Looking for Munich Itinerary? Well, it can look easy to figure out, but it isn’t once you start getting into the details!

Because the capital of Bavaria is distinct in every sense and there are plenty of things to do and see in this gorgeous city.

Whether you want to spend 3 days in Munich or 5 days in Munich, I have you covered. 

You can refer to later sections in this Munich travel blog even if you spend less than 2 days or even one day in Munich.

Let me tell you some things first before moving to the Munich itinerary. Munich is probably one of the most underrated cities in the world.

Of course, beer lovers remember this city at the time of Oktoberfest but come on; the town deserves more!

Even in Germany, the capital Berlin hogs most of the limelight as the cool, suave, and bustling hipster city, which is true, but Munich is different.

Munich is where you can find how ancient Germany is, a world completely different from today.

Munich is one of the wealthiest cities in Germany and Europe. Of course, the rich historic past blends with the modern buildings and both exist harmoniously. 

But it is the history of the city that makes it unique and special. The old town of Munich has been the centre of world-changing movements from medieval to modern times.  

So grab a cuppa now, and start scrolling through to read the possible itineraries, whether you want to spend a day in Munich or a week in Munich!



Quick Munich 1 day Itinerary

  • Munich Old Town(Munich Residenz), Viktualienmarkt, English Garden, Hofbräuhaus

What to do in Munich in one day? Believe it or not, you will cover a lot of places to visit and things to do in Munich in one day.

Starting early, you can make the most of one day in Munich by centring first around the most popular attractions in and around the historic Old town or Altstadt, followed by a walking tour of the English garden with the Chinese Tower Beer Garden. 

You can join one of the free walking tours or self-guided tours. You can only join one of these historical guided tours too. 

Munich Old Town

The old town in Munich was the centre stage for many world-changing historical events, and all the sights will give you insights into these events.

It is one of the top things to do in Munich. The old town has lots of points of interest for travelers, especially those that enjoy history.

If you are wondering what to see in Munich in one day, follow this Munich one day itinerary step by step and be amazed at the number of sights you will explore in 1 day in Munich! 

Note: Plan in such a way as to be at Marienplatz at noon sharp(you will know why in a later section below)


Munich Itinerary

Begin the first day of your Munich itinerary at Odeonsplatz to the north of the old town, home to many medieval structures, one of the most notable ones being Theatine Church (Theatinerkirche). 

This bright yellow building stands out in the square, known for its beautiful interiors. It took 16 years to build this Church, which got completed in 1676.

✅I highly recommend this Munich: Old Town & Viktualienmarkt City Walk in German(4.8/5 1000+ reviews🤩), where you discover Munich’s inner city and its highlights. See the cathedral, the Frauenkirche and the famous Staatliches Hofbräuhaus (Royal Brewery). Finally, enjoy the special atmosphere at Viktualienmarkt.

Munich Residenz Palace

Walk further from Theatine to Munich Residenz Palace, built as a retreat for the Royal family of Wittelsbachs at the end of the 14th century to defend against the rebellion. 

Called also Neueste Castle, the Wittelsbachs eventually moved there in 1508 and were their administrative centre and royal residence for 400 years until 1918.

It is one of the most opulent palaces in the World. This colossal palace consists of interiors decorated with grand sculptures, murals and intricately painted ceilings. 

Munich Residenz

Don’t forget to stop at the most beautiful part and the popular Cuvilliés-Theater or Residence Theatre, a stunning, grand royal theatre.

The Treasury consists of over 1200 works of art, including the symbol of the Bavarian Kings and the Queens, which gives a peek into the royal life of Bavarian kingdoms.

The other essential sections worth seeing in the Castle include the Residenz Museum, which consists of stone rooms, ornate rooms, gothic cellars, medieval fountains, Medusa and Shell, Gallery of old paintings.  

I highly recommend this Munich Residenz Concert(4.6/5 200+ reviews🤩), where you can enjoy a classical concert in the Hofkapelle, where Mozart himself used to play, then enjoy a dinner or beer and wine tasting.

Munich Residenz entry hours: Museum – 9€, Treasury – 9€, Theatre – 5€

Opening hours – 9 AM to 5 PM. Check admission regulations & other details on their website here.


Next, it is time to head to the most famous spot in Munich, Marienplatz or Market Square. Also called Schrannenplatz, the square is the oldest part of the city, dating back to the 700s. 

The medieval market was the trade centre of everything from salt to meat to household appliances. It was and is the centre of the Christmas Market.

The most iconic landmark in Marienplatz is the elegant New Town Hall in the backdrop with the Virgin Mary Column in the front, because of which the square is called Mary’s Square. 

The Mary column was built in the 1340s. Mary was recognized as the new patron and protector of the city averting Swedish invasion, curing Bubonic Plague and other calamities daunting Munich. 

This sacred column is still the dominant figure in the town, whose medieval-style architecture is evident in the column consisting of four statutes and the intricate top portion.

Join this 2.5 hours Munich City: Marienplatz and English Garden Walking Tour(5/5 1000+ reviews🤩), to siscover the cosmopolitan and charming city of Munich on this walking tour of its historic heart, and take a break in its beautiful English Garden.

