If you want to plan fantastic day trips from Amsterdam, this post will give you plenty of ideas. Whether you have one or two extra days after covering all the sights on your Amsterdam itinerary, you can easily plan a few side trips to make the most of your time.

The destinations around Amsterdam offer you a variety of experiences – from the scenically-rich Dutch countryside to historic medieval towns to cosy beaches – there is something for everyone when you can think of exploring the Netherlands beyond Amsterdam.

These day trips from Amsterdam include less than 30 minutes to over 2 hours to travel, but thanks to the excellent public transport, especially trains and buses, exploring the towns is a breeze. Some of these are easy to cover day trips from Amsterdam by train or booking a car.

Whatever you choose, and no matter how many you can cover, check out this list of incredible day trips from Amsterdam that you will enjoy for sure.

Most Beautiful Day Trips from Amsterdam

Kinderdijk – Traditional Wooden Wind Mills & Postcard Village

Journey time from Amsterdam – 2 to 2.5 hours

One of the most beautiful day trips from Amsterdam is visiting the pretty village of Kinderdijk. Located to the south of Amsterdam, it is one of the places to witness the iconic traditional windmills, a hallmark of the Netherlands.

Nestled between the green fields, Kinderdijik consists of about 19 wooden windmills built during the 16th century. As you take a stroll, these pretty windmills make you feel as if you are in the 18th-century Holland, with the grass, the river stream and the sky forming a postcard-perfect backdrop.

Did you know? Kinderdijk is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Netherlands. It is one of the Amsterdam day trips that you can enjoy in all seasons. 

A visit to the village will give you an idea of how life here was once, and how windmills helped to prevent the flooding of fields due to rising water levels.

Rent a bike and cycle around the fields, soaking in the blissful views. If you prefer walking, even better. You can also take a boat tour if you are here in the summer. Get inside one of these ancient windmills for a tour of its making and functioning. Oh, and don’t forget to click tons of pictures or buy a souvenir or two at the tourist centre.

How to get to Kinderdijk?

By train – From Amsterdam Central station, you can take any train heading to Rotterdam, from where you can take a bus or a waterbus. The whole journey takes about 2 to 2.5 hours. Get the details of waterbus here.

By car – You can rent a car to Kinderdijk, which is the quickest way to reach taking about an hour or so.

The best alternative is to book a day tour to Kinderdijk from Amsterdam, which will solve your transport hassle. Given the relatively long journey using public transport, I highly recommend opting for a tour to explore Kinderdijk comfortably.

Book Here:  World Heritage Kinderdijk Windmills Tour

Keukenhof Gardens – Beautiful Dutch Tulips

Journey time from Amsterdam – 1 to 1.5 hours

One of the things on the Netherlands bucket list for travelers is visiting the beautiful Dutch Tulip gardens. And If you are traveling in the Netherlands during the spring in the months of March, April and until mid-May, you can check off this from your list by planning a day trip to the Keukenhof Gardens, home to millions of Dutch Tulips. 

The garden is located in the town of Lisse, a small town known for its typical Dutch countryside beauty. Keukenhof Gardens is the largest in the world, spreading for over 10 miles, and home to tons of different types of Tulip Blooms in millions. If you have ever dreamed of visiting a flower paradise, it is here where your dreams will come true!

The best time to visit Keukenhof Gardens is mid-April when the maximum Tulips are in bloom. There are also beautiful blooms surrounding the garden as well, so do look out for them. You can rent a bike and go cycling.

For refreshments, there are a few cafes and restaurants, but the prices are expensive. It is best to be here early in the morning as it gets crowded later.

How to reach Keukenhof Gardens from Amsterdam?

There are no direct trains or buses from Amsterdam to the gardens, which makes it a bit tricky. There are direct buses from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Alternatively, you can take a train to Haarlem, and then take a bus from Haarlem to Keukenhof Gardens

You can combine both Keukenhof Gardens and Haarlem for a day trip.

There are also guided tours that cover transport. Check this one.

