Studying for a masters in tourism gives you the advantage of working internationally. Being part of the hospitality industry, you will provide travel services for pleasure or business. 

To prepare an exciting itinerary for travelers, you need to know where to find tourist attractions. Visiting a place gives you a better experience than reading about it. 

There are many places to travel as a student studying tourism. Tourism is a booming industry with many career opportunities. Traveling will give you fresh experiences and will change your view of the world and cultures. Here are places to travel and experience the world in a new way. 

Experience the humid subtropical climate in New South Wales, Australia

New South Wales, Australia, has varying climatic conditions. The North East is humid, and the South East and Central Coasts have oceanic climates. Traveling destinations in the state include parks, Sydney, rainforests, and mountains. 

The state’s coastline is more than 1,300 miles. It is dotted with numerous attractions that you can never exhaust. Top attractions include the Blue Mountains National Park. You can visit Lord Howe Island, Sydney, and the Snowy Mountains. 

Traveling places around the world give you unforgettable experiences. You will enjoy different cultures, food, cities, and attractions. You still need to set aside time to write your academic papers during your travel. Writing your master’s thesis or dissertation requires much work and process. 

Students need to gather a variety of information to create high-grade papers. You require online dissertation help from online services to complete your essay quickly. Top professional writers will write your paper with many years of experience. It means your travel plans will go uninterrupted and worry-free.

Enjoy memorable attractions in Alabama

Alabama is a US state located in the southern part of the country, and it borders Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico. The state has many vacation spots, such as beaches, parks, and cities. 

When preparing a travel itinerary to Alabama, include places that will offer memorable experiences. You can busk on the extensive beaches or visit the USS battleship memorial park. The Gulf State Park and the US Space and Rocket Center are full of attractions. 

Enjoy a mix of historical and modern attractions in Egypt

Egypt has dozens of cheap places to travel. The country is rich in history and home to some of the largest pyramids in the world. Cruising the Nile River will give you unforgettable experiences. 

The red sea offers you surfing, diving, and the best beach visit experiences. Take a hot air balloon tour over the Aswan and the scorching desert. Dine in traditional restaurants and enjoy cultural dances. 

Experience the unique culture of Taiwan

Taiwan is a good choice if you desire the most significant cultural tourism experience. The Island is located about 100 miles off the coast of China. 

The best places to travel in Taiwan are National Parks, coastal areas, and cities. Cultural activities include visiting the History Museum, the Flea Market, and the Art Museum. 

You can stay in a Buddhist Temple or visit the Japanese-Era Bathhouse. Other cultural attractions include food, music, dances, and events. 

Enjoy great nightlife in Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain, is known for its thrilling nightlife. It has many places to travel to, such as the Royal Palace of Madrid and museums. The city comes to life from about 4 pm to the wee hours of the morning. 

Madrid quotes
One week Spain itinerary must include Madrid for sure.

It is dotted with clubs, bars, and restaurants, and its streets are full of shopping places. Ride a boat at El Retiro Park, and visit the Plaza Mayor or the Museo Nacional del Prado. 

Visit the 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Mexico

Mexico is one of the places to travel on a student budget. It provides many cheap places to travel, and the Mexicans are welcoming. It is rich in artistic and cultural heritage, and you will love the country’s limitless attractions. 

You will have a chance to visit the 35 UNESCO World Heritage sites. They include the Chichen Itza city ruins and the Teotihuacan Avenue of the dead. El Tajin is a cultural cradle, while Uxmal has unique architecture. 


Studying tourism gives you the benefit of working in any country in the world. You will be preparing itineraries for thousands of tourists every year. 

You get a better experience when you visit a place than when you read about it. During your course, there are many places you can see around the world. 

Enjoy the culture in Taiwan or the humid beaches in Australia. Experience thrilling nightlife in Madrid, Spain, or visit the pyramids of Egypt. Mexico is home to 35 famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites 


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