For someone that hikes a lot, I had yet to explicitly invest in hydration backpacks so far as I usually have backpacks and water bottles separate. I was not keen on adding more backpacks to the many I already owned and had remained sceptical about hydration backpacks until now. Because all these recently changed, and I must say, it has transformed my hiking experience so much better, thanks to cute Everfun hydration backpacks.

I was looking for a hydration backpack that is both too big and small and is not very expensive. That’s when I came across the Everfun hydration backpack and ordered it. I was not keeping my expectations high, as I guessed it was one of the newer brands.

I went on a weekend hiking trip that involved riding my bike and doing a day hike and took along this 2L Everfun hydration backpack, and it was the best buying decision. 

Not only did my water remain cooler, but I also had tons of space to keep all my items(which are a lot, usually!), and it felt comfortable, and the backpack kept me super-hydrated.

If you are on the fence about buying the Everfun Hydration backpack, do it, you will love the sturdy backpack. It is one of the best new boys for all your outdoor activities, whether hiking or biking. 

Below, I will share everything in detail. Check it out and give this fantastic hydration backpack a try; it will definitely be worth your money.


The Everfun Backpack has a capacity of 2 litres, which is more than sufficient water for day hikes. The backpack and empty package are lightweight, which is one of the top things I loved as it is just under a kilogram, and very comfortable for the back.

Everfun hydration backpack

Here are the dimensions:

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎: 17.44 x 10.87 x 3.39 inches

Dimensions LxWxH:‎ 10.5 x 6 x 18.5 inches

Package Weight‎: 0.86 KilogramsItem 

Item Weight‎: 0.77 Kilograms


There is nothing better than a multi-purpose backpack for a traveler. This 2L Everfun Hydration backpack is more than your simple backpack for carrying water and staying hydrated. 

Take this backpack on any of these trips:


The EVERFUN hydration backpack is perfect for cycling to ensure adequate water supply on long trips. The insulated compartment provides sufficient space for food and drinks.


One of the top categories for carrying this Everfun Hydration backpack is hiking outdoors. This backpack is an all-in-one bag suitable for day hikes and multiple-day hiking excursions. 

As a carry-on backpack along with your main bag or suitcase, you can carry essentials like headgear, insect repellants, first-aid kits, spare clothes, jackets, snacks, additional water bottles for your pets, pet food, sunglasses, hiking poles, gloves, poncho, sunscreen and umbrella.


Camping is one of the outdoor activities where you will have to carry a lot of supplies in addition to your standard luggage. 

Thanks to the spacious storage in this hydration backpack, you can keep most of your supplies, some of them in the cooler, along with drinks and snacks for your trip. You can keep the camera accessories and equipment for stargazing at night, one of the must-do activities in overnight camping!

Solo travel and day trips

You only need a little luggage when traveling alone and on short trips. This is when the Everfun backpack is handy and comfortable. 

quotes for travelling alone
quotes solo

Unlike your regular day bag, this hydration backpack keeps your water, drinks or food fresh and cooler, plus gives you sufficient storage to keep a few clothes, a pair of light shoes or sandals, electronic items, and toiletries comfortably. 

If you are traveling solo, you should carry one medium-sized backpack or check-in luggage and use the 2L Everfun Hydration backpack as your carry-on, hiking bag, and day backpack – See, the Everfun Hydration Backpack is a fantastic multi-purpose backpack.


The Everfun hydration backpack is an excellent choice for solo travelers as it can conveniently hold enough items for a single person. 

But if you are traveling with your family or friends, it is an excellent backpack for picnic lunches, camping, and beach days. On picnics, the backpack cooler will keep your food fresh and offers enough storage space for up to four people.

Sunbathing on the Beach

Whether you are heading to the beach for a relaxing day or sunbathing, the Everfun hydration backpack has you covered. The hydration backpack will keep your water, soft drinks, and beer cool throughout the day and carry your snacks, beach towels and flip-flops.



The best features of this 2l Everfun Hydration Backpack come with a detachable 2-Liter water bladder kept steady with built-in velcro straps & bilateral hose outlets for freely using while cycling and other outer activities, enabling convenient hands-free usage.

