There are many amazing things to do in Tyler Texas perfect for a weekend with your family, or if you are looking for a romantic getaway.

Tyler, the northeastern city in Texas is famous for rose cultivation, earning its nickname ‘The City of Roses.’ Also known as the Rose Capital of America, thanks to its long history of producing roses, occupying the manicured grounds of the Tyler Municipal Rose Garden, the most extensive rose garden in the United States.

Tyler is one of the best destinations in Texas to enjoy the typical laid-back Southern vibe.

With many awesome things to do in Tyler Tx, ranging from outdoor activities to history and gastronomy, especially its BBQ culture, it is a family-friendly city with something exciting and enjoyable for everyone.

Check out this guide to learn about the things to do in Tyler, Texas, for a relaxing family trip.

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One of the fun things to do in Tyler Texas is to visit the Caldwell Zoo, especially with kids.

Caldwell Zoo was started by David King Caldwell in 1937 with the intent of training kids to interact with animals and birds like parrots, squirrels and monkeys. 

After few decades, Caldwell Zoo was converted into an official zoological facility on 85-acre land.

fun things to do in Tyler tx

Around 3,400 animals live at the Caldwell Zoo, including white tigers, cheetahs, giraffes, and capybaras housed in five habitats ranging from the African Savanna to the South American jungles.

Don’t miss the bird sanctuary in Caldwell zoo, home to 600 species of birds. It is a free-flight place where you are allowed to feed and interact with the birds.

Check out the different sections of the zoo, like the bird walkabout, animal encounters and children’s petting zoo—alternatively, picnic under the shade of giant trees in the park.

Tyler Texas things to do

Caldwell zoo initially had a lion and chimpanzee, but lately, the zoo has been a habitat for various other mammals, birds and reptiles. You will learn about endangered species and the conservation initiatives taken to preserve them.

Kids will enjoy the sights of the hoofstock barn and the giant giraffe. Visit the reptile and aquarium building, the elephant facility and the overlook plaza to learn about various breeding programs for the complete zoo experience.


One of the romantic things to do in Tyler Texas is to visit the Tyler Rose Garden.

This garden, spread over 14 acres, has about 35000 rose bushes with more than 500 different kinds of roses. Get ready in your best dress and click as many candid pics as you want, along with these vibrant rose carpets.

Stroll along this garden’s exclusive lovely walking paths admiring the Heritage Garden and Lilly sections.

things to do in tyler texas

The park has multiple sections like the Summer garden, Ida Garden, Queen’s Court and Meditation Garden, so plan for a day trip to make the most of this park and try visiting the park during early hours.

Check out the various artefacts in the Tyler Rose Garden Center & Rose Museum to learn about the historical importance of rose production, a significant contribution to the Texas Rose festival, which happens every year.

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Take a private tour around the garden, available throughout the year and check out the Archway Fountain and other nearby beautiful ponds.

If you are a fan of super blooms, try visiting this place from Mid-May to October, one of the typical Tyler tx attractions.

things to do in Tyler inside

Book the Rose Garden Center if you plan to host a fun-filled wedding party or a birthday celebration.

The park is open all seven days from sunrise to sunset, and also this is one of the free things to do in Tyler Texas.


One of the most fun things to do in Tyler Texas is to attend the Texas Rose Festival.

The festival began around 1933 and started as a small event to spread awareness about the importance of the growing Rose industry in Tyler, which later became a traditional annual festival.

fun things to do in Tyler texas

The Rose festival happens in October for three days; this is a must-see experience if you are in the city during this time.

The events occur in the court of the Rose Queen featuring historical significance, including the likes of the Rose Queen, the Duchess of the Rose Growers, ladies-in-waiting, out-of-town duchesses, sceptre bearers and more.

fun things to do in Tyler

Most members of the court have a historical connection with the festival for many generations, and you can witness the queen herself dressed up in extravagant attires. Attend the colourful Rose Festival Parade.

Don’t miss participating in other amusing events like the Queen’s Coronation, the Queen’s Tea, arts and crafts exhibitions, car and toy shows, live music concerts, luncheons and a vespers service.


Head to the North of the city to check out Tyler State Park, one of the fantastic things to do in Tyler Texas.

Spread over a massive 985 acres, this park is packed with fun activities. You will bump into explorers, campers, hikers, adventure lovers, anglers and bird-watching enthusiasts.

things to do near Tyler tx

If you are into adventure, go mountain biking or birding amidst the 100-foot giant trees and historic structures for spectacular park vistas and colourful birds.

