If you are looking to discover the most enchanting Christmas markets in Germany, you are at the right place.

Germany is one of the best destinations to celebrate Christmas in all pomp and glory – whether you are traveling alone, with your special someone or with your kids. 

The chilly winter snow carpets the cities in white, setting the perfect stage for elaborate Christmas decorations.

Hundreds of thousands of lights, crystals and stars adorn the cobbled streets that lead to the heart of the old towns – the centre stage of magical Christmas markets in Germany.

The beautiful Christmas trees, a wide range of delicious German delicacies, many types of Christmas wine and beer, tons of pretty and exquisite Christmas gifts for the whole family are some of the many reasons to explore the best German Christmas markets.

In this detailed post, you will find all about the best Christmas Markets in Germany for perfect Christmas holidays.

You will find Christmas markets in Germany 2020 dates and some terrific deals for a perfect Christmas holiday in Germany, including deals on tours and hotels. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your coffee and make your Christmas Bucket List for this year!


Dresden Christmas Market

How about visiting the country’s oldest market sound?

If you are nodding your head, head to Dresden for Christmas to explore the oldest Christmas market in Germany, which is also one of the most charming Christmas markets in Europe.

Dresden Striezelmarkt Christmas market is over 600 years old at least, which is a special enough reason to add to your bucket list, but there are plenty other reasons why Dresden is one of the best German cities for Christmas holidays. 

Apart from the main market, there are many others recently added, but there are also a lot of the awesome things to do in Dresden in winter.

Christmas markets in Germany

What to do at Dresden Striezelmarkt?

As you expect, the main market Dresden Striezelmarkt is located in the old town at the Dresden Altmarkt with brilliantly decorated 100+ wooden stalls lined up against the medieval buildings. 

The decorations are crisp, grand and heavenly with lots of fragrances in the air, twinkling lights and bells adorning the Christmas tree welcome you at the market.

Watch the procession of the world’s biggest stollen – a cake made of butter, nuts, spices and dried fruits drawn on a horse carriage through the streets, which is sold hot instantly to the eager crowds after the stroll ends.

Being one of the traditional Christmas markets, Dresden has a lot to offer to the foodies as well as shopping enthusiasts. You can’t miss the aroma of the freshly grilled sausages that you can combine with Glühwein. 

Try the traditional Christstollen fruit loaf near the Christmas pyramid(the largest in the world).

Dresden Christmas market is one of the best places to buy traditional hand-made crafts of all kinds at the many artisan shops.

Pick up mountain wood crafts, nutcrackers, pretty candle handlers, the traditional Pflaumentoffel – a chimney-sweep figure made of dried prunes and many filigree lace products.

Apart from Christmas festivities, you can enjoy some activities in Dresden.

Germany Christmas markets

If you love museums, the museums in Dresden have special displays for Christmas along with the permanent exhibitions. 

If you enjoy opera, take a guided tour of the Semperoper, one of the most beautiful opera houses in Germany.

You can also take a cruise ride on the Elbe river, which is decorated to match the Christmas spirits.

Enjoy a traditional German cuisine with wine as you soak in the blissful views of the city from the river cruise. 


The Christmas markets in Cologne are among the top Germany Christmas markets. Cologne Christmas Markets are the most popular and receives the highest number of visitors in Europe. 

There are seven markets scattered around the city, each exhibiting unique character and specialities ranging from excellent handicrafts to culinary delights to splendid views of the lights along the Rhine river.

The Christmas spirit is very high and if you are looking for Christmas markets for families, Cologne is the best destination in Germany for a Christmas holiday.

Did you know? The Christmas tree of Cologne is ranked among the most beautiful Christmas trees in Europe.

The Advent atmosphere is simply magical and you can’t blame yourself for falling in love with all things Christmas!

The city is decorated extensively, and the cobbled streets leading to the old town are engulfed in the aroma of Baked delicacies.

