Florence is one of the most romanticized cities in the Tuscan region of Italy – Be it the numerous museums depicting the rich history and architecture or the beautiful gardens or the riverfronts offering stunning views, Florence has the enigma and the natural charm drawing millions of tourists every year for being the birthplace of Renaissance culture and home to some of the best architectural wonders of the world. Let’s look at the best things to do in Florence right away!

Best Things To Do in Florence

things to do in florence

01 | Duomo Cathedral

The iconic huge cathedral in Florence, popularly known as the Duomo is the top attraction of Florence. It is so crowded most of the days that you’ll have to wait in long lines for hours to buy a ticket to enter the other complexes but the entry to the cathedral is free. Many people admire the architectural brilliance of this monument from outside for this reason. Whether you are going to brave the crowd to get in or click it from outside, make sure to visit the Duomo.

Also, check out the Piazza Della Signoria to the south of the Duomo, which is an important square dating back to medieval times.

  02 | Hike the Hill to Piazzale Michelangelo For the Views

things to do in florence

Whether you want the soft colours of the morning that sunrise brings or you are a fan of the sunsets like me, hike your way to Piazzale Michelangelo for the brilliant bird views of Florence and the Arno river.

  03 | Galeria da Academia

Galeria da Academia is home to the art and the architectural collection of the Renaissance times, and if medieval European history fascinates you, you’ll surely love this place

  04 | Uffizi Gallery

The Uffizi Gallery is home to Italy’s best artworks appreciated by the art lovers and the non-art lovers alike. It is home to Michelangelo’s David and other paintings. It is almost always crowded so get your tickets in advance online.

Best Things to do in Florence

   05 | Go Museum & Cathedral Hopping

No surprise here, Florence boasts of some of the world’s best Museums. There are many for the museum lovers to keep them duly occupied, but the ones certainly worth visiting are the Bargello Museum, Museum of San Marco, Galileo Science Museum and Pitti Palace, a 15th century Palace with Boboli Gardens. Also, check out Piazza Della Signoria known for its magnificent sculptures, which consists of the museum Loggia Dei Lanzi.

things to do in florence

Among the cathedrals not to miss is the Basilica of Santa Croce, which is one of the imposing structures in Florence. The other cathedral is the Church of Santa Maria Novella, which is similar to the Duomo and Santa Croce in appearance.

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  06 | Enjoy the lovely riverfront

things to do in florence

River Arno is the heart of Florence, and the riverfront consists of many alleys and cobbled streets line up with shops, buildings and homes, making them perfect spots for walks. The monumental bridge Ponto Vecchio is a favorite among the photographers for its vibrant neighbourhood and the beautiful location.

   07 | Savour Gelato, Panini & Pastas

It says without going, but I am mentioning nevertheless that while in Florence you should savour the Gelato, the cheap Panini (like Pizzas) and the numerous types of Pasta to choose. Have it with the many tasty wines at night when the city gathers in restaurants for fun, food and music!

   08 | Enjoy the street performances

Florence is a haven for all sorts of artists, and music and dance performers are the entertainers in this wonderful city. You can enjoy their performances on the streets for free of course.

   09 | Shop at San Lorenzo Market & Mercato Centrale

How about shopping at an ancient market with centuries of history? San Lorenzo is the place to go as it where the locals buy things from. Whether it’s wine or cheese or souvenirs, you can get them from here.

things to do in florence

All the foodies must head to Mercato Centrale, a market specializing in delectable Italian cuisines.

     10 | Opt for the Free Tours

Not only will the free tours save you some bucks, you’ll get to know about Florence from the guides and explore the special attractions and things to do in Florence. Although the tours are free, people generally pay a small tip to the guides, which is expected.

The best way to tour the city of Florence is to buy the Firenze card, which gives you access to more than 30 museums in the city, helps you a great deal in saving your time waiting for your turn in the long lines, along with giving you a good discount in price. At €72 per person, you get access to all these places for up to 72 hours on your purchase.

Florence is big and definitely has many more amazing things to explore, and this is just my list of the best things to do in Florence. So feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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