If you want to get beyond the city, there are many day trips from Wroclaw.

The city has plenty of things to be explored, and you get a lot of options to plan a day trip as well, including historical cities, places rich in natural beauty and culture.

You can even do some of them as day trips by train from Wroclaw. If you have an extra day or two, check this post to pick your favourite Wroclaw day trip from this list.

Popular Day Trips from Wroclaw

Take a day trip to Auschwitz & Krakow

Ideally, both the city of Krakow and Auschwitz need more than a day, but there are tours that would take you through the highlights of both.

I feel that Krakow should be definitely explored separately as a destination. I would suggest planning a day trip to Auschwitz from Wroclaw if you don’t plan to cover Krakow.

Auschwitz is the place where the most gruesome concentration camps of WW II are located.

It’s not a pleasant day trip to take, but history is to be known. However, I would suggest you avoid it if traveling with young children.

How to reach Auschwitz from Wroclaw – There are direct trains and buses from Auschwitz to Wroclaw.

Alternatively, you could opt for any of the guided, inclusive tours below.

Go back in time at Görlitz in Germany

Located at the border of Germany and Poland, Gorlitz is a vibrant historic city in Germany that was one of the prominent areas for people to travel between two countries by land, especially during WWII.

The old town is home to hundreds of monuments from the medieval period, many of which are very well maintained. 

Take a walk through the old city, climb the towers to get panoramic views of the city surrounded by the Nysa Łużycka river.

Walking through the cobbled streets takes you back in time, especially the beautiful road of Daszyńskiego.

How to get to Görlitz from Wroclaw

A few buses are leaving every day from Wroclaw to Zgorzelec, the nearest point, from where you need to cross a bridge.

You can take a taxi ride to Görlitz from here. Bus journey lasts from 2.5 to 3 hours, and costs over 10 PLN.

Hike in the Karkonosze Mountains

You could also visit the Karkonosze Mountains, also known as the Giant Mountains, which is home to the Siedlecin Tower House, a unique mansion and other palaces and gardens.

You could also go on hiking in the Karkonoze, where there are trails originating from Szklarska Porba and Karpacz.

One of the most beautiful of all the valleys here is the Sudeten Valley, where you could visit the palaces Paac Wojanow, Paomnica and the gardens.

Visit the picturesque Castle Książ

The Lower Silesia region is itself huge offering plenty for the travelers. Visiting one of the largest castles in Poland is one of the best day trips from Wroclaw to take.

Ksiaz, located on a hill-top in lower Silesia, surrounded by beautiful dense forests, is worth checking out for more than just its gorgeous location.

If you love fairy-tale castles, you will love this place, which speaks of everything.

It was constructed using rocks, and this medieval castle was called the Pearl of Silesia, and also consists of a palm house. 

A beautiful sprawling garden with vibrant wildflowers welcomes you if you are here during the Flower festival in summer. The best part is you can even stay in one of the royal rooms in the palace.

Check the details to book here.

There are hundreds of artefacts to check out in the premises of the palace, not to forget the splendid views from the top of the hill.

There are different guided tours that you can take up, details of which can be found here. You can also book them before visiting Ksiaz.

While you are there in Silesia region, you could also check out Churches of Peace in Jawor in Swidnica, a gorgeous chapel built entirely of wood.

How to reach Książ castle from Wroclaw

Taking a train is the best way to reach the castle. From Wroclaw train station (Wroclaw Glowny), take a train to Wałbrzych Miasto, the nearest train station to Ksiaz.

From there, bus number 8 takes you directly to the castle. The total journey takes 1.5 hours and costs about 15 to 20 PLN.

Climb to the top of Ślęża

One of the natural attractions in the Lower Silesia region is the Ślęża mountain, which is home to a national park, sacred bear sculpture and a medieval church at the top.

It is one of those places worth planning your day trip from Wroclaw to enjoy a hike to the top. 

There are different trails to choose, depending on your preferences.

You can enjoy your walk taking in the beautiful views as you reach the top following the well-marked trails. Start early to spend more time at the top, and walk back after sunset.

How to reach Ślęża from Wroclaw

There are frequent buses from Wroclaw to Ślęża, which costs about 2 to 3 Euros and takes about an hour.