The park offers 13 miles of meandering trails, including the famous Whispering Pines Nature trail. Try Geocaching, yet another popular activity in this park.

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The park features a 64-acre well-maintained lake; try boating or swimming in the lake’s warm waters. 

Reel in catfish or perch in three fishing piers in the park. You may rent fishing gear nearby the lake if you don’t have one.

difference between Canoe and kayak

The park has basic camping tents with minimal facilities at its exclusive camping ground. If you like to camp overnight, reserve your spot.

For a nominal fee, you can try kayaking, canoeing or paddle boarding in the calm waters of the spring-fed lake.


Want to travel back in time while you are in Tyler? Visit the Goodman Le-Grande House and Museum, one of the free things to do in Tyler Texas.

This majestic building, located on a nine-acre plot of ground was constructed in 1859 as a private mansion.

It was passed down through many hands over a long period before being given to the Goodman family, members of the affluent class who were instrumental in creating modern-day Dallas.

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The private residence was originally named Bonnie Castel by the owner Samuel Gallatin Smith. It was built in the Greek Revival style. 

The residence was later converted into a museum in the 1970s, recognised as a significant historical landmark, and added to the National Register of Historic Places.

You will witness many artefacts depicting the lifestyles of the 1800s and Tyler city during those times. 

Some of the items on display in the museum were used by dignitaries and politicians who gathered at the house in the 1800s.

You will see many hand-carved furniture and historical clothing. Learn about civil war era medical equipment in the museum.

Stroll in the LeGrand Park and Gardens surrounding the museum, filled with vibrant colours of roses, azaleas and giant shaded trees.


One of the exciting things to do in Tyler Texas, especially with family, is to visit the Discovery Science Place.

Housed in a car dealership building, this is the only place in Tyler aiming for kids to create awareness about science through its innovative interactive artefacts.

Children can learn about all the spheres of science through the attractive rotating exhibits.

The major attraction of the museum is the ‘The Cave’, a permanent gallery which features artefacts of dinosaurs, a Meso-American rock climbing wall and many other fun-based activities.

You will be astonished to know that there is an earthquake simulator, yet another popular attraction which draws crowds to this place. 

Check out the Buford Kinetics Gallery to learn about physics via fascinating experiments and exhibits. Take a mini space exploration tour at the 3D cinesphere.

Take kids to the Dino Dig Pit to learn about prehistoric exhibits and give them an experience in palaeontology.

Watch kids turn into anchors at the CBS19 Kids TV station, where they get to operate a mock news station with cameras and controllers. Isn’t that cute?

If you are a fan of miniatures, you should check out this place to see replicas of prime buildings of the city, such as CTMF Neonatal Nursery, the Smith County Courthouse, the Hometown Veterinary Clinic and much more.

Children can develop their love of science here. There is a store in this place where you may buy some fancy science gifts.

Usually, Discovery Science Place hosts many community-based weekly and annual events, typical fun activities in Tyler Tx. So keep checking the calendars if you want to attend any of those events.

Discovery Science Place is open Tuesday through Sunday at 308 North Broadway Avenue.


How about a drive through the historic ages? Drive through the Azalea district, recognised for its ancient architecture, one of the fascinating things to do in Tyler Texas.

The district is divided into 36 sections of lovely dwellings comprising various architectures, from Classical Revival and ranch homes to Queen Anne and Craftsman styles.

Take a stroll through Tyler’s rich history, which shows how the East Texas Oil Fields led to the city’s expansion.

The place can be easily identified by the brown Azalea District markers above the street signs throughout the residential neighbourhoods.

For the best views of the azalea gardens in bloom, try to visit this location in the spring months of March and April. You will be allowed to view the private neighbourhood gardens as you wander along the famous Spring Flower Trail.

In June 2003, the Azalea Residential Historic District received national historic district status.


Are you looking to test your equestrian skills? Visit the Texas Rose Horse Park, located off Highway 110, one of the fun things to do in Tyler Texas.

The 1,700-acre fun-filled place bordered by white railings is situated amidst the undulating hills of Tyler. It is a family-owned facility that hosts a series of events throughout the year.