New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus)

The New Town Hall is one of the most photographed landmarks of Munich. The beautiful monument is the heart of Munich.

It has been the backdrop for many revolutionary times in Europe’s history, including being the venue for Nazi assemblies during the pre-WII times.

Constructed in 1867(took 40 years), this magnificent Gothic-style structure consists of over 400 rooms and more than six courtyards.

Its beauty is augmented by the 280-foot-tall central clock tower topped by a Child Monk statue, the Munich symbol.  

The jewel of this tower is the dominating Glockenspiel, the manually operated medieval clock with over 40 bells, which has figures 28 feet high! It is one of the most stunning medieval pieces of art. 

Every day, these figures re-enact numerous events in Munich’s history for about 15 minutes that occur twice a day at 11 AM and Noon and at 5 PM during the Summer.

The best way to get the most of your time is to take this guided tour of Munich New Town Hall, Munich: Guided Tour of New Town Hall

St.Peter’s Church (Alter Peterskirche)

Now it’s time to see the panoramic bird views of Munich. Walk opposite the New Town Hall, and on the left ahead, you will find St. Peter’s Church, which is older than the city of Munich itself.

3 days in Munich

The Church was built by a group of Benedictine monks, or Mönch, in the 700s. They later founded the town München in the 1100swhich means the settlement of monks.

The original wooden Church got burnt many times, and the present was built in the 13th century, parts of which survived WWII bombings.

The gothic architecture is evident within the lovely ceiling decorated with paintings. There are over a hundred relics, including bones and skulls.

This is the best spot for travellers visiting Munich to witness the 360-degree stunning views of the old town and the modern Munich encircling it. But to be rewarded with these views, you must climb the 300+ Alter Peter tower.

✅Join this Munich: Old Town Highlights Private Walking Tour, lasting between 2 to 6 hours where you visit the top attractions in Munich’s Old Town on a private guided tour. Explore Marienplatz, Asamkirche, Frauenkirche, Theatine Church, the Residenz, and many more historic landmarks.

Opening hours – 9 AM to 6 PM; Free entry to the Church; Tower top – 3€

Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus)

The Old Town Hall is your next stop in your walking tour around the old town of Munich. The old town hall, constructed in 1175, had watchtowers and entrance gates.

It now consists of a Dance house, a Toy Museum, medieval statues and a Watch Tower Valley Fort, among other things.

It will take 5 to 6 hours on average to cover these highlights in the old town, which may increase or decrease depending on your preferences.

There are also many stops on the street leading to Karlsplatz, but I wouldn’t recommend them if you visit Munich in a day.

Lunch at Victuals Market (Viktualienmarkt)

All the walking would probably famish you, so it’s time to rest your legs and fill your belly. Head next to Victuals Market, which is close to Marienplatz.

Viktualienmarkt is Munich’s outdoor food market and is one of the best places in the city to try Bavarian cuisines, with over 100 stalls and lovely outdoor seating.

You have plenty of options to choose from: salads, fruits, and many pretzels. Some must-try items apart from sausages and pretzels are goulash soup and sauerkraut.

Enjoy your Bavarian stein or beer and lunch in one of the many Biergartens with outdoor seating options. There are many cafes too.

You can even book a food tour of the market if you want to dive deep with a local expert.

If you are traveling in Munich in winter, head to Ratskeller below the Old Town Hall, as many of the Biergartens remain closed now.

Join this Mystic Munich: Legends of the Old Town, where you will walk through the old town of Munich, mystical creatures, hidden traces, and spectacular places. Hear about amazing legends, see mysterious places and experience the town’s history from a completely new perspective.

English Garden (Englischer Garten)

After lunch, it is time for more beer(I am not kidding!) Okay, you can skip the beer for now if you had one too many, but next, head to the sprawling English Garden, which is one of the best places to visit in Munich. 

It is not just a garden but one of the World’s largest urban public parks. It gets the name due to the informal style of the park, which is common in England.

It is the city’s first and oldest public park and one of the most popular places for locals in Munich who spend their summers picnicking.

If you visit Munich in the Summer or during the fall, you will fall in love with the colours of flowers and foliage at both times. 

Discover the cosmopolitan and charming city of Munich on this walking tour of its historic heart, and take a break in its beautiful English Garden. Check out more here – Munich City: Marienplatz and English Garden Walking Tour(5/5 1000+ reviews🤩)

To check out a few attractions, visit the Japanese teahouse, Stone bench (Steinerne Bank) and the Monopteros temple. In the Schönfeldwiese area, you can do nude sunbathing.

The pristine Kleinhesseloher Lake and the wooden pagoda – Chinese Tower are other stops worth checking.

If you want to surf, head to Eisbach River, which is not a river but an artificial stream famous for surfing in the Summer.

You can simply walk amidst the greenery and soak in the fresh breeze. You can also relax and people-watch if you don’t wish to do these.

