If you are looking for Bali hidden gems, you are in the right place. Thanks to its growing popularity, the list of the beautiful hidden gems in Bali might be getting shorter, but there is still hope for those wanting to explore hidden Bali – many gorgeous waterfalls, beaches, villages, and natural landmarks await if you want to wander off the tourist trail on this stunning island in Indonesia.

So without much ado, grab a cuppa and browse through the beautiful hidden gems of Bali.


Bali is home to some of the best beaches you will ever find in South East Asia. But what about hidden beaches in Bali where you can have slices of the sea for yourself? Below are some Bali travel secrets about beaches.


Atuh Beach or Pantai Atuh on the east coast of Nusa Penida island is one of the beautiful Bali hidden gems, best for watching a splendid sunrise.

Although it is close to the iconic Rumah Pohon treehouse and the famous Diamond Beach, this is surprisingly still one of the beautiful hidden gems. You can reach Atuh by speedboat from Sanur harbor.

You can enjoy the stunning coast lined with palm trees, clear turquoise waters, and white sand all by yourself, with maybe a few locals!

Bali hidden gems
There are some beautiful Bali hidden gems

It would be best if you took a short but steep and slightly dangerous trek through a rocky trail that leads you to the beach. Since the currents are mild thanks to the rocky cliffs, Atuh is best for a swim.

Many beachside huts have mushroomed along the coast in recent years, where you can also find some excellent dining and drinks options. 


To the southeast of Nusa Penida island lies a dense tropical forest that runs wild along the coast dotted with rocky cliffs. Amidst these cliffs is the beautiful Tembeling Beach, one of Bali hidden gems minus any crowds or commercialization.

Although that’s quickly changing in recent years, it is still a good idea to visit Tembeling as it is yet one of the unexplored places in Bali. 

Bali hidden gems

You will also spot many splendid natural pools in the forests as you make your way through the unkempt trail through a cove, which will lead you to this pretty beach and the adjoining bay, perfect for a quiet beach getaway.


Bali is one of the best destinations for diving thanks to the rich marine life and clear waters because of which it attracts many divers. 

If you are looking for an offbeat beach for a fantastic scuba diving experience or even snorkeling, head to Candidasa Beach in the eastern part of Padang Bai, one of the stunning Bali hidden gems.

Candidasa beach is home to rich coral life in all colors, shapes, and sizes, and abundant marine life including hundreds of types of fish, sharks, and Manta Ray. At Manta Point, you can swim along with the giant Manta Rays if you are adventurous.

Hidden gems in Bali

Whether you have no experience in diving or you are a seasoned diver, you can enjoy diving in Candidasa as there are various levels for different experiences, from shallow waters to drift dives deep underwater. 

There are many bamboo huts for relaxing and dining although accommodation options are limited close to Candidasa beach.


Balian beach is one of the hidden gems in Bali located southwest Tabanan. If you are looking for a secluded beach devoid of tourists in large numbers, you should definitely add Balian, a black sand beach, one of the hidden spots in Bali.

bali hidden gems

It is next to the village by the same name, so Balian is a perfect excuse for going offbeat as you will be welcomed by the fresh countryside breeze and bamboo huts. From yoga teacher training to surfing on the beach, you can enjoy your solitude on Balian beach in bliss. 

The sunsets on the beach are gorgeous, so top your day of relaxing at the beach by watching the golden spectacle when you are here.


While the beaches are Bali are known for their finely powdered white sand shores, there are some exceptions to this, one of them being the lovely Yeh Leh Beach off the highway of Denpasar. 

Filled with boulders from volcano spurts that have been inhabiting the shores for hundreds of years, Yeh Leh Beach appears mystic thanks to them, especially enhancing the landscape during the magical sunset.

Apart from the rugged rocks, the other reason why you should visit Yeh Leh is that it is one of the best hidden gems in Bali.

There are few secret spots in Bali that are becoming popular each year, and Yeh Leh is one of them. So if you want to enjoy a slice of the beach before the arrival of tourists, now is the time


Located in the southern part of the island is one of Bali hidden gems – Balangan beach, which is surprisingly unexplored for most parts of the year.

Bali hidden gems

It is one of the best beaches in Bali for surfing. You have a white-sand shore dotted with limestone cliffs running for more than a mile on which you can spot cute traditional bamboo huts serving food, drinks, and hammocks for you to relax with only a handful of visitors. For fantastic views of the coast, climb atop Balangan clifftop.