Texas Rose Horse park is massive and features six outdoor arenas designed exclusively for horse events. The park is known for its Grand Prix Jumper ring and a well-equipped indoor arena.

You will see three show barns housing over 350 stalls for horses and an additional tent pad to accommodate an extra 350 horses.

To have fun in Tyler Tx, you should not miss Texas Rose Horse Park. 

The park hosts a wide variety of fun shows that usually draw crowds from across the globe. Some include Horse Trail Events, Dressage Shows, Jumper Shows, Hunter Shows and Breed Shows.

Check out the non-horse events to admire the furry friends participating in the Drill competitions and Dog Agility Trials.

If you are interested in learning horse riding, you should visit the Brunson Equestrian Center. The centre hosts summer camps for horse-riding lessons, including horse training and boarding programs.

There are many guided trail rides in the facility. Don’t worry if you are a beginner. Expert trainers there will take good care of you. Additionally, the horses are friendly too!

Stay at the park for a day or two if you own an RV, as the horse park features an exclusive RV park with 61 lots.

Texas Rose Horse Park is a perfect location if you want to throw a party for your friends and family or if you plan to host corporate team outings or team events.


If you are looking for places to go in Tyler Tx, head to the Historic Aviation Memorial Museum in the Tyler Pounds Regional Airport.

The museum, popularly recognised as HAMM, was an airport and a passenger terminal building in the early days. 

The terminals have now been converted into a massive well-maintained exhibition area which houses aviation exhibits dating back to the 20th century.

If you love flying and want to learn about aviation history, you should visit HAMM, one of the cool things to do in Tyler Texas, where you can check out several military artefacts and photos.

The museum also hosts many elite air shows and exhibits throughout the year. So time your visit to attend one of them.

Interested in learning how a plane works? Check out the well-equipped multimedia theatre, which features flight-simulating shows. If you love reading, visit the nearby library for old aviation literature and manuscripts.

Don’t miss the hangar facility of the museum, one of the top Tyler attractions, used for old aircraft restoration. You will be fascinated to see vintage aircraft like Lockheed F104A Starfighter, T-2C Buckeye and Russian MiG-17F Fresco C.

Buy aircraft-related souvenirs in the cosy gift shop nearby. Visit the Sky’s Limit Diner for a fantastic dinner experience surrounded by aviation antiques.


Looking for relaxing things to do in Tyler Tx this weekend? Check out the Relax Lab for a unique experience.

The float therapy offered by Relax Lab is a new approach to experiencing weightlessness in a sensory-deprivation tank. You will experience what the spa refers to as “Walk in, float out” when you visit this cosy facility.

Thai massage what to expect
Thai Spa, or Thai yoga massage as it is famous, has been very popular for some decades

One of the fun things to do in Tyler Texas is to book a couple’s float therapy session for a perfect romantic weekend. Alternatively, you might choose regular massage and stretching sessions if you prefer a relaxing setting to unwind.

Also, check out the Normatc and Nucalm lounge services which are muscle recovery therapy sessions, for a complete spa experience.


If you are looking for fun things to do in Tyler Texas, visit the New York Texas zipline course near Larue.

Fly over the 1500 feet zipline course to enjoy the bird-eye view of East Texas. Also, check out the 6-line and 9-line challenge courses with two sky bridges for more adventures.


If you are looking for picnic places in Tyler, visit Bergfeld park off Broadway Avenue and College Avenue.

The park is equipped with benches under shady trees, apt for a perfect weekend picnic lunch with family.

Bergfeld park also features a well-maintained amphitheatre with ambient lighting and sound systems and with 750 people seating facility. It is regularly used for local events and movie nights.

Check out the Dolphin Fountain sprayground, “The Splasher”, one of the fun things to do in Tyler Texas. 

There are other water-related adventure activities in the park, especially if you are with kids.



One of the cool things to do in Tyler Texas is to visit the Tyler Junior College Cultural Arts District, popularly recognised as TJC.

Located on the Tyler Junior College campus, the place primarily focuses on creating awareness about fine arts, cultural art programs and science.

The main attraction on the campus is the Center for Earth & Space Science Education, supposedly one of the largest well-maintained planetariums in Tyler.

Enjoy the full-dome planetarium experience with a real-time space flight simulation that will take you on tour across the planet.

You will also witness real-time videos from NASA and Space Telescope Science Institute on large plasma screens on the campus.

The campus is open to the public throughout the year and welcomes everyone with innovative exhibits and special events.