Coming to more beer, I was talking about, close to the Chinese tower is the lovely Chinese Tower Biergarten, an excellent place to spend the evening trying some brew.

You will notice how it is crowded, which is the case almost constantly, especially in Summer and spring. Note that this garden is closed during the winter months.

Drinks & Dinner at Hofbräuhaus (Royal Beer Hall)

After a long, fulfilling day in Munich, stop at the Royal Beer Hall, more popularly known as Hofbräuhaus in the old town.

This 3-storey beer hall is the most famous Biergarten in Munich, and everything about it – decor, beer, food, music and the crowd- represents the city’s character.

This Biergarten has been around since medieval times, since 1607, to be precise. It is not yet another Biergarten; it is THE Biergarten! It can occupy up to 3500 people. 

You can take a table in the open garden, at the Grand Hall on the first, the most vibrant ground floor – And yes, it is full of tourists, but that’s what makes it unique, of course, apart from 1-litre Beer glasses, excellent food, ancient music and the medieval atmosphere.  

If you are in large groups, it is best to make a reservation. Otherwise, walk-in is okay. If you are a solo traveler like me, don’t be afraid to go alone.

You can share a table with people and make friends(Yes, that’s what I did).

Recommended: Munich: Hofbräuhaus Tour

And it’s a wrap if you have one day in Munich. But believe me, this is an excellent Munich itinerary to do in a day – to get to know the city and relax.

If you are tempted to spend more days in Munich(Yay!), or you already have many days to afford to explore the city, keep scrolling, it gets better and better!


Munich in 2 Days in a glance

  • Day 1 – Munich Old Town, Munich Residenz, English Garden, Hofbräuhaus 
  • Day 2 – Third Reich Tour, Nymphenburg Palace, Viktualienmarkt, Olympiapark, Augustiner Beer Garden

If you have 2 days in Munich, you will have a chance to pick a few attractions and play around.

One of the options in Munich 2 day itinerary is to go ahead with the above itinerary on your first day and top it up the next day with a day trip, preferably to Neuschwanstein Castle

If you are looking for a comfortable day trip with a local expert, this is a very popular tour that you should check(4.8/5 6000+ reviews🤩). Discover the splendid castles of Ludwig II, King of Bavaria. Visit fairytale Neuschwanstein, intimate Linderhof and scenic Hohenschwangau, before traveling through the little town of Oberammergau.

For other suggested itineraries for Munich, you can choose below, which will give you many options.

But, I’d recommend you to keep your two days in Munich restricted to explore the city itself, as there are a lot of amazing things to do and see. 

DAY 1 in Munich: Munich Old Town, Munich Residenz, English Garden, Hofbräuhaus 

Make the most of your first day of two days in Munich by starting the day early. Begin exploring the attractions in the old town, covering Munich Residenz and arrive at New Town Hall at noon to witness the performance. 

Grab a bite at one of the many outlets in the old town and spend the afternoon in English garden surfing, walking, chilling and having a beer at Chinese tower Biergarten. 

Wrap up the first day at Hofbräuhaus amidst music, beer, food and making new friends.

DAY 2: Third Reich Tour, Nymphenburg Palace, Viktualienmarkt, Olympiapark, Augustiner Keller Beer Garden

Third Reich Tour

Start your day early, and get ready to know about the events that shaped the modern history of Munich after you get a snapshot of medieval history on day 1.

Adolf Hitler was 23 years old when he came to Munich after he attempted to become an artist in his hometown Vienna failed.

It is the city where got posted as a soldier in WWI. Munich is where he rose to the ranks to become the Chancellor of Germany over a decade later after leading revolts to catapult the government. 

Many know the importance of the capital Berlin and its influence on the city, but Munich is where Hitler, the leader, his SS officers, and the infamous Nazi regime were born. All the atrocities of WWII were first planned here.

Third Reich Tour will unveil these dark pasts of the city, and gory scars of WWII. It is best to join one of the guided walking tours where very knowledgeable local guides will take you back in time. The tour will last about 2 to 3 hours.

Recommended: Berlin: A Third Reich Walking Tour

Nymphenburg Palace

Nymphenburg Palace is one of the best places to visit in Munich to learn the history and life of Bavarian royalty.

It was the royal residence of Bavarian rulers of the Wittelsbachs family, whose successive kings expanded the palatial buildings to suit their preferences in their stay of 400+ years. 

Nymphenburg Palace represents baroque-style architecture with hundreds of rooms and sprawling gardens, making it worth a visit. 

Explore the grandeur of the Stone Hall (Steinerner Saal) and scores of royal Pavillion Halls, notably the beautiful Hall of Mirrors, and other rooms depicting royal life, including where King Ludwig was born. The Carriage Museum is excellent, especially if visiting with kids. 

The garden is one of the most beautiful attractions of visiting Nymphenburg Palace. It is a HUGE garden with many artificial lakes, an incredible botanical garden, ponds and Amalienburg, Brandenburg, Pagodenburg, and Magdalenenklause – four palaces too! 

