I came across the Yoga Dhaama retreat while looking for homestays and accommodations off the beaten path. And this cosy place was the perfect way to kick off my travels again after being home locked down for more than 1.5 years.

Are you looking for a peaceful weekend away from the chaos of the cities? Do you want a temporary escape from the hustles and bustles of life to enjoy a serene retreat with your loved ones? Or you are like me, looking for a splendid place that will inspire you to work and create? 

Yoga Dhaama will fit your bill because it’s a one-stop destination for some soul searching, rejuvenation, fresh garden air, and dwell into self-care.

Go ahead and find out what to expect, how to plan, and what to do when you plan a trip here.

Where is Yoga Dhaama Retreat Located?

Yoga Dhaama is located in Srirangapatna town on the banks of the Cauvery river. It is just 10km from the royal city of Mysore, the splendid cultural capital of Karnataka, known for silk, palaces, food, and culture.

Yoga Dhaama Retreat

It is close to many famous attractions, including the popular Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, KRS dam and Brindavan gardens, Balmuri waterfalls, Sriranganatha Swami Temple, Nimishamba Temple, and Triveni Sangam – the sacred confluence of the three rivers. These places are reachable within 30 minutes by drive, making it an excellent location to base yourself.

What Can You Expect While You Stay Here?

Yoga Dhaama is for you if you are into these things:

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary
  • You want a serene holiday surrounded by natural beauty, away from the crowded streets or the pollution and noise.
  • You prefer healthy homemade food and simple stays over high-end luxury resorts inclusive of lavish buffets.
  • You want a break from the constant chaos of any sort – mental, physical, emotional, career-wise, exposure to polluted environments or stress and any anxieties.
  • You are looking for an affordable, all-inclusive, beautifully located place convenient for staycations.
  • You want to take your kids to a green retreat where you can introduce them to Vedic concepts, teach a thing or two about organic farming, and show them glimpses of a beautiful home-style holiday.
  • You are into spirituality, Yoga, meditation, organic and healthy living, women empowerment, social causes, gardening, a nature buff, and interested in ancient Hindu culture. You will get to witness, learn, and experience bits(or more) of all these when you are in Yoga Dhaama.
  • Yoga Dhaama is an excellent choice of place for you if you are thinking of organizing Family get-togethers, one day nature Tours, Art and educational workshops, Cultural exchange programmes, Summer camps, and Kids educational tours.

Yoga Dhaama is not your pick if:

  • You want a place to have fun – all-night parties that involve loud music, alcohol, smoking, and other substances.
  • You want to have non-vegetarian food and alcohol, or you want a wide range of menu items to order food and drinks.
  • You are looking for a cool retreat with large and lavish rooms or instant services at your call.

About Yoga Dhaama

In my opinion, family-run stays make an accommodation better, be it their fantastic knowledge of the region, their passion for what they have cultivated, the hospitality, and the warmth – all of which gives a personal touch that makes the guests feel at home and comfortable.

I like these things here in Yoga Dhaama, which was easy to notice. From the well-kept fabulous gardens to the nursery to homemade food serving traditional kitchen – the essence of this retreat welcomes you for a peaceful getaway.

Nestling on the banks of the Cauvery River, Yoga Dhaama is run by a local family that is kind, warm, friendly, and, importantly, multi-faceted.

Yoga Dhaama is also a Gurukul – Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam, which women run for women, where they provide high school education for girls for free. They focus on Indian cultural subjects and teach Sanskrit and Vedas in line with the Vedic schooling system.

So during your stay in Yoga Dhaama, you can get to know about these unique things, including enrolling up for online classes run by the students who now teach these things.

How to Have the Best Time at Yoga Dhaama?

Depending on your preferences, you can convey that to have the best retreat at Yoga Dhaama. If you are a solo traveler or a couple or with kids looking for a retreat for a day or a few days or even for a week, the hosts will organize a cultural saga of activities based on what you like. You can end by learning a few skills, taking tours, or learning about sustainable living. You can choose to enjoy a well-organized but short holiday in this cosy place.

Yoga Dhaama Srirangapatna

If you are a digital nomad like me or looking for a staycation, you can spend some days or weeks working from Yoga Dhaama Retreat. You will have simple yet delicious homemade food that will keep you healthy, along with the fresh air in the gardens. The blissful views and the soothing supple of the Cauvery will calm your senses, allowing you to combine work and a rejuvenating getaway.

They will make arrangements at added costs if you intend to explore the places. You can check with Apoorva for tidbits about the surrounding hidden gems, or if you want to enjoy the lush countryside filled with sugarcane, palm, rice, banana, and paddy fields.

You can also organize Yoga classes, hold group activities with your team or clients, or events here if you are looking for a unique and serene place that is not a commercial resort or an expensive, modern venue.

My experience

I spent a few days with my dad here, and we both loved the excellent location and the friendly service staff. From waking up to the sound of the chirping birds, the humming of the Cauvery and the fresh breeze to enjoying the peace and the lush green ambience, Yoga Dhaama had the positivity and the vibes that we need to recharge and rejuvenate ourselves away from the city life.

Yoga Dhaama Retreat

My overall experience was fantastic, and I plan to head back there for working from there for some days amidst the tranquillity. I would recommend you go over there if you are into peace, nature, and simple getaways.

Check the prices and book your stay here.


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