In the northwestern part of the island is one of the gorgeous hidden places in Bali, Pemuteran Beach in the sleepy village by the same name, nestling amidst the mountains on an extinct crater.

Bali hidden gems

It is famous for its calm beach waves perfect for witnessing amazing sunsets, swimming, snorkeling, and especially diving, which is quite popular partly due to the largest artificial reef in the world, home to hundreds of marine species.


One of the best black sand beaches is the beautiful Pasut beach west of Canggu, one of the gorgeous Bali hidden gems for international travelers as it is a famous place among the locals.

The black-sand shore lined with palm trees that adds a charming backdrop makes it one of the most Instagrammable places in Bali that’s also yet unexplored.

hidden gems in Bali

Don’t miss the spectacle of the sunset if you visit Pasut because that’s one of the most fascinating things about this beach.


Bingin Beach is located on the western coastline of Bukit Peninsula, in Uluwatu. It is one of the amazing hidden gems in Bali if you are into surfing.

The cliffs and the white sand form the perfect backdrop for this beautiful beach with ideal current conditions for swimming and surfing.

secret places in Bali

You can walk further along the stretch to discover more secluded spots on the shore, or even better, climb one of the rocky cliffs for splendid views of the coast.


Powdered white sand beaches might be a thing here, but many of them are far too popular and crowded. Among the few exceptions, though, is the pretty Nyang Nyang Beach, one of the beautiful Bali hidden gems.

For starters, there is an amazing staircase of 600+ steps that will lead you to the beach. Of course, from the top of the cliff, you can enjoy 360-degree views. 

You will find no crowds in Nyang Nyang, one of the best Bali hidden gems

The water currents in Nyang Nyang are perfect for swimming and surfing(when high) – all of these things can be enjoyed without any crowds, which makes Nyang Nyang more alluring.

You can find a garden and a shipwreck if you keep walking further up the shore – highly recommended.


Another black sand jewel in the island is Pererenan Beach, one of the lovely hidden gems in Bali, with its coast running for about a mile that’s undeveloped, leaving you with a secret place in Bali where you can enjoy surfing and swimming without the presence of tourists.

The waves are regarded as volatile when compared to other beaches, so if you are a beginner, Pererenan might not be your ideal choice of beach.


Bali is home to hundreds of gorgeous waterfalls, and scores of them draw all the travelers, leaving the others to be Bali best-kept secrets. Well, at least a few of these Bali gems are revealed to you below.


Discovered very recently is one of the gorgeous Bali hidden gems – Kanto Lampo Waterfall.

The waterfall is considered a miracle among the locals who claim that this waterfall, following a drought-hit period, started flowing out of nowhere after rigorous prayers. This has been drawing crowds slowly since its formation.

Along with the waterfall, many claim the formation of a cave nearby, which is now one of the best meditation spots – thanks to its mystic and wonderful location amidst mountains, rocks, and a forest.

Despite being one of the hidden places in Bali, you will find a well-made staircase for reaching the base of the waterfalls – frequented by locals that come in crowds to pray and have fun.

If you want to enjoy a Bali waterfall minus the tourists, Kanto Lampo Waterfall is one of your best options.


Bali’s many jewels are among its gorgeous waterfalls, tucked away deep inside a tropical jungle in the northern part of the island.

Bhuana Sari, along with its twin Banyu Wana, is among the beautiful places among unexplored Bali, one of the best waterfalls you can enjoy.

The short trek to the foot of the falls is rewarding, and you will pass through plantations and Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall on your way.

Bali hidden gems

There are small natural pools around the falls where you can enjoy swimming or admire the canopy’s beauty surrounding you.

You will hardly find visitors, maybe a few locals on weekends on holidays, so make sure to carry some food and water for your trip.


You could make a list of Bali hidden gems with just all the waterfalls – because it seems like there are countless awesome waterfalls amidst the tropical jungles scattered all over the island.

Now and then, adventure seekers stumble upon these hidden gems in Bali as they explore.

One such jungle beauty is Campuhan Antapan Waterfall, located amidst rice fields and a nearby river.

Bali hidden gems

You have to walk past the fields very close to the main road, and you will reach the foot of the falls.

