My friends despised me in school because I loved History. I used to listen to my history teacher describing historical places intently, while my friends looked sleepy. I remember them tossing and turning pages out of boredom and trying hard to hold back sleep.

I know, I know. I guess I’m one of those who embraces History like it is an inevitable part of life. And I think most of you readers are averse to a long list of dates and events too.

While everyone else loathed History during exams, I wrote the historical stories with passion and ease. Because to me, It was not just an exam or a subject. To me, History is something that opens the doors to our past and reveals us who we actually are. And what better than historical places to find those doors? Historical places never cease to captivate me and I feel drawn to those rulers and kingdoms almost instinctively.

Historical places
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I’m a person who loves dwelling onto the past of every place.Because the history of a place is mystic to me. The Enigma is what possess and binds me, making me dig for stories of the past. Every historical place is like a million dollar treasure to me – as it holds countless stories of people. Stories of joy, stories of sorrow and tears, stories of hope and despair and what not!

I feel the urge to uncover and unravel the past, to slowly get under the skin of a place. It is like traveling back in time. As I inspect every structure, I imagine the incidents that might have happened in that place in the past. Continuous streams of pictures roll my eyes, like a movie on a screen. A sense of hair rising feeling engulfs me as I paint my pictures of imagination.

While I’m always ready to explore historical places, there are travelers who would rather be lost in dense forests of the Amazon than die of boredom in getting to know a historical place. Many of the travel bloggers write extremely well, descriptively mentioning the places. But, very few actually are interested in going too deep into a historical place and that’s absolutely fine.

So, when I visit a historical place, I’m tempted to give out some facts and fiction-like the one in Thiruvananthapuram. I resist the urge to write the historical details of a place, for the fear of making you running away from my blog out of boredom!

So the next time I write about a historical place, please bear with me and read on. I’ll try my best to definitely make History look more interesting than the one which was taught in school!

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