If you love chasing waterfalls, you will love exploring the beautiful waterfalls in Twin Falls. Did you know?

While Shoshone Falls may be one of the top things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho, the city is home to plenty of other gorgeous waterfalls.

Thanks to the rugged forested mountains and deep canyons, Twin Falls is blessed with beautiful waterfalls that can be accessed via hikes, biking, and road.

Among the fantastic things to do in Southern Idaho, from hiking to mountain biking to rock climbing to fishing, this part is an excellent destination to explore waterfalls, natural springs, and ponds.

Thanks to the rocky cliffs, snow-capped mountains, and the magnificent Snake River, the region has many waterfalls of all sizes.

The best part is many can be explored within the few days that you will spend – thanks to their proximity and easy connectivity.

In this post, you will find the best waterfalls near Twin Falls you should add to your itinerary, whether you will be here for a weekend trip or more.

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Shoshone Falls

Waterfalls in Twin Falls
Shoshone is one of the best waterfalls in Twin Falls

The star attraction among all the best waterfalls in Twin Falls is Shoshone Falls. If you plan to visit Twin Falls and want to pick from this list, it has to be undoubtedly Shoshone.

Nicknamed the ‘Niagara of the West,’ Shoshone is not only the top attraction in Twin Falls.

Still, it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Southern Idaho, attracting hundreds of thousands of nature lovers, photographers, adventure seekers, and tourists wanting to do it for the Gram.

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It is also one of the few waterfalls in Twin Falls Idaho, perfect for a visit any time of the year.

Plunging from over 200 feet splattering onto the Snake River Canyon below 900 feet wide, it is a magnificent sight, especially in the spring months when the water flow is the highest.

history of twin falls idaho
Shoshone Falls

Snowmelt from the nearby glacial mountains upstream at the beginning of the Spring sets off this spectacle admired by many.

This majestic waterfall is higher than Niagara Falls, ultimately culminating into the Columbia River.

It offsets smaller ponds, cascades, and springs apart from offering loads of opportunities for adventurous activities and fantastic views of the Canyon throughout its journey.

There are many ways to admire and get close to the waterfalls, including being the hub of many water adventures.

You can soak in the spectacular views from the many viewing platforms scattered around the Canyon in the heart of Twin Falls, which is the easiest and the top way to enjoy the Shoshone’s beauty.

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If you want to get up close, you can choose from the many hiking trails in Shoshone Falls Park.

One of the best things about Shoshone Falls is how accessible it is.

If you are driving, first head to the big parking lot near the Canyon, which is very easy to spot, and then from there, you can choose the trail you want depending on the distance, difficulty, and how close you would like to get to the falls. 

Perrine bridge shoshone falls
Perrine bridge

Shoshone Falls City Park is dog-friendly and has public restrooms, a gorgeous area for a picnic with tables and other amenities, and convenient parking.

If you are here in the summer, there is also a concession stand in the park. 

The famous trail is the Canyon Rim Trail which also starts at the park and leads past the Perrine Bridge, offering many spectacular views of Shoshone Falls at many different points.

Another famous trail is the Mogensen hike.

To get a glimpse of the Base jumpers to drop off the bridge and some fantastic views of Shoshone, get on the Mogensen Trail, a 3.5 kilometer lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Twin Falls a moderate hike but very beautiful indeed.

Twin Falls Waterfalls

If you are looking for a daring adventure, sign up to visit the Shoshone Falls up close by kayaking all the way.

You can rent the kayaks from AWOL Adventure Sports at Centennial Waterfront Park and start the 8 miles long adventure.

This arduous but very satisfying paddle across the Snake River will pass under the iconic Perrine Bridge, porting at Pillar Falls, next to the hiking trail getting past Evel Knievel’s jump site.

Finally, you will have your rendezvous with Shoshone Falls.

If you are here in the Spring, do not miss the laser lights show that takes the spectacle to a whole new level, lighting the Canyons and rocky cliff tops, a recently added attraction you should check out during the night,

If you go in the summer, the flow is not as great, as some rivers are diverted for irrigation. The same is the case during late falls as well.

Opening hours – 8 AM to 10 PM; Entry fee – USD 5 for car parking between March to September.

Perrine Coulee Falls

One of the best waterfalls in Twin Falls that is located close to the town is Perrine Coulee Falls, below the gorgeous Snake River Canyon Rim.

One of the first glimpses of Twin Falls is the sight of the Snake River Canyon as you cross the Perrine Bridge.