Book Here:  Keukenhof: Skip-the-Ticket-Line Entrance

Zaanse Schans – Tulip Fields + Dutch Windmills

Journey time from Amsterdam – 1 hour

One of the most popular day trips from Amsterdam is Zaanse Schans. This pretty town is known for the historic traditional windmills on the banks of the River Zaan. It is one of the places to get glimpses of the ancient Dutch way of life.

Being a very popular place, it gets extremely crowded, especially during the high season. So it is best to visit Zaanse Schans early in the morning or during the evening around sunset for splendid views.

You can explore the streets of the town along the river to check out the rows of windmills, and visit Tulip fields and traditional Dutch-style houses. The beautiful countryside adorned with colourful Tulips makes it one of the worth visiting towns despite the crowds and the commercialization.

You can take a guided day tour from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans, which will cover more in a short time and worth your money.

How to reach Zaanse Schans?

Trains take less time to reach the station, but you need to walk for more than a kilometre. Buses drop you closer to the location, which you can take from Amsterdam.

I’d recommend this Day tour From Amsterdam: Zaanse Schans Windmills Half-Day Tour

Giethoorn – Pretty Village with rustic houses

If you are looking for one of the non-touristy day trips from Amsterdam, there isn’t probably anything better than Giethoorn, an enchanting village in the northern Netherlands.

One of the fascinating things about Giethoorn is the canals, which are the only way to commute as there are no roads in this village. Yes, if you want to experience a bit of Venice, Giethoorn is the Venice of the Netherlands. 

Take a boat trip to navigate through the canals lined with fairytale stone houses with thatched roofs, adorned with flowering plants. Enjoy the views of the farmhouses, the greenery and all the buildings from the comfort your boat. 

How to reach Giethoorn?

Reaching Giethoorn is not straightforward, unlike the other towns, and you will have to keep aside 2 to 2.5 hours one way if you want to travel independently. 

You will have to take a train and then a bus at Zwolle. Renting a car, or even better, booking a guided tour is what I’d recommend exploring Giethoorn more comfortably.

Book this day trip to Giethoorn by Bus and Boat here.

Haarlem – A Typical Pretty Dutch Town

Journey time from Amsterdam – 30 minutes

If don’t have much time in your Amsterdam itinerary, but would still love to go around, Haarlem is one the easiest and quickest day trips from Amsterdam that you can take.

Haarlem is a beautiful town surrounded by canals and a well-preserved old quarter known for its historic medieval buildings. Haarlem is one of the best day trips from Amsterdam by train as you will reach the city by train within 20 minutes.

Haarlem is considered to be a mini-version of Amsterdam, and it is true – It consists of pretty Dutch buildings lined along the canals dotted with lovely bridges at the heart of which is the old town. But the best part is the lack of commercialisation or crowds that you can find in Amsterdam.

Haarlem is a perfect combination of the ancient and modern-day Dutch as you can see both co-existing and blending beautifully. You will be surprised at the number of cute Instagram spots that you can find free of crowds.

You can take a boat tour in the canals on the Spaarne river. Or rent a bike and go around the town. 

Visit the Grote Markt, the lovely old-town square, at the centre of which is the towering Grote Kerk, the main medieval cathedral of Haarlem. If you are here on a Saturday, you can also witness the weekly street market, one of the best places for shopping. 

If you are into museums, Check out Netherland’s oldest Teylers Museum of science and arts for extensive collections of fossils.

Visit Frans Hals museum, dedicated to the famous medieval painter and Haarlem-born Frans Hals, where you can check out his hundreds of beautiful works of art.

Head to the 18th-century traditional wooden windmill Molen de Adriaan outside the square, a symbol of the old Dutch countryside, which you can also climb for splendid views of the town.

How to get to Haarlem from Amsterdam?

From Amsterdam Central Station, all trains leaving to Beverwijk, Den Haag, or Zandvoort stop at Haarlem. The train journey takes 15 minutes, and you can reach on foot to Haarlem downtown in 10 minutes.

