The Blogger vs Vlogger discussion is the most active if you look in the forums and marketing agencies. Do you want to be a blogger or a Vlogger? If you are in this dilemma and wondering what is what, in this post, I will share everything about these two – what is a vlogger, what is the difference between vlogs and blogs? are vlogs better than blogs? And some pointers for the question you may have – should I blog or vlog?

It is natural to feel confused when you are new to anything – so don’t worry much. Being a professional blogger for over 6 years that has been riding the roller-coaster all along, I have a lot of things that I want to share to help you choose what you want to do.

blogger vs vlogger
blog and vlog difference

From introducing the concepts to digging deeper into the challenges and solutions, I have covered many topics here. Check out this post which will help you decide a winner between the Blogger vs Vlogger debate.



The definition of a blog, according to Wikipedia, is – A blog (a truncation of “weblog “) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts). 

difference between blogger and vlogger
vlogger vs blogger

A blog can be a journal where individuals or groups share their experiences, and it could be related to any topic. Here is my travel blog, where I share everything about travel – from personal stories to travel tips to guides – to help people with first-hand information about traveling alone.

Blogs can be one of the sections on a website, or a blog may be an entire site, like this one. People who blog are called bloggers.

As mentioned earlier, a blog is about a specific niche or a combination of a few – like travel, food, tech, gardening, knitting, DIY, beauty, or a variety of some of these.

It is not static or one-time content, but like your journal, blog posts are added frequently, providing links to relevant content. You can add images and videos to your blog post, giving a shape to the stories or informational blog posts you create.


The benefits of being a blogger are many, which you can find in the next section. Why you may want to become a blogger depends on your interests, purpose, skills, and time.

blogger vs vlogger
vlog and blog difference

There are millions of blogs on the world wide web today. A significant portion of these blogs are hobby projects or journals, where people share their skills, write about their day or activities, or things like that. In these cases, people are not focused on making money from the blog or not their job yet.

If you enjoy writing, you can quickly start a blog and keep writing, which you will have fun doing.

On the other hand, if you want to become a professional blogger – aka earn money from your blog, take up blogging as your profession, there are many things you have to consider.

As a beginner blogger, you may have to avoid these blogging mistakes and focus on the must-do things – including learning email-marketing and affiliate marketing.

You have to find your audience, learn Search Engine Optimization(SEO) to make sure your blog posts reach the audience that is either looking for inspiration, help, or information regarding products, things, places, or people. 

blogger meaning
blog meaning

The primary purpose of running a blog as a business is to serve your readers. The larger the audience you serve, the more money you can make too.


There are plenty of benefits of being a blogger, just like every other profession.

You can turn blogging into a profitable business – Bloggers can turn the blogs into successful businesses or small scale entrepreneurs, which many people do worldwide.

Flexibility with living and working – Being professional blogging means being your boss without working the fixed 9 to 5 or bound to any office. Whether you want to travel while you work, cook, or spend time with your family, you have total complete over time.

vlogging vs blogging
vlog vs blog

You can grow a brand and influence your audience – Developing a blog into a business means growing a brand that helps readers in one or many forms, which will, in turn, lets you expand your blogging career goals.

You can sell products that you create – Apart from building a brand, you can use your blog as a platform to sell products you make and own, apart from endorsing others’ products.

You can expand your blog business – Once you have found your foot as an established blogger, just like in any other business, you can scale up or replicate the success to create multiple websites. Yes, it is possible to build a blog empire of your own, provided you know how to do it.


Moving to the next point in discussing Blogger vs Vlogger, blogging has some downsides, just like any other profession.

Blogging consumes a lot of time – Many think that blogging mostly means writing something up and hitting the publish button. But there are tons of things bloggers do in the background.

From learning the CMS and other technical aspects of running a blog to editing the posts and adding images and links – publishing blog posts require a lot of time. It is not for you if you don’t enjoy writing too.

blogger vs vlogger
similarities of blog and vlog

It takes time to make money from blogging – Even if you learn the best practices, implement all the strategies and effective marketing, it takes time for a blog to make money consistently. 

