The United States is a vast and varied land, with an inspiring array of landscapes that range from soaring mountains that reach the sky to rolling hills towards the horizon.

In this breathtaking tapestry of nature, there is more to explore by a curious traveler – the hot springs. These natural waters are as diverse as their land, each with its unique personality and relaxing and rejuvenating properties.

Here, amidst the healing waters and the wilderness surrounding them, one can escape the everyday routine and gently embrace nature.

Join us on a journey through the 10 best hot springs in the USA, and discover their many benefits.

El Dorado Hot Springs

El Dorado hot springs are located in the Arizona desert and offer travelers an affordable and fun experience. The mineral-rich waters, heated by mother earth, are often compared to liquid silk.


Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a family, or a group of friends, you can choose from public, also nude, or private soaks.

The ‘Desert Pete’ area is available for communal soaking, with a shower, cold bath, and lounge chairs. 

For a more private experience, the ‘Sunset Area’ and ‘Desert View’ can be booked in advance, offering stunning views of the desert landscape. Remember to plan and book your private soak in advance to ensure availability.


Multiple rooms are available for rent throughout the year, including access to non-private soaking areas. A spacious camping area is also provided, suitable for RV or tent camping.

Address: Address: 41225 West Indian School Road Tonopah, AZ 85354

Phone: +1 623-386-5412

Harbin Hot Springs


At Harbin Hot Springs, visitors can indulge in various pool experiences, including a spacious swimming pool designed for laps and exercise.

For those seeking a more therapeutic and immersive experience, a health services pool is dedicated to Watsu and aquatic bodywork sessions.

Meanwhile, the site also boasts warm and hot soaking pools and a refreshing cold plunge. The latter is known for its ability to stimulate blood circulation and improve the body’s overall immune system.


Harbin Hot Springs also offers a variety of accommodation options, including caravans, grove cottages, and domes, all equipped with essential amenities. 

More activities

Visitors can also enjoy yoga classes, hiking, and other activities besides the mineral springs, known for their numerous health benefits and stunning views. 

But the real highlight of Harbin Hot Springs is the opportunity to experience Watsu, a unique combination of massage techniques and bodywork that promotes relaxation and inner calm.

It’s no wonder that visitors return to Harbin again and again for this one-of-a-kind retreat.

Contact information

Address: 18424 Harbin Springs Rd, Middletown, CA 95461, United States 

Phone: +1 707-987-2477

Snively Hot Springs


The water temperature at Snively Hot Springs is no joke! Currently, at 190°F, visitors can still regulate the thermal water temperature by manipulating the rocks and adjusting the amount of cold river water flown into the pool.

The pool is wide enough to fit up to 30 people, but the depth ranges from 2 to 3 feet.  

The hot springs are located in a picturesque location with hills and cliffs that offer breathtaking views.

Visitors can wear whatever they are comfortable with, but bathing suits are recommended as the hot springs can get crowded.

It’s important to note that the hot springs are only available for day use and are patrolled every night by BLM, which monitors the surrounding area. 


Camping options are available in Nyssa, which has 12 designated camping areas and is only a short drive from Snively Hot Springs.


About 19 miles southwest of Nyssa in Idaho along the Owyhee River in Oregon.

Calistoga Hot Springs


Calistoga Hot Springs is a geothermal hot springs resort just a 3-minute walk from downtown Calistoga, California.

This popular resort features four mineral pools that offer various amenities, such as a lap pool, a soaking pool, a children’s pool, and a giant hot tub..


The resort’s rooms are accessible via exterior corridors and provide all the amenities for a comfortable stay: flat-screen TV, free wifi, and kitchenettes.

Free parking is also available to guests, making it an excellent option for those who plan to drive during their stay.

More activities

In addition to the mineral pools, guests can indulge in mud baths with local volcanic ash or try relaxing massages.

A fitness room with classes for those looking to stay active is also available. Guests can also use the snack bar, fire pit, and picnic areas on-site.