Book Here:  Haarlem: 50-Minute Sightseeing Canal Cruise

Haarlem: 3.5-Hour Food Tour

Best Day trips from Amsterdam


Journey time from Amsterdam – 1 to 1.5 hours

While other towns and villages around Amsterdam give you the typical Dutch experience, Rotterdam is an exception to this. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe known for its urban, quirky architecture, and is one of the best day trips from Amsterdam you can plan.

Rotterdam has a magnificent skyline comprising of skyscrapers, massive bridges and buildings. The city is one of the leading in the world when it comes to contemporary designs.

If you don’t believe me, you will be stunned at the architecture of Rotterdam Centraal Station as you get out. Rotterdam was almost entirely destroyed in WW II, and it was reconstructed with modern architecture, making it one of the most urbanized cities.

There are many things to do in Rotterdam, depending on what you like. Visit the bright-yellow Cube Houses, one of the iconic landmarks of Rotterdam. These houses have a three-dimensional design, which is one of the unique architectural wonders of the city.

Also, check out the gorgeous Blaak Houses. Head to Erasmus Bridge for stunning views of the city’s skyline. Or if you want a panoramic bird view, go to Euromast observation tower.

You can also enjoy a romantic cruise if you are traveling with your special someone.

How to get to Rotterdam?

There are many trains leaving from Amsterdam that will take you in an hour to Rotterdam.

Recommended tour – Rotterdam Architecture Walking Tour 

Rotterdam Harbor Tour

The Hague

Journey time from Amsterdam – 30 to 45 minutes

The Hague is one of the recommended day trips from Amsterdam by train. If you are short on time, you can visit both Delft and the Hague on the same day, as it is about 20-minutes away from Delft by train.

If you want to visit leisurely(which is recommended), The Hague is one of the lovely cities, perfect for a quick day trip from Amsterdam. 

Tour a tour of the iconic monument Binnenhof, the central parliament building of the Netherlands, and also Peace Palace – the International Court of Justice for their stunning architecture and history.

All the art and museum lovers should visit Mauritshuis museum, which houses the famous The Girl with the Pearl earring painting and other splendid works of Vermeer.

Another museum for art lovers is the famous The World of M.C. Escher in the Royal Palace, which houses extensive collections of Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher.

If you are travelling with kids, you might like visiting the themed Madurodam Miniature Park, consisting of models of many Dutch cities. 

If you are here during the summer, and you are lucky to have a sunny day, hit one of the beaches in The Hague.

How to reach the Hague?

From Amsterdam Centraal Station, take the trains leaving to Rotterdam to get down at Den Haag (The Hague) Centraal station, from where you can walk around to reach the attractions.

If you want to skip the line for tickets in the museums and avoid public transport, I’d recommend this tour.

Book Here:  The Hague: Escher in The Palace Museum Ticket 

Madurodam Miniature Park Entrance Ticket

Marken – Lovely Fishing Town

Marken is a pretty fishing town away from the mainland, which is one of the most memorable day trips from Amsterdam among tourists. Located on a small island, Marken is known for the famous towns Edam and Volendam. Many people argue that these towns are over-hyped and are not worth checking out, which is partly true.

If you consider this list, there are many other destinations for side trips better than Marken, but if you don’t touristy things or the crowd and want to experience how a Dutch fishing town looked like, Marken is a lovely place. 

If you take a guided tour, they will cover all the highlights, which are the best option to make the most of your time and money. I’d recommend this tour.

Explore the stunning old-style houses, a scenic harbour and the fantastic views from the top of Paard van Marken Lighthouse. Marken is also famous for Dutch-style traditional wooden clogs that you can buy or see how they are made at the Clog Factory.

How to reach Marken?

Trains take about 30 minutes to reach Marken after which you will need a short boat ride.