The Jean Browne Theatre, Tyler Art Museum and the Rogers Palmer Performing Arts Center are some other campus areas that you should add to your list.

Register for educational lecture events and other science plays, usually on weekends.


One of the fun things to do in Tyler Texas is to stroll around Downtown Tyler.

Tyler’s downtown isn’t a typical fancy downtown like the big cities but throws light on the historical significance of Tyler’s growth. 

You will notice pretty architectural buildings, creative paintings on the sidewalk and Half-mile history markers describing Tyler’s growth timeline, especially after the East Texas Oil Field finding.

places to go in Tyler texas

Grab a coffee from one of the many cosy cafes in the area and admire the beautiful evenings as you stroll downtown.

The downtown also features an old movie theatre. You can check out the vintage marquee, which advertises what’s showing in the theatre.

Visit the Gallery Main Street inside the Plaza Towers to appreciate the changing art exhibits.


One of the free things to do in Tyler Texas is to visit the Camp Ford Historical Park, especially if you are into history.

The park was a site with the largest Confederate-run prison camp West of the Mississippi River in the 1800s during the American civil war and was home to more than 5000 prisoners.

The place throws light on the historical significance of the place and stands as a memorial for those who lost their lives in the camp.

Stroll through the lush paved paths in the park, which is now open to the public, to learn about the camp’s history through various interpretive placards, hoardings and informational kiosks.

Check out the rebuilt wooden cabin of Lt. Col J.B. Leake as you walk along the green paths. The park features picnic areas under giant trees, ideal for a perfect picnic lunch.


One of the exciting things to do in Tyler Texas is to ride on Tyler bike trails.

When you are in Tyler, explore the city by bike on the well-maintained paved paths. Even on high-traffic routes, there are plenty of designated bike lanes; try them as most are easy to access.

Go biking on the popular Legacy trail, a 4.5-mile path on the east and west sides of Old Jacksonville Highway near Three Lakes Parkway.

If you want to explore the residential areas, check out the Grande Trail bike path on Grande Boulevard.

You can go for the Hoot and Holler, a six-mile loop trail that starts at Faulkner Park, an ideal track for beginners.

Check the Blackberry Patch, another trail for beginners, which starts from Faulkner Park and is comparatively a brief trip of less than a mile.

Some other under-a-mile Tyler trails worth biking are the Southside Trail and Creekside Trail.

For intermediate bikers, I would recommend the Rudman Loop Trail in Rose Rudman Park, a 1.2-mile loop and the Sleeping Giants bike trail, a 3.5-mile trail, which also has a bit of elevation for more challenge.


Visit the Cotton Belt Museum located on the historic railroad depot, one of the cool things to do in Tyler Texas.

Operated by the Cotton Belt Rail Historical Society, the museum is home to around 2,000 model train engines and cars, including the one by Mr and Mrs Clyde Bragg.

The museum intends to create awareness about the history and heritage of the Saint Louis Southwestern Railroad.

The museum houses several artefacts, displays, and pictures depicting how Cotton was produced in Tyler and was transported to the town of Big Sandy in Texas via the Tyler Tap narrow gauge railroad.

You will travel back in time as you reveal Tyler’s connection to the railroad.

Entry to the museum is free, and you can visit the museum between Thursday to Saturday during business hours.


If you are a fan of collecting antiques, visit the Ye Old City Antique mall, one of the cool things to do in Tyler Texas. 

Although there are many other antique shops in Tyler, I recommend you to visit Ye Old City Antiques Mall, apparently the oldest mall downtown depicting historical Tyler days.

If you want to purchase authentic vintage furniture, glassware, jewellery or other antique toys, Ye Old City Antiques Mall is the go-to place in Tyler.


East Texas Oil Museum, located 30 miles away from Tyler at Kilgore College, is one of the top Tyler attractions.

Visit this museum to walk into the early 1900s historical days. You will witness how modern-day Tyler has evolved. If you are a history buff, you should not miss this museum, one of the cool things to do in Tyler Texas.

The discovery of oil caused a significant impact in East Texas in the 1930s, which is evident by the replicas and exhibits in the museum in the Boom Town Street scene, describing the oil discovery and production.

The artefacts depict how the landscape of Tyler gradually changed and how the oil industry impacted the population and lives of the people in Tyler.