From here, you can also see one of the beautiful Waterfalls in Twin Falls, Perrine Coulee Falls, on the west side of the Canyon.

But note that this is just an overview of Perrine Coulee Waterfalls as you can get up close to the waterfalls.

And that’s not all. You can walk behind the waterfalls, which is why this one is my favorite waterfall in Twin Falls, hands down.

twin falls idaho things to do
Waterfalls in Twin Falls Id

Because, unlike the other ones which you can enjoy from below, you can get the closest views of Perrine Coulee by walking on a narrow trail, from where the views are magical.

Also, this is not a dammed waterfall, which makes this waterfall runs year-round so that you can visit Perrine Coulee Falls no matter the time of year you visit Twin Falls.

Due to its popularity, you will find crowds all the time, so the best time to visit Perrine Coulee Falls in the early morning hours, just after sunrise if possible, to have a bit of the falls for yourself before the other tourists start pouring in.

To get to the point of hiking Perrine Coulee Falls, you have to figure out if you will drive the furthest or you will walk a longer distance, parking your vehicle far off somewhere closer.

Now, if you want to drive most of the distance to reach the trailhead, it is located on the side of the road along a hairpin turn down into the Snake River Canyon, turning which you will see the waterfall.

Waterfalls in Twin Falls Idaho

You cannot park on this road on either side, though, so even if you are one of the few early visitors here during sunrise, make sure to park in a designated space avoiding this trailhead road.

You will notice some cars parked, though, which will make it difficult for you to navigate but do not be tempted to follow them as they are not official parking slots.

Instead, you can choose the parking lot down the road for the Mogensen Trail. From there, make your way up Canyon Springs road until the curve.

There you can find a narrow trail for a short time that will get you close to these splendid waterfalls. The course is easy for any skill level or age, but it is narrow, and for the ultimate experience, make sure to walk behind it.

But you will get wet for sure, so be duly prepared.

There is another trail option below the waterfall, after Centennial Waterfront Park turn, next to Canyon Springs Golf Course entrance, which is more popular as it is more of a mainstream hike for about 3 miles.

Here you can walk up the trail to the foot of the waterfall. Even this trail will allow you to walk behind the waterfall.

The first 10 to 15 minutes of this trail is steep and slippery, so start carefully. But it gets easy after, and within no time, you will witness the splendor of Perrine Coulee dropping off from 200 feet.

Idaho waterfalls

As mentioned earlier, another option to view the falls is from above on the Canyon Rim Trail if you do not want to walk up close for whatever reason.

If you are doing this, park near the Twin Falls Visitor Center or any nearby parking slots and walk east on the trail.

Although the walk to the waterfalls is easy, it can be slippery due to water splurging off on the trail, so make sure you wear good walking shoes before deciding to go behind the falls.

Also, wear something waterproof to cover your belongings like a camera or phone, as you cannot avoid getting splashed if you are carrying any.

Opening hours – 24 hours; Entry – Free

Twin Falls

The list of the best waterfalls in Twin Falls is incomplete without the majestic Twin Falls.

The nearby city gets its name from the two impressive falls plunging into the gorges of the Snake River at over 125 feet.

But the Twin Falls are located in Kimberley in Idaho, 8 miles away from Twin Falls City.

So do not get confused between the name of the city and the location of the falls. Refer to the map in this post for the exact location. 

Waterfalls in Twin Falls

You can admire the views of Twin Falls from many points in the city, including Twin Falls Park, which has the most popular viewing spot.

However, you may notice only one of it most of the time since the second is absent as a section of the river is diverted to a dam to generate hydroelectric power, with the flow being controlled by the Idaho Power Company.

You can also enjoy the splendid views of the Canyon, and even go camping in the sites nearby for a fee.

If you are here during the Spring and early summer between March through June, you will be lucky to witness the sheer beauty of the vast Twin Falls in full force as thousands of gallons of water hit the Canyon. 

Opening hours – 8 AM to 6 PM; Entry – FreePark is open from 8 AM until dark.

Star Falls (Cauldron Linn Canyon)

One of the best day trips from Twin Falls you can plan is heading to Cauldron Linn Canyon.

Located in the remote Magic Valley of Southern Idaho, 20 miles southeast, it is home to one of the best waters in Twin Falls.

Also known as the Star Falls, this waterfall plunges into a 40-feet wide near the Oregon Trail, forming the Cauldron Linn Canyon

Compared to other waterfalls in Twin Falls, this waterfall is a little bit off the beaten path.