Book this full-day tour:  Marken, Volendam, and Edam Full-Day Tour from Amsterdam

Alkmaar – Dutch Cheese 

Journey time from Amsterdam – 30 minutes

Alkmaar is one of the most touristic day trips from Amsterdam, and despite the crowds, it is worth visiting Alkmaar for its rich Dutch culture, traditions and the cheese. 

Alkmaar is the capital of cheese in the Netherlands, and its history of the production of cheese dates back to medieval times. If you are a foodie that also enjoys history, Alkmaar might be the best choice for you.

If you visit the country during the spring and summer months, plan a trip here on a Friday as there is Cheese market set up by locals, which is fun. 

You will find all types of cheese, a lot of food stalls and even special activities, parades and contests. Locals dress up in traditional attire in this market, and all the buzz and the fun makes you feel as if you got transported back in time. 

Apart from enjoying the cheese market, you can also stroll in the old town, or if you want to experience a Dutch garden, head to Oosterhout. If you love museums, Alkmaar has some excellent ones including the Cheese Museum and the Beatles Museum.

How to reach Alkmaar?

You can take a train from Amsterdam Central Station to Alkmaar, which takes about 30 minutes.

Book Here:  From Amsterdam: Traditional Dutch Cheese Market Tour

Utrecht – Historic Town

Journey time from Amsterdam – 30 minutes

Utrecht is one of the cities in the Netherlands which is quintessentially Dutch in all aspects, making it one of the few destinations to admire Dutch history, architecture or culture. 

And the fact that it is just 30 minutes away from Amsterdam makes it an excellent option for a day trip from Amsterdam by train. It is a great idea to plan a day trip to Utrecht if you don’t have much time, but would still want to venture beyond Amsterdam for history, museums, canals and fantastic restaurants serving great Beer.

Begin from the heart of Utrecht, at the beautiful historic old town, the central attraction of which is the Dom tower, the tallest in the Netherlands adjoining the lovely Gothic style cathedrals St. Peter’s and St. Martin’s. Admire the marvellous views of the town from the tower. Walk along the fabulous two-story canals and don’t forget to capture them on your camera.

If you love museums, you got a handful of them in Utrecht. The most notable ones I’d recommend are the unique Railway and the Musical clock Museums. If you have time and want to add another one, check out the Centraal Museum.

How to reach Utrecht?

Direct trains leave to Utrecht Centraal from Amsterdam station, which takes about thirty minutes.

Book the combo tour of Utrecht and the Castle here.

Delft – Pottery & Medieval Town

Journey time from Amsterdam – 1 to 1.5 hours

Delft is one of the charming towns in the Netherlands that’s a perfect option for an easy day trip from Amsterdam. The beautiful town is renowned for its Delftware pottery, the famous blue and whiteware dishes and also tiles, which are known for vivid floral designs.

The main attraction in Delft is the Delftware factory, of which you can take a guided tour to witness the design and making of the tiles in traditional ways.

There is a lot more to Delft than the pottery, so head next to the Grote Markt Square, surrounded by beautiful cobbled streets. The central attraction of the square is the New Church – Nieuwe Kerk, famous for its medieval tower from where you can witness stunning views of the town.

Explore the Old church, city hall and the adjoining streets for souvenirs and lovely cafes. Walk along the many cute canals and admire the Dutch buildings. And if you have time, check out Vermeer Centrum arts museum.

How to reach Delft from Amsterdam?

From Amsterdam Centraal, take the train to Vlissengen which will take about an hour.

If you are short on time and want to make most of your time, I’d recommend these combo guided tours covering pickup from your hotel and all transports.

Book Here:  Royal Delft: Delft blue Factory and Museum

Delft: Guided Walking Tour

Non – Touristy day trips from Amsterdam

Gouda – Cheese and lovely Dutch Old Quarter

Journey time from Amsterdam – 30 minutes to 1 hour

If you want a less touristy and less crowded version of Alkmaar, then Gouda is one of the recommended day trips from Amsterdam that you can plan. Gouda is an ancient town famous for the production of cheese, and the bustling weekly cheese market held every Thursday, which is a great spectacle to watch.

