Siquijor beaches make you feel out of this world. I mean, the Philippines is home to some of the gorgeous islands in the world that boasts of turquoise beaches that we all dream of when we think of beach holidays

And Siquijor island is one of those incredibly beautiful islands which is often overshadowed by the much bigger Dumaguete, Cebu or Bohol that receives more tourists.

Siquijor might not also be as famous as Palawan or Coron, which is what makes it a perfect destination if you want to enjoy the most beautiful beaches all by yourself minus all the crowds. Plus they are perfect for snorkelling, swimming and Kayaking too.

I loved the other islands during my one-month backpacking in the Philippines, and Siquijor island is my favourite because it’s a low key, gorgeous destination to go off the beaten path.

In this post, get to know all about Siquijor beaches – the best beach in Siquijor, the top beaches in Siquijor that is ideal for first-time travellers, how to plan a beautiful trip to Siquijor and more.

So let’s dive into the best Siquijor beaches right away.

If you want a detailed guide to traveling in the Philippines, check this guide here.



Perfect for – swimming and snorkelling

Rating – 5/5

Siquijor beaches

When you think of the best Siquijor beaches, you can’t help adding Tubod beach at the top of this list. Tubod Marine Sanctuary, located to the south of San Juan, is a reef marine reserve that’s dedicated to the conservation of rare and endangered coral reef and the marine life it supports.

Most of Tubod beach area inside this sanctuary belongs to the famous Coco Grove resort, one of the fascinating resorts in Siquijor. But the good news is Tubod beach is open to the public.

I enjoyed a luxurious stay at Coco Grove Resort so that I could access the gears and most of the area for free, but even if not, you can access Tubod beach.

Tubod beach is an excellent place for snorkelling and swimming. The water might get choppy, but thanks to its ultimate clear turquoise waters, you will spot some of the most vibrant marine life. Be ready to get welcomed by a school of Nemo!

It is one of the best-kept beaches, and the white-sand coastline is the best spot to witness gorgeous sunsets.

You can rent snorkel gear for 100 PHP and an additional 50 PHP as entry fees.

Did you know? Tubod Beach is the starting point for day trips to Apo Island. You can book a journey through Coco Grove resort.

Apo Island was one of the top experiences in the Philippines for me. Read all about Apo Island day trip here.

How to reach Tubod Beach

Rent a tricycle to reach Tubod Marine Sanctuary located further up from the main entrance of Coco Grove. There is a path that leads to the Tubod beach. This is the way to the entry of Tubod for the public.


Perfect for – swimming and snorkelling

Rating – 3/5

One of the best beaches in Siquijor that you can’t miss is Paliton Beach. It is one of the best Siquijor beaches to enjoy snorkelling and stunning sunset views best viewed on the beautiful white sand coastline dotted with coconut palm trees which beautify Paliton beach further.

You will find the post-card perfect lineup of the unique Philippino fishing boats by the shore once you arrive at Paliton beach.

The beach is free to access for the public. You can easily spend a day or even more doing absolutely nothing except soaking in the stunning panoramic views of the coast during the day.

If you are going to visit both Paliton and Tubod, I’d recommend Tubod for snorkelling as it is a better beach than Paliton. 

The water is shallow and gets low during low tides further, so Paliton might not be among the recommend Siquijor beaches for swimming.

Walk along the coast to reach the spots near coconut palms from where you can enjoy the best views. 

Paliton is a very famous beach among the locals so if you are visiting on the weekends and holidays, expect crowds of families and friends.

How to reach Paliton beach

Paliton Beach is about 1.5 km from the main road in San Juan. You can rent a bike and look for Paliton Marine Sanctuary signboards that you will lead you to the entrance. You can also rent a tricycle to get there.


Perfect for – swimming and snorkelling

Rating – 5/5

Located further north before the entrance to Paliton is Pontod beach, one of the finest Siquijor beaches. If you find Paliton to be crowded, you can quickly drive to Pontod, which not many tourists are aware. 