Take the guided tour through the museum for a more interactive experience. You will learn about the various exhibits, paintings of significant oil leaders and murals describing the evolution of Tyler during the Texas oil boom.



If you are interested in fisheries, visit the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, one of the cool things to do in Tyler Texas.

Located a drive away distance of 40-minutes from Tyler in Athens, this place primarily focuses on research and conservation of freshwater wildlife in Texas in the streams and lakes.

You can take your family along for an educational weekend trip in Tyler Texas. Take part in the interactive sightseeing excursion, watch the daily dive show and enjoy reeling in trout and catfish.

Go hiking along the wetlands trail, one of the fun activities in Tyler Tx.

Take a hike along the wetlands trail, and take a packed lunch for a picnic in one of the picnic areas outside.


If you are a wildlife enthusiast looking for one of the fun things to do in Tyler Texas, you should visit Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge.

The 150-acre designated preserve located North of Tyler State Park is known for rescuing Big Cats like lions, leopards, panthers and tigers, usually abused or neglected.

The refuge is home to more than 40 Big Cats and is also involved in creating awareness and rehabilitation of wildlife. Tiger Creek is where you interact with the animals and trained personnel.

Check out the outreach programs for the tigers, internship opportunities for the collegegoers and courses on genetic research offered in the refuge. 

Additionally, specially-abled kids will be provided sensory tours, one of the unique tours in Tyler Texas.

Visit the refuge anytime between Monday through Saturday during standard working hours.


Are you an Art buff? Visit Tyler Museum of Art, located next to the Tyler Junior College campus, one of the cool things to do in Tyler Texas, focusing on promoting local and international artists.

The formation of the Tyler museum has an interesting story attached to it. There were no museums until 100 miles from the city in the 1950s. So the Tyler Service League formed the very first Community of Arts Committee.

Tyler tx attractions

The committee had a team collect pictures from the local artists and give them to school kids to expose the kids to art. As the years rolled on, an official museum was established in 1971.

The museum stands on a massive 17,000 square feet area and has two stories, which E. Davis Wilcox and Associates designed.

It features three distinct art galleries exhibiting more than 1,500 artefacts and exhibits, including sculptures by famous artists like Vernon Fisher and Alexander Calder, making it one of the top Tyler attractions.

There are some popular Mexican and Latin American folk artworks and paintings like the Laura and Dan Boeckman Collection, along with the local contemporary exhibits.

Check out the research library housing unique books related to arts and culture. Grab a drink at the in-house cafe as you stroll by the lovely museum and shop for souvenirs from the nearby cosy gift shop.

Visit the Tyler Museum of Art anytime between Tuesday and Sunday open throughout the year.


While visiting Tyler Museum of Art, also check out the Art Alley on Erwin Street, one of the best things to do in Tyler Texas.

Admire the vibrant mural exhibits on the walls of the buildings created mostly by the local artists, including forty-three distinct murals. The alley connects College Ave and Bois d’Arc Ave, one of the top Tyler attractions.


How about a lovely weekend walk the Vineyards in Tyler? Check out the Kiepersol Estates Vineyards and Winery, one of the best things to do in Tyler Texas.

Walk amidst the sixty-three acres of gorgeous vineyards on undulating landscapes carpeted with red and white grapes. Get soaked in the aroma of locally produced wines in the state-of-the-art Winery and Distillery on the estate.

romantic things to do in San Luis Obispo
fun things to do near San Luis Obispo Ca

Stay in the B&B on the estate for a relaxing weekend. Enjoy delicious steak breakfasts with hosts admiring beautiful views of the rolling hills amidst sounds of flowing waters against the backdrop of incredible vineyard vistas.

Join tours to know about the art of making classic hand-crafted bottled red and white wines

Sample the estate’s best vintages and all the locally produced wines, along with the visit to the estate’s Grand tasting room on guided tours, one of the fun activities in Tyler Tx.

Buy some of the local’s favourites or the one you like in the shop near the front desk.


Visit the Tyler Berry Farm near Caldwell Zoo for enjoying one of the fun things to do in Tyler Texas with your family to pick and taste delicious berries on the farm.

If you time your visit right, this can be one of the romantic things to do in Tyler Texas, with your loved one. You can pick blueberries in June and July and sunflowers in August.

Pay a nominal price per basket and enjoy a basket full of berries for the weekend!


One unique and relaxing thing to do in Tyler Texas is to visit the Children’s Park.

