China is a very vast country and one of the best countries to travel to in terms of visiting places and budget constraints. Many people don’t explore China and other Asian countries as much as they explore Europe and the western part of the world. The winter and summer are the seasons that are very harsh in China. But at the same time, they aren’t entirely tricky as well.

Best Time to Plan a Holiday to China

The people who are used to very rough snow can easily tolerate the winter conditions in China, which only snows only in specific regions and that too the snow levels are much less when compared to the kind of snowfall received in the western part of the world and the countries that lie in the northern hemisphere.

The summers are pretty scorching for those who haven’t experienced such harsh heat. However, if you can manage, then it’s magnificent. Be it anything, the best season to visit China is during spring.

High season

The month between April and November is the high season. In China, when you’re travelling during this particular season, you can enjoy the beauty of the place in the best possible weather conditions. As much as you could want the weather condition, there are many other things you need to endure as the attraction areas are very crowded.

The tourist places are filled with long queues, especially on the various public holidays like labourers day as most public holidays fall during this particular time of the year. Also, the Chinese schools announce vacations during July and August, which calls for the local crowd to visit the other parts of the country for a holiday.

If you wish to visit China during this particular time, you have to book your hotel room in advance as it increases with time. Places like Shenzhen, Sanya, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong are best visited during this season.

 Low season

The months between November to March is the low season in different parts of China.

A lot of tourist places lose their charm during this particular time. However, if you’re planning to visit places filled with historical attractions, this is the best season to travel as the sites aren’t crowded.

The aeroplane prices and hotel rooms are very much less, and many hotels offer you discounts as well. If you have a budget constraint and wish to travel to China, you have to pick this low season of the year. Once you get the Chinese Visa application, you know your date of arrival, so book your tickets immediately.

What are the main festivals celebrated in the High season of China tourism?

These are the main festivals that fall during the high season of travel to China. The national holiday in China is one of the most sought-after holiday seasons for the Chinese. They fondly call it the golden week. It’s from the first of October till the seventh of October.

Similarly, there is another three-day holiday from the first of May till the third of May. Most Chinese plan on family trips during this particular season as almost all offices are closed and schools also shut down.

Spring Festival in China

 The New Year for China is from the twenty-ninth of December till the seventh of January. One could find booking tickets extremely hard during this season.

When you plan to travel to China during the high season, you have to prepare yourself to tackle the heavy crowds within China itself.

What are the must-visit places for first-time travellers to China?

The 10-day China trip that covers Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, and Guilin is the best trip covering the central part of China. You can also plan your trip based on your budget and preferences.

When you’re traveling to China during the low season of the year, and then plan to visit Tibet and the region surrounding it.

These are some of the most important things you need to keep in mind while planning your holiday to China. China is a friendly place for outsiders. You would fall in love with the tradition and culture of the site after visiting it.

Reshma Narasing

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