The Mediterranean Sea area is one of the top summer vacation destination areas in Europe. Sitting in the southwestern part of the continent, the Mediterranean is graced with beautiful blue water, gentle rolling waves, and a temperature that is some of the warmest in all of Europe. The summer days are sunny and breezy, and the summer nights are balmy and rarely require a jacket. 

You can find some of the top vacation places here from the top spot like Saint Tropez and Cannes, where the high-end players come to the island nations of Malta, and Sardinia, that offer unique and sublime experiences to travelers. Perhaps the most inviting destinations on the Mediterranean are the islands. Dozens include Sicily and the exotic islands of Greece.

Mykonos is a lesser-known Greek Island than Santorini or Crete, but many believe that it is the most beautiful and offers the best vacation for visitors. The reasons might surprise you. Here is a list of ideas that people often name.

The Gorgeous Resorts

Both Santorini and Crete have stunning seaside resorts, but Mykonos, because of the shape and abundance of line sandy beaches, offers a unique experience in the Greek isles. One great example is the Adorno Suites Hotel. The suites resort is a few steps away from the beach and 2.5 km from the town of Chora. This new luxury accommodation is just moments away from everything the beautiful island of Mykonos has to offer. It features a private beach and pool, traditional whitewashed walls, wooden pergolas and pastel-coloured shutters. The resort honours the conventional Cycladic style combined with infusions of ultra-chic bohemian décor.

Relax by the water, Participate in watersports or relax in your private pool while you enjoy room service, you can do it all here. 

Lots of Fun Activities

Mykonos has miles of white sand beaches that gently caress the warm Mediterranean. The island paradise is a great place to go to participate in all sorts of watersports. If you love being on the water, swimming, and snorkelling, there are many locations around the island where you can partake seven days a week. You can even join a boat charter and go out on the deeper water to scuba dive. There you can see all sorts of sea creatures that swim in the Mediterranean. It is also an excellent opportunity to do some fishing, as the Mediterranean has a wide variety including game fish.

Mykonos also offers visitors high areas to go hiking around the island. You can book a hiking tour with you and others on the island or go out on your own. There are also bicycles that you can rent, which give you easy access to all parts of the island. So Mykonos offers you the opportunity to see the beautiful island and get some exercise too.

When the Sun Goes Down, the Heat Goes Up

The nightlife in Mykonos is legendary, with party-goers coming from all over the Mediterranean to participate in the nighttime activities. Dance, sing and eat until the sun comes up at the clubs that dot the island and never have to worry about a long drive to your hotel. Then when the sun comes up, get some rest and do it all over again.

If you want to have the best experience possible on a Mediterranean vacation, come to the best Greek Island, Mykonos. 

Fun Sea and Sun at One of the Mediterranean’s Best Vacation Stops