Recommended: Munich: Mystical Nymphenburg Palace

Opening hours: 9 AM to 6 PM; Entry fees: Full ticket(all places) 15€; Palace – 8€, Museum – 6€ 

How to get there – From the city centre or the old town, you can take Bus 180, which stops 500 metres close to Nymphenburg. 


Next, head to Viktualienmarkt for lunch in the outdoor Biergarten.


The Olympiapark, or the Olympic Park, was constructed in 1972 when Munich hosted the Olympics. It is a large park with many attractions to keep you occupied for a few hours. Visit Bird’s Nest Soccer Stadium, which has stunning architecture. 

Take a walk in the Olympiazentrum tower and reach the Olympic tower top. The views of the skyline of Munich, the stadium and the park from the top are fantastic.

How to get there: The Olympiapark is located in Oberwiesenfeld, and the best way to reach it is to take the subway U-Bahn line 3, which has a direct stop at the park.

Where to head for dinner

Next, head to one of the best Beirgartens in Munich, Augustiner Keller Beer Garden, for drinks and dinner. It is one of the renowned Biergartens known for its large hall, beer and delicious Bavarian cuisines. You can also try others from their international menu, which is very good.

That’s 2 days Munich itinerary for you! If you don’t want to explore the city any further, alternatively, you can also take a day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle. See the details below.

Recommended: Munich: 4 Hour City Sightseeing Guided E-Bike Tour


A glance at Munich Itinerary 3 days:

  • Day 1 – Munich Old Town,  Munich Residenz, Viktualienmarkt, English Garden, Hofbräuhaus
  • Day 2 –   Nymphenburg Palace, Bavarian National Museum, Olympiapark, Augustiner-Keller Beer Garden
  • Day 3 –  Day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle

If you choose to spend 3 days in Munich, it is a fabulous choice as you will get to see the city a bit leisurely. You can cover plenty of places to visit in Munich in 3 days. The best thing about a 3-day itinerary for Munich is that you can spread your old town sights and also spend a little more time in the museums.

DAY 1: Munich Old Town, Munich Residenz, Viktualienmarkt, English Garden, Hofbräuhaus

Start your Munich in 3 days itinerary spending your first day in the old town, which is the best place to begin to know about the city. Soak in the tales of the Medieval past as you pass through historical monuments, get a peek int Bavaria’s Royal life and watch the iconic clock sing for you at New town hall.

Grab a fulfilling lunch at Victual Market, stroll in the English Garden and sign off by spending a fabulous evening of beer and Bavarian food at Hofbräuhaus.

DAY 2: Nymphenburg Palace, Bavarian National Museum, Olympiapark, Augustiner-Keller Beer Garden

Start your day early and explore Nymphenburg Palace(Bus 180), the summer residence of Bavarian kings and queens.

Bavarian National Museum (Bayerische Nationalmuseum)

Get back to Munich city centre and head to Bavarian National Museum, home to extensive collections of Bavarian art, precious jewels, murals and royal possessions from 13th to 19th centuries.

Opening hours: 9 AM to 5 PM; Entry fees: 12€

How to get there: It is at a walking distance from Marienplatz.

After this Museum, grab lunch at Chinese tower Beer Garden or any quick bites at one of the local eateries.

Next, take the U-Bahn 3 and head to Olympia Park to relax, take a walk, and watch the splendid sunset views from the Olympia Tower.

Head to Augustiner-Keller Beer Garden for beer, music, food and fun!

DAY 3: Day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle

One of the best things about Munich itinerary 3 days would be a day trip to Neuschwanstein, which will undoubtedly be a fantastic experience!

Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most beautiful fairytale castles in the World. Surrounded by immense natural beauty comprising of lakes, forests and waterfalls, it is one of the must-visit attractions if you are visiting Munich. 

The Mad King Ludwig built it, and he spent most of his years alone here. A UNESCO heritage site, Neuschwanstein Castle inspired Walt Disney to make this their snow castle and is also called Disney Castle. 

It takes 2 hours from Munich to Neuschwanstein by train. It is one of the most beautiful train journies where you will witness the beautiful Bavarian countryside, with glimpses of snow-capped Alps, rolling green hills, meadows and lakes. 

You need a whole day to visit this Castle. Close to it is Hohenschwangau Castle, which can be combined. The best way to make this day trip to Neuschwanstein and around is to take a guided tour of Neuschwanstein Castle. 

The benefits are you will save the hassle of switching between public transport, and you will get skip-the-line tickets to the interiors of the castles, which is hard to obtain otherwise given the immense popularity. Also, some tours cover another lovely fairytale castle Schloss Linderhof.

You can take private or group tours, and there are other combos and variations to these tours that you can pick based on your preferences. 

Here are some of the recommended tours with excellent reviews.

Dinner at Taxisgarten

After returning to Munich, wrap your fabulous day by having dinner and drinks at Taxisgarten, a beautiful Biergarten known for canteen-style Bavarian dining.

Alternative Munich Itinerary for 3 days – There are many things to see in Munich itself if you want to skip the day trip to Neuschwanstein.  

You can visit the Third Reich Tour and Deutsche Museum, BMW world, BMW Museum, and Augustiner Schützengarten. See below for more details on these attractions and other options.