If you want to taste all kinds of delicious Dutch Cheese, the cheese market in Gouda is where you should go. The cheese farm Kaasboerderij Jongehoeve is a fabulous place to know how the delicious cheese is prepared.

Apart from the cheese market, Gouda is one of the excellent places to enjoy the quaint Dutch countryside devoid of all the crowds. You can rent a bike and cycle around the town, getting lost amidst the lovely streets. 

Or head to the charming old town to check out some medieval structures including the Gouwekerk and the City Hall. Walk along the canal and check out the traditional Red Lion Windmill.

How to reach Gouda?

It takes about an hour to reach Gouda from Amsterdam if you take one of the slower trains.

Here are some of the day tours that I can recommend –  Gouda: 2-Hour Monument Walking Tour

Muiderslot – Beautiful Dutch Castle

If you are into fairytale castles like me, you will love a visit to Muiderslot, home to a stunning 13th-century medieval castle. It is a postcard-perfect historic Castle comprising of a moat, the watchtowers, and the beautiful gardens. Muiderslot is one of the best castle day trips from Amsterdam that you can take.

Plus, the entry to this UNESCO World Heritage site is free if you have bought the iAmsterdam card, so why pass a chance of visiting this lovely place?

After exploring Muiderslot castle, have a quick stroll around the lovely town of Muiden too before you wrap up the trip.

How to reach Muiderslot?

You have to first take a train to Muiderslot from Amsterdam, and then take a bus to reach the castle.

Book Here:  From Amsterdam: Private Day Trip to the Dutch Castles

Amsterdamse Bos – Amsterdam Forest National Park

Not many are aware that less than an hour away from the bustling Amsterdam lies one of the largest parks in the Country. Amsterdam Bos, called Amsterdam forest is more of a thick jungle than a park and is almost thrice the size of Central Park in New York City. 

It is one of the hidden gems near Amsterdam and a fantastic option for a nature day trip from Amsterdam.

If you are in the Netherlands during the spring, summer or autumn, you will be treated with a wide canopy of blooms and magnificent fall colours.

Amsterdam Bos is home to several ponds, lakes, lovely woodland and landscaped gardens on which you will see freely-roaming highland cattle. 

In spring you can visit the Cherry blossom park. You can enjoy canoeing or Kayaking, rent a bike and cycle around the lovely park, or swim in one of the ponds. Amsterdam Bos is a beautiful place for a picnic, and a perfect getaway to unwind.

How to reach the Amsterdam Forest?

You can take the bus 347 or 357, and get down at Van Nijenrodeweg or Amstelveenseweg, which is the stop at the entrance of the forest.

Dordrecht – National Park, Hiking & Canoeing

Similar to Marken, Dordrecht is one of the cute islands, famous as the Venice of Holland as the island on which Dordrecht is located was only accessible by boats. It is one of the non-touristy day trips from Amsterdam that you can plan to relax and unwind in the lovely cafes and restaurants. 

Rent a bike and explore the streets, or take a walk along the old quarter around the canals.

If you want active sightseeing or hiking, head to Nationaal Park De Biesbosch. The Biesbosch National Park is one of the largest national parks of the Netherlands and one of the remaining areas of freshwater tidal wetlands. You can take a boat ride or hike in one of the trails. If you are here in summer, I’d highly recommend adding this park to your itinerary.

Another beautiful park is Biesboschcentrum Dordrecht, where you can enjoy Canoeing in summers. The park also has a lot of trails for light hiking. The scenic green views and the rich canopy is a fresh breeze and one of the unique experiences you can enjoy. 

How to reach Dordrecht?

Direct trains from Amsterdam Central take about 1.5 hours, and you need another 15 minutes or more to reach the centre. 

You can also take a train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, and then take a ferry cruise, which is fabulous for enjoying the scenic route. 