What to do at Cologne Christmas Markets?

Start from the old town, at the magnificent Cologne Dom, one of the tallest Cathedrals in the world, which forms the perfect, majestic backdrop for the city’s biggest Christmas market at the square, also surrounded by other medieval buildings.

Definitely get inside this beautiful church that’s further beautified with Christmas decorations.

Admire the lovely ceilings and the vibrant glass windows, and climb to the top of the tower for stunning panoramic views of Cologne basking in Christmas glory.

Don your skating shoes and have fun at the ice skating rink. Stroll through the alpine huts for Christmas goods and treats.

Take a walk along with the nativity scene. Enjoy some of the beautiful Christmas concerts at churches and near the markets.

Don’t forget to try the delicious Schupfnudeln – Flour or Potato dumplings best eaten with sauerkraut and speck.

If you prefer gourmet, go for the ones with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and crème fraîche – yes, completely filling! 

Also savour the aromatic baked apples, cinnamon biscuits and wash them with mulled wine. You can also find a cathedral shaped waffle, which is delicious.

Christmas markets in Germany

Visit the Gnome’s Market to meet the Gnomes. Take a tour to know the history and folktales of this market. 

If you walk to the harbour, you will reach the nautical-themed Christmas market, which is uniquely designed with huts shaped like ships.

You can also taste many delicious seafood delicacies here. The other markets you shouldn’t miss are The Village of St. Nicolas and Angel’s Market.

Thanks to the excellent connectivity and Cologne also being a compact city, no matter how much time you have, you can visit all the seven markets for distinct Christmas experiences in one city.

Use The Christmas Market Express Bus service that stops at all the above markets.

Apart from all the Christmas things and activities that you can do, Cologne has many beautiful places to visit and things to do. 

Walk to Hohenzollern Bridge on one of the nights for fantastic views of the old town, the imposing Cathedral on the other side of the Rhine river.

Admire the glory of Christmas coming alive with tons of lights and decorations.

Also, walk in the Melaten Cemetery, which also has a tour to know about the history of this unique place.

Close to the Christmas market at the Harbour is the Chocolate Museum, from the top of which you can also witness awesome bird views of the city for free.

Book the Festive City Cruise to explore Cologne that offers magnificent views and traditional dinner. 

Where to stay in Cologne?

The hotels can get expensive if you don’t plan early. Here are some of the Christmas deals that you can get.

Nuremberg Christmas Market

Nuremberg’s Christkindlesmarkt is one of Germany’s oldest holiday festivals and among the best Christmas markets in the country that should be on your Christmas Bucket list.

It is one of the oldest markets in Europe and is renowned for its unique traditions and culture that has been well-preserved since the 15th century.

If you want an exquisite, culturally rich, elegant and authentic European Christmas experience, Nuremberg is the best bet.

The Christmas market takes you back to the time when the festivities were held with mindfulness and upheld local customs.

Even today, the market focuses on being eco-friendly and local-supportive. Shop keepers to need to pass the requirements to be able to rent one of the chalets.

One of the qualifications is that the products should be of high quality. Even the striped red wooden shops are designed simple yet elegant.

What to do at Nuremberg Christmas Market?

The Advent celebrations begin traditionally when the Christkind, An Angel with blond curly hair appears wearing a golden crown and golden white gown on the Friday before the first Advent. 

Browse through over 150 stalls for best souvenirs and Christmas gifts for your loved ones, including souvenirs, especially the Prune Men or Zwetschgenmännle, small wooden figures made of walnuts and dried prunes.

You have a lot of local Christmas delicacies that should try.

Take a bite of the famous Nuremberg sausage Rostbratwurst, Lebkuchen – Nuremberg’s traditional gingerbread, Elisenlebkuchen made of almonds and spices. Don’t miss the Glühwein or hot mulled wine.

You can even join a guided food tour where you can learn how to make Nuremberg’s signature dishes, bratwurst and gingerbread. 

