One of the phenomenal things about New Zealand is its diverse landscape, from captivating mountains to clear beaches; it’s a paradise for adventure seekers. 

And when you’ve got your campervan by your side, it’s like having a splendid show that nature offers.

Driving around in a campervan allows freedom and flexibility, where every day can be a new adventure – whether it’s the sunrise over the Bay or the silhouette of Mount Cook against the night sky, the experience will indeed leave you mesmerised.

With these guides, you can make your solo journey across New Zealand unforgettable. So keep on reading to find out the tips for your mesmerising adventure.

Essential Tips for Solo Travelling With a Campervan

Embrace Your Solo Adventure

Travelling alone can be daunting, but it’s also incredibly liberating. 

Take this opportunity to embrace your own company and enjoy the peace of being alone.

You’ll have time to reflect, meditate, or take in the beauty around you without distractions.

Choosing the Right Campervan

Choosing the perfect campervan is crucial for your one-person journey. You’ll need to think about comfort and size before making a choice. 

Since you’re travelling alone, research campervan services like Travellers Autobarn and choose one that fits your budget and demands.

Get Familiar with the Rules

New Zealand is beautiful, environmentally conscious, and protective of its natural treasures. When travelling across the country, it would help to educate yourself about camping rules and regulations.

For instance, freedom camping is allowed in many areas, but in some cases, it is prohibited in certain areas to protect the environment.

Connect with the Locals

The locals in New Zealand are known for their welcoming nature, so don’t be afraid to converse with the locals. 

They can offer valuable insights into hidden gems and must-see spots you won’t find in guidebooks.

Be Mindful of the Safety

Safety should always be your top priority – ensure your campervan is in good condition before starting your journey.

Although New Zealand is naturally safe, taking precautions when travelling solo is always better. 

Make sure to notify someone of your whereabouts and be in contact with them regularly. Always Be cautious when picking up hitchhikers, and remember to trust your instincts.

Discover the Best Campsites and Local Attractions with Campervan

A Campervan trip across New Zealand is the ultimate journey to discovery; one of the highlights is the chance to explore some of the country’s campsites and hidden attractions. So here is the list of some places you should visit:

Discover the Best Campsites

1. Tapotupotu Bay: Near Cape Reinga, is a must-visit for its captivating beachfront camping site. You can relax on the white beach or quickly soak in the water here.

2. White Horse Hill Campground: Situated in Mount Cook National Park, it provides a mesmerising view of New Zealand’s tallest mountain. This site offers different walking trails to explore the surrounding alpine landscape.

3. Mavora Lakes: Established mountains and forests, it offers an unforgettable camping experience for nature lovers. Here, you can enjoy hiking and fishing or absorb in the peaceful surroundings.

4. Lake Lukaki Freedom Camping: The site is another treasure where you can park your campervan next to the turquoise lake with a breathtaking view of Mount Cook.

5. Totaranui Campground: Located in the Abel Tasman National Park, this large seafront campground is a sanctuary for kayakers and hikers. 

Its golden sand and clear waters make it the ideal spot for exploring the park’s famous coastal track.

Must-Visit Local Attractions

● Bay of Islands: A stunning location with beautiful beaches, hidden coves, and marine life. There are various campsites nearby where you can park your campervan.

● Milford sound: Known as New Zealand’s most famous tourist destination. Take the chance to witness the tall cliffs and rushing waterfalls.

● Tongariro alpine crossing: A spectacular one-day hike considered one of the world’s best. There are various campervan-friendly areas in the vicinity.

● Mount Cook National Park: It has the longest glaciers and is home to the tallest mountain in New Zealand. The park provides campsites with facilities for campervan travellers.

● Lake Tekapo: Several campervan sites are available around the lake, and it is known for its stunning turquoise colour and beautiful lupin flowers.

● The Catlins: It’s a destination perfect for campervan adventurers filled with waterfalls, forests, and wildlife.


As you begin your solo campervan adventure across New Zealand, remember that your road trip is as meaningful as the goal destination. 

Take some time to engage with locals and enjoy the serenity of travelling this way.

So, have confidence in the journey ahead of you, and you’ll return with a wealth of memories from your campervan trip in New Zealand.


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