A quick look at Munich 4 day itinerary

  • Day 1 – Munich Old Town, Munich Residenz, English Garden, Hofbräuhaus 
  • Day 2 – Nymphenburg Palace, Bavarian National Museum, Olympiapark, Augustiner Beer Garden
  • Day 3 – Day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle, Taxis Garten
  • Day 4 – Day trip to Dachau Concentration Camp, Viktualienmarkt

4 days in Munich is the perfect time to spend in the city. If you are wondering what to do in Munich for that long, well, it is not a lot of time. The pros of spending four days in Munich are that you can see Munich’s Old Town and the many attractions leisurely, without getting burnt out. 

You can even afford to start a day late or choose between the plenty of day trip options in this region. Instead of two day trips on day 3 and day 4, you can spend one of these days in Munich itself (check below for options)

DAY 1: Munich Old Town, Munich Residenz, English Garden, Hofbräuhaus 

Keep your first day in Munich to get used to the city, by checking out its most visited attractions, aka the Old town and around. 

The second half of your first day is less taxing and more relaxing as you stroll in the garden and taste different brews in lovely Beirgartens.

DAY 2: Nymphenburg Palace, Bavarian National Museum, Olympiapark, Augustiner-Keller Beer Garden

Your first half of the second day in Munich itinerary will cover everything about the Bavarian empire. It gets more comfortable and relaxing post-lunch as you take the fresh breeze and beautiful views at Olypmiapark and wrap up at Augustiner-Keller Biergarten for dinner.

DAY 3Day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle, Taxis Garten

On your third day in Munich, plan a day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle, and spend the evening relaxing at one of the Biergartens, Taxis Garten.

DAY 4: Day trip to Dachau, Viktualienmarkt

Today, plan a day trip to Dachau. Dachau is a pretty village in the suburbs of Munich, known as the Dachau Concentration camp. It was the oldest concentration camp built under Hitler’s Nazi regime, and it is one of the saddest places that uncover the darkest sides of the Third Reich. 

Initially, plenty of officers and officials strong enough to resist the party’s atrocities were imprisoned here before torturing them to death. 

In the years leading to World War II, Dachau got expanded to turn into a full-fledged concentration camp, where thousands of people, mostly Jews, political prisoners, and revolts were brought to be put to suffering and eventually killed in masses in Gas chambers.

You can take a train from Munich Central Station to Dachau, which takes about 25 minutes. From there, buses are available, which stop in front of the Dachau concentration memorial site. The entrance is free, and for a minimum cost, you can get the audio guide to explore the sections on the site.

I’d recommend you take the guided tour here to understand the past and the site better. The place is huge, and you will need 5 to 6 hours to walk through the sections. There is plenty of documentation where inmates describe the routine, horrors, and processes followed in the camp. You can find the walls and rooms with imprints and scribbles of the inmates sharing their thoughts.

A lot of photographs showcase the horrendous plight of the inmates, including the cramped cells, death chambers, and crematoriums. It is one of the saddest places to be, and maybe not recommended if you have very young kids. But it is one of the places that travelers should visit to get glimpses of the horrors of wars on the lives of people.

For a convenient trip, book a guided day trip tour to Dachau from Munich, which will include transport and pick up. 

After returning to Munich, shop in the streets close to Marienplatz if you have energy left. And then head to Viktualienmarkt or Victual Market for drinks and dinner.

Alternative Day 3/4 – If you want to make only one of these day trips or want more options in exploring around the city, then follow this – Start with the Third Reich Tour, then visit Deutsche Museum, lunch, BMW world, and BMW Museum.


A glance of Munich itinerary 5 days/6 days

  • Day 1 – Munich Old Town, Munich Residenz, Hofbräuhaus 
  • Day 2 – Nymphenburg Palace, Viktualienmarkt, Olympiapark, Augustiner-Keller Beer Garden
  • Day 3 – Day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle, Taxisgarten
  • Day 4 –  Day trip to Dachau, English Garden
  • Day 5 –  Day trip to Salzburg, Haxnbauer
  • Day 6 –  Third Reich Tour, Museum Quarter, BMW world, BMW Museum

If you have 5 days in Munich or 6 days in Munich, you will get plenty of time to cover all things to do leisurely, along with possibility of making multiple day trips or going more in-depth, away from the touristy attractions in the city,

Also, many people plan 5 to 7 days in Bavaria, and in that case, it is an excellent idea to base yourself in Munich and go on day trips around. If you opt for day trips, you can add a third one too and even stay overnight in Salzburg or Nuremberg, come back and continue your Munich vacation.

DAY 1: Munich Old Town, Munich Residenz, Hofbräuhaus 

Walk around in the old town of Munich, covering the city’s top attractions. You will get an entire day to leisurely explore the old part of Munich. 

Visit Munich Residenz, New and Old Town Halls, witness the bird’s view of the town from Alte Peter, and wrap up the day at Hofbräuhaus with beer and Bavarian dinner.