Relax in Klodzko County

The other less-known but very pretty area in the lower Silesia is Klodzko County.

Wander through the lush countryside with medieval palatial buildings, paper mill and gardens. This one is for you if you just want to relax in the countryside without many attractions.

This tour is a great option to enjoy Klodzko County.

You could do all of these basing yourself in one of these places and going on day trips or take multiple lower Silesia day trips to the above.

There are several guided tours to these places, which are recommended if you don’t want to plan them on your own. Check these below including a day trip to Poznan.

Check the Chapel of Skulls in Czeremna

Czeremna is a quiet Polish located about 2 hours away from Wroclaw city.

Its natural beauty side, the town was the central burial place during the medieval times, where the civilians were buried when several religious civil wars broke out.

The chapel of skulls, built by a local priest to provide burial place is a major tourist attraction today.

Owing to the shortage of places in the hill town, the priest constructed this place, which contains piles of skeletons and skulls and a cemetery that can be visited. 

How to reach Czeremna

There are direct buses from Wroclaw to Czeremna offered by Flixbus, which takes about 2 hours and costs about 10 Euros.

If you want to travel by train, you need to take one from Wroclaw central to Klodzko Miasto, and then from Klodzko to Kudowa Zdroj, the nearest station.

The total journey should take around 3 hours costing around 10 to 15 Euros

Check out the heritage underground Wieliczka Salt Mine

Wieliczka is a UNESCO-protected 13th-century salt mine consisting of subterranean tunnels.

Open only during the summer, this underground mine would take you through the deep tunnels leading to the mines and the only underground chapel in the world.

A must-visit if you are traveling in summer. Again, it’s closer to Krakow and I would recommend traveling from there if you Krakow is on your itinerary.

Trek in the Stolowe Mountains

Stolowe Mountains National Park is a great day trip option from Wroclaw for people looking for hike and nature.

Beginning from Karlow village, you could trek all the way up to the famous rocky city on top of Szczeliniec Wielki.

The views from the highest point are more than rewarding. On the way, make a stop at the Skeleton Chapel in Czermna mentioned above.

For a guided tour, check this one.

More Interesting Day Trips From Wroclaw

Head to Adršpach to check out the unique stone formations

Large stone formations welcome you in the natural reserve at Adršpach, a town in the Czech republic.

The good news is that it is possible to include this as one of your day trips from Wroclaw.

This well-preserved park has plenty of fabulous viewpoints, gorgeous waterfalls and trails that give you a glimpse of Poland’s underrated natural beauty.

It won’t be a surprise if you end up extending your day trip to Adršpach, because it is undoubtedly worth it thanks to the plenty of attractions amidst nature.

How to reach Adršpach from Wroclaw

Getting to Adrspach is not straight forward, unfortunately. During the weekends it is possible to get there by two trains.

First, you need to take a Train from Wroclaw Glowny to Walbrzych Fabryczny, and then to Adrspach from there. It takes 3 hours to reach.

If you are planning a day trip from Wroclaw during the weekdays, hiring a taxi is the only option, which takes less than 2.5 hours.

Visit Poland’s Biggest Cave Jaskinia Niedzwiedzia

Jaskinia Niedzwiedzia is the longest cave located in Śnieżnik Mountains and is known for ancient fossil remains of mammals and rich formation of calcium deposits or stalagmites.

This unique natural formation housed many animals during ancient times.

It is now a centre of study for excavations and one of the offbeat day trips from Wroclaw for tourists interested to explore the hidden attractions. 

You can take guided tours that can be booked at the entrance or explore the caves by yourself. Make sure you wear proper shoes, carry headlight and water.

How to reach Jaskinia Niedzwiedzia from Wroclaw

The nearest city to reach the cave is to arrive at Kletno, which is two hours away from Wroclaw.

You can take a train from Wrocław Główny to Bystrzyca Kłodzka, and then take a cab from this station. The total journey takes up to 2 hours costing around 5 to 8 Euros.

Explore Poznan from Wroclaw

Poznan itself deserved to be explored separately, but when it’s not possible, you should include the city as a day trip at least.

