot being the iconic 12th-century Romanesque bridge across the Fluvià River.

Climb the top of the church tower for beautiful views.

If you enjoy museums, I’d highly recommend the Museum of Miniatures, one of the best places to know about history.

Also don’t miss to stop at Mikvah, the ancient Jewish bathhouse, which was also a former synagogue.

best day trips from Barcelona

If you are planning a trip by car, you can also briefly stop at neighbouring Castellfollit de la Roca a very pretty village.

How to reach Besalú from Barcelona

By train – There are no direct trains from Barcelona to Besalu. You have to take a train first to Girona from Barcelona Sants, from where you can take a bus to Besalú.

By bus – There are direct buses from Barcelona Banyoles to Besalu, which takes about 1.5 hours.

Vilafranca del Penedès – Lovely Vineyards for Wine Lovers

If you want to explore the wine regions in Spain, Vilafranca del Penedès is one of the most important of them, and the best part is that you can plan a visit on one of your day trips from Barcelona. 

Another fabulous thing is that it is one of the recommended Barcelona day trips by train – thanks to them that you can reach Penedès within an hour.

best Barcelona day trips

Vilafranca del Penedès is famous for producing Spanish sparkling wine Cava – D. O. Penedès wine that’s made here.

Take up one of the excellent wine tasting tours where you will enjoy the views of the beautiful vineyards apart from getting to know about the Catalonian wine. 

Dine at one of the many beautiful, traditional Catalan houses, called Masia which serve excellent wine. You can visit the city centre for its historic ancient houses. 

One of the top things to see in Villafranca del Penedès is to watch Castells – human towers where people form as apart of the celebrations that happen during San Félix.

You can participate in this summer festival in August where there will be a lot of folklores, musical performances, fairs and fireworks.

things to do near Barcelona

How to reach Vilafranca del Penedès from Barcelona

By train – Take the Renfe R4 line from Barcelona’s Plaça Catalunya station to Vilafranca del Penedès that you can reach in an hour.

By bus – There are also direct buses from Barcelona’s Maria Cristina to Vilafranca del Penedès, which takes about 1.5 hours. 

Garrotxa Natural Park – Volcanoes and Medieval Castles

How about checking out inactive volcanoes sound? One of the best nature day trips from Barcelona is a visit to the magnificent Parc Natural de la Zona Volcànica de la Garrotxa located north of Barcelona.

This natural park is home to over 40 dormant volcanoes, abundant wildlife and greenery spread across 12,000 hectares of land.

This vast land houses a different ecosystem comprising of rich natural reserves formed over millions of years due to the lava.

Not just that, Garrotxa also is home to a gorgeous medieval town and pretty medieval castles. Take a walk in the town, and stop by one of the many restaurants to taste delicious Spanish food and wine.

day trips from Barcelona

You can take one of the several trails to hike up to the crater of one of the dormant volcanoes – one of the most unique things to do in Spain for sure. 

On the way, you will witness amazing scenic landscapes and valleys with pretty towns, which are a treat. Some trails also have mystic chapels that exist on the bed of a volcano crater.

How to reach Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park from Barcelona:

By train – There are no buses on the route of the natural park.

The only options are a train or a cab, both relatively expensive. Take a train from Barcelona Sants to Girona from where you can take a cab to the entrance of the park.

Recommended tours:

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Cadaqués – Salvador Dalí’s Inspiration

Cadaques is a stunning fishing village located along the coast of Cap de Creus. It consists of enchanting all white-tiled houses sitting pretty against the flourishing hills. 

best day trips from Barcelona

Compared to others mentioned here, Cadaqués is slightly further away from Barcelona, but definitely worth adding as a day trip for all its gorgeousness. 

Renowned medieval artists like Picasso and Miró drew inspiration from this fishing village thanks to its riveting beauty. 

The world-renowned Spanish artist Salvador Dali, who frequently visited Cadaqués since he was a boy, was so inspired by the beauty surround ing the village that he choose to settle here. 

He constructed a pretty house and studio in Cadaqués at Port Lligat, which is now a museum dedicated to him. You need tickets to be booked in advance to visit this museum, which you can buy here.

day trips from Barcelona

You can spend hours walking through the streets soaking in all the beauty of the houses and lose track of time.

Head to the pretty beaches home to many troves, or take snorkelling or diving trips. 

