Looking for the most beautiful places in Greece is a tough one. Greece is so overwhelmingly stunning that you could easily lose track of time checking out the jaw-dropping destinations.

Whether you are looking for the best places to visit in Greece for your next trip or want some Greece travel inspiration for adding to your travel bucket list, I got you covered.

Because this is my ultimate list of the most beautiful places in Greece – from some of the oldest cities known to humankind to spectacular islands embellished with white-washed buildings with bright blue-coloured roofs to gorgeous rocky cliffs overlooking the splendid turquoise beaches – this is the epic list, a perfect mix that offers everyone something to experience when you travel to Greece, one of the gorgeous European destinations.

Hop in with me with your cuppa to discover gorgeous Greece, also one of the world’s top destinations among the romantics.

I have categorized the post into sections – cities and towns, beautiful Greek Islands, and fairytale villages in Greece for easy reference.


Did you know? There are 227 islands in Greece – beautiful islands in all shapes and sizes scattered across the Mediterranean sea. Below islands are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful places in Greece.


BEST FOR – Romantic holiday, Nightlife, food, hiking, and first-time travelers

Among the top places to visit in Greece is the magnificent Santorini.

One of the most photographed and among the most beautiful places in Greece is the island to be on your list if you are visiting Greece for the first time. 

most beautiful places in Greece

Santorini is so gorgeous that it has been consistently rated among the best places to visit in Greece for couples – drawing honeymoon couples every year.

The island is renowned for its delicious Mediterranean cuisines and wine so that foodies can have a feast in Santorini.

Thanks to the volcanic disruptions on the islands of Santorini, most of the stunning landscapes have gotten re-shaped over thousands of years now, giving rise to giant craters, mystic Black-sand beaches, and enchanting rock cliffs.

Must-visits include: Visit the most popular villages of Oia and Thira overlooking the Santorini caldera, the flooded volcanic crater, and other equally beautiful villages inland – Pyrgos and Emborio.

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most beautiful places in Greece
Watching a beautiful sunset in Santorini, one of the most beautiful places in Greece

Wander through the cobbled alleys dotted with whitewashed buildings. Get lost in the beauty of the sunsets soaking in all the beauty and bliss as much as you can. Relax at Palia Kameni hot springs.

Don’t miss the black sand beaches of Perissa and Perivolos.

For a beautiful pebbled beach, head to Kamari Beach in the eastern part of Santorini, where you can swim. 


BEST FOR – Beaches, Nightlife, and first-time travelers

Among the top places in the country is Mykonos in the Aegean Sea, one of the most beautiful places in Greece, known for its fantastic nightlife and spectacular beaches apart from its natural splendour.

Mykonos is the place that you should add to your Greece itinerary if you want amazing parties and a perfect beach holiday. 

Most beautiful places in Greece

But even if you are not a party-goer or a beach dweller, Mykonos boasts splendid sunset spots, fairytale fishing villages decorated with cobbled streets home to beautiful whitewashed houses, and flower-filled patios.

Must-visit-includes: Begin with Mykonos’s capital town, which is stunning, making it the popular first stop for visitors. 

One of the most famous things to do in Mykonos is rent a bicycle to explore the island, especially the bays’ fishing villages. Also, check out the scenic Hóra, home to Cycladic architecture.

Most beautiful places in Greece

Watch the spectacle of the sunset from the windmills, one of the iconic landmarks in Greece.

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BEST FOR – Families, Beaches, Food and Hiking

Once a hidden gem, Naxos, one of the most beautiful places in Greece, has steadily drawn crowds, especially families with kids, for the shallow water, white sand beaches and adventure seekers. 

Home to Mount Zeus, Naxos is also known for its landscape filled with mountains and green valleys – so it is perfect for beach and mountain lovers alike.

beautiful Greece

If you want to experience a Greek island off the tourist radar, with fewer crowds and many gorgeous beaches, scrumptious food, and outdoor fun, your pick should be Naxos.

Must-visits include: Beach-hopping is the top activity when in Naxos.