Leiden – Museums and Gardens

Leiden is one of the less touristy places in the Netherlands, which is a plus if you want to get away from the crowds. Leiden is one of the sleepy towns close to Amsterdam and is the birthplace of the legendary artist Rembrandt. 

If you are looking for an easy getaway, Leiden is perfect for a quick day trip from Amsterdam. It is known for the museums, the famous university, and other things Dutch – cute buildings, lovely canals and enough attractions to explore leisurely.

You can combine a day trip to Leiden with other cities like The Hague or Rotterdam, as it is on the way to these towns if you want to make the most of your time. 

You will love Leiden if you are into museums. Visit the National Archeology Museum or Naturalis Biodiversity Center. If you enjoy history, you will love a visit to the American Pilgrim Museum. Art lovers can check out the Museum de Lakenhal.

Take a stroll in one of the oldest botanical gardens in Leiden and along the lovely canals, admiring the Dutch architecture. If you are here on a Wednesday or Saturday, make sure to check out the bustling street market, a great place for shopping.

How to reach Leiden from Amsterdam?

You can board any of the trains towards Zuid Holland as they all stop in Leiden. You will reach within 35 minutes.

Book Leiden 2-Hour Walking Tour

Zwolle – For the Book Lovers

The town of Zwolle, located in Zuid province and the capital of Overijssel, is one of the quick getaways from Amsterdam you can enjoy. 

It is one of the sleepy towns, perfect for aimless wandering as you admire the Dutch buildings and the old town comprising the iconic gatehouse The Sassenpoort and the Gothic Cathedral. 

Visit the famous visual arts museum Museum de Fundatie, located in a rich medieval building. 

The most popular attraction is Waanders In de Broeren, a fantastic bookstore located in a Catholic Church, which has an exhaustive collection of books.

How to reach Zwolle?

There are direct sprinter trains running from Amsterdam to Zwolle that takes about 1.5 hours. 

Zandvoort – Beaches

If you are in the Netherlands during summer and you are yearning for a beach getaway, Zandvoort is the perfect place to get a break from medieval towns and canals. 

The Netherlands is not a country to think of when it comes to beaches thanks to the super-cold waters of the North Sea, but an exception to this are a few weeks of summer, and that’s when beach lovers head to the lovely town of Zandvoort.

Haarlem is only ten minutes from Zandvoort. So you can easily combine both on a single day.

If you are looking for a hike in summer, head to the beautiful Zuid-Kennemerland National Park, which has many trails.

How to reach Zandvoort?

From Amsterdam Centraal, take the trains towards Zandvoort, which takes about 30 minutes.


Hoorn is one of the towns in the Netherlands more popular among the locals than foreign travellers, which is a shame because Hoorn is one of the underrated day trips from Amsterdam that you can plan.

This port town has a rich history and was one of the important seaside towns to Dutch during middle ages and up to the 19th century. Explore the historic old 16th-century city dotted with medieval structures including the cathedral. 

If you are here during summer or spring, take a ride on one of the heritage trains of The Hoorn–Medemblik heritage railway. A ride on these antique steam-engine trains feels like going back in time to medieval Dutch ambience.

If you want to visit a museum, I’d recommend the Museum of the 20th Century located in prison.

Unlike other towns catering to tourists, you will find the cafes, restaurants and shops more authentic and less commercialized, allowing you to experience a real Dutch town devoid of tourism.

How to reach Hoorn

Take any train towards Enkhuizen that will stop at Hoorn. It takes bout 45 minutes to reach the centre.

Kasteel De Haar – Magnificent Medieval castle

If you a fan of European Castles, you got one here in the Netherlands.  Kasteel De Haar Castle, one of the largest castles in the country is worth visiting. It is one of those fairytale castles you find in Europe – replete with beautiful architecture, luxurious interiors and well-manicured gardens. It is one of the most beautiful day trips from 

Kasteel De Haar dates back to the 1800s and is owned by the Royal family even today. Although you can combine a trip to Utrecht with this castle, Kasteel De Haar is enormous, and I’d highly recommend doing just this as it needs your time and energy to check out both places.