I loved the quality of the bladder; ideal for outdoors as it has a sturdy built-in rain cover. Plus, thanks to the reflective strips, you can use them comfortably at night and in low-light conditions.

One of my favourite and probably one of the best features of the Everfun hydration backpack is the insulation around the bladder, which keeps the water cooler for about 5 to 6 hours, and thoroughly protects other belongings and gear in your backpack from being wet. 

Add some ice to your water, and you are guaranteed cool water to keep you going on your trip, whether you are biking or hiking the trails.

Everfun hydration backpack

You can change the bladder as it is replaceable and add up to 3 litres.

I drink a lot of water, especially on my hikes, and if you are like me, you will love the capacity of this hydration backpack as it supplies water for many hours. Additionally, you can carry one more bottle as there is plenty of storage space left despite a full 2-litre bladder! 

Plus, if you are hiking or biking in the hot weather, the cool water within the insulated pouch will also keep your back cool, something you will enjoy a great deal when you are sweating outdoors with the adrenaline rush in the hot weather!


You will only feel how lightweight this hydration backpack is once you use the optimally designed waist straps with an adjustable chest.

The ultra elastic, 3D excellent breathable padded back is much needed to save you from back pain. The pads are soft and help you greatly while climbing from excess weight falling on your back and balancing the items weighing on your back proportionally.

Everfun hydration backpacks

There are adjustable straps on the sides that you can alter according to your height and seating position while cycling. Also, use the strap to keep the shoulder straps in place while wearing the bag, which will keep the bag from moving around.


You can easily make this hydration backpack into your regular day bag thanks to the 10.5-inch large opening with an 18-Liter main compartment capacity, big enough to hold many things. 

Use the exterior upper velvet pocket that protects electronic products like mobile chargers, cameras, and other small gadgets. 

You can carry simple gear, medicines, first-aid kits, clothes, and snacks. The built-in mesh pockets have room for essential things like passports, keys, and other valuable items. Side mesh pockets can hold extra water bottles.

If you are cycling, use the helmet carry stow in the front, which is perfect for holding an adult-sized helmet. 


This product has a lot of excellent features. The Everfun Hydration Backpack is more than a simple hydration backpack. If you are looking for a multi-purpose backpack that offers much more than just keeping you hydrated, the Everfun Hydration Backpack does the job exceedingly well.

Coming to the central part of this hydration backpack, the bladder is lightweight, making it convenient even when it is filled with water. There is a lot of space for a bag full of water.

It is easy to insert, fill, clean, and run the straw through the shoulder strap for easy drinking access. 

The bite valve is thick and looks durable. It slides easily down a slot in the shoulder strap, and the insulation keeps the water cool. 

The reflectors are great at night. I love the little waterproof protector or the rain cover attached to the backpack in the bottom pocket, easily tucked in when not in use, which keeps the backpack dry when it rains.

I am a fan of backpacks with lots of pockets and little compartments, and this is one of my favourite things about the Everfun Hydration backpack.

There is a compartment with a smooth texture for sunglasses so they won’t get scratched; make sure you use them.

If you are traveling with kids, you can easily carry diapers, bottles, kids’ clothes, and more, making it the perfect backpack for parents going outdoors.

If you are going for bird-watching, you can carry binoculars, go-pro for video shoots, and hiking poles in the side mesh pockets of this Everfun hydration backpack.

I loved the quality of the zippers in the interior and the large ones on the exterior, which I guess will be durable for the long haul. Some of them could be dual-ended to use on both sides.


I love the design, and along with its excellent features, the Everfun Hydration backpack is comfortable to carry all day. It is a value-for-money quality product with some excellent features and sturdiness and depending on how frequently you use it. It can be a solid investment for some years.

I love the dual purpose of how it can be a simple hydration backpack or a hiking backpack if you choose. Carry it with a water bladder for shorter bike rides and hikes, or remove it and make it your regular day pack with sufficient storage to carry snacks, gear, and electronics. 

 Everfun offers excellent discounts as well, so make sure you buy a few Everfun hydration backpacks together to get better deals and a hydration backpack for each in your family for a fun trip outdoors.

I recommend you try this comfortable Everfun Hydration backpack, a steady companion for your biking and hiking day trips.


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