If you are adventurous about kitesurfing and windsurfing, head to the less-known Mikri Vigla and Plaka in the southern part, which also has dunes.

If you are traveling with kids, you should check out the long, sandy stretches of the pretty beaches Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna.

Tour the idyllic villages along the shores, known for their traditional white houses, vineyards, fantastic food, and mansions. 

Take the Naxos town food tour to explore the local cuisines.


BEST FOR – Beaches, Food, towns, and outdoors

The largest island in the country Crete, of course, is one of the most beautiful places in Greece and among the top places to visit in Greece, drawing hundreds of thousands of travelers for its gorgeous beaches, canyons, caves, historical ruins, spectacular towns, delicious food, and tons of activities for everyone.

Must-visits include: You have plenty of things to do in Crete, depending on the time you have. Because you can easily spend a week or more just exploring Crete alone.

Greece best spots

Among the most beautiful places in Crete you should check out are Chania, Rethymno, Knossos, Milia, and Apokoronas, home to traditional Greece villages full of olive, and orange groves, beautifully decorated patios, lovely buildings along the narrow streets.

Greece beautiful places

Enjoy the most beautiful beaches in Crete, including Ligres, Sougia, or Kedrodassos, for amazing sunsets. For the panoramic views of the iconic windmills, head to the Lassithi plateau.

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BEST FOR – Beaches, nightlife, towns, and villages

One of the amazing islands in the Aegean Sea that has become popular of late is Paros, one of the most beautiful places in Greece.

It is best known for its splendid beaches and traditional Greek villages, most of them are still unspoiled by tourism. 

Greece best spots

Although it might not be the most famous place in Greece for nightlife, Paros is turning out to attract more and more party-goers after Mykonos and even Ios.

Thanks to the beaches and towns, Paros is one of the best places to visit in Greece if you are travelling with your kids. 

Must-visits include:  Base yourself in  Parikia, the beautiful capital town, which is home to the famous landmark 4th-century Byzantine church Panagia Ekatontapiliani.

Also check out Naoussa, which is another famous town. 

Relax at Kolimbithres beach, home to the coves, and explore the best beaches – Monastiri Beach, between the hills, and also Faragas, Punda, and Lageri.

You can enjoy hiking around the hills or cycle or rent a car to check out the villages along the coast.


BEST FOR – Beaches, nightlife, towns, and villages

If you are visiting Naxos or Santorini, one of the islands in the Aegean sea that you should also add is the hilly Ios Island, especially if you are a night owl, because it has become the top party destinations.

It is a tiny island with less than 10,000 inhabitants, but its incredible beauty enchants everyone.

scenic Greece

Even if you are not a party person, you should still visit Ios as it is one of the most beautiful places in Greece home to a rich history, gorgeous landscapes, and fantastic beaches.

Must-visits include:  History lovers shouldn’t miss the top landmark Homer’s Tomb, and many whitewashed churches with the typical bright blue-colored roofs.

Among the beaches you should definitely check out are Theodoti, Mylopotas, Kolitsani, and Valmas.


BEST FOR – Beaches, history, towns, and outdoors

The largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands and the home of Colossus, one of the wonders of the ancient world, although none of the ruins remains, Rhodes is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Greece. 

Packed with dozens of historic landmarks, gorgeous coastal lines, caves, mountains, and stunning beaches, Rhodes is among the top places to visit in Greece

Must-visits include:  Start from the capital Rhodes Town, which boasts of the lovely medieval citadel – the Palace of the Grand Knights of Rhodes, synagogues, ruins of the Roman times, plenty of churches from the Byzantine period, and the Archaeological Museum.

best places in Greece

Visit the splendid village of Lindos, home to an archaeological site comprising the 4th-century Acropolis, the Temple of Athena, the medieval Castle of the Knights of St. John, and many other churches.

The views from this hill are incredibly fascinating. Lindos also has many gorgeous beaches that you should check out. 

Also, visit Kamiros for more ruins and Monolithos for the castles.

