Deciding the best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh is a little tricky as there are many factors to take into account. One of India’s beautiful offbeat places to visit, Arunachal Pradesh is a treasure trove of natural beauty. It should be on your bucket list for sure, whether you are into hiking or natural beauty or cultural festivals or the Himalayas.

Suppose you are wondering when to visit Arunachal Pradesh in this post. In that case, I will share everything about Arunachal Pradesh weather, what to expect in each season, and how to decide the best time to travel to Arunachal Pradesh.

Get started to find the details about Arunachal weather throughout the year and how to enjoy and make the most of your trip.


The best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh depends on what you want to explore on your trip. Different seasons offer various things for you to explore, so there is no one size fit when deciding the best time to travel to Arunachal Pradesh.

Below are the different seasons in the state, what to expect for Arunachal Pradesh in each of them.


Suppose you want pleasant weather and ideal temperatures to enjoy the outdoors and the major attractions in Arunachal without any hassle. In that case, the summer season is a great time to visit the state. 

The summer season in Arunachal lasts from March to July. Thanks to its beautiful Himalayan mountains, which houses the major towns, cities, and villages, the weather is relatively far better than you can imagine on the plains. 

places to visit in Dirang

The mountainous landscapes welcome you with abundant wildflowers. At the same time, the cool weather lets you comfortably explore the major towns home to historical monasteries, glacial lakes, a few reserve areas, and tribal villages.

In the summer months, the temperature in Arunachal Pradesh ranges between 20°C to 28°C, with the temperatures dropping further after sunset.

Summer is also a great time to witness some of the festivals celebrated in the state, which will give you first-hand experiences of the culture, traditions, and rituals of the many tribes that define the state.

Check out all about the exciting festivals in Arunachal Pradesh here.


Suppose you want to plan a trip to the state during the offseason. In that case, the monsoon months from July to September are ideal, provided you are okay with the possible delays in journeys due to roadblocks and heavy rainfalls, which may prevent you from covering a few attractions.

Traveling in the monsoon is not for everyone. Still, suppose you can withstand the rains and the accompanying inconvenience.

In that case, you will be rewarded with the stunning lush green landscapes filled with flowing rivers, roaring waterfalls, and splendid panoramic views of the landscapes everywhere.

arunachal pradesh temperature

During the monsoon season in Arunachal Pradesh, the temperatures vary between 10°C to 20°C, which means monsoons are cold.

The rains are inconsistent but mostly heavy, sometimes lasting for many hours, which suddenly brings life to a halt, an important thing to consider if you wish to travel to Arunachal during the monsoons.

Do not miss enjoying the splendour of the Nuranang Falls and Bap Teng Kang Falls in full vigour as they create a magical landscape surrounded by green mountains.


If your idea for the trip is to admire the rich and diverse wildlife and flora, the best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh is the winter season, which lasts from late October to March.

But note that winter is not for everyone, primarily if you are not used to or exposed to extreme temperatures in the high altitudes before. So if you plan to travel to Arunachal in winter, you will need to be well prepared.

sela pass in arunachal pradesh

The mercury levels begin to drop by the end of November, with the temperature dropping below freezing points by December. The snow envelopes the slopes, hills, and roads, kickstarting the winter season officially.

Winter is also the best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh to ski amidst the rugged mountains with fewer tourists. Many areas are open for skiing around the major towns. The temperature ranges between 5°C and -5 °C during other winter months in the state.

These being the coldest months, it may sometimes be challenging to move around due to snow blockades, especially making travel difficult during January and February. So you may miss a few spots if you are here during these months.

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Also, if you plan to travel in winter, you need adequate winter clothing. Make sure to get warm clothes, including fleece jackets, down jackets, thermals, gloves, and waterproof over jacket and proper waterproof shoes.

Check the weather and road conditions before beginning your trip, as the situation changes every few hours.

important passes in arunachal pradesh

Have some backup plans in case of road closures and unavoidable delays. If you are not an experienced hiker or new to being in cold environments, avoid hiking trips as extreme snowfalls and slides are standard.

Also, note that it is common for people to experience AMS – Altitude Mountain Sickness while visiting Arunachal no matter what time of the year. 

Besides the freezing weather, it is not advisable to plan hikes or road trips along to offbeat destinations as help may not be available instantly if needed. You may also be unable to descend quickly via roads during winter.

It is best to avoid traveling by bike or renting bikes to explore locally. As for the cars, unless they have the offroading feature like a 4×4 vehicle or any SUVs, it is best to avoid driving other vehicles.

places to visit in Tawang in December

It is dangerous to ride bikes or go in smaller cars when the roads are filled with snow, especially the edges around the hills prone to slipping.

Now, based on the type of travel experience you are looking for, you can get a fair idea to decide your best season to travel to Arunachal Pradesh from below.


Summer and the months right after the monsoon are the best times to plan a trip to Arunachal if you are looking for adventure. It includes the months from March to May, September and October.

