Student time is one of the best periods in life when one can travel freely. A lot of people understand that and usually create plans accordingly. 

For example, many university students have the Sea of Ras or the Eastern parts of Europe on their bucket lists before the end of their university days. 

We do not have the luxury of looking into every sight in most university students’ go-to spots – but we’d like to run through a few of them to consider in 2022.

It is safe to know that the sights mentioned before are budget-friendly and precisely cut out for university goers. 

Most of them have experienced guides to help recreate memorable vacations with your peers. Let’s get to it right away.


College Students on a tight budget would love their South-American adventure in Ecuador. Your first stop in Ecuador should be at the Galápagos National Park

Students from the United States love to explore the sight’s wildlife practices that have lasted for ages. It would help if you walked by the Malecon Boardwalk in Guayaquil for stunning views of art museums.

The Artisan Market at Otavalo is one of the famous Artisan hotspots. Students love to shop for affordable and slightly priced Andean textiles. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your Panama hat from this market. The Nambillo Waterfall Sanctuary is an alluring cloud forest ecosystem in Southern Europe, and you’ve got to take a glimpse at this sight.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

As expected, San Juan ranks on the batch of remarkable and surprising student destinations to travel 2022. Every college student must visit Puerto Rico because of its fantastic food, outdoor locations, and bar happy-hour specials. 

Take a stroll around Old San Juan with friends while exploring the city’s historical buildings and 16th-century-old culture.

“For $15 per night, you can book a cosy, student-friendly apartment while working on your last-minute project. The San Juan Cemetery, with its prestigious tombstones, is a fascinating sight for all in Puerto Rico. 

To get the most out of your Puerto Rico holiday, tell yourself: I should pay someone to do my research paper while I travel the places to get more extensive knowledge on the topic of my research,” tutor tourism manager course and writer at PapersOwl Alicia Mickey commented. 

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Arenal Area, Costa Rica

Lake Arenal is one of the most charming travel destinations for any American student. If you are one of those travelers that need to brush up on their Spanish accent, you can do so on this trip. 

The Fortuna Waterfall is a great place to stop if you intend to save money on your short stay in the Arenal area. Here, you can escape from the busy parts of the city.

If you have plans to go down with a few college buddies, you can go cliff jumping and kayaking at the Gravity Fall tour. 

There are low-key B&Bs for your college couple getaway with the most comfortable relaxation amenities. 

College students would love this trip because of the exchange rate available to tourists in Costa Rica.


Another excellent option for places to go for your vacation in Bolivia. Many beautiful beaches, cuisine venues, and unique beach houses for rentals exist. 

If you want to join a party with young and wild attendees like yourself, you should book a flight to Bolivia. This country’s dining prices are pretty fair, with rich Bolivian meals.

College Students love this destination for its spectacular natural habitat for singing birds. 

Depending on where you decide to lodge, transportation to the hotspots of Bolivia can take a full hour at the very least. 

However, this would not interrupt your fun since you can go back whenever you plan to return. Every local you cross paths with would be welcoming.

Panama City, Florida

This city beach is a top-visited sight in the world. Young adults like you relax by the bay to enjoy the warm feel of the sun breaking their skin pores. 

Planning your next summer holiday to places like Florida lets you have enough story when you return. Visiting around September or October is a good time to check out some of the locals’ favourite parts of the bay.

Traveling to beautiful sights in Florida might cost a little over your budget, but it’s worth the additional expense. Every neighbourhood has its savannah resort and wanderlust bays. 

The popular recreation spot is among the cheap trips for students with fascinating views and offers. 

You wouldn’t have to break the bank to make and share new memories in Florida.

Niagara Falls, New York/ Canada

There are more than a few things to do in Niagara Falls. The entire town is filled with the ancient history of the surviving locals. Start your morning by strolling the botanical gardens to test your wild-surviving skills. 

Spending part of your noon at the golf section to play a few rounds wouldn’t be too bad. You aren’t a Niagara Falls visitor if you haven’t ridden on the Whirlpool Jet Boats found on South street.

You should stop by the French quarter, Tybee island, and take a ghost tour of the authentic arts collection in Niagara Falls. 

Like Georgia, Louisiana, Mardi, and Vietnam, Canada is home to many resorts with unique amenities for tourists and visitors. 

There are other options with an incredible offer in the town to add to our itinerary when you travel to Niagara Falls.

As a student, you want to be sure your desired vacation spot is budget-friendly, so you wouldn’t have to spend so much. 

Finding what makes you happy online is easy, but the cost might be beyond your budget for a holiday. 

We’ve highlighted some of the cheapest sights and locations for college students looking to have the best moments of their lives outside the campus hall.

These sights are beautiful, with pocket-friendly restaurants, bars, and transportation within the states. If you stay longer in these locations, you might get acquainted with their way of life, finding yourself there every holiday.


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