Contact information

Address: 1006 Washington St, Calistoga, CA 94515

Phone: +1 707-942-6269

Rocky Canyon Hot Springs


The pools are of varying sizes, constructed with stones by the locals.

Visitors are kindly requested not to move the stones to preserve the integrity of the pools—the temperature ranges, with the warmest being closest to 100℉.

However, to access them, you must cross the Payette River, so ensure that you have all the necessary equipment. 


For visitors who want to extend their stay in the area, several camping spots are available in the Boise National Forest near the hot springs.

Most camping spots are RV-friendly, providing visitors with a comfortable and convenient outdoor experience.


Garden Valley, ID 83622, Boise, Idaho

Fifth Water (Diamond Fork) Hot Springs

Prepare to be amazed by the natural wonder of Fifth Water Hot Springs.

Its captivating beauty, composed of multiple blue and green pools surrounded by lush greenery, creates true beauty.

To reach this incredible destination, you must hike a moderate 2.5 miles, but trust us when we say it’s worth every step. 


The hottest pools are near the waterfall top; yes, you’ll encounter multiple stunning waterfalls on your journey.

The temperature of these pools can reach around 120 Fahrenheit, but don’t worry; you can easily adjust the temperature by adding or releasing cold water.

Remember that the lower pools may not be as warm, so walking further is best to find a spot that suits you. It’s also important to note that nudity is prohibited here, and the weekends can get very busy.


Address: Diamond Fork Rd, Springville, Utah

Spencer Hot Springs


The public can enjoy the hot springs without any charge. Four pools are available, three created by locals using enormous metal containers.

The fourth pool is situated near the source and has a sandy bottom. In addition to the relaxing hot soak, visitors can also experience stunning views. Sunsets are extraordinary here.  


Numerous camping grounds are available in the area, but it’s essential to note that starting a fire is strictly prohibited since it may harm wildlife.

Alternatively, visitors can consider various accommodation options in Austin.

Contact information

Address: 19 miles southeast of Austin, Nevada

Phone: (775) 964-2200

Orvis Hot Springs


Orvis hot springs are famous for their abundant lithium content, which is known to have numerous therapeutic benefits like mood-stabilizing properties.

Additionally, the thermal water contains calcium, magnesium, fluorine, etc.

The hot springs offer various outdoor and indoor pools with temperatures ranging from 65-114° F, catering to every mood and preference.


Various types of rooms equipped with all the essential amenities are available on the site, including free wifi access. Soaking in the hot springs is included in the camping fee for those who enjoy camping. 

More activities

Furthermore, visitors can avail themselves of several skilled therapists proficient in diverse massage modalities to enhance their overall experience.

Contact information

Address: 1585 County Rd #3, Ridgway, CO 81432

Phone: +1 970-626-5324

Sunbeam Hot Springs


Five artificially constructed pools are situated alongside the Salmon River, with a temperature range of 100°F to 110°F.

Although summer is a preferred time to visit, winter offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy a warm soak in the pools, which can be made cooler by adding snow buckets. 


The Salmon-Challis National Forest boasts numerous basic campgrounds, some of which are available at no cost or for a minimal fee.

Nature provides plenty of free camping areas; you can find them by simply exploring the surrounding space.


13 miles east of Stanley, Idaho

Feather River Hot Springs


The hot springs, with water temperatures ranging from 100°F to 105°F, offer breathtaking natural surroundings in both summer and winter.

Soak in the mineral-rich waters infused with lithium and sulfur to relax and soothe sore muscles.

To secure a spot, reserve 24 hours in advance by texting the number provided. Clothing is required during the day but optional at night. 


You can choose from three log cabins, each accommodating a maximum of two guests. Each cabin is equipped with a bathroom and all the necessary kitchen amenities.

Contact information

Address: 29186 Highway 70, Twain CA

Phone: 925-783-2913

The therapeutic benefits of hot springs, such as relieving stress and pain, have been recognized for centuries.

In addition, soaking in hot springs is a great way to connect with nature while bonding with friends and family.

Whether looking for a relaxing weekend getaway or a fun road trip destination, these hot springs offer a unique experience.


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