How to reach Kasteel De Haar?

The most convenient way to get to Kasteel De Haar is by a car. If you want to go for public transport, you can do so by first taking a train to Utrecht, and then change for another train to Vleuten. 

And finally, from Vleuten, take a bus to Kasteel De Haar. The whole journey should take about 1.5 hours.

I’d recommend this day tour to solve this transport hassle and get skip-the-line tickets.

Day trips from Amsterdam To Belgium

Bruges – Incredibly Beautiful Town

Bruges is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. 

It certainly needs more than a day, maybe 2 days at least if possible, but most people explore Bruges as a day trip because it is quite doable, and yes, without being rushed. 

Bruges is one of the prettiest towns, and you can never get tired of admiring the cobbled streets lined with very lovely houses. Stroll through these streets to reach the market square at the heart of the old town. 

Take a boat tour that slowly takes you around the old town. Bruges is one of the towns where you can just wander around without a plan. It is compact and cosy.

Climb the top of the tower to get stunning views. Check out the cathedral and city hall. Belgium is a food paradise, and Bruges has everything that you can try. Don’t miss the hot waffles with a lot of sauce options, A wide variety of yummy Belgian chocolates and delicious fries topped with mayonnaise and mustard sauces. And definitely try Belgian beer brew at one of the bars. 

How to reach Bruges?

Trains from Amsterdam Central take over 2 hours to reach, and buses will take up to 3 hours. Renting a car might get you there almost around the same time. 

The good thing is, you can sign up for a full-day guided tour from Amsterdam, which will save you from the hassle of transport and allows you to explore the best highlights comfortably.

Book Amsterdam: Bruges Full-Day Tour here.

You May Also Love:  Bruges: 1.5-Hour Waffle Workshop

Brussels – Charming Belgian Capital + Beer

Brussels, the capital of Belgium is one of the day trips from Amsterdam that you can plan by train. Technically, it is far away, but it is possible to explore the best of Brussels on a one day trip from Amsterdam. 

Brussels is a modern city with a rich medieval old town, and being the seat of the European Union is among other reasons why it is worth visiting the city.

Start with the centre of the old town at the square, dominated by the City’s Town Hall, which is knowing for its stunning architecture and amazing artwork. Also, check out other medieval structures including the Royal Palace and the Basilique Nationale du Sacre Coeur. 

If you enjoy museums, head to one of the museums among the History Museum or the Royal Museum of Fine Arts.

Brussels’ Old Town boasts of many restaurants and bars serving excellent Beer. Spend the evening at one of the traditional Belgian pubs before you head back to Amsterdam. 

How to reach Brussels?

Trains from Amsterdam Central take over 2 hours to reach Brussels, while buses take up to 3 hours. Start your day early to make the most of your day.

I’d recommend these tours to enjoy Brussels.  Brussels: Private Tour with a Local

You May Also Love:  Brussels: 2.5-Hour Belgian Chocolate Making Workshop

Antwerp – Lovely Port Town 

Another Belgian city ideal for Amsterdam day trip is Antwerp, the lovely port town known for its rich ancient town and a lot of museums. It is one of the fabulous destinations for shopping, including Diamonds, if you fancy!

Head straight to the centre of the old quarter, the Grote Markt, which is lined many medieval monuments like the Cathedral of Our Lady, St. Paul’s Church, and the imposing Steen Castle. Walk amidst the cobbled streets surrounding the market and buy something if you love any of the souvenirs. 

If you enjoy museums, I’d suggest you visit the UNESCO World Heritage site museum Plantin-Moretus, to know the history of printing and publishing. It has an extensive collection of artefacts depicting the origin and evolution of the print industry in Europe and the world.

If you have time left, cool off with at the famous local Park Spoor Noord.

How to reach Antwerp?

Book Here:  Historic Antwerp 2.5 Hour Walking Tour

You May Also Love:  Antwerp Beer Tasting Tour


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