Drive to the amazing Prasonisi peninsula where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean.


BEST FOR – Beaches, Families, Hiking, outdoors and villages

Zakynthos in the Ionia sea is one of the gorgeous Greek islands that has been admired since Homer’s times.

One of the most beautiful places in Greece, Zakynthos is the greenest island famous for its dense forested mountains, splendid turquoise clear beaches, traditional villages, and spectacular natural beauty in all directions.

Must-visits include: Zakynthos town is the starting point and has many things to offer, the most impressive being the hilltop castle, museums, pretty square of St. Mark and beaches.

But more beauty waits to be discovered in the inland.

Most beautiful places in Greece

Visit the smaller but very stunning towns and villages, including Kalamaki, Porto Zoro, Marathonisi island – a turtle sanctuary.

Explore the best and the most beautiful beaches like Navagio or the iconic Shipwreck Beach, Porto Limnionas, Xigia, home to hot springs underwater.

Take the boat trip from Skinari to the Blue Caves.

You can drive around the inland visiting villages lining the mountains, home to stone buildings, monasteries, and cathedrals – typical besotting Greek landscapes, which are also ideal for mountain biking and hiking.

Greece best places

Nature-lovers should also check out Askos Stone Park. For stunning views, climb the top of Stranis hill. 

Thrill-seekers should sign up for scuba diving, snorkeling, or how about swimming alongside sea turtles?


BEST FOR – Beaches, Families, Hiking and water sports

The island of Kefalonia or Cephalonia in the Ionian Islands is undoubtedly one of Greece’s most beautiful places, which is the neighbor of Zakynthos. 

One of Kefalonia’s best things is that it is not one of the touristy islands in Greece, so if perfect for someone seeking a paradise with fewer crowds.

Must-visits include: Admire the beautiful whitewashed villages overlooking white sand crystal-clear emerald green beaches reach in marine life, including the loggerhead turtles in Aegean sea.

It is not one of Greece’s touristy islands, so if perfect for someone seeking a paradise with fewer crowds.

Most beautiful place in Greece

Soak in the blissful sun at Myrtos Beach with your favourite cocktail.

The best time to enjoy Kefalonia with your family, especially kids, is summer, which is also the peak season. 

Explore the stunning Melissani underground caves on a boat trip. Among the most popular attractions in Kefalonia is Agios Andreas Monastery, known for its location and treasures. 

Rent a bicycle and explore the little villages on your own.

You can also rent a car and cover the many fishing villages like Psilithrias, the smallest village, Chalikeri, Agia Effimia, and Fiskardo.


BEST FOR – Beaches, Food, history, and villages

If you want to visit one of the most beautiful places in Greece that’s a hidden gem, you should head to Thassos.

Regarded among the most beautiful Greek islands, it is an off-the-beaten-path destination known for its rich, green landscape with forested hills, fantastic sandy beaches perfect for water sports, and incredible ancient ruins from the 10th century BC to the medieval period.

Must-visits include:  In Limenas, the capital of Thassos capital, explore the ruins, including the theatre and the Acropolis. 

Greece visiting places

Indulge in a series of beach activities, including swimming, kayak, boat trips to islands, windsurfing, snorkelling, and diving at famous beaches like Golden Beach, Paradise, Chrysi Akti, and Marble Beach. 

Among the towns and enchanting villages in Thassos you shouldn’t miss are Limenaria, Potos, Maries, Theologos, and Panagia. Thassos is one of the best places for savouring Greek cuisine, so make sure you indulge.

Recommended: Thassos: Island Discovery Tour


BEST FOR – Offbeat, beaches

One of the most beautiful Greek islands to go to if you want a secluded destination without any fellow tourists, head straight to Antiparos. 

Dozens of spectacular beaches in the Aegean, Venetian castles, and fantastic towns lining the coast are some of the things you can experience in Antiparos, one of the most beautiful places in Greece. 