If you want to taste some of the region’s best beer, join a beer tasting tour that you will love. 

If History is your thing, the guided historic tour of the old town will give a peek into the past. 

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

The fairytale town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber is one of the prettiest towns in Germany, located at the crossroads of the Romantic Road and Castle Road.

Can you imagine how Christmas will transform this already lovely town? 

Yes, the advent season transforms Rothenburg into a fairytale winter wonderland attracting millions of visitors.

Reiterlesmarkt in Rothenburg is one of the prettiest Germany Christmas markets.

Dating back to the 15th century, it is one of the German markets rich in history, culture and traditions.

One of the oldest Christmas markets in Europe, Rothenburg is also a fantastic town with plenty of things to do.

What to do at Rothenburg Christmas markets?

One of the ancient Christmas traditions at Reiterlesmarkt is the appearance of the Rothenburger Reiterle (horseman), a messenger from another world who carried the souls of the dead across the skies in winter. 

Today, his appearance at the market marks the official beginning of the elaborate Christmas celebrations that run for more than a month.

At the old town square, the medieval structures form the postcard-perfect background for the market lined with over 100 wooden chalets.

A huge Christmas tree is the at the centre of the market, decorated and lit. 

Christmas is in the air in the literal sense as the delights of baked items beckon as you walk, awed by the beauty of the market magnified by the decorations, lights, bells and whatnot.

Savour the traditional Christmas pastries, roasted chestnuts, sausages, gingerbread, pasta, dumplings, cookies and top them with the traditional mulled wine to warm you up. Shop for the handicrafts and other Christmas souvenirs, perfect to gift your loved ones.

There are daily concerts if you enjoy Christmas carols and you can also say hi to Santa Claus who makes an appearance each afternoon.

Apart from the market in Rothenburg, also visit Kathe Wohlfahrt Christmas Village on Herrngasse, which turns into a magical Christmas village with all the elements of the festivities in full bloom. 

If you are interested in knowing about the history of Christmas in Germany, check out the German Christmas Museum next to the village.

There are many guided walking tours available to explore Rothenburg attractions.


If you are talking about the best Christmas markets in Germany, you can’t miss the most traditional ones, and the Leipzig Christmas market is one of them.

Dating back to 1458, the Christmas market of Leipzig is one of the oldest German Christmas markets and also in Europe.

Leipzig is also one of the largest and most beautiful Christmas Markets in Germany.

Over 250 stalls sprinkle around Marktplatz, the old market square in front of the Old Town Hall, the centre of Christmas celebrations.

The medieval beauty of the old town hall, built in just 9 months(a medieval architectural and engineering feat) comes in full display with the magnificent Christmas decorations, forming the perfect backdrop. 

A towering Saxon spruce Christmas tree decked up with lights, gifts, bells and shiny flakes of snow combined with the sweet aroma of German baked delicacies will enchant you.

What to do at Leipzig Christmas market?

Best Christmas markets in Germany

Take a ride on the 38-metre-high Ferris wheel at Augustusplatz square from where you can also witness the splendid views of Leipzig’s magical Christmas atmosphere. You can also find a model railway displayed at this square.

Talk a walk along the fairytale forest, shop for typical Christmas goods, traditional wooden toys and winter essentials. 

Taste the mulled wine, pretzels, many types of delicious sausages, roast cakes and gingerbread with cookies. If you are a beer lover, you will find many stalls serving fresh brew.

There is no dearth of Christmas entertainment at the Leipzig Christmas Market. Almost all churches organize the melodious performances of Bach’s Christmas Oratorio.

You can also enjoy the daily trumpet fanfares, and Christmas concerts held by St. Thomas’s choir.

Where to stay at Leipzig?

Leipzig has a lot of things to do that you can enjoy during the day. Some interesting tours that you can take while you are


Stuttgart Christmas Market

Stuttgart Christmas market dates: 25 November 2020 to 23 December 2020

If you are spending your Christmas in Baden-Wurttemberg region in South-west Germany, Stuttgart city is one of the best places to be.