Jennifer and Billy Dan Carson built the park in memory of their lost son, similar to the one in Dallas, Elena’s Children’s Park.

With the assistance of the locals and city community, they built this beautiful park, featuring many sculptures like giant granite teddy bears and equipment pieces.

It also has a lovely play area where kids can get close to nature. Adults can use the space for healing and meditation.

Don’t miss the stunning butterfly garden, two gorgeous waterfalls cascading into a fishpond, an event centre and a children’s story circle.

As you stroll by the paved cobblestone pathways, you will notice statues of many children in the park and their names engraved, built in their honour.


When you are in Tyler, visit downtown theatre of Liberty Hall, dating back to the 1900s.

The building, a symbol of the town’s history, is one of the best things to do in Tyler Texas. It was initially called Liberty theatre in the 1930s and was the first movie theatre on the south side of Tyler square. 

Liberty Hall was not used for decades and was later refurbished into a funky-style decor hall in 2008.

With a seating capacity of around 300 people, Liberty hall is a fun-filled entertainment place operated along with East Texas Symphony Orchestra, known for the famous Noon notes and small chamber performances.

Liberty hall hosts diverse performances ranging from national to local artists, including stage shows, symphony orchestras, live music, magic acts, classic movie revivals of the East Texas region and theatre shows. 

Check out the hall website to book tickets in advance for any forthcoming shows as it is recommended because the shows are usually packed.


If you are interested in history and architecture, visit The McClendon House, located at 806 W.Houston Street, one of the cool things to do in Tyler Texas.

Built in 1878, The Bonner- Whittaker McClendon house was once home of Sarah McClendon, a renowned journalist of the 20th century and a white house correspondent. The McClendon family lived in the house for almost about 100 years.

The house is built in Victorian architecture with a touch of Eastlake and Italianate architectural styles. This is Tyler’s one of the famous historical landmarks and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Admire the house’s architecture, which sits on a two-acre land, as you walk into the two-storey building. It is mainly built on a brick foundation and is constructed with pine and cypress wood.

As you climb onto the first floor, you will notice the main foyer, a dining room, a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom. You will find four additional grand bedrooms and two more bathrooms on the second floor.

Take a guided tour of the house to learn about the various artefacts, exhibits and documents from the Antebellum Period of both World Wars.

Tours are available on Fridays and Saturdays. Additionally, you may attend the living history presentations on one of the Saturdays if you visit the house in October.


Another popular place for history lovers in Tyler is the Smith County Historical Society Museum in the Carnegie History Center.

The building, built in 1904, was formerly recognised as the Carnegie Public Library, and now is a part of the National Register of Historic Places.

The museum features several exhibits representing the Smith County Culture, artefacts in chronological order dating back to the Caddo Indians, and a permanent exhibit area known as the 20th Century of Progress.

Learn about the economic, political and social background of Tyler via the exhibits, one of the exciting things to do in Tyler Texas.

Visit the Payne Auditorium, where the Smith County Historical Society gather information, and artefacts about the history of Smith County.


If you are looking for places to go in Tyler Texas, visit Faulkner Park, located on W Cumberland Road.

This park is fun-filled with recreational activities for kids and adults. Go hiking on the 9-mile meandering loop hike, take up an adventure bike, and go biking downhill to experience the famous five downhill jumps.

Hike on the stunning Nature trail while admiring the scenery, or go fishing in the nearby pond in the park.

Take your kids to the Faulkner Park Sprayground, a splash zone and this park’s major attraction.

The park has many other amenities, like a skate park, the Faulkner Tennis Center, and baseball and softball fields.

Enjoy a picnic lunch with family in the picnic pavilion or unwind under the shaded trees.



One of the fun things to do in Tyler Texas for theatre lovers is Tyler Civic Theatre Center, the first ever theatre built in Tyler to watch the in-the-round performances. Due to a fire incident, the place had to be closed for a few years and was reopened in the 1990s with a new look.

The present-day Tyler Civic Theatre centre has two theatres: The Rogers Children’s Theatre and the newest 350-seater Braithwaite Theatre.

Aspiring theatre enthusiasts can attend workshops and summer camps. You can book the tickets online on the theatre’s website.


If you want adventurous things to do in Tyler Texas, especially with family, visit the Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park.

If you are a fan of rock climbing, you should try the rugged rock climbing wall in the park. To test your body balancing skills, try the Battle beam.

