The middle east is not one of the regions that travelers have on the list, especially if you are a solo female traveler. Solo travelling is different and traveling to Oman as a woman is a different experience altogether. Direct flights thanks to Oman Air will make it an easy affair, and the same goes for hotel reservations too.

But apart from the typical solo travel challenges, traveling in any country in the middle east as a female includes considering how the conservative culture towards women is prevalent, understanding the norms and finding ways to travel that benefits both. 

In this post, you will find answers to questions like is Oman safe? Is Oman safe for solo female travel? What to know when travelling to Oman as a woman and many more.

Traveling to woman as a Woman – Things to Know

Is Oman Safe?

First things first – Oman is safe for solo female travelers. If you are a solo female traveler contemplating visiting Oman as a woman, you should plan your trip.

Like any other country in Europe or Asia, Oman is safe for traveling as a woman. There are a few things that you have to keep in mind, and that’s it – You will love your Oman trip.

Salalah Oman

If you have never travelled in the middle east before, then you should know that the countries in the region are the most conservative concerning women. In that sense, Oman perfectly fits the bill as a starting point, just like its neighbour Dubai, which is a more glamorous and popular destination.

The cities in Oman may not be that grand, but in terms of safety, it is among the safest countries in the world – with a little crime rate and excellent economy. 

traveling to Oman as a woman

Since the tourism industry is growing in recent years, the locals are more friendly and open to all sorts of travelers. The locals are hospitable and helpful, and you can rely upon or trust them to help as they wouldn’t hesitate a female solo traveler. So there you have it, traveling to Oman as a woman has no safety issues that you need to worry about.  

What to expect from locals in Oman?

What is the attitude towards women in Oman? Unlike many other middle east countries, women in Oman lead a free life with equal rights. Women are respected in every sphere – whether outside or within homes.

They are educated, independent – owning businesses or working, and are open to drive or travel without a male companion. There are women-only sections in public places and restaurants too.

traveling to Oman as a woman

When traveling to Oman as a woman alone, you will not be singled out – people will not stare or take advantage or plan a scam in any way. Some may be curious and try to know a bit about you by trying to engage in some conversation, but remember that it is entirely harmless.

Traveling to Oman as a woman – What to wear

Although Oman is an Islamic country, you are not expected to wear a Burqa or headscarf as the local women do. There is no rule for attire for traveling women, but the modest dressing is expected. It means that you have to cover your knees and shoulders at all times.

If you are visiting a mosque, you will have to cover your head to hide hair. Traveling to Oman as a woman, it is best if you wear loose-fitting trousers and tops. Also, days are very hot almost throughout the year, so pack something suitable for hot summers.

When visiting beaches, don’t go wearing a swimsuit or a two-piece bikini. Inside hotel premises, swimwear is not an issue, but in public places, women are expected to cover themselves, including beaches.

Getting around Oman as a solo traveler

Oman Air ( لطيران العماني ) operates flights to Muscat from many prominent cities and towns around the world. Within Oman, public transport is good in Muscat, and so is the cab, but in other cities, it is best to rent a cab to explore the attractions.

Solo female travel in Oman – where to stay

Traveling to Oman as a woman, finding cheap or budget places to stay could be a little tricky. Hotel reservation ( حجز فنادق ) is not difficult, but most of them are on the higher end, except in the capital city Muscat, where you can get accommodation for a moderate budget. 

solo travel in Oman

Outside the capital, it is better to opt for rentals too, and you can get comfortable apartments or rooms for reasonable prices

Places to visit in Oman

There are many beautiful places in Oman worth checking out. The capital city Muscat is a good starting point. The other cities that are worth adding to your itinerary are Nizwa, Salalah, and Sohar. You can spend two to three weeks exploring Oman that will cover most of the country in detail. Ideally, a week or so would be the ideal time to spend Oman. 

traveling to Oman as a woman

If you are based in the middle east though, you can even plan a weekend getaway to cover one or two cities in Oman too.

Traveling to Oman as a woman – Final thoughts

So that’s it about traveling to Oman as a woman. It is totally safe, doable and you will end up loving the beautiful country and its kind people.

traveling to Oman as a woman

Make sure to be open to meet fellow travelers or interact with the locals, and you will get to see the lives of the locals too. Do your hotel reservation and book flights via Oman Air in advance, make a list of the places to visit, and above all, get your packing list ready – And then you are set to go!

Have a great Oman trip. If you have traveled solo in Oman, tell us your experiences in the comments.



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