Many alpine lakes are open only during summer, like Madhuri Lake.

mountain passes in arunachal pradesh
mountain passes in arunachal pradesh

If you are looking for the best time to explore the state by car, pick May, September or October, where there is no snow, no rainfall, or mist. 

It is a very long drive depending on where you start and involves crossing higher altitude passes like Sela Pass where the road is dangerous and only made of gravel.


The best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh for snow is the winter season. If you want to witness light snowfall, head there during the first half of December when the snowfalls begin slowly. 

January, February, and the first half of March are the months with the heaviest snowfall with the first few weeks of March swinging either way (more or less snow).

If you want to enjoy skiing, check out the frozen lakes(if accessible), or simply want a cold holiday with snow everywhere, pick the beginning or the ending period or just close. 


You can plan a few treks in summer, but the best season to visit Arunachal Pradesh for fantastic views is September and October. 

The mountains are carpeted with the fresh greenery right after the monsoon, and the valleys are packed with waterfalls, many accessible via hikes. 

To enjoy the best weather and the views, plan a trip during these months if hiking is one of your main preferences. 


The best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh is from March to May and from September to November if you are here to cover all the best places to visit in the state. 


Along with being able to experience the snow-capped peaks and the freezing weather, the winter months is also the best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh if you are into wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.

wildlife sanctuary in arunachal pradesh map

The wildlife sanctuaries and parks in Arunachal Pradesh have different weather due to their location and landscapes of varying altitudes offering a milder climate and better temperatures than the rest of the state.


Different beautiful cultural, agricultural(harvest), and religious festivals are celebrated in the state throughout the year, which offers you a chance to witness one or many of them if you plan the dates right.

For more details about all festivals, including the dates and what to expect, check this post that will help you choose which ones you would love to attend.

the best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh

Depending on which one you choose, there are upsides and downsides to each month(mentioned below in the next part).

But you can make the most of your trip during these months where you will be able to include many different types of diverse experiences.

Here is a summary of the different temperature ranges throughout the year in Arunachal.

SeasonsMonthsTemperature RangeWeather
SummerApril to June5 °C to 22 °CPleasant
WinterNovember to March1 °C to 8 °CVery Cold
MonsoonJuly to September15 °C to 20 °CPleasant
SpringMid/Late March5 °C to 18 °CSlightly Cold


the best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh
the best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh

Summer in Arunachal 


  • Ideal for general sightseeing and a bit of hiking
  • Can plan a road trip or travel by bike
  • Great weather if cold temperatures are not for you
  • Can attend a few festivals
  • Easy to acclimatize and drive through the passes
  • March and early April are when Rhododendron and other spring flowers blossom.


  • Nothing much if you want to check out waterfalls
  • Not for snow lovers, although you can get to experience the melting snow for a few weeks in March
  • You will miss the lush green landscapes of the monsoons.

Winter in Arunachal


  • Perfect for skiing and a winter holiday
  • Lots of snow around
  • Very few tourists
  • Lower prices
  • Can access a few glacial lakes if you are up for an adventure


  • Road blockades possible
  • Freezing weather and challenging to acclimatize for some
  • Road trips and bike rides are not recommended, although might be possible to some extent
  • Some attractions are either closed or not accessible

Monsoon in Arunachal


  • Beautiful green landscapes all around
  • Most attractions are open
  • Weather conditions and temperatures are manageable
  • Ideal for exploring lakes and waterfalls
  • A few treks are possible


  • Landslides can happen to cause road blockades
  • Heavy rainfall days possible making it impossible to explore
  • Getting to Tawang is difficult due to the unsuitable roads
  • Road trips and bike drives are tough/not recommended

Check the more specific FAQs about the best season to visit Arunachal Pradesh.


Which is the best month to visit Arunachal Pradesh?

May to June, September, and October are the best months to visit Tawang for pleasant weather.

What is the best time to visit Arunachal with your family?

The summer months of April, May and June is the best time to visit Arunachal with family as most activities are open.

Is there snow in Arunachal Pradesh?

The months when you can expect snowfall are between December to March, with some chances of snow in late November and early April.

What is the best time to visit Arunachal for snow?

As mentioned, if you want to experience heavy snow weather, December, January, and February are the best months to enjoy. 

If you want a lighter snow experience, choose the shoulder months like late November or late March and early April.

What is the best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh by bike?

April, May, June, late September and October are the best months to visit Arunachal by bike. The passes are clear from any blockades, and the weather is ideal for driving and sightseeing. 

What is the best time to visit Arunachal by car?

Like biking, April, May, June, late September and October are the best months to visit Arunachal by car for excellent weather and ideal road conditions.

Which is the best season for Arunachal sightseeing?

The months after monsoon – September and October and the summer months from April to June are the best seasons for visiting the best places in Arunachal Pradesh weatherwise.

Is December a good time to visit Arunachal?

If you love icy weather, skiing, and snowfall, December is an excellent time to visit Arunachal.


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