It gets its name from the Scottish Cauldron Linn based on the history of Anglo explorers who had the misfortune of losing a crew and a canoe on their expedition in 1811, forcing them to ditch the river Cauldron Linn and finish their journey to the Pacific Ocean on foot. 

Waterfalls in Twin Falls Id

It remains wild primarily even today, with no guardrails or well-marked pathways for getting close to the falls.

These spectacular waterfalls in Idaho are the best way to experience the untamed, rugged terrain – adventure seeker’s haven and angler’s paradise as it is a great basin for bass and trout fishing.

If you enjoy Kayaking, you will love the challenge of the Class IV and V rapids here.

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Cauldron Linn is majestic at any time of the year, but the water runs highest in the Spring as the snow melts in the upper valleys, bringing a fresh lease of life, kicking the Canyon into life.

It is the best time to visit the falls. If you are hiking, take care of the steep, slippery path that is rocky as well.

Wear good hiking shoes, and maybe use a pole.

best waterfalls in Idaho

To access the viewing point at Cauldron Linn, you need to drive through a muddy and rocky road, which is best tackled by a 4WD or a high clearance vehicle.

If you don’t have one, it is best to park your car at the top at a distance and cover the rest through a walk.

The beautiful views are definitely worth making this trip to Cauldron Linn, along with its remote location offering tranquility.

Opening hours – 24 hours; Entry – Free

Box Canyon Springs Nature Preserve

Located a short drive away west of Twin Falls near Wendell is Earl M. Hardy Box Canyon Springs Nature Preserve, one of the five units that make up Thousand Springs State Park in Idaho.

It consists of many natural wonders, but the central attraction is the 11th largest springs in North America and its waterfalls. Box Canyon is the best place to explore one of the best Twin Falls waterfalls and one of the largest springs together. 

Waterfalls in Twin Falls
Box Canyon State Park

The water from these springs originates from the snowmelt and precipitation runoff in the mountains of southeastern and central Idaho, resulting in a flow rate of around 180,000 gallons per minute.

It is the largest volume of water among the many springs comprising the Thousand Springs State Park area, causing unusually beautiful, 20 feet high waterfalls and turquoise-colored springs.

Visit Box Canyon State Park as a day trip from Twin Falls to admire the stunning views of the Canyon, a waterfall, and a natural spring, especially radiating during the dawn, which is one of the best hours to be there.

To get to Box Canyon State Park, follow the map’s directions, which will you through deserted farm areas, and almost no sign of any Canyon or Springs. But after a while, you will see an entrance gate and a parking lot.

You can hike to the waterfall for a few miles, following the directions of the trail.

The steep, rocky path offers beautiful views of the Canyon and the plummeting falls, which you can reach after a while.

It is not a difficult path but can be slippery. Once you reach the viewpoint, you can hike back or continue along the same trail to arrive at the gorgeous blue natural springs.

You can complete the loop in 1 to 1.5 hours easily.

Niagara Springs

Niagara Springs, part of the Thousand Springs State Park, is another addition to Twin Falls’ pretty waterfalls.

Although not technically a waterfall, the size of the icy blue glacial Springs plunging at 250 cubic feet per second deep inside the Snake River Canyon offers splendid views.

Unlike other waterfalls, you do not have to hike or drive bikes around to witness the beautiful Niagara Springs. A parking lot close to the Springs is available as well.

Waterfalls in Twin Falls

When the spring arrives, the snowmelt from the mountains in southeast-central Idaho and the underground aquifer results in the magnificent Niagara Springs coming to life, filling up the Snake River Canyon, which can be admired through an easy drive while visiting Twin Falls.

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Further away from Niagara Springs is another smaller but equally stunning Crystal Springs, which you can visit a short walk additionally.

Crystal Springs is the best spot for fishing or planning a quick picnic.

You have to drive down a narrow and steep road into the 350 foot Snake River Canyon to get to Niagara Springs.

So do not bring your RV or large trailers on this road. It is best to park and cover the distance on foot.

Ritter Island

One of the lovely places to visit near Twin Falls is Ritter Island, another gem in Thousand Springs State Park.

Apart from local history, fishing, and festival, Ritter Island is home to two beautiful waterfalls, Minnie Milner and Lemon Falls, two must-visit attractions when you are on the island.