Most beautiful places in Greece

Must-visits include:  Make use of the empty beaches to relax, swim, kayak, snorkel, camp, and roam around. You can walk around the whole island, or better, explore on a bicycle, thanks to its small size.  

Check out the central Antiparos Town, the famous Antiparos Cave, Chora town, and the Venetian Castle of Antiparos.

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BEST FOR – Beaches, hiking, and watersports

Milos in the Cyclades is one of the prettiest places in Greece and among the country’s best-kept secrets.

Over 70 gorgeous white sand beaches are scattered around the dramatic coastline, primarily empty, surrounded by rocky hills and fishermen’s villages. 

Most beautiful places in Greece

The volcanic island was where the iconic Venus de Milo statue was discovered, and the island is filled with unique bars, mountains, caves, and rugged landscapes – mystically enchanting its visitors.

Must-visits include:  Go hopping the beaches because there is plenty to keep you busy, from Sarakiniko to Papafragas. 

best places to visit in Greece

Take a dip in the mineral-rich hot springs.

Enjoy boat and sailing trips to nearby villages like Mantrakia, Pollonia, and Klima.

Spend a few days in the port town of Adamas, home to many beaches excellent for swimming and stop at Chora. 

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Less than 2 hours away from the capital Athens, is Hydra, one of the most beautiful places in Greece, which draws day-trippers and beach lovers in large crowds during the peak seasons that roam freely in the car-free island that provides the paradise-like ambience for holiday goers.

Must-visits include: Hydra is easily one of the best places in Greece for many reasons.

It is the centre of contemporary artists, including musicians, don’t get fooled by the small port of Hydra, as a lot of action happens here. 

You can take a water taxi and head straight to the coast to Kamini and Vlichos.

Admire the colourful waterfront or head inland to arrive at the rocky cliffs overlooking the stunning coast. Watch the gorgeous sunset before heading to Athens.

Recommended: From Athens: Full-Day Cruise to Aegina, Poros and Hydra


BEST FOR – Beaches and villages

To truly experience beautiful Greece, you should head to the small island of Tinos in the Cyclades, just 15 minutes away from the famous Mykonos and Andros islands. 

Home to 50 traditional Greek villages and dozens of stunning beaches, Tinos is one of the most beautiful places in Greece, which fewer tourists visit despite its proximity to Mykonos.

Must-visits include:  If you want the best beaches in Greece that are devoid of people, then you should try out the beaches in Tinos. 

Most beautiful places in Greece

Visit the biggest village Pyrgos on the northern end, famous for its marble craftsmen that have turned every building into ornately decorated art pieces. sculpted birds and flowers decorate every doorway. 

In Volax, check out the homes of weavers carved out of stones. Explore the white, rocky hillside coasts, many chapels, unique dovecotes, and winding streets around the sea.

Pay a visit to the Panagia Evangelistria monastery, one of the holiest sites in Greece, which receives hundreds of thousands of pilgrims on August 15th every year.

Book a whole day trip to Tinos here.

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BEST FOR – Beaches, Family

One of the most beautiful places in Greece is Skiathos, the smallest island in the Sporades, which is a family-friendly island in Greece that’s home to stunning soft white sand beaches, cute towns, and hilltops.

Must-visits include:  Idle away in the town of Skiathos, home to a colourful harbour, a few beaches, many restaurants, and a few bars.

Head to the most popular beach in Skiathos, the turquoise-coloured Koukounaries in the south. 

Tropical pine groves and winding roads will lead you to another fantastic Elia beach.

Another thing for which Skiathos is known are the stylish Greek tavernas scattered everywhere. Don’t miss experiencing dining in one of these.

Recommended: Skiathos: All-Inclusive Full-Day Cruise & Lunch


BEST FOR – Beaches, towns, and villages

If you want to witness a gorgeous Greece island that has a perfect blend of British, Venetian, and French influences, post-card perfect villages dotting the coast overlooking splendid beaches, head to Corfu in the Ionian sea, one of the most beautiful places in Greece.