As it is one of the sacred waterfalls, you can’t swim although you can walk around. But you can go further to the pool area near the river where you can enjoy a swim, soaking in the amazing views.


One of the beautiful waterfalls in Bali known for its excellent location is Leke Leke Waterfalls in Bangli, one of the hidden gems of Bali that hardly receives any crowd at all.

You have to take a short walk amidst the forest, crossing over a bamboo bridge to reach the waterfall.

Bali hidden gems

It is also one of the best waterfalls for enjoying a swim, and there are plenty of Instagram spots for fantastic photos.

You can also camp close to the falls, rent a bicycle, and explore the countryside around or even try tubing.


One of the secret places in Bali that are quickly becoming mainstream is Tukad Cepang Waterfall amidst the gorgeous forested mountains.

Thanks to its secluded location, this stunning waterfall has managed to stay one of the best Bali hidden gems, which might soon change, though.

beautiful Bali hidden gems

As expected, you have to hike for some time, including about 100 steps down to reach the base, with another uphill hike back.

Tukad Cepung waterfall sits amidst rocks and originates from the river of the same name.

If you want to enjoy the waterfall all by yourself, early morning is the best time to visit to enjoy the morning sun, a nice swim in the pool, and a hike.


It is a surprise that one of the highest waterfalls on the island remains a part of unexplored Bali. Blahmatung waterfall, at 90 meters high, located amidst the tropical jungles near Pupuan village, is one of the best Bali hidden gems you should add to your itinerary.

Bali hidden gems

Unlike the other secret waterfalls in Bali, it is a bit harder to reach the waterfall base, as it involves a trek in the forest for about a kilometer.

Enjoy the green rice terraces of Pupuan, and the hike, before enjoying a swim in the pool below the waterfall.


One of the fascinating Bali hidden gems can be found in the northern mountains on the island, roaring amidst a jungle canopy.

Sekumpul cascades through the rocks beautifully, and it is certainly worth the drive and the hike to get to the waterfalls.

beautiful Bali hidden gems
One of beautiful Bali hidden gems

You have to access the wooden stairs that descend to the foot passing through a thick jungle, which is adventurous. If you arrive in the morning, you can have Sekumpul waterfall and the pool for yourself! 


Another waterfall that’s among the tallest is Nungnung Waterfall, close to Ubud.

One of the beautiful Bali hidden gems, this roaring waterfall cascades through the rocks at 75 meters height, nestling between dense tropical forest, making it an adventurous destination you should visit.

hidden gems in Bali

A part of the exciting thing about Nungnung Waterfall is the hike through the jungle to reach the base, which consists of the descent of over 500 steps steeply perched.

You will be fully rewarded once you reach the waterfall with a stunning view, a blissful ambience, and the pool, all of which you can enjoy with just a bunch of a few other travellers or locals.


One of the beautiful hidden gems in Ubud is Duskun Kuning waterfall, which is undoubtedly one of the best hidden gems in Bali nestling amidst the forests falling from a height of 82 meters, it is a sight to behold the spectacle.

The journey to Dusun Kuning is splendid, as you will pass through small streams and other waterfalls through the jungle to arrive at the foot of the falls.

Bali hidden gems

There is a large pool in the front, perfect for swimming after all the hike.

Although you can easily spend a day exploring this waterfall alone, if you are short on time, you can combine this visit to Tupad Cekung and Nungnung.

Get your food, water, and some drinks, along with good hiking shoes when you visit these hidden waterfalls.


Another among Ubud hidden gems is Dedari Waterfall, close to Nungnung amidst the plantations.

It is not as big as the others in the area, but it is one of the best Bali hidden gems for swimming in the natural pool without crowds admiring a small waterfall’s views.


One of the best Bali hidden gems is very close to popular Ubud. Taman Beji Griya is one of the sacred places among the locals that call it the purification waterfall, and taking a dip in this fall is considered sacred to them. 

But apart from the devout locals, this gorgeous waterfall receives few tourists, making it one of the perfect hidden gems in Bali for a waterfall getaway.

secret places in Bali

A short drive and a hike will lead you to the bottom of the fall. Unlike other falls, it is expected to dress respectfully and take a guide with you if you prefer a dip as it is a holy site.


One of the fascinating Bali hidden gems is Peguyangan waterfall, located amidst the hillside cliffs of Nusa Penida.