Minnie Miller Springs is the largest natural springs in the Thousand Springs State Park Complex and the eleventh largest in North America, created from underground water navigating through the porous lava fields of Craters of the Moon.

waterfalls in twin falls

The island is named after Minnie Miller, the founder of a farm and other buildings, being the first owner on the island in the 1930s.

Today, you can visit the old Guernsey cow farm and her house, ahead of which lies the Minnie Miller Falls. 

There is plenty of lovely places to have a picnic near Minnie Miller.

You will find picnic tables and shaded spots from where you can relax and enjoy stunning views of the waterfalls, streams, and greenery. 

Waterfalls in Twin Falls ID

Lemon Falls is located on the other side of the parking lot, which you can access by walking to a gate.

The area around Lemon Falls has a hatchery too, and you can get up close to the waterfalls for beautiful views.

You can also enjoy boating, kayaking, SUP, and swimming. If you are here during September, don’t miss the famous Thousand Springs Festival at Ritter Island.

Opening hours – 10 AM to 3 PM Thursday through Monday.


Pillar Falls

Located along the Snake River Canyon near the iconic Perrine Bridge, the beautiful Pillar Falls is one of the top waterfalls in Twin Falls visited best through a hike or an upstream paddle.

The falls pale compared to other giants around, but what makes it a top attraction is the adventure involved in reaching the Falls and the two distinct rocks that form pillar-like structures amid the falls, because of which the falls get their name.

The best way to reach Pillar Falls is on the Snake River, so get ready for the water adventure to pick between Canoe, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard.

Combining visits to Perrine Coulee and Pillar Falls would be a good idea as both of them have entrances from Centennial Park, located on the north side of the Canyon.

You can rent a kayak or stand-up paddleboard from AWOL Adventure Sports here.

Beginning from Centennial, about 1.5 miles upstream towards Shoshone Falls, will lead you to the small Pillar Waterfalls. 

On the way to the falls, you will witness excellent views of Perrine Bridge and also base jumpers before kayaking for half a mile to turn around to arrive at 100-foot tall Rhyolite columns dividing the river forming Pillar Falls.

It is just over a 5-foot drop, though, but the views of the pillars are amazing.

You can explore the surrounding areas around the rock pillars or even swim as well once you get here.

If you’re looking to continue to Shoshone Falls paddling, you’ll have to carry your gear around Pillar Falls.

The alternative to this water adventure is a mile-long steep hike from the Pillar Falls Trailhead to reach the rock pillars, which is a rocky and muddy path most part.

This trail is not well maintained and also gains a height of over 400 feet quickly. If the water levels are high, the slippery path can be dangerous for hiking.

Ensure to check these if you plan to get on this trail. The best time to hike this trail is from April until October. 

Auger Falls

Located at Auger Falls Heritage Park, Auger Falls is a popular spot for hiking and mountain biking.

Over 680 acres The Auger Falls Heritage Park spanning 680 acres, is known for its rugged landscapes and greenery with the backdrops of rocky cliffs forming the edges of the Canyon.

Apart from the hike to the Falls, many other trails are leading to several beautiful viewpoints.

Twin Falls IDaho

If you are looking for a solid hike or mountain biking trail, choose this waterfall park.

You will go on a 4-mile loop, which will give you a grand tour of the Canyon and waterfalls, including Auger Falls, as well as another Mermaid Falls, on the opposite side of the Canyon.

The trail to the waterfall is the main gravel path, which after a mile branches off to a small path leading to the Snake River.

As you walk along the shoreline, you will come across fantastic views of the cascades and ponds set amidst the Canyon. 

Like other waterfalls in Twin Falls, the best time to visit Auger is between late Spring and early summer, when the melting snow increases the water flow.

But the water levels are high and powerful, so be careful to be steady wearing good hiking shoes to avoid slipping.

There is another trail on the Jerome side of the Canyon leading to a small bridge over to Auger Falls, but you cannot access this in Spring, though. 

Mountain biking is a popular activity in Auger Falls Park, with most cyclists coming here to challenge themselves with the different level trails through the park.

Unlike the hike trails that can be steep at some points, some bike trails are relatively flat and gentle, so ideal for anyone without much biking experience before.

Waterfalls in Twin Falls

Auger Falls Trail System has more than 10 miles of trails with some advanced trails ideal for some challenges.

But no matter what route you choose for biking, do not miss checking out the beautiful cascades, rapids, the views of the Canyon, and the waterfalls, which are the top highlights of the mountain biking in Auger Falls Heritage Park.