You can also enjoy boat trips or hike in the beautiful Cap de Creus Natural Park. Stop at the famous Santa Maria Church, or go shopping at many vibrant shops for local crafts.

How to reach Cadaqués from Barcelona

By train – There are no direct trains from Barcelona to Cadaqués. The buses are the best option that leaves from Barcelona Nord Station to Cadaqués and takes about 2.5 to 3 hours.

Recommended Tours:

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Salvador Dalí Tour from Barcelona with Hotel Pick Up

Tarragona – Medieval Roman Old Town with beaches

To the south is one of the charming towns for a side trip from Barcelona.

Tarragona was the provincial capital of Hispania and one of the most important Roman cities, known for its rich architecture and large monuments. 

places to visit near Barcelona

Today, this well-preserved town is a UNESCO heritage site, with the most important Roman ruins being a beautiful Colosseum, a Citadel, the Palace of Augustus, the high walls, the circus and a medieval tower – all belonging to the 12th century.

Visit Tarragona Archaeology Museum to see extensive displays of the town’s rich past.

After going back in time, enjoy the present day Tarragona starting at Balcó del Mediterrani, from where you can witness stunning views of the beaches.

Walk all the way up to the statues of human towers, Castellers. Next, head to Rambla Nova, Tarragona’s main street for lunch and shopping.

beautiful day trips from Barcelona

Stop by a few beaches that are lovely and well-maintained. You can also plan your trip to Tarragona during the vibrant Tarraco Viva festival, which receives thousands of visitors.

Buy a combined ticket to Tarragona’s attractions from the tourist office on Carrer Major instead of securing them individually to save time.

How to reach Tarragona from Barcelona

By train – There are many direct Renfe trains from Barcelona’s Sants station to Tarragona that takes about an hour to reach.

By bus – Direct buses are from Barcelona Sants to Tarragona and take about an hour.


Vall de Núria – Skiing and Scenic Valleys

How about enjoying a quick skiing getaway from Barcelona? If you love snowy resort towns, head to the pretty Vall de Núria, which is one of the best side trips from Barcelona that you can take. 

The stunning landscapes of The Valley of Núria will make you fall in love with the region as you get awed by the jaw-dropping views of tower mountains over 10,000 feet bathed in snow. 

The best part about Vall de Núria is the fantastic train journey that takes you on an incline of over 3000 feet surrounding you with blissful views.

Vall de Núria is a dreamy holiday that you can take from Barcelona comfortably. 

The resort at Vall de Núria has plenty of skiable slopes, five big ski lifts and eleven alpine skiing pistes.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned skier, there is something for everyone at Vall de Núria when it comes to snow activities.

day trips from barcelona

If you enjoy hiking, sign up for one of the guided mountain tours or want some more adventure, join scuba diving in ice. 

How to reach Vall de Núria from Barcelona

By train – There are no direct trains or buses from Barcelona to Vall de Núria. The best option is to take a bus from Barcelona Sants to Ripoll from where you can take a cab.

Medes Islands – Deep-sea diving

Medes Islands or Illes Medes is a group of seven small islands in the Mediterranean Sea, located close to L’Estartit town in Girona region. 

If you want to enjoy some sea activities in the Mediterranean, Illes Medes is one of the best day trips from Barcelona that you can plan.

Since it is a protected area, you can’t get in the islands, but you can enjoy boat trips and water activities around them.

From L’Estartit town, you can book day tours that will take you a glass-bottom boat to enjoy the views of the splendid marine life.

You can spot the rich wildlife from the comfort of your boat including huge dolphins, stingrays and many types of colourful fish. 

If you want to get in wanter, sign up for a diving tour to get close to the marine life. Known for clear seas and abundant marine life, the islets are one of the top places for sea-diving in Spain.

How to reach the Medes Islands from Barcelona

day trips from barcelona

You have to take one of the boats from L’Estartit to get close to the islets.

By train – There are no direct trains to L’Estartit from Barcelona. You can reach Girona first, and then take a bus from Girona to L’Estartit.

By bus – There are direct buses from Barcelona Nord to L’Estartit, which takes about 2.5 hours.