Its secluded location is what makes it one of the hidden places in Bali – If this place were easy to access, it would be certainly among the top attractions thanks to its gorgeous beauty.

Bali gems

A boat trip followed by a drive-by motorbike and a hike along the winding wooden staircase that offers magnificent views of the coast will lead you to the stunning Peguyangan Waterfall at the bottom of a towering cliff on the edge of the ocean – yes, that’s right – no jungles, but the ocean is the backdrop for this waterfall.

Peguyangan is one of the sacred places among the locals that come here for water rituals in the water spouts in a temple near the waterfall. Pay a visit to the waterfall to witness the unique traditional ritual on your trip to Peguyangan.



One of the stunning beaches in Bali is Tegal Wangi, known for its limestone cave formations. It is one of the fascinating Bali hidden gems quite popular among the locals but still yet to be on the tourist radar, so make the most of your visit by planning a trip to this gorgeous cave.

You have to take a short hike to reach the beach and the cave nestling amidst the limestone cliffs, where you will find a handful of tourists. Swim, take a walk, explore the shores or relax, taking in the stunning views.

You can take a boat trip to this cave and try fishing with the locals. Watch the sunset’s spectacle from the caves, which is one of the best experiences in this cave. 


Uluwatu in Bali is renowned for the ultimate places to surf, attracting novice ane experts alike. If you fancy a surfing adventure through rugged limestone caves, you should check out one of the top Bali hidden gems – Suluban Beach Cave.

If you are here during low tides, you can descend through the staircase and walk through the cave to go to the quieter beach and even find a shipwreck further instead of the other nearby popular Uluwatu Beach in the other direction.

When the tides are high, you can’t access the caves, but you can still enjoy some stunning vistas of the ocean from the clifftop.



One of the areas that’s soon going off the list of unseen places in Bali is Bali’s fishing villages that line the island’s northeast coast. These villages stretching for over 10km offer some of the best Bali hidden gems for snorkeling amidst shipwrecks, surfing, scuba diving, hiking, and enjoying the unspoiled countryside of Bali.

Most people head to Gili islands from here, but there are so many amazing things to do in Amed that you can easily spend up to a week exploring these villages.

If you’re looking to get off the beaten track in Bali, you will be surprised at the gorgeous backdrop of Mount Agung, which forms the perfect backdrop for these sleepy villages.

Unlike the other parts of Bali, these villages are home to splendid volcanic black sand beaches, which are also hot spots for divers of all expertise levels.

The best and the only way to go village-hopping in Amed is to rent a scooter, which will turn out to be one of your best experiences for sure.

Although it is a part of unseen Bali, you will be surprised to find dozens of cute cafes, restaurants, and bars lining the highway.

Hikers can base in Amed and plan hikes around the trails close to Mount Batur. Sign up for Yoga or hop on those beaches, witness sunsets and sunrises, swim or surf – No matter what you wish, there are tons of options to choose from in Amed. 


Another place on this list of ultimate Bali hidden gems that seems to be going off the list soon is the village of Munduk, home to some of the best secret places in Bali, especially waterfalls. 

Many retreats and Yoga centers have come up in and around the village, giving Munduk the village retreat status. But it’s not just those spas and guesthouses that make Munduk worth adding to your itinerary.

If you’re looking for secret spots or hidden gems in Bali, where you want to enjoy a bit of all the things that this island offers, you will not be disappointed at all in Munduk.

Chase the waterfalls set amidst lush tropical jungles – from Melanting to Tanah Barak. Take a village tour, dine with the locals, explore plantations, rent a bicycle and soak in the fresh countryside-breeze – or quietly enjoy the vistas comprising rice fields and valleys dotted with forests. 


Pinggan is a secluded village on the eastern coast of Bali from where you can witness some of the splendid views of the volcanic Mount Batur, with its peak sometimes kissed by the clouds giving an ethereal feeling. 

Most people also choose Pingann for hiking Mount Batur for a spectacular sunrise or even a sunset if you would like, but even if you are not into hiking, you should Pinggan as it is beautiful Bali hidden gems.

The lush rice fields, the laid-back ambiance, no crowds, fresh air, and everything moving at a slow pace makes for a soothing holiday experience in Pingann.


Desa Temukus, or Temukus Village on the east coast, is one of Bali hidden gems that has been gaining popularity. The reason being the seemingly-endless fields filled with yellow, orange, and golden Marigold flowers that looks magical.