Must-visits include: Begin at Corfu town to get into the mood, visit some historical sites, fantastic food, and the old Venetian town, and watch the sunset in Faliraki, home to a fortress.

Check out the pastel-coloured villages filled with mansions and olive groves, resembling the charming Tuscany, the only addition being the dramatic coastline around them.

You have beautiful coves of Nissaki, Agios Stefanos, or Kerasia for relaxing.

Recommended: Corfu: Historical Old Town Cycle Tour


BEST FOR – History, food and villages

Among the best islands to visit in Greece is Syros, the capital of the Cyclades and a hilly island known for its Venetian settlements, which will make you feel as if you are in Italy, thanks to the strong influence that has been passed on for centuries.

Syros is surely one of the most beautiful places in Greece, characterized by the typical Greek settings – splendid villages, sandy beaches, pine groves and mountains inland, and rocky cliffs and coves along the coast.

Must-visits include:  Explore the vibrant port city of Ermoupoli, famous for its neoclassical architecture and waterfront. 

After a day or two of indulging in the best food and wine, head to the many pretty villages including Poros Neorio and Poseidonia. Beach lovers should check out Delfini, Varvarousa, and Aetos for a swim and sunset.


BEST FOR – offbeat, outdoors and villages

Among the beautiful places of Greece are the third-largest island in the Dodecanese and one of the hidden gems Karpathos, blessed with immense natural beauty, unique, rugged landscape, and ancient history.

If you are looking for an offbeat place in Greece, Karpathos is your perfect bet.

Must-visits include:  If you want to enjoy the beaches, head to the south of the island, which has many options for divers and surfers.

Hikers should go in the opposite, where you can find dozens of well-marked trails leading to gorgeous viewpoints.


BEST FOR – Beaches and coves

Located close to Rhodes island, the rocky island of Symi in the Dodecanese is one of the most beautiful places in Greece for a quieter getaway, with great historical sites, rocky cliffs, and villages.

The gorgeous port town has very few inhabitants, so if you want a quiet island, add Symi for a quick visit.

Must-visits include:  Among the top attractions are the ruins of the Acropolis, the horseshoe bay, the stunning Chorio village, and the many beaches.

Also, check out the Panormitis monastery among the many unique monasteries you will find scattered throughout the island. 

Recommended: Rhodes Town: Boat Trip to Symi Island and St George Bay


BEST FOR – Beaches and coves

If you are looking for a secluded summer beach getaway, plan a trip to Serifos in the Cyclades, one of the most beautiful places in Greece known for its many amazing coves adorning the coast, which are mostly empty even during the peak season thanks to the island being one of the offbeat places in Greece.

Most beautiful places in Greece

Must-visits include:  Just keep hopping the coves or beaches. You can rent a boat and go on short trips around. Many taverns are offering excellent ambience and splendid views for relaxing dining. 


In this list of Greece’s beautiful places, you will find natural wonders, national parks, or unique landmarks, a few of which are on one of the islands, so you can add these to the itinerary.


Samaria Gorge is a Natural Park and a Biosphere Reserve located on the island of Crete.

Home to over 50 canyons, fantastic wildlife, and dramatic landscapes, Samariá is one of the most beautiful places in Greece.

Most beautiful places in Greece

It is a popular destination in Greece visited by a million people that explore the 16km-long stretch filled with many hiking trails, including high cliffs, coastal villages, and smaller gorges.

Recommended: From Chania: Full-Day Samaria Gorge Trek Excursion


The destination that deserves to be on the list of the most beautiful places in Greece is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Meteora, home to six monasteries perched on sandstone mountains.

Most beautiful places in Greece

Did you know? After the Acropolis, the Meteora Monasteries are Greece’s second most important site.

In ancient times, monks used to sit in baskets to reach the monastery or climb, as these were the only ways to reach the site. 

You can easily spend a day exploring the sites best on a guided tour to know the fascinating history of these sacred sites, along with hiking and rock climbing.


Named after the highest mountain in the country it houses, Olympus National Park, located further to the north of Athens, is one of the most beautiful places in Greece that you should visit on your trip.