It is home to Stuttgarter Weighnachtsmarkt, one of the oldest and the biggest Christmas markets in Germany stretching across the old town.

The Christmas celebrations at the market date back to over 300 years of tradition and the city basks in Christmas decorations at the start of the Advent week.

Being very popular, expect large crowds in the evenings and on the weekends despite the large size of the market.

Germany Christmas markets

What to do at Stuttgart Christmas Markets?

There are over 300 cutely designed wooden chalets, each meticulously decorated with fairytale scenes, angels, fir trees, and Santas snowmen.

Decorating a wooden chalet is a serious business at the Stuttgart market. Because there is a competition for the most beautifully decorated stall every year.

You can browse for many wooden toys, hand made ornaments, winter accessories, glassware, silver and more.

Go skating on the ice rink, which is one of the biggest in Germany.

You can also ride the miniature steam train that passes through the monuments. If you want to enjoy good concerts, head to the Old Palace.

Christmas markets in Germany

Being a large market, you can get a wide variety of cuisines from all over the world apart from the traditional German food.

If you want to try the local special delicacies, try Eierpunsch – a sweet egg and white wine drink topped with cream, roasted chestnuts, gingerbread and almond cookies.

There are many things to do in Stuttgart apart from enjoying Christmas festivities. 

Munich Christmas Markets

Munich Christmas Markets dates: 23 November 2020 to 25 December 2020

If you think Oktoberfest is the only good time to visit Munich, think again.

There is no better destination to experience traditional Bavarian Christmas celebrations than in Munich, home to some of the most enchanting Christmas markets in Germany.

What to do at the Munich Christmas market?

The show-stopper market is at Marienplatz, the heart of Munich old town.

The astounding Neo-Gothic Rathaus (Town Hall), Old Town Hall and other historic buildings form a stunning backdrop for over 100+ heavily decorated wooden chalets sprinkled with snowflakes that transports you to a winter wonderland.

Amidst these stalls, the glittering 100-foot Christmas tree, filled with Christmas decorations and lights stands tall. 

Christmas markets in Germany

Browse for traditional Bavarian handicrafts like hand-painted glass ornaments, hand-made wooden figurines, mittens and customized beer mugs. 

You can munch on the plenty of types of sausages, potato pancakes, gingerbread, grilled meat, stollen, chestnuts and berry mulled wine. 

Watch the performances of a brass band and Alpine choir on the balcony of the New Town Hall every evening at 5:30, from the Friday before Advent to the night before Christmas.

Hop on the Christmas tram for a joy ride through the old town which also serves spiced wine!

There are many smaller themed Christmas markets around the city, a few of the most notable being Kripperlmarkt and a Medieval Market on Wittelsbacher Platz. 

Ravenna Gorge Christmas Market

If you want to experience a unique Christmas market in Germany, head to Ravenna Gorge, which is home to a Christmas market below a railway duct in the middle of the Black Forest.

Yes, you read it right. Below the illuminated stone arches of a 130-foot-high railway viaduct, you’ll find one of Germany’s most unique Christmas markets. 

Its astounding location is magical – over 40 decorated wooden chalets surrounded by forested mountains and valleys all carpeted in snow. 

If you believe in fairytale Christmas locations, you may see it come true at Ravenna, which is unlike any other Christmas markets that you can imagine in the world. 

Add to the magic, melodious hymns of carols and instrumental music, light shows, the aroma of Christmas bakes, hundreds of pretty souvenirs and delicious German food and drinks to keep you full – you couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas!

How to get to Ravenna Gorge?

You can reach the Ravenna Gorge Christmas Market in an hour by car from Freiburg. There are Free shuttle buses that take visitors from Hinterzarten and Himmelreich stations to the fair and back.