For moderate ones, choose either Homestead or Eagle trails, both singletrack with stunning views. Koda’s trail is also great for a loop.

Phantom Falls

The highest falls in the South Hills certainly deserve to be on the list of the beautiful waterfalls in Twin Falls.

Phantom Falls, also nicknamed Fall Creek, is located 20 miles southwest of Oakley in Southern Idaho in the South Hills and is a short drive from Twin Falls, making it a perfect stop.

It plummets at over 65 feet into cascades amidst the dense jungle.

You need to hike for about 1.5 miles to get to witness this splendor, the trailhead of which you can find by a sign.

Early Spring is the best time to visit Phantom Falls, like many others in the area, when the ice melts lead to a surge in the water levels combined with the frozen falls melting into a stunning spectacle.

Ross Falls

Located close to Phantom Falls in the South Hills is Ross Falls, which, unlike Phantom, has remained a hidden gem in Southern Idaho.

Located near Hansen, north of the Magic Mountain Ski Resort, it is a part of the beautiful Sawtooth National Forest, accessible by Rock Creek Road from Twin Falls in about 50 minutes, making it an offbeat day trip destination.

If its seclusion amidst lush forest offering stunning views is not enticing enough, the easy commute to reach Ross Falls is another reason you will love the place.

You have to take a leisurely walk through the greenery for 0.5 miles with almost no inclination to view the gorgeous falls from the orange and golden cliffs.

Upper and Lower Salmon Falls

Among the offbeat waterfalls in Twin Falls you should check out are the Upper and Lower Salmon Falls located between Gooding, lying about fives miles away from each other.

Located about 40 miles from Shoshone Falls, Upper Salmon Falls is formed as one of the first waterfalls created by the majestic Snake River, across which the Upper Salmon Falls Reservoir is built.

The river continues following through rocky Canyon, carving the valley for about five miles before plunging Lower Salmon Falls.

You can stop by the beautiful Owsley Bridge when checking out Upper Salmon Falls.

Visit the Lower Salmon Falls Park north of Hagerman if you want to enjoy canoeing, kayaking, boating, and hiking nearby short trails leading to spectacular views of the Canyon and the forests.

Mermaid Cove Falls

Located in Jerome, one of the famous short trips to plan from Twin Falls is heading to Mermaid Cove on the north side of the Snake River Canyon, one of the most famous waterfall hiking destinations in Jerome.

You have the option of driving to Mermaid Cove and hiking to the bottom of the waterfalls, or you can witness the Mermaid falls on the south side of the Snake River in the Auger Falls Heritage Park, following a short hike.

To go up close, drive outside of Jerome on the Golf Course Road and then to Yingst Road, where you can spot the parking lot aside, which lies the trailhead.

Spring is a popular time with lots of hikers visiting Mermaid Cove. So if you plan a trip during the popular months, make sure to arrive early to secure parking space. 

Devil’s Punchbowl

Another splendid waterfall located in the Thousand Springs State Park lies at Malad Gorge State Park, which is blessed with abundant natural beauty apart from its excellent location.

Devil’s Punchbowl is one of the best waterfalls in Twin Falls you should not miss as it plummets into the Canyon forming many pools, ponds, and streams along the way.

You can reach there easily following the signs on Interstate 84 to Malad Gorge State Park from Twin Falls.

You can easily spend a day exploring the sights in Malad Gorge Park, spanning 250 acres continuing for 2.5 miles, with Canyon at some point running more than 200 feet below. 

Devil’s Washbowl can be seen on the interstate itself along with Malad Gorge View bridge, which forms a beautiful frame for capturing on your lens.

In the peak season, you will come across paddlers and hikers as well. Take a short walk to the bridge for stunning panoramic views.

You can also check out the smaller trails around that will lead you to pretty streams, ponds, and cascades further. 

Opening hours – 8 AM to 4 PM on all days.

Deadman Falls

If you drive for about 1.5 hours towards Three Island Crossing State Park in Glenns Ferry, there lies the pretty Deadman Falls in Southern Idaho.

Its rugged location is one of the first things that you will notice, deep layers of basalt rocky cliffs being shaped by the water forming magnificent Canyon surrounded by lush forests, which turn vibrant each spring and fall.

Thanks to a dam, Deadman Falls continues to plunge 170 feet into the vast Deadman Canyon throughout the year, which is another plus.

The Canyon looks majestic to watch as the waterfalls plummet at the edge of the gorge in full force, also forming plenty of cascades and ponds. 


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