DAY 2: Nymphenburg Palace, Viktualienmarkt, Olympiapark, Augustiner-Keller Beer Garden

Visit Nymphenburg Palace in the morning and then head to Viktualienmarkt for lunch. Explore Olympiapark, enjoy the bird views from the Olympic Tower in the evening, and end the day by a slow dinner along with beer at Augustiner-Keller Biergarten.

DAY 3: Day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle, Taxisgarten

On your fourth day in Munich, plan a day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle, and spend the evening relaxing at one of the Biergartens, Taxisgarten. They specialize in canteen-style Bavarian dining, along with tasty beer.

DAY 4: Day trip to Dachau, English Garden

Visit the district of Dachau and check out the Dachau Concentration Camp in the first half of the day. Return to the city centre and spend the second half of the day relaxing in the English garden(You can go surfing, walk in the park or have beer and food at Chinese Tower Beer Garden).

DAY 5:  Day trip to Salzburg, Haxnbauer Biergarten

Keep this day of Munich itinerary to hop to neighbouring Austria, to the lovely town of Salzburg.

Salzburg, the pretty town in neighbouring Austria, is just 2 hours away from Munich and is one of the day trips that you can plan. Salzburg needs at least 2 days or more, but you can still squeeze in the highlights of this beautiful town within a day, especially if you join one of the guided tours.

Again I’d favour guided tours over independent travel if you plan a day trip to Salzburg from Munich. One of the significant benefits is sorting transportation, lunch and skip-the-line tickets to attractions, which will save the hassle.

Recommended: From Munich: Salzburg Day Trip by Train

Dinner at Haxnbauer – If you are back early in Munich from Salzburg, you can dine at Haxnbauer Biergarten, a part of the historical building of the Scholastikahaus. This 14th-century Bee hall is one of Munich’s well-preserved ancient Beer gardens worth checking out.

DAY 6: Third Reich Tour, Museum Quarter, BMW world, BMW Museum

Start the day with the walking tour, the Third Reich tour, which will unveil the city’s dark past. 

Museum Quarter

Then head to Museum Quarter in the Kunstareal district, home to over 18 Museums and 4 universities. You can’t visit all of them in less than a day, of course, but check out these two most famous museums visited by travelers. Since you have 5 to 6 days, you can add a few more to your Munich Itinerary if you love Museums.

The Alte Pinakothek – Home to hundreds of artworks of Classic artists from the medieval period(13th to 17th), Alte Pinakothek is worth visiting if you like classic art and paintings of the Renaissance times.

Opening hours: 10 AM to 6 PM; Entry fees – 7 Euro

The Neue Pinakothek – If you are a modern art lover, you will enjoy the Neue Pinakothek, which has hundreds of works by contemporary artists worldwide. Note that it has been currently closed for renovation(until the end of 2020)

Opening hours: 10 AM to 6 PM; Entry fees – 7 Euro

How to get to Museum Quarter: You have many public transport options to reach these museums. Take Tram No 27 to Pinakotheken, or U-Bahn U2, U3 and U4. Bus no 100 museum line also stops at Pinakotheken.

BMW World & BMW Museum

Munich Itinerary

Next, after the Museum Quarter, get back to the city and grab a quick lunch near the old town.

Head next to BMW World and Museum. If you are a car lover, this will be one of the best places to visit in Munich. The Carmaker company BWM has its headquarters here in Munich, which is as swankier as the cars they produce! You can even spend a day here learning everything about making a car.

Be awed by the latest beasts on the market, which are on display. Some are brand-new(and you will see them before they are on the road). The museum has artefacts, photographs and various other documentation from the birth of these cars to the latest technology, which is very interesting.

Recommended: Munich: 4 Hour City Sightseeing Guided E-Bike Tour

How to get there: You can take the same route you made for Olypmiapark. It is better to combine both of these as they are close to each other.

Dinner at Löwenbräukeller Das Original – Your Munich sightseeing is not complete until you visit at least one Biergarten per day! Today, check out Löwenbräukeller, another early 19th-century, Bavarian-style garden.

You can make variations in this 6-day Munich itinerary depending on your preferences.


Munich 7-day itinerary at a glance

  • Day 1 – Munich Old Town, Munich Residenz, Third Reich Tour, Hofbräuhaus 
  • Day 2 – Nymphenburg Palace, Viktualienmarkt, Museum Quarter, Augustiner-Keller Beer Garden
  • Day 3 – Day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle, Taxisgarten 
  • Day 4 –  BMW world, BMW Museum, Olympiapark, Bavarian State Opera, Augustiner Schützengarten 
  • Day 5 –  Day trip to Salzburg
  • Day 6 –  Day trip to Dachau, English Garden 
  • Day 7 – Deutsche Museum, Bavarian National Museum, Allianz Arena, Shopping, Hirschau Biergarten

Got a week in Munich? You are awesome. You can spend 7 days in Munich city if you wish as there are so many things to do there. Of course, covering a few day trips makes sense because there are at least over twenty-day trips from Munich.