Berlin is known as the capital of Christmas markets in Europe, and it is no surprise given the way the city transforms into a winter wonderland for Christmas festivities that run for more than five weeks. 

More than 70 Christmas markets come up throughout the city between the end of November and New Year’s Eve, making Berlin one of the most enchanting Christmas destination.

You will find the most varied and diverse Christmas markets in Germany in Berlin – from.

There are plenty of fairs where you will see all types of artists and musicians display their brilliant creatives, tons of Christmas presents ranging from handmade Yuletide decorations to fragrances to unique winter wear accessories.

What to do at Berlin Christmas Markets?

With so many markets, it is a tough choice to pick one or two best Christmas markets in Berlin because all are stunningly beautiful, unique and offer a lot of experiences. 

If you want to experience a typical German traditional Christmas market with a rich historic renaissance atmosphere, the Christmas market at the Charlottenburg Castle and the market next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church are the magical places to go.

Amidst gorgeous medieval settings, you can browse through 100+ brilliantly decorated wooden huts for all kinds of local goods for traditional Christmas souvenirs and gifts.

The focal point of the market is a Christmas pyramid in front of the palace’s main entrance. 

The palace building and the trees in the garden are all illuminated with hundreds of Christmas lights, creating a magical postcard ambience.

Enjoy yourself with a wide selection of impressive culinary delights or keep it simple with roasted chestnuts, gingerbread and mulled wine.

On the Charlottenburg Palace premises, check out the fairytale winter forest The Winterwald, which is the perfect place for children.

Kids can enjoy many joy rides, air swings, and carols at the stalls, including the miniature train. 

If you want to go where the locals go, Lucia Christmas Market located at the Kulturbrauerei in the eastern district of Prenzlauer Berg is among the popular choices for Berliners.

The market is a fusion of German and Scandinavian culture evident everywhere from Nordic flags to traditional songs played in the market.

Another enchanting Christmas market in Berlin is Gendarmenmarkt, a popular place for art performances of all kinds ranging from bakers to musicians to fire-eaters.

Also worth visiting are the rooftop Christmas market at Klunkerkranich and the traditional eco-market on Kollwitzplatz.

If you want to browse through a modern design Christmas Market catering to fashionistas, stop by Christmasrodeo, an excellent place to shop for unique minimalistic jewellery, quirky art, and scrumptious street food.

Frankfurt Christmas Market

Many may hesitate the idea of having modern Frankfurt for Christmas in Europe, but the city is home to Römerberg, one of the largest and the oldest Christmas markets in Germany. 

The city’s Christmas celebrations rival the other cities in Europe in everything, and with excellent connectivity and plenty of things to do in Frankfurt in winter, it is one of the must-visit destinations whether you are travelling alone or with your family.

What to do at the Frankfurt Christmas market?

The beautiful Römerberg Christmas market located in the old town at St Paul’s Square dates back to 1393.

Its excellent location amidst the half-timbered houses against the medieval backdrop along with the majestic Christmas tree all decked up heightens your Christmas spirits for sure. 

The way the age-old Christmas look is achieved amidst the modern skyscrapers feels magical once you step in the quarter. 

Walk amidst hundreds of wooden huts selling everything you can think of during Christmas.

From cookies to souvenirs to crafts, you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to treating your tummy and shopping to your heart’s content.

Compared to many other German Xmas markets, you have more a wide variety of unique cuisines to try at Frankfurt Christmas market.

Some of the most popular include Bethmännchen – marzipan cookies coated with maple syrup, plenty of varieties of sausages, grilled meat, Frankfurter Brenten – marzipan and rosewater cookies, pretzels and gingerbread.

The traditional mulled wine is customized here with hot apple, cinnamon and cloves. 

Where to stay in Frankfurt?



Erfurt’s Christmas Market is one of the best Christmas Markets in Germany. Spread across the medieval town of Erfurt, it is one of the loveliest European Christmas markets. 