Patience is essential if you plan to run a blog, especially keeping your day job or having other consistent income sources until your blog takes off.

You need to update the blogs regularly – The things in blogging or running websites have become dynamic, constantly changing – and the need to keep up with the latest algorithm changes, learning and juggling other items can be exhausting if you don’t enjoy long hours of work.


Let us take a look at all about Vlogging in this discussion of blogger vs Vlogger.


A Vlog is a short form for a video blog. If you wonder what does Vlog means, here is a simple explanation. It is a form of a blog where a video is the medium of expression – instead of writing, as a vlogger, you will be shooting videos where you will talk to the camera.

vlog meaning
blog vs vlog

Like blogging, you can choose to become a Vlogger in any field you think you have expertise in. Most vloggers decide to post their videos on different platforms, but majorly on YouTube, creating their YouTube channels or pages.

Now, Vloggers have many platforms to post video content on other social media channels – including Instagram Reels, Facebook, Linked In, and so on. 

Along with the embedded link on these platforms, you will find the descriptions of the videos and links to other videos as well.

video marketing
blogging vs vlogging money

YouTuber Vs Vlogger – What is the difference?

The difference between vlogger and YouTuber is that a vlogger may be producing content not only on YouTube but also on other platforms. While a YouTuber means she or he has a channel on YouTube, this is the primary platform for creating video content.


To figure out why you should move to Vlogging depends on what you like to achieve? Are you comfortable being in front of the camera? Do you want to grow a channel optimized for SEO and collaborate with brands? Do you want to become a vlogger that makes money?

blogger vs vlogger

Why do you want to vlog? Answering these questions will help you define things. If you’re going to become a video influencer, vlogging is the way to go. You can add vlogging as an addition as well if you strategize.


There are many benefits of advantages of taking up vlogging.

Vlogging adds a personal touch – Unlike blogging, you are one step closer to your audience as a vlogger. The viewers will feel the personal touch as they see you on screen and can better connect with your emotions and the topic.

People love connecting with the author, and nothing is better than an actual human behind the lens.

blogger vs vlogger
what is vlogger

Vlogging is easier – One of the top things that I would like to stress when deciding between blogger vs vlogger is that vlogging is relatively easier than blogging. If you have no fear or awkwardness facing the camera, more than half of your job is done. 

Of course, you need to prepare, but compare it with composing a post, taking hours to complete(just the writing alone), vlogging is easier to get started. 

Vlogs are mobile-friendly – One of the main reasons vlogging has become popular and continues to grow is the easy access to smartphones, which allows anyone and everyone to get in front of the camera and get going. 

If you don’t believe me, check out Tik-Tok – which became a phenomenon in record time.

blogs and vlogs
meaning of vlogger

You can start vlogging with your smartphone alone wherever you are, unlike getting on a laptop, finding a quiet place to collect your thoughts, and complete a blog post for hours.

Plus, since vlogging platforms are better optimized for mobile users, you can easily attract many mobile users.


Despite all the great things about blogging, there are a few things to consider when choosing a winner between blogger vs vlogger.

Harder to change content – Unlike blogging, where you can edit content and keep things updated, you have zero chance of doing the same in existing videos – you have to constantly create multiple videos on the same topic to keep things updated – one of the huge disadvantages of vlogging.

Vlogging may not attract a large audience – Although people tend to look at videos, it is hard to retain users, mainly if you produce longer videos – The attention span needs to be increased by creating engaging, good-quality videos, just as in blogging.

what does vlog mean
vlogger meaning

Competition may be high – If you don’t pick up skills like video editing or optimizing the video content for search engines, you may find it challenging to make a name for your brand or even monetize it. 

It may take longer to find an engaging audience or monetize – Because of many things – a competitive niche, challenging to attract audience demography, and lack of good content may all mean that you can expect only a few hundred views for some time.