Temukus is one of the secret things to do in Bali; thanks for being home to farmers that grow these flowers, which is the most popular flower used in prayers and temples.

Make sure to plan a trip before the harvest season and request these friendly people for a trip on their flower field, and you will be guaranteed a walk in the flower paradise!


Among the best hidden places in Bali on the east coast is another pretty village, Sidemen, at the foot of the majestic Mount Agung, which has slowly been drawing more and more travelers looking for off the beaten path in Bali.

secret spots in Bali

Paddy and rice fields carpeting the landscape green, surrounded by tropical jungles covering the mountain valleys and waterfalls, gentle streams, and rivers all provide the perfect setting of the rich rural Bali in Sidemen.

You can plan a visit to the charming Tukad Cepung Waterfall close to the village o go rafting on the Telaga Waja River. Hike the trails around the hills or ride a bicycle enjoying the rural scenes – There are many things to enjoy in Sidemen without any crowds.


In the northern part facing the coast is Les’s little village, one of the offbeat places to visit in Bali. Black sand and stone beaches, rice fields, fishing boats, snorkeling, and surfing are things that you can enjoy in this village, which is one of the best to experience the Balinese village life right next to the locals.

Bali hidden gems

Visit the salt farms, local markers, or the coral conversation center to get close looks at the ways of life. Enjoy swimming or go snorkeling in the village when you are in Les.


One of the beautiful Indonesia hidden gems that remain unexplored in Bali, and it’s time for you to add this to your bucket list. 

Bali hidden gems

Mende hill is one of the stunning Bali hidden gems home to many trails that lead to the top from where you can witness surreal views of the dramatic valleys filled with forests, plantations, rivers, and waterfalls.

If you are bored of the beaches or want some short yet fulfilling hike, you should add Mende hill to your Bali itinerary.


Amidst the thick Jungle canopy in the mountains of northern Bali lies the Secret Gardens of Sambangan. As the name suggests, it is one of Bali hidden places for experiencing the unseen wilderness on the island.

Bali hidden gems

Sambangan is surrounded by rice and paddy fields, and a path will lead you deep inside the forests, where you will find a garden filled with clear, turquoise natural pools, cascading waterfalls, and limestone cliffs. 

Visiting Sambangan is the best way to experience some fantastic pools surrounded by green rocks and waterfalls where you can picnic or swim amidst luxurious landscapes. Ensure good hiking shoes, food, swimwear, and water as you will have to hike to the center and back.


The sleepy little village of Medewi lies about 2 hours drive north of Canggu and is one of the beautiful Bali hidden gems to visit, especially if you enjoy surfing. Medewi is one of the beautiful Canggu hidden gems for nature lovers too.

The long stretch of the coast is perfect for advanced surfers. Even if you are not into surfing, you can enjoy all the other things offered – the sleepy countryside, vacant beaches perfect for swimming or a stroll, many fabulous places to witness gorgeous sunsets and hidden waterfalls that you can explore on your own.



Although West Bali National Park may be famous, there are a few unexplored places in this huge conservation area. One of them is a peninsula called Prapat Agung in the northern part, home to a beach and a beautiful island called Menjangan. 

If you are looking for one of the hidden gems in Bali where you can enjoy amazing diving without crowds, you should definitely add Menjangan island to your list. You can even get your PADI certification in Menjangan.

Because it is a well-preserved bio reserve, the peninsula is home to splendid marine life, including coral reefs and tons of fish types in all colors.

There is also a reserved area for a unique type of deer found only here in Bali, which gives the name Menjangan, which means Deer Island.


How does a wooded clifftop lookout for watching the sunset over the Bali Sea sound? If you agree, head to the eastern part of the island in Uluwatu to reach the gorgeous Karang Boma Cliff, which offers magnificent panoramic views of the sea from the top. 

Bali hidden gems

Its stunning location means the clifftop offers some of the most amazing sunset views on the island you can enjoy.

Although it is close to many other famous attractions, Karang Boma remains one of the hidden things to do in Bali, which is a surprise, so make the most of this opportunity while it stays this way.

The cliff point is private property but accessible to the public and costs about 10,000IDR per person. You can easily reach the spot and take the small hike to the top on one of Uluwatu’s evenings.


Known as Bali Twin Lakes, Crater Lakes Tamblingan, and Buyan, separated by a dense forest canopy, are some of the beautiful Bali hidden gems you should not miss. 