This huge reserve encompasses thick forests, impressive gorges, valleys, and rich wildlife and fauna.

From hiking on the many trails to camping to exploring the nearby villages, you can spend a day or multiple days planning a trip to this national park.


If you thought Greece is just about beaches, there is a surprise.

It might be a human-made reservoir, but Lake Kerkini is one of the most beautiful places in Greece, between the mountains and the sea. 

This lake has created one of the largest wetlands on earth and has become the breeding ground for hundreds of birds, fish, and wildflowers. 

Apart from the gorgeous views of the Krousia and Belasica mountains, you can enjoy bird-watching here as you see over 200 species of wild birds, including thousands of pelicans, a few animals, and fish that flourish during the migration. 

Most people plan a day trip from the nearest city Thessaloniki, especially during autumn, summer, and spring – all the seasons that are excellent for exploring the lake, including canoeing, boat trips, and hiking around the lake, along with bird-watching.

Recommended: From Thessaloniki: Day Trip to Kerkini Lake


Among the beautiful and unique places to visit in Greece is Zagori in northwestern Greece.

It is located amidst the mountains, including two national parks and 46 unique Zagori villages in the shape of an inverted equilateral triangle and connected with stone bridges from medieval times.

Most beautiful places in Greece

What makes Zagori special is the dramatic, sprawling, unique landscape comprising of gorges like Vikos Gorge from the Astrakas Mountain, lakes, stone bridges including the famous Kalogeriko, hot springs, the beautiful Viodomatis River, and many ancient monasteries.

You can take up several trails to cover some of these or drive through exploring these attractions for one to a few days, which is worth experiencing.

Recommended: Kipoi: Zagori Villages and Bridges Hike



Located at the foot of Mount Parnassus in Phocis valley is the town of Delphi, one of the most beautiful places in Greece renowned for the 4th-century archaeological site of the same name, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Delphi is one of the travel destinations that you shouldn’t miss in mainland Greece.

Ancient Delphi was a prominent city in the Greek empire, a centre of religion, and a place that was also believed to be the centre of the world, the city was dedicated to the Greek Sun God Apollo.

Most beautiful places in Greece

This belief is why they constructed the massive Delphi Theatre atop the hill overlooking the gorgeous valley.

In ancient Greece, it was a sanctuary for the oracle of Apollo, Pythia, who was consulted for decisions.

The theatre was also the venue for enjoying plays, poems, and musical evenings witnessed by over 5000 people that could be accommodated.

Take a guided tour to go back in time to Delphi. Also, check out the old temple of Apollo and other ruins when you are here.

Recommended: Athens: Delphi Guided Day Trip with Pickup & Optional Lunch


Nafplio is a lovely port town in the Peloponnese region renowned for its medieval castles, the beautiful walled old town home to the ancient ruins from the Ottoman, Roman, Venetian, and Byzantine periods, colourful waterfront, and leisurely boat trips to a few secluded islands. 

Nafplio, a popular day trip from Athens, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Greece, which will offer you a piece of different historic eras in a single town beautifully blended.

Take a walking tour of the old town’s cobbled streets, admiring the many Turkish and Venetian-style fountains and impressive buildings to arrive at Syntagma Square.

For gorgeous coast views, climb to reach the hilltop, Palamidi Castle. Another medieval fortress you shouldn’t miss is Bourtzi, a short boat trip away.

Check this detailed guide for exploring the Greek Islands on a budget.


The capital city of Greece, Athens, which was also the centre of the powerful Greece empire, is the starting point for any travelers arriving in the country.

Most people stay for a day or two, but it deserves more time.

Home to some of the world’s oldest archaeological places, UNESCO heritage sites that are treasures of the ancient empire, museums, and food are why Athens is one of the most beautiful cities in Greece.

Explore the most important landmark, the hilltop citadel Acropolis, surrounded by other monuments like the Parthenon temple and theatre.