Check out the splendid old town of Poznan, the Royal imperial route and the medieval churches.

Cezar Castle is one of the best places to visit in Poznan.

A guided tour would cover all the major sights or you could do one getting on the train or a bus and back.

Admire the beauty of Czocha Castle

One more castle to add to your list of day trips from Wroclaw is Czocha Castle, one of the most beautiful medieval fortress that can be reached within 2 hours from Wroclaw.

Its ancient architecture, location, rich medieval history makes it a very popular picnic spot for the locals, and as such, if you are traveling during the weekend, expect crowds. 

If you fancy, you can even stay overnight in one of the rooms! You will get access to tours if you are guests at the hotel. Check here for availability and prices. 

How to reach Czocha from Wroclaw

You can reach the castle from Wroclaw by taking a train from Wroclaw central to Lubań Śląski, the closest station, and then take a bus to the castle.

The total journey costs 30 to 35 PLN and takes about 3 hours. Note the buses leave twice a day only, so if you don’t make it, you can hire a taxi from the station.

By bus, you can first travel from Wroclaw to Gryfów Śląski, and then get a bus to Czocha Castle.

Visit the Underground City of Kompleks Riese

Riese, translating to ‘Giant’ in German, was a secret underground construction project by the Nazis in the Owl Mountains and Ksiaz Castle.

It was supposed to serve as underground headquarters for Hitler and his officers in case of a nuclear attack during WWII.

This giant fortress, which was never completed has three entrances, one of them from the castle. It was built using thousands of tons of steel and concrete by hundreds of prisoners of concentration camps

You can take a tour of this incomplete city when you visit Ksiaz castle or at Complex Osówka. The guided tours are available at the ticket counters. 

Refer to Ksiaz castle to know how to get there.

Plan a day trip to Opole, one of the oldest Polish cities

Opole has more than one thing to offer its tourists, making it one of the highly recommended day trips from Wroclaw.

The historic old town, home to Piast Tower is a prominent attraction to check out the splendid views of the town from the top.

If you a nature lover, head to the Bolko island, or if you want to enjoy a Polish theatre performance, check out the Opole Amphitheater.

Whatever you choose, you will enjoy this unique town close to Wroclaw.

How to reach Opole from Wroclaw

There are direct trains from Wroclaw Glowny to Opole as well as buses. Both take around 1.5 hours, but the bus is cheaper at 10 PLN, while trains start at 25 PLN.

Explore the medieval town of Miedzianka

Miedzianka in Lower Silesia is one of the recommended day trips from Wroclaw worth planning if your idea is to enjoy a quiet time in the cobbled streets lined with monuments hundreds of years old.

Originally a mining town, Miedzianka was a prominent trading town which caught the attention of the Germans during WWII, who replaced Polish in the town. 

Now, it is one of those idyllic Polish towns that not many visitors explore, perfect for travelers looking to get a glimpse of non-touristy Poland.

Walkthrough the old town, admire the cathedral and ancient buildings which were once important mining centres.

How to reach Miedzianka from Wroclaw

There are trains from Wroclaw Glowny to Janowice Wielkie, the nearest station which takes about 2 hours to reach and costs about 6 to 8 Euros.

Check out the beautiful hill town of Jelenia Góra 

Another prominent town worth mentioning as one of the day trips from Wroclaw is Jelenia Góra, the former capital of the Voievodship in the Lower Silesia, south-western Poland.

This town is one of those that has been affected by wars in the past, which means you will get a chance to explore the rich medieval past almost intact through the years.

Head to the cathedral to get to the tower, stroll along the streets to taste delicious Polish cuisines, vodka, and shop for unique souvenirs.

You can also get clear views of Karkonosze mountains if you are lucky. Don’t miss the fabulous sunset views from the top. Close to the town are 

Łomnica Castle and Paac Wojanów Palace, two ancient mansions worth checking out.

A part of Lomnica is a hotel, so if you want to indulge in a bit of ancient luxury, book a room here

How to reach Jelenia Góra from Wroclaw

There are direct trains from Wroclaw Glowny to Jelenia Gora, which takes about 2 hours to reach and costs about 4 to 6 Euros.

You can directly get the tickets at the station.


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