Whether you want to hike through the forest in between the lakes or rent a bicycle and explore the communities that rely on these stunning lakes for their livelihood, you can experience the authentic countryside of Bali in this area. You can also go canoeing in the lakes or swim.

hidden places in Bali

For enjoying the magnificent 360-degree views of both the lakes and the forest, head to Wanagiri hidden hills or to the top of Asah Gobleg Village – two places from where you can enjoy the views and the colorful sunset.


Suppose you are looking for one of the unique Bali hidden gems. In that case, you should check Bukit Teletubbies, which encompasses a cluster of conically shaped hills that get entirely blanketed in green when the monsoon arrives.

They have a small, well-maintained park adjoining with many viewpoints from where you can enjoy stunning vistas of these tiny conical hills, taking the TV show’s name thanks to the similarity.


Located atop a hill surrounded by a forest, Pura Kehen is Bali’s hidden spots located in Cempaka. Kehen is among the oldest temples in Indonesia, dating back to the 13th-century when it functioned as the Royal Temple of the Bangli empire.

This unique temple has intricately-decorated towers, and the walls are lined with blue tiles ornately placed.

The views from Kehen are unique, and so is the surrounding countryside, which you should explore on foot or a bicycle.


The Little Grotto, popularly called The Green Cliffs, are located in Undisan Bangli, surrounded by tropical forests, which can be accessed after a long hike through the countryside filled with rice fields and plantations. 

Its location is one of the many reasons why it is one of the best Bali hidden gems, but it is also of the unique natural attractions in Bali, where you will find rocky cliffs blanketed with green moss that has grown all over.

With the sunlight passing through the dense canopy in limited areas, the setting looks more mystic than usual.

Passing through these towering green cliffs will lead you to the magnificent Grotto of Undisan Bangli.

You can enjoy swimming in this natural pool, check out the great green cliffs further, and enjoy this natural beauty with little or no people – which is probably one of the best things about visiting this small Grotto.


In the sleepy village of Manggissari is this mysterious Bunut Bolong Tree or the ‘Tree with a hollow’ in Balinese, which is one of the unusual Bal hidden gems. An ancient Banyan tree has become a star of this village, thanks to its thick, long roots have entangled to form a tunnel through which you can pass through.

The locals believe that these roots possess some supernatural powers. One of the legends also says that if newlyweds enter this archway, they will go separate ways – So don’t try this if you are on a honeymoon.

Legends or not, Bunut Bolong is undoubtedly a part of unseen Bali that needs to go on your itinerary.


Bali is home to many natural hot springs rich in minerals, thanks to the volcanic landscapes. While most of these thermal baths are quite popular, one of the coolest places in Bali is the beautiful Angseri Natural Hot Springs, also known as Air Panas Angseri by the Balinese people.

Bali secret spots

It is one of the incredible Bali hidden gems, located amidst deep forests close to the village of Angseri, which only a handful of locals know. You can enjoy these hot springs without any crowds. 

You will find two large natural pools of sulphuric water, and also a waterfall nearby. There are bamboo huts for those wanting privacy.


Many tiny villages and valleys are surrounding the majestic Mount Batur, home to an active volcano.

While most towns are hotspots for hikers planning a trip to the mountains or those wanting to experience Balinese rural life, an exception to this is Kintamani valley, one of the beautiful Bali hidden gems.

The Kintamani Valley in the northern part is one of Bali gems because of its magnificent location in the heart of another old but active volcano. It is surrounded by horizons filled with forested hills and rivers. 

Hidden places in Bali

You can take hiking tours in Kintamani to witness a beautiful sunrise or hike to Mount Batur. The valley also has a few natural thermal baths perfect for unwinding after long treks in the mountains. 

Even if you are not into hiking, you should add Kinatamani as it is one of the few nontouristy places in Bali. You can also enjoy mountain biking, take tours of the nearby plantations, and enjoy the laidback village life.


That’s a wrap for everything about undiscovered Bali you need to know! While it is true that these are some of the remaining Bali hidden gems, the list may get shorter as more and more people make these destinations famous! 

So plan a trip to these parts of unconventional Bali before that if you want to go off the beaten track.

Do you know about any hidden gems of Bali that you would like to tell us? Comment to share the secrets of Bali.



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