Pontod is a public beach, and although right next to Paliton, it is surprising that only locals know about this place.

This stretch is an extension of Paliton in terms of its beauty and the clear water perfect for swimming.


Perfect for – swimming and snorkelling

Rating – 4/5

Located in Maria, Salagdoong Beach is one of the best Siquijor beaches, and also one of the top beaches on the island that attracts large crowds of local as well as foreign travelers.

Thanks to the gorgeous coastline sprinkled with white sand and swaying coconut palms, the beach is perfect for a weekend getaway to enjoy many beach activities, including watching excellent sunset views.

If you are looking for a Siquijor beach that is well-developed with all amenities favouring tourists, Salagdoong is the top place. 

Siquijor Beaches
Salagdoong is one of the best Siquijor beaches

Salagdoong is one of the prettiest Siquijor beaches that’s popular for jumping off the cliffs – You will find two adventurous diving points up to 35 feet in height, overlooking the beach from where you can dive into the water. 

It is best to be here on the weekdays and early mornings when the crowd is the least. The entrance to the beach is 75 PHP.

Unlike other beaches, you will find a lot of great restaurants serving some excellent seafood cuisines and cocktails – So Salagdoong beach is best to unwind, dine and take a stroll along the shore.

How to reach Salagdoong Beach

You can rent a tricycle or a motorbike to reach Salagdoong. You can easily navigate if you lookout for the signs with the name Salagdoong, which needs a detour from the highway.


Perfect for – relaxing and watching the sunset

Rating – 4/5

You can combine your visit to Paliton with a trip to Solangon, one of the prettiest Siquijor beaches worth checking out. Unlike Paliton, Solangon is much longer, and quieter too, apart from its gorgeous crystal clear waters and incredible views.

Solangan is famous for its finest white sand and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines. The long strip of white sand of Solangon weaves together Glamping Siquijor and Coral Cay resorts.

Siquijor beach

You have to pass a walkway through the beach resort to reach the main section of the beach that lies in front of Coral Cay resort. But the beach is open to the public and free to enter. 

Since the water at Solangon is shallow, I wouldn’t recommend this for snorkelling or swimming. But the beach wins your heart with incredible views and secluded location. 

Many hammocks are nestling between the coconut trees that you can rent too.

Relax, take a walk and enjoy a tasty lunch. Wait until sundown to witness a vibrant sunset that only a Siquijor beach can offer!

How to reach Solangon Beach

You can take a tricycle to reach Coral Cay Resort located in San Juan, from where you can take a walk.



Perfect for – relaxing, camping and watching the sunset

Rating – 4/5

Suppose you are looking for glamping or a campsite by the beach. In that case, Sabas is one of the best Siquijor beaches, thanks to its perfect secluded location and an affordable resort offering splendid views, a lot of camping activities and more – all without the influx of large crowds.

The water is perfect and so are the views during the golden hour – Sabas is one of the best beaches in Siquijor if you are traveling with friends or in groups. 

Even if you are not going to camp, you can spend the day at the beach for free of cost.

How to reach Sabas beach

Sabas beach is located near Lazi, and the best way to access is to rent a motorbike or a tricycle.


Perfect for – relaxing and watching the sunset

Rating – 3/5

One of the unspoilt Siquijor beaches is Kagusuan, which is one of the finest beaches on Siquijor island. The beach is another golden attraction located in Maria. There is a resort being built at the front, but the beach is accessible to the public.

The water is rough and shallow in some places, so it may not be the best choice to swim here. Kagusuan is an offbeat beach in Siquijor, and you can enjoy if you want a quiet beach time with fantastic views of the white-sand strip.

The water is rough and shallow in some places, so it may not be the best choice to swim here. Kagusuan is an offbeat beach in Siquijor, and you can enjoy if you want a quiet beach time with fantastic views of the white-sand strip.

Since there are no restaurants or shops nearby, it is best to get some snacks, water and drinks. You can have a picnic amidst the beach coast, and you will fall in love with this part of the tropical paradise in Siquijor.