So the idea is to balance out both if you have a week. I once spent around 9.5 days in Munich, made two-day trips and spent the rest checking out attractions – There are so many museums(60+) ranging from arts to automobiles, all equally appealing. 

You can spend overnight in Salzburg as the distance from Munich to Salzburg can be done under 2 hours, or if you pick Nuremberg or other cities too, you can extend the day trip by spending the night there and making your way back to continue Munich vacation.

Plus, you have so many splendid beer gardens in Munich that you can keep trying them! 

The below itinerary has three day trips and around four days to explore the city, which balances both. And of course, I have added one Biergarten at night for you, wherever possible.

DAY 1: Munich Old Town, Munich Residenz, Third Reich Tour, Hofbräuhaus 

1 week in Munich

Walk around in the old town of Munich, covering the top attractions of the city. You will get an entire day to explore the ancient and modern history of Munich.

Let’s talk about the old history of Munich first. Visit Munich Residenz, New and Old Town Halls, witness the bird view of the town from Alte Peter.

Grab a quick lunch next and start the Third Reich Tour, which you can do by yourself or best with a guided tour. You will get to know the dark history of the city on this tour.

Dinner at Hofbräuhaus – Wrap up the day at the beautiful Hofbräuhaus with beer and Bavarian dinner.

DAY 2: Nymphenburg Palace, Viktualienmarkt, Museum Quarter, Augustiner-Keller Beer Garden

Starting your day early today will give you more time today for the museums to explore later. Visit Nymphenburg Palace in the morning, and then head to Viktualienmarkt for lunch. 

You might want to finish your lunch quickly as you have museums to explore at the Museum Quarter next. You can plan your time depending on how many of them you intend to visit. I’d recommend the Alte Pinakothek for the classical art enthusiasts.

Dinner at Augustiner – End another fabulous day in Munich with a slow dinner plus beer at Augustiner-Keller Biergarten.

DAY 3: Day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle, Taxisgartern

It’s time to plan one of your days with one of Munich day trips today. Start with the best one by making a day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle, and spend the evening relaxing at one of the Biergartens, Taxisgarten. They specialize in canteen-style Bavarian dining, along with tasty beer.

DAY 4: Day trip to Nuremberg, Augustiner Schützengarten 

You can plan another day trip to neighbouring Nuremberg, which can be reached from Munich under 2 hours by train, and end the day at Augustiner Schützengarten Biergarten.


BMW world, BMW Museum, Olympiapark, Bavarian State Opera, Augustiner Schützengarten

If you want to continue checking out Munich points of interest, there are a handful of them that you can plan today.

Start with BMW World by taking the subway, and spend time getting to know about the famous cars, their origin and other incredible things at the BMW Museum.

Next, move further to explore Olympiapark, enjoy the bird views from the Olympic Tower in the evening.

Bavarian State Opera (Bayerische Staatsoper)

Arrive at the state opera after Olympiapark. It is best if you book tickets ahead of time as it gets filled soon. Not many know, but Munich is home to one of the best Opera houses in the world. There are amazing performances(related to Bavarian culture) at night at Bavarian State Opera located in Old Munich. 

You can also choose from one of the guided tours to the Opera House.

Dinner at Augustiner Schützengarten – Wrap your day with dinner and beer at Augustiner Schützengarten after a lovely Opera evening.

DAY 5: Day trip to Salzburg, Haxnbauer Biergarten

Plan a day trip to Salzburg today, enjoy the beautiful town, and if you are back early in Munich the same evening, check out Haxnbauer beer garden.

If you want to stay overnight, you can do so, because Day 6 has only two stops so you can arrive early next day and continue another day trip to Dachau.

DAY 6: Day trip to Dachau Camp, English Garden

Visit the district of Dachau and check the Dachau Concentration Camp in the first half of the day. Return to the city centre and spend the second half of the day relaxing at the English garden(You can go surfing, walk in the park or have beer and food at Chinese Tower Beer Garden).

DAY 7: Deutsche Museum, Bavarian National Museum, Allianz Arena, Hirschau Biergarten

Your last day in Munich can be planned depending on the time you have.  

If you have less than one full day(if you are flying out or reaching another city the same day), then I’d recommend you visit one among Allianz arena, Deutsche Museum, or Bavarian National Museum. Keep the remaining hours for shopping or visiting one last beer garden in the city(Haxnbauer or Hirschau).

If you have a full day though, start early and check out the two famous museums in the city first.

Deutsche Museum – Deutsche Museum is the largest technological Museum in the world. If science and technology fascinate you, you will be mind-blown by the exhausting collections, artefacts and displays. You can easily spend a day here if you have time or prefer.

Opening hours: 9 AM to 5 PM

Entry fees: 14€ Musuem only. Combined ticket 21 € (Deutsches Museum + Verkehrszentrum + Flugwerft Schleissheim – no time limit)

How to get there: You can reach by tram lines 16, 17, 18 or all on Isartor S-Bahn train line stop at the Museum.

Next, check out Bavarian National Museum, to know about the rich history of the Bavarian kingdom and the lives of the queens and kings. 