Surprisingly, the Erfurt Christmas market is among the largest ones in the country with over 200+stalls set in the Cathedral Square area, amidst a magical Advent atmosphere.

Erfurt market is huge, less crowded, has all the traditional elements of German Christmas and is exclusively beautiful making it one of the most charming markets to visit.

What to do at Erfurt Christmas market?

Surrounded by the well-preserved medieval structures, rows of wooden chalets fully decorated with angels, fairytale scenes, bells and topped with colourful lights sell a lot of things ranging from food to souvenirs to fun items for kids. 

The focal point of the elegant Christmas decorations is at the centre – a 12-metre high Christmas tree next to which you can find the nativity scene filled with hand-carved life-size figures.

There is also a huge Christmas pyramid and floral exhibition at Domberg.

Browse for colourful decoration items, hand-made wooden toys, traditional handicrafts and other typical Christmas goods.

Head to Domplatz square to find more shops and Christmas artworks.

The shops at Domplatz have good food options from a wide range of sausages, gingerbread and many shops serving varieties of mulled wine.


If you are looking for one of the most romantic Christmas markets in Germany, plan a trip to Trier. The Trier Christmas market is very popular among couples for the romantic Christmas postcard ambience. 

It is one of the latest additions to the list of Germany’s Christmas markets and has managed to become a favourite for people planning a Christmas trip to Europe.

Did you know? Trier is said to be the oldest town in Germany, and travelers have a lot of things to do. You can spend at least 2 days or more easily.

One of the iconic landmarks that you shouldn’t miss is the 2000-year-old Roman Porta Nigra gate. 

What to do at Trier Christmas market?

The Christmas market is located at the main market square Hauptmarkt against the beautiful Trier Cathedral.

Over 95 beautifully decorated wooden chalets become the centre for a typical German Christmas extravaganza. 

The magical atmosphere of the market is enhanced by the candles, wooden toys, carved glassware, mittens, festive arts and other Christmas specials at the stalls.

There are many special treats that you should try at the market, including the hot chestnuts, potato pancakes, gingerbread, many types of pastries, bratwurst, traditional German dishes and top them with Original Moselle Vintner Mulled Wine or beer.

Watch the special shows at the historical puppet theatre in the Trier Christmas Market area or enjoy the Christmas carols performances by trumpeters and brass bands. 


Hamburg, one of the prettiest towns in Germany is one of the best places to be for Christmas vacation in Europe.

Hamburg is home to more than 30 Christmas markets, some of the most beautiful ones in the country.

These markets give glimpses of history, tradition and a Hanseatic heritage for all their visitors. 

The main Christmas market, Weihnachtsmarkt, takes place at the City Hall next to a colossal Christmas tree.

Weihnachtsmarkt has all the elements of traditional Christmas markets found in town squares throughout Germany, elegant and grand ambience with a medieval touch. 

What to do at Hamburg Christmas markets?

The historic City Hall forms a mesmerising backdrop for 100+ styled wooden chalets at the Weihnachtsmarkt that is filled with hand-crafted Christmas decorations.

Browse through the carved wooden products from Tyrol, artworks on pottery, Christmas souvenirs like the wooden toys.

Taste the different types of cookies, pastries, gingerbread, mulled wine and beers.

Listen to the traditional Carousels humming in the background as take a stroll in Christmas markets. Take a boat tour on the lake Alster while keeping yourself warm with mulled wine or hot chocolate.

Every Saturday, there is a Christmas parade that you shouldn’t miss during the Advent that begins at Mönckebergstraße.

You can also watch Santa Claus in action as he flies on his reindeer sleigh up in the sky over the market stalls every day thrice in the evening.

On one of the evenings make your way to the Hamburg Dom at the Heiligengeistfeld, the largest funfair in the north of Germany which is total fun.

Experience the magical winter forest or Winterwald at Hamburg’s central shopping district Mönckebergbrunnen. 