Recommended: Guided tour of Acropolis

You will get some exciting things at the renowned National Archaeological Museum and The Acropolis Museum. Enjoy stunning sunset views from the top of other hills.


On the mainland in the northwestern part is a pretty coastal town, Parga, on the Ionian bay, one of the prettiest places in Greece.

It is a resort town, but unlike the towns on the many islands, Parga is mainly without the crowds, making it the perfect place if you are looking for a beach holiday in Greece off the beaten path.

You can relax, swim or kayak at the gorgeous beaches of Paralia Valtos, Paralia Lichnos, Sarakiniko, and Piso Krioneri – the most popular beaches. Plan a trip to the lovely Aphrodite’s cave.

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A city in the northern part of the country sitting on the gorgeous Lake Orestiada surrounded by the dramatic limestone mountains, Kastoria is one of the most beautiful places in Greece, a hidden gem. 

It was an important town during the Byzantine empire, and that’s why you will many monuments and sites, but Kastoria is home to many beautiful natural wonders too. 

Whether enjoying a quiet stroll along the lake, exploring the ancient history, or taking in the blissful bird views during the sunset, Kastoria offers a piece of Greece you can savour slowly and well on holiday.

Plan a trip to the gorgeous caves of Dragon’s Lair and the Cave of the Dragon Museum. 

Many vineyards offer wine tours for their visitors, which is recommended.


Monemvasia is a splendid town on the east coast of the Peloponnese. It is known for its magnificent stone Monemvasia Fortress of the Byzantine empire, one of the most beautiful historical sites in Greece.

Monemvasia is also among the few places known for its longest human settlements, with early settlers arriving in the 6th century. 

You can easily spend a weekend soaking in the charming walled-town – whether it is exploring the gorgeous castles or churches or enjoying the views of the sunset or planning a trip to prehistoric Kastania Cave, there are many amazing things to do in Monemvasia.


Another UNESCO World Heritage in Greece that you should add to your itinerary is the fairytale Mystras, a mountainous town that was a major town during the Byzantine period. 

It is known for the pastel-colored archaeological ruins encompassing churches, a gorgeous castle fortress, an old town, and fantastic views of the mountain valleys.


One of the most beautiful cities in Greece is its second-largest city Thessaloniki, which is surprisingly not on the itinerary of many people. 

But it should be because there are plenty of awesome things to do in this lovely city, whether it is exploring the colourful old quarter of Ladadika or meandering through the port enjoying the panoramic views of the Aegean coast or getting lost amidst its vast, rich ancient ruins.

There is something for everyone in Thessaloniki.

Explore the old town that will take you back in time through its Byzantine chapels, Venetian and Roman villas, arched gates, and bell tower.

Visit the Turkish baths or head to the market district, which is full of splendour – browsing the Greek shops at dining at one of the cute Tavernas.

Recommended: Thessaloniki: Walking Tour


Another archaeological site near Mykines in Argolis, north-eastern Peloponnese, is Mycenae, one of the most beautiful places in Greece.

It is the place where the last phase of the ancient Greece settlements thrived during the 12th century BC, and visitors can visit the remains of this comprising of the Acropolis, tombs of many emperors, statues, and buildings within the walled fortress. 

You will love this site if you are into history like me, it is an easy day trip from Athens, and you can spend a few hours or even a day checking out some of the oldest settlements found in history.


If you want to enjoy a Greek holiday without digging too deep in your pockets but also ensuring you have typical Greece settings, then you should head to this little resort town of Ermioni, which is one of the most beautiful places in Greece comprising of a colourful waterfront, luxurious resorts, spas and tavernas along with the spectacular views of the port in the Mulberry leaf-shaped Peloponnese region. 


Below are the maps of the most beautiful places in Greece for an idea of what to expect. 

Map of Greece beautiful islands

Map of the most beautiful natural attractions in Greece

Map of the most beautiful cities in Greece

That’s a wrap for the most beautiful places in Greece. If you have any more recommendations, let us know in the comments below. Enjoy a fabulous Greece holiday.



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