If you have time, check out Allianz Arena or end your day at either Haxnbauer or Hirschau Biergartens.

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Munich Itinerary


Now that you have got complete details on Munich itineraries, you might be wondering how many days in Munich? The answer depends on your time and budget, but ideally, I’d suggest you spend at least 4 days in Munich. It will give you time to cover the highlights of the city in three days, allowing you to take up one of the day trips from Munich on the fourth day. 

If you want to skip Munich day trips, it is still recommended to spend 3 days in Munich minimum. I spent ten days in Munich and always felt that I had more time as I thought that there was so much to see yet!


Summer months are the most popular times to visit Munich. While the upside is the pleasant weather, the downsides of visiting during summer are expensive rates of hotels, restaurants and flights, along with a lot of tourists everywhere. 

The fall months are when the chilly weather sets in, and the nights get colder. It rains frequently, and I wouldn’t recommend fall if you don’t like the gloomy ambience. If you can manage the drizzles and the chill weather, you can enjoy the lovely foliage of autumn with fewer tourists and lower prices.

Winter months receive few tourists, thanks to the mind-numbing sub-zero temperatures, and occasional rains and damp weather. However, visiting Munich in winter has plenty of other advantages, one of them being the vibrant Christmas markets.

So ideally, the best time to visit Munich is during the spring or early autumn when tourists are fewer, the weather would be beginning to soften, and the prices are relatively lower. 


Where to stay in Munich

Munich is huge(It is the second-largest city in Germany), so you will have plenty of places to choose if you are wondering where to stay in Munich. The hotels in Munich are spread throughout the city. As a rule of thumb, one of the best areas would be close to the city centre, but note that the prices can be slightly high. 

In general, the more the accommodation is in the centre, the higher is the price. So it depends on your budget and your convenience. If you prefer quieter places to stay and don’t mind spending on trams and subway to get around the city, then pick a place far away from the city centre.

If you want to save a few bucks on transportation or prefer staying closer to some attractions, pick downtown Munich or somewhere close to the old town.

Here are some excellent hostels in Munich that I would recommend:

Some excellent mid-range hotels and apartments in the city are:

If you don’t mind spending on accommodation, here are some special stays in Munich


How to reach Munich

By Flight

Munich is connected excellently to almost all cities in Europe and major cities around the world. Munich International Airport connects major cities of Europe and other destinations outside and is one of the busiest airports in the world.

Getting From Munich Airport to city centre or vice versa:

From Munich airport, you should take either the S-1 or the S-8 Bahn to reach the city centre or Hauptbahnhof (Munich Central Station). One way ticket costs about 13.00 €. You can also take the Lufthansa Bus from Airport to Munich central station, which costs 10.50€.

By Train

If you are travelling from other cities in Germany, you can book the Deutsche Bahn, which offers great deals if you book early. If you have the Euro rail pass, you can get discounted prices. 

You can arrive in Munich from the cities of neighbouring countries by train too.

By Bus

Bus is the cheapest way to get to Munich by road if you are traveling from other cities. Flixbus offers very low prices to buses across Germany.

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You can explore a part of the city on foot, especially around Marienplatz. Otherwise, the city has an excellent public transport system. You can rely on subways, trams and buses to get around Munich. 

Getting around Munich

Munich transport passes

There are plenty of types of passes available to get around Munich without burying deep in your pockets. All of them include unlimited transport within the city of Munich(called the zone M). There are additional zones 1 to 6 beyond Zone M, which connects the city to other districts around. Munich airport is in Zone 5.

München Card – The München Card is an economical option for your Munich sightseeing. It provides a day ticket for public transport within the selected area of the MVV network. Additionally, you also get discounts of up to 70% at numerous sights, attractions, tours, shopping and gastronomy partners.

You can either buy Zone M(urban area of Munich and some municipalities outside of Munich) or Zone M – 6. 1 Day price of these starts at 11.90 € and 17.90 € respectively.

Single Day and Group Day tickets allow unlimited travel on S-Bahn lines, U-Bahn lines, Bus and Tram within the city in 24 hours. The price within Zone M is 7,80 €, and an additional 7,80 € if you want to include further zones.

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Airport City Day Ticket

The Airport-City-Day-Ticket is a day ticket which includes the journey to/from the airport and the city area of Munich (validity zone M – 5). The Airport-City-Day-Ticket is available as a single ticket or as a group ticket for up to 5 people. A single ticket costs 13.00 €.

Munich City Tour Card – Transport + attractions

The CityTourCard includes a day ticket for use on public transport in the MVV network within the selected area of validity, as well as discounts for more than 80 tourist attractions in Munich and the surrounding area.

The CityTourCard is available as a Single or Group Ticket for a group of up to 5 adults, whereby any two children between 6 and 14 years of age count as one adult.

You can either buy Zone M(urban area of Munich and some municipalities outside of Munich) or Zone M – 6. 1 Day price of these starts at 13.90 € and 23.50 € respectively.

No matter what your pass type is, remember to get the ticket validated before you board the train on the platform. Your ticket is invalid if you don’t do this, and will be fined!


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