Did you know? Hamburg is home to the world’s first erotic Christmas market, located at Saint Pauli.

Konstanz Christmas Market

Many consider Lake Constance as one of the top summer destinations in Germany, but not many know that the town is equally or more beautiful for a winter trip, especially with so many fairytale villages surrounding this pretty lake. 

If celebrating Christmas right across a beautiful lake sounds exciting to you, you will love visiting Lake Constance, home to Konstanz Christmas market.

It is one of the unique Christmas markets of Germany famous for its beautiful location. 

The market’s official name, Weihnachsmarkt am means Christmas market on the lake and is perfect for a Christmas holiday with kids.

Over 170 wooden chalets line up on the street along the lake where you can shop for Christmas souvenirs and try typical German Christmas food.

The unique thing about Konstanz is the market at the harbour, where there are scores of stalls aboard a ship docked. You will find plenty to eat and shop there too! 

Spend a day or two exploring the attractions around Lake Constance, which is magical in winter.

Bremen Christmas Market

Bremen is a beautiful town that turns even magical during Christmas. It is home to one of the prettiest German Christmas markets.

The main market in Bremen is at the heart of the old town against the splendid backdrop of the town hall and the statue of Roland among other prominent medieval buildings which add the touches of the bygone times.

What to do at Bremen Christmas market?

At the centre of this grand setting, over 170 festively decorated wooden beckon you with all the sights and smells.

Look for traditional Bremen handicrafts and souvenirs ranging from home-made chocolates to toys.

One of the main Christmas attractions of Bremen is Schlachte Magic Christmas Market on the banks of the river Weser, where each day of the Advent, a little door is opened on the promenade to reveal a special surprise.

There are plenty of Christmas carol performances at the churches.

Don’t miss trying baked apples, cinnamon stars, grilled meat, sausages and fish delicacies available at snow-covered chalet-style stalls on the Weser waterfront, all of them to be best topped with mulled wine. On the ship, you can find many Christmas experiences.

Where to stay in Bremen?



Dusseldorf is one of the cities in Germany that’s famous for its beautiful Christmas celebrations.

It is one of the top destinations preferred by families, thanks to many kid-friendly Christmas markets that are among the most charming in Germany.

As one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany, the markets at Königsallee is the main market in Düsseldorf, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

What to do at Dusseldorf Christmas markets?

There are around five markets near Königsallee, each differently themed, offering unique experiences.

In front of the town hall at Marktplatz, the heart of the old town lies the traditional Christmas market, which takes you back to medieval times, thanks to the wonderful backdrop of the ancient structures. Thousands of brilliant Christmas lights illuminate the chestnut trees along the streets.

Take a stroll amidst 50+ Renaissance-style wooden chalets to watch pretty products made by local artisans including wooden toys, glass blown souvenirs, designed brushes and handicrafts

To get glimpses of a Scandinavian themed Christmas market, head to Schadowplatz.

Heavy decorative Christmas lights and crystals adorning the wooden huts, nativity scenes and the aroma of German bakeries will welcome you.

Eat to your heart’s content and shop for pretty Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Let the kids enjoy all the fun activities too, going on the merry-go-round, watching the reindeers and Santa Claus

If you prefer a romantic setting, Sternchenmarkt or the Little Star Market at the Stadtbrückchen is the place to go.

As the name suggests, thousands of crystals and sparkling stars are illuminated on the streets, houses and shops – you got it, everywhere.

If you are into art and paintings, you will love the Engelchenmarkt on Heinrich-Heine-Platz in the Old Town.

Where to stay in Dusseldorf?

Karlsruhe Christmas Markets

Karlsruhe is one of the cities to head to if you want to experience a Christmas market that’s not flooded with visitors and you enjoy going off the beaten paths.

Karlsruhe is home to not one, but three beautiful Christmas markets, making it one of the awesome Christmas destination for travelling with your loved ones.

