Here are Some Great Reasons to Visit Iceland Now! There is no country more remarkable than Iceland. This small island nation sits in the Norwegian Sea East of Greenland and West of Norway. Because of its location and its isolation Iceland has a unique topography that in some parts seem like a throwback to the Ice Age.  

At the same time it is now one of Europe’s most modern countries with a government that is very progressive. The topography of the country is beautiful mountains and expansive vistas that contain ice and snow and lush plains that roll into marshy wetlands.

In terms of its cities, all are small including its capital Reykjavík but the capital is a modern industrial and information metropolis that has all of the amenities of any big European city. In addition to Iceland being a great place to live because of its wonderful people and business friendly economy. It is also an amazing place to visit. 

The beauty here is in abundance and the things to do comes in bunches. Visit this site to learn about everything you can do in Iceland to make an unforgettable vacation. Here are a few of the best things to do when you visit this once in a lifetime destination. 

Hike in the Parks

There are so many things to see in this amazing country and all of them beautiful. One way to see some of the best sights is to take a road trip about the island. Visit the many national parks including Skaftafell Park which has the Svartifoss Waterfall which is the perfect location for pictures. You can also do some hiking in the park to an incredible place to view the entire country. You will experience the freshest air and most beautiful sites of nature you have ever seen and of course the sunset is phenomenal. 

Visit the Westman Islands

The Westman Islands or Vestmannaeyjar, is a beautiful archipelago just a half an hour by ferry from Landeyjarhöfn harbour in the Southeast of Iceland. The biggest island Heimaey, is home to about 4000 people. The islands contain many natural and cultural landmarks including the 200 meter high Eldfell Crater, which last erupted in 1973.  The Sæheimar Aquarium which is Iceland’s oldest aquarium. And I filled with samples of the marine life surrounding the island.There is a local brewery that mkes some of Island’s best local beer and the main island it’s home to one of the highest rated restaurants in Iceland.

Watch the Whales

Iceland is renowned for its diversity of unique wildlife. You can see it everywhere on the island and even off the coast. Its most famous wildlife visitors are the whales that swim close by. You can rent a tour to see the whales and get close enough that you can feel their spray. These same tour operators will also take you to view Iceland’s glaciers and other animals including Polar Bