Armenia and Georgia are two beautiful countries of the South Caucasus with ancient Christian traditions, rich customs and exotic cuisine. Check the list of top 10 things to do in Armenia and Georgia:

Things to do in Armenia

Armenia, the name sounds like a touching music of duduk while the temperament of Armenians resembles the active rhythm of dhol (Armenian drum). Armenia is indeed a unique country with its richest history and culture. It has suffered a lot and yet it stands still and prospers ready to surprise guests with its beauty

  01 | See the Gorgeous views of Mount Ararat

So close yet so far. This is what Armenians say about the holy Mount Ararat. Despite the fact that this majestic mountain is now on the territory of Turkey it has always been and remains a revered symbol of the motherland for all Armenians.

things to do in armenia

Genesis 8:4 (Holy Bible) it is said that Noah’s Ark after 150 days of wandering landed on Mount Ararat and that was the place where new era began. The descendants of Noah settled in Ararat Valley and they were called Armenians. That’s why Armenians refer to this Biblical mountain with reverence.

On cloudless days Ararat is clearly visible from different corners of Yerevan and Ararat valley. The best view of Mount Ararat in Yerevan opens from the viewpoint of the Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex. Still, you need to see the most spectacular view of the mountain that opens from Khor Virap monastery complex. This is the key place in the history of religion. From the monastery, the mountain looks so close and so impressive

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  02 | Savore Armenia’s National Cuisine

What can be found on the Armenian traditional table? Khorovats is the main dish of every festive table. Armenian BBQ is absolutely different from the one you have tasted. The process of making Khorovats in traditional Tondir is really spectacular. Another traditional meat dish, Khash, is served early in the morning. The season for Khash lasts from September to April (when the weather is still cool). It is served with garlic, traditional lavash and Armenian vodka.

things to do in armenia

By the way, Armenian mulberry vodka is definitely worth to try. The strong alcoholic beverage is made of mulberry and is often used as a medicine in small portions. Armenian dolma, gata, Gapama, harissa, Kchooch, Qyufta, those are the names of traditional dishes you will hear about. Make sure to try some of them.

  03 |Take a ride on the world’s longest ropeway

The Wings of Tatev ropeway is considered the world longest reversible ropeway (5752 m). The ropeway is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. It will take you about 15 minutes to get from one side of the gorge to the other. By the way, Vorotan gorge is the most picturesque place in Armenia, while the historical monuments of the region are the most valuable pieces for the history and culture of the country.

things to do in armenia

After taking an unforgettable tour on the ropeway visit the monastery complex of Tatev, Devil’s bridge, ancient cave town Khndzoresk and Armenian “Stonehenge” Karahunj. All these interesting sights are located close to each other in one region.

  04 | Stroll about the cellars of Ararat Brandy factory

In 2015 Sotheby’s auction sold 70-year-old legendary Ararat cognac for GBP 80.000. Why so expensive? The brandy was that exact one that used to drink Churchill. Today Armenian brandy is known all over the world as a unique drink of deep taste and aroma. Your must-do list would be incomplete without the degustation of that legendary Ararat brandy and a tour about the factory.

You will see the cellars of wood barrels with unique ageing brandy and feel the breathtaking aroma of wood and brandy. In the museum, you will find out the history of brandy production, the history of the factory and take part in the degustation of Ararat brandy.

  05 | Enjoy the sunset in pagan temple of Garni

The only pagan temple preserved from the Hellenistic period in Armenia is Garni located above the gorge. The temple to the god Mythra was built in I century AD in a Greek style. It has 24 columns that are decorated with rich ornaments. The walls and the ceiling are decorated as well. 9 huge basalt steps lead to the temple.

In the centre, there is a stone jar that was filled with water or oil. At a certain hour of the day, the sun reflected in the water and illuminated the temple. This was the ritual of the sun god. From the temple opens an amazing view of the gorge and the Symphony of stones. It is a unique natural monument that was formed from frozen lava. At a distance, it looks like a musical instrument organ.

That was just the small list of things you can and you need to do in Armenia. But your trip will not be complete without a visit to the neighbouring country – Georgia. Combining Armenia and Georgia in one tour you will get more impressions and will have full idea about the way of life of these two Christian nations. And if you want to explore the whole South Caucasus in one trip just contact tour agencies for Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan trip.

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Things To Do in Georgia

The country of a hot-tempered nation, wine and high mountains, fertile lands and deep forests may offer so many interesting activities that it is absolutely impossible to write them down. To make your trip to Georgia complete and full of emotions you may use this list of top 5 things to do in Georgia as a guideline.

  01 | Drink wine in Kakheti

The first thing to do in Georgia is to try Georgian wine. And for wine lovers, the best thing to do is to take wine tour about Kakheti, the land of winemaking.

things to do in armenia

On the fertile lands of Alazani Valley surrounded by the snow-capped Caucasus Mountains grows the most delicious grape from which locals produce unique Georgian wine. The traditions of winemaking have been preserved for a thousand years. Even today, in the era of high technologies Georgians still keep wine in traditional kvevri barrels buried in the ground.

The amazing and unforgettable wine tour about Kakheti should include breathtaking views of Sighnaghi, the city of love, rich architectural and historical monuments, fortresses and monasteries.

  02 | Stroll along Batumi Boulevard

One of the most popular destinations for summer is Ajaria with its capital Batumi. The city is a mixture of wonderful natural beauty and unique modern architecture. To enjoy this contrastive mixture you should definitely take a walk along Batumi Boulevard. It might be sunny during the summer, so carry your prescription sunglasses. From one side there are the clear beaches and endless waters of the Black Sea, from the other side there rise modern skyscrapers. The boulevard is always clean and there are interesting pieces of modern art on both sides of the alley.

things to do in armenia

Walking about the boulevard and Batumi, in general, you will often see tourists on bicycles. It is a common thing in Batumi to rent a bicycle and go sightseeing. Plus, it is cheap and healthy.

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  03 | To enjoy Old Tbilisi view

Tbilisi is one of the oldest cities in the South Caucasus. The capital has preserved its historical monuments and rich heritage and at the same time has been turned into a modern European city. Walking about the narrow alleys of Old Tbilisi you will feel the mood of the ancient city and feel the rhythm it used to have once.

things to do in armenia

To enjoy the best view of Tbilisi and its old district, go to the Mtatsminda Park that rises high above the city. A huge Ferris wheel stands on the top of the mountain. In the evening it is illuminated and looks so beautiful from afar. Still, the best view is waiting for you. Take a ride on the Ferris wheel and open your eyes when you reach the highest point. You will see Tbilisi with its churches, surrounding mountains, parks and bridges.

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  04 | Ride a snowboard

The lovers of active sports will find some really interesting places to get a dosage of adrenaline. The deepest gorges are perfect for rock climbing, mountainous rivers attract the professionals of rafting while the snowy slopes of mountains have long become the popular place for the lovers of snowboarding and skiing.

things to do in armenia

There are several popular ski resorts in Georgia and you may visit all of them. The most modern and popular ski resort is Gudauri with all the amenities for comfort, and of course with perfect slopes of different complexity

  05 | Feel the rhythm of nightlife

Despite the fact that Georgia is an ancient country with old traditions, Tbilisi has an active nightlife known all over the world. The popular clubs of the city often guest different artists worldwide that gather thousands of people from Georgia and neighbouring countries.

things to do in armenia

Tbilisi does have a unique rhythm of nightlife that starts with a taste of wine and Georgian cheese and turns into crazy beats of DJs.

And at last, do not forget to spice up your days in Georgia with tasty national dishes and sweets. Try to taste all the popular dishes so you can later describe them or even cook.

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