How to reach Kagusuan beach

You have to reach Lazi town and hire a tricycle to arrive at Kagusuan. The beach is off the main road, and there are no signs if you are going to rent a motorbike to get there. However, Google maps show a reliable location.


Perfect for – secluded location and fewer tourists

Rating – 3/5

Not to confuse with the famous Monkey Business restaurant, Monkey beach is one of the quiet Siquijor beaches where you can have the shore for yourself. It is located close to Kagusan, about 3km away, and is the best beach in Siquijor if you want a secluded beach day.

The beach is small and is surrounded by clear white sand with palm trees along the shore. The water at Monkey beach is shallow, so not ideal for swimming or snorkelling but is perfect for escaping the tourists and having a relaxing time.

How to get to Monkey Beach

You can rent a tricycle or a motorbike to reach the beach. 


Perfect for – secluded location and amazing views

Rating – 3/5

Very close to Monkey beach in San Juan is the Secret beach, one of the hidden beaches on Siquijor island. As the name gives away, it is one of the offbeat Siquijor beaches, not many people are aware of, except a few locals. 

There is not much of the shore to take a walk or swim or relax, as the beach strip is choppier and uneven. You have to climb downstairs to get to the foot of the beach. 

Secret beach is perfect for making a brief stop for witnessing the stunning coastal views.

Rent a motorbike or a tricycle to get there.


Perfect for – snorkelling and swimming

Rating – 5/5

Located close to the pier of Siquijor, Candanay is one of the lesser-known beaches on the island, perfect for its remoteness. 

Unlike other beaches, you have some area that you can enjoy and even go swimming as the water is not so coarse and the tides are optimal. 

If you want to snorkel, you can do so at Candanay Sur that offers excellent glimpses of the rich marine life thanks to its clear waters.

There are a few resorts across this beach if you want to spend a night in this paradise.


Despite being home to some of the best beaches in the country, Siquijor is surprisingly not easily accessible, which is partly the reason many travelers often skip the island for more easily accessible Palawan or Cebu.

If you want to fly, you have to do so from Cebu, from where you can take the Airjuan flight. It is expensive and not frequently available.

The best way to travel to Siquijor is to arrive by ferry from Dumaguete, Cebu, Bohol or Iligan city.

Dumaguete is the most popular city among the above from where most tourists arrive at Siquijor. I wouldn’t recommend planning a trip from Cebu to Siquijor as the journey requires you to first get on a ferry to Tagbilaran in Bohol and then taking another boat trip to Siquijor.

The travel time is around 1.5 hours for regular ferries. OceanJet is the famous ferry company and although expensive, the travel time is about 45 minutes. The first OceanJet ferry from Dumaguete to Siquijor is at 7 AM.

You can check all other timings and prices to book the tickets:

Book ferry from Dumaguete to Siquijor

Book ferry from Bohol to Siquijor 

Book ferry from Cebu to Siquijor (including the transfer ferry)


There are plenty of hotels in Siquijor island to suit all budget ranges. Most Siquijor resorts are close to the tourist spots, but if you want a beach resort in Siquijor, it is not difficult to find.

If you don’t mind the budget and want to have a fantastic time enjoying Siquijor beaches, I highly recommend Coco Grove Siquijor Beach Resort. 

I stayed here for two nights, and I must say it was indeed the best accommodation – with sea-facing villas, private beach area, a large pool with a bar, and plenty of options to dine and pamper yourself.

If you are traveling alone or want to go for a budget stay, I’d recommend X, which has bike rental, great WiFi, and AC.

For those of you looking for mid-range villas and apartments, I recommend A and B for their excellent location and amenities.

That’s it about the Siquijor beaches travel guide – Choose your Siquijor beach depending on your preferences. 

Whether you are here for a day or more, there are plenty of amazing things to do in Siquijor – Find out all about them here.

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Let me know if you have any questions about the stunning Siquijor beaches in the comments below. Have a fabulous island trip!



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