Recommended tours including combo options:

From Barcelona: Empúries & Medes Islands by Boat with Pickup

From L’Estartit: Sea-Kayaking Tour to the Medes Islands

From L’Estartit: 3-Hour Snorkeling Trip to the Medes Islands

L’Estartit: Try Dive & Snorkeling in Montgrí National Park

From Barcelona: Empúries & Medes Islands by Boat with Pickup

Campdevanol – Hiking and Majestic Waterfalls

If you are game for hiking, and swimming in very cold waterfalls, then might be one of the best Barcelona day trips for you.

Campdevànol is a small, lovely village in Girona, which is known for not one, but seven gorgeous waterfalls coming from the top of the mountain with tons of fresh water, which is super cold – a thing to keep in mind if you want to try swimming.

You have to hike for an hour or two deep through the splendid pine forests, so make sure to have a good pair of hiking shoes, enough snacks and water.

You will need about 7 to 8 hours to enjoy your time at the waterfalls including the time of for hiking back and forth. 

Summer is the best time to visit the park, and that’s when swimming is allowed. But you can’t dive from the top, or put on a fire and also there is an entrance fee of 5 Euros.

You can picnic admiring the views of the waterfalls. If you arrive by car, there is a small parking fee.

How to reach Campdevànol from Barcelona

It’s best to start your day early as the commute takes some time.

By train – There are no direct buses or trains from Barcelona to Campdevànol. You can take a train from Barcelona’s Plaça Catalunya to Vic, from where you can take a bus to Campdevànol.

By bus – If you want to travel by bus, take a bus to Ripoll from Barcelona, From Ripoll, take another bus to Campdevànol.

PortAventura, Salou – Spain’s Biggest Theme Park

The list of the best day trips from Barcelona is incomplete without including the largest theme park in Spain, Portaventura, located in Salou town.

It is one of the best day trips from Barcelona with kids as the park has three huge themed-parks offering loads of adventure and fun for both kids and adults.

PortAventura Park is one of the most visited theme parks in Spain, attracting over 3 million visitors every year.

PortAventura Park, Caribe Aquatic Park, and Ferrari Land are the three parks consisting of many types of wild roller coaster rides, Ferrari rides and lots of swimming pools and lazy rivers.

There is also an RV park, many restaurants and a convention centre. 

In total, there are over 40+ rides, six worlds and more than 20 shows in PortAventura Park, making it one of the best holiday destinations in Europe.

The park gets super crowded during the peak season, holidays and on the weekends. It is best to avoid these times and stick to weekdays.

Buy the VIP express tickets in advance to skip the line, which will also give you access to all popular rides that you can repeat if you have time.

Although there are restaurants and cafes, the prices are expensive for the menu options they have. You can carry your food and drinks which is recommended.

How to reach PortAventura Park from Barcelona

By train – Direct trains are available from Barcelona to PortAventura. Take Renfe R-16 line that will take less than 1.5 hours.

By bus – There are no direct buses, and you have to first take a bus from Barcelona Sants to Tarragona from where you have to change for PortAventura.

Recommended trips to the park with skip-the-line tickets and free pick-up:

PortAventura and Ferrari Land: Full-Day Trip from Barcelona

Caribe Aquatic Park Full-Day Tour From Barcelona

From Barcelona: PortAventura Theme Park Ticket & Transfer

Port Aventura Theme Park Tickets

PortAventura & Ferrari Land Tickets: 1, 2, or 3-Day Entry

Bosque Vertical – Ziplining

Another day trip option from Barcelona if you are looking theme parks is Bosque Vertical or El Bosc Vertical.

This adventure park is one of the best day trips from Barcelona with kids. It is located in a beautiful place amidst the forest and the mountains near the town of Mataró. 

day trips from barcelona

Some of the adrenaline-pumping adventures that you can enjoy include zip lining, hanging bridges, and swing ropes.

All of these are constantly monitored, so safety is not an issue at all for your kids or yourself.

If games are not your thing, you can rent a motorbike and drive amidst the mountains for gorgeous views and excellent weather, especially in summer.

Or if you want to try other games, go for Laser combat which is total fun.

How to reach Bosque Vertical from Barcelona

day trips from barcelona

There are no trains or buses to Bosque Vertical making it tricky to reach from Barcelona. You can hire a car, which takes about an hour or more if you stop on the way.

So that’s for the list of fantastic day trips from Barcelona. Hope you enjoyed it.

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