Ziplining and roping enthusiasts can go for the ropes course and the Sky rider, a popular attraction in the park.


One of the fun things to do in Tyler Texas is the Escapology Escape rooms for some exciting activities and an adrenaline rush.

The activities are usually time-bound, typically an hour, and it will be fun if you are in a group.

The escapology rooms offer three theme-based rooms, the Scooby Doo Adventure, the COD 3 crime adventure room and the toughest of all – the Mansion Murder room. 

You can try all three if you have spare time. These activities can be typically used for team bonding events.


For an all-in-one, fun-filled place, visit the Times Square Grand Slam, one of the famous and fun things to do in Tyler Texas.

The place offers almost every kind of entertainment for all age groups, and you can easily spend a whole day trying out various activities at this place.

Check out the well-maintained 22-lane bowling alley. Times Square Grand Slam is another popular place for team bonding activities and is one of the famous Tyler Tx attractions.

Enjoy the latest movie shows or try laser tag, rope course and arcade games. If you are going with kids, there is an exclusive kids’ play area filled with pre-loaded fun card games.


One of the oldest places in Tyler is Stanley’s Pit House Barbecue. Serving Tyler for more than 60 years, the place is one of the top locals’ favourites and is known for its mouth-watering pit-smoked barbecue delicacies.

things to do in Tyler at night

The vibe of the place is what attracts the crowds. Live music from emerging artists, ambient lighting and well-maintained seating makes it one of the top things to do in Tyler Texas.

There is a special Veg menu here. More than 90 different American bourbons, whiskeys, and ryes are available at Stanley’s for sampling.


Visit Chamblee’s Rose Nursery, a family-run business since 1953, one of the top things to do in Tyler Texas.

Mark Chamblee, head of the nursery, is a certified nursery professional with a passion for flowers. There are more than 200 different species of roses

activities in Tyler tx

Admire the hues of purple, white, yellow, orange, pink and red. You may find Climbing Roses, Shrub Roses, Antique Roses, China Roses, David Austin Roses and many more.

Apart from Roses, the nursery also grows and sells Hydrangeas, Hollywood hibiscus and other floral varieties.

This location is perfect for spending a day in Tyler for your perfect Instagram shots.


One of the top things to do in Tyler Texas is to visit the American Freedom Museum, especially if you are a history buff.

Located in Bullard near Tyler and a part of the Brook Hill school, the museum takes you on time travel, starting from American Revolution to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

With a total floor area of around 15,000 square feet, the museum features more than 650 artefacts across two galleries, namely the Hall of American Freedom and the Hall of Presidents.

Check out the exhibits about wartime history to know about personal courageous stories from the veterans.


Spanning 4,714 acres, Lake Tyler is a popular place divided into Lake Tyler East and West. A canal area links both waterways together. The lake serves as a hub for anglers.

Lake Tyler is one of the best things to do in Tyler Texas if you enjoy waterskiing, swimming, and boating or if your plan to go camping. The lake has an exclusive camping site, RV sites and four cabins for rent.

things to do in Tyler

Lake Tyler is a haven for bird watchers as they spot around 220 varieties of birds around the lake, including Eastern bluebird, summer tanager, and several types of woodpeckers.

Try reeling in catfish, bluegill, largemouth bass and other varieties of fish.


One of the adults-only things to do in Tyler Texas is to visit The Apache Drive-In Theater.

It is a unique drive-in theatre that screens only explicit movies so that you can have fun with your loved one.

The place might look creepy at first glance, but you will like the dirty parking lots and torn screens as you slowly soak in.

things to do in Tyler Texas

The theatre has undergone some recent renovations, along with the addition of a new adult bookstore and a video shop.

If you time your visit right, you might even get tickets at a discount.


One of the Tyler Tx attractions showcasing the dark past is The Texas African American Museum, established in 2016.

The museum’s goal is to preserve the history of lynching and slavery. Initially, the museum started as a virtual space on social media with historical information posts and blogs.

Later the museum took shape in a room in a shopping mall which gained popularity among the crowds and was slowly moved to a more prominent place, which became one of the newly added things to do in Tyler Texas.

There are many significant photographs donated by African Americans, and art displays and artefacts from local history are displayed in the museum.

The museum has gained popularity among locals and visitors. You can see signages in the downtown area honouring black history.



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