The main market is located at Friedrichsplatz close to downtown. There are plenty of wooden stalls selling Christmas souvenirs.

If you want to experience medieval times Christmas, this is the market to be.

The medieval buildings form an ideal setting with a huge Christmas tree at the centre, which is decorated with gifts, bells and lights of different colours. 

If you want to enjoy ice skating, head to Karlsruhe Schloss Market, which is home to one of the biggest ice-skating rinks in southern Germany.

Some of the German dishes that you can try at the markets are sausages, grilled meat, mulled wine, chestnuts, cookies with nuts and almonds, Langos – deep-fried dough with sour cream and Flammkuchen, a thin-crusted style of pizza.

Durlach Market is also set amidst medieval buildings, although on a much smaller scale.

This market has the best shops for buying Christmas gifts or souvenirs including good quality handicrafts.

In this market, you can enjoy many arcade games, and lots of Christmas carols and music concerts at nights.

Aachen Christmas Market

Located at the western end of Germany, Aachen is one of the pretty towns in the country famous for its grand Advent celebrations.

If you are looking for a less-crowded, off the beaten Christmas market experience in Germany Aachen is a perfect fit.

The beautiful market is spread across the town hall in the old town centre.

The classically elegant Cathedral forms a fantastic background for over 70+ stalls that looks magical with all the decorations and Christmas lights.

There is plenty to shop ranging from wooden toys to sweaters to cute mittens to Christmas ornaments.

The specialities of Aachen Christmas market include marzipan bread, Aachener dominoes, gingerbread, butter biscuits and mulled wine.

You can also watch a puppet show or enjoy the Christmas concerts at the cathedral.

Heidelberg Christmas market

Heidelberg is one of the most enchanting cities in Germany, receiving visitors year-round with its quaint Old Town, stunning river views and the imposing ruins of the castle. 

The Heidelberg Christmas market is one of the most romantic Christmas markets in Germany, perfect to experience a fairytale Christmas with fewer crowds, the magical ambience and a lot of things to do with your special someone. 

The quaint town comes to life at the end of November as the season of Advent begins with a grand opening of the Christmas market.

The main market is in the old town soaked in a medieval atmosphere, thanks to the historic ancient buildings. 

Browse for souvenirs, Christmas decorations, handicrafts and more. Try ice skating on the Karlsplatz ice rink. Warm yourself with mulled wine or hot chocolate.

Celle Christmas Market

Celle Christmas market Dates: 28 November 2020 to 23 December 2020

Celle is a small town in northern Germany and is one of the loveliest towns in the country known for its splendid location and the beautiful old town square famous for its iconic half-timber houses. 

Unlike the bigger cities, Celle maintains its traditions offering a compact and lovely festive atmosphere.

If you are looking to get away from the famous ones and the big crowds, Celle is the best Christmas market in Germany for you to experience an intimate and charming Christmas in snow.

At the centre of the town square, over 80 beautifully decorated, traditional wooden huts sell everything from twinkling lights to exclusive souvenirs in a fairytale setting. Head to the shops near Stadtkirche Cathedral to shop for handicrafts.

The area is also home to a themed Christmas forest, which consists of wooden booths selling wooden toys, blown glassware, silver artworks and candles.

Christmas markets in Germany

If you are looking for the best traditional food to treat yourself, try the different sausages, kraut, pretzels, gingerbread, cookies and creamy mushrooms. 

You can also try fried pastry Schmalzgeback, served in a cone with sugar at the top, a perfect Christmas sinful indulgence for dessert. All these delicacies go well with a mug or two of the traditional drink Glühwein or mulled wine.

Attend Christmas concerts and take a walking tour the Baroque-style Celle Castle, the most beautiful castle in the town. 

Where to stay in Celle?

That’s a wrap for the most fabulous Christmas markets in Germany – Hope you have plenty to choose! Have you been to anyone of these markets – If so, how was your experience?



Christmas markets in Germany


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