Several licensing jurisdictions for casino operations ensure players worldwide a fair and safe gaming experience. 

The Curacao gaming license is usually the preference of the operators as it is by far one of the most affordable authorities with shorter procedure times. 

According to the Curacao licence’s requirements, those who want to start land-based operations obtain a gambling licence, provided the casinos are attached to hotels. 

Therefore, it is not surprising to see many high-class luxury casino resorts licenced by the government of Curacao. 

Of course, this island is not the only place with land-based casinos – for example, you can find casinos in Manchester, Las Vegas, and other big cities. But Curacao casinos are unique, and we have listed some of the best establishments on the island.

The Best Land-Based Casinos on Curacao

The Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority was invented in 1996 under the 1993 Online Gaming laws. The popularity of this body has increased since it has delivered licences to overseas iGaming firms. 

The number of Curacao-licensed casinos has shown an annual growth as it ranks among the most accessible gambling jurisdictions. 

The best Curacao casino is one with a luxury hotel attached to it where people can play a broad range of games in a safe and exciting environment. 

As brick-and-mortar casinos remain popular, finding an excellent one cannot be complicated. Below, there are five well-known casinos based on Curacao island: 

  • Dreams: Curacao Resort, Spa & Casino
  • Harbor Hotel & Casino
  • Trupial Inn
  • San Marco Hotel & Casino
  • Pelikaan Casino

While online casinos – for example, Curaçao casinos listed on NonStopCasino and other similar resources – offer a greater variety of games, they don’t have the feature all land-based casinos share – namely, the atmosphere of luxury and leisure. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of these establishments and find out why they are so popular among Curacao island visitors.

Dreams: Curacao Resort, Spa & Casino

The casino resort Dreams Curacao Resort, Spa & Casino is the perfect destination for those who want to experience luxury accommodation. 

One of the reasons to push people to visit this tropical paradise is its modern casino that ensures memorable adventure. 

The resort is a great place to feel paradise on earth alone or with families and friends through its two white-sand beaches and sparkling pool. 

The welcoming staff is super friendly that tries very hard to satisfy the customers through excellent food, high-quality services, and various activities. 

The casino, with a giant floor, opens in the evening and offers a large selection of games that appeals to a wide range of players.

Harbor Hotel & Casino

One of the luxury casino hotels that seduce local and foreign visitors is the Harbor Hotel & Casino Curaçao. 

This resort offers a high level of service and gracious hospitality in a relaxing atmosphere. It is no secret that this hotel is devoted to providing loads of fun through its world’s best casinos. 

Players can expect to entertain with the exciting game variants at this fabulous casino. 

With more than 185 slot machines and bingo, over ten gaming tables, and other thrilling games, the visitors are ensured to enjoy an outstanding casino experience. 

Trupial Inn

The hotel Trupial Inn Hotel & Casino is an excellent choice for those who want to visit the capital of Curacao, Willemstad. 

The resort is chiefly reputed for its 24/7 on-site restaurant with palate-pleasing dishes and a nice bar in the largest outdoor pool. 

Trupial Inn casino seduces visitors with its diverse games that they will surely appreciate. 

From the gaming machines to the gaming tables, both beginners and professional players have an excellent opportunity to collect winnings in a large room decorated in a luxurious style.

San Marco Hotel & Casino

Those who desire to discover the beautiful island of Curacao will enjoy their adventures at the San Marco Hotel & Casino in the middle of Willemstad. 

The hotel looks modern with remodelled stunning historical buildings and 80 rooms, all of which have a private baths. 

Visitors who want to try their luck should visit the casino on the ground floor. More than 200 gaming machines and table games are waiting for them, including poker, blackjack, and roulette. 

They can also experience thrills with various types of arcade games. Moreover, San Marco casino is mainly famous for its weekly happy hours.

Pelikaan Casino

The renowned Pelikaan Casino is connected to the Pelikaan Hotel in Willemstad, Curacao. The hotel is attractive for its top-notch hospitality and excellent services at an affordable price. 

The resort is unsurprisingly worth a visit, with an on-site restaurant and a great bar accessible at the people’s convenience. 

The casino opens daily from 10 am to 2 am to visitors older than 18. Considered one of the most well-known gaming venues in Curacao, the players can entertain with over 155 gaming machines, blackjack, and poker. 

Just make sure you observe the casino dress code: visiting places like this in a regular tourist outfit means taking away a part of the charm. 


Besides Las Vegas and Cyprus, Curacao is a reputed location for many large casino resorts. 

In addition, this island country is one of the cheapest jurisdictions for land-based and online iGaming licences, allowing start-ups to launch their businesses quickly. 

Several Curacao remote gaming sites have provided players with the best services in a safe environment worldwide. Those who want a superb casino experience should visit the top casinos listed above.


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