Now that you know a bit about both, one of the differences between vlogs and blogs is the form of content delivery. 

The other difference between blogs and vlogs is the target audience – people who love visuals vs. people looking for a reading. Also, the niches and their competition levels are different when it comes to blogger vs vlogger – A niche highly popular in blogging may not be a good candidate if you want to start vlogging.

So do thorough research individually for these things before making a decision. Check the next section to address these further in the blogger vs vlogger guide.


Continuing the discussion about blogger vs vlogger, we have reached the point to tackle it head-on – Addressing the elephant in the room – What to choose – Vlog or Blog?

There are some factors and questions that you need to answer to arrive there – I know, bear with me for a little while.

blog vs vlog income
written content

Here are the things to take into consideration when deciding to be a blogger vs vlogger.

Consider Your strengths

Leave alone what is popular or what makes money. I would suggest you consider this first – what is the platform that makes you the most comfortable? Are you easy-going in front of the camera? Are you good at pleasantly engaging the audience through videos?

Or are you a woman/man of great written words? Are you an introvert better at expressing things through writing? (Like yours truly) Do you have a great vocabulary and have the skills to write engagingly – The pen is mightier than the sword is not an outdated adage – written words are compelling if you know how to write content appealingly. 

Ask yourself these questions like What do you like the most? What are you known for among your family and friends? How can you help others with something you know and good?

Consider the niches

Sometimes, it is easier to decide what to pick up if you research the niches you shortlist. Some niches are very well suited for blogging, while some niches perform better and give more opportunities as vloggers.

digital marketing
content marketing

There is no thumb rule as to which niches perform better, so try to zero down a few considering what you love doing – because you have to love what you do – especially when you are going to spend hours a day on the job.

Check your monetization goals.

Is your vlog or a blog for making money? If yes, how much money do you intend to make? Do you want the income just enough for side expenses or want to make a living from your vlogging or blogging? 

Or do you want to become a blogger or a vlogger for fun and attention alone? 

How much investment can you make?

If you plan to make blogging or vlogging your primary source of income, you must invest in courses and equipment to learn and improve your content. 

Running a blog needs some money – hosting, domain purchase and maintenance, themes, and other technical stuff. Plus, add the costs of courses and add-ons.

Do you have the capacity to outsource or hire someone as well? Do you have the money to invest in good quality equipment for shooting videos? You need to figure out the math and the money to make it work if you will be in this for the long run.

Whether you want to pick is a Blogger, or a Vlogger depends on these factors, which are practical aspects of running either of them.

How much time can you invest?

Whether you want to be a vlogger or a blogger, it takes tons of time to produce excellent quality content. And if you are serious about making money or growing in either of these, your results will be directly proportional to the number of hours you can invest per week. 

It is okay to pick up things as a hobby and may be chalked out a few hours a week initially. This approach takes the pressure off from you, allowing you to learn the ropes and reach a goal post, after which you can jump into going full-time.


Can you do both vlogging and blogging? Sure, why not? If you can manage your time and resources, you can grow both. But, yes, there is a but. If you are going to make these your income sources, I’d highly suggest you pick one first, develop the platform, and later dive into another one.

Strategize your timeline and goals, and move ahead if you can do both. Want to play safe? Pick one.

Well, so are you going to be a blogger or a vlogger? End this dilemma of blogger vs vlogger consider each of these points mentioned here. 

Right down everything and create a road map, and let the answers come to you.

Whatever you choose – blogging or vlogging, know these things – The journey to success is not easy. Success is subjective, I know, but you have to stick to it for some time. There will be days when you want to throw your laptop out of the window or your camera – You will shed some tears, lose some sleep, and days over your blogs and vlogs. There will be bad days, and there will be fabulous days. 

But you have to be able to enjoy the ride and keep at it to make things work. 

I hope you were able to figure something in deciding to be a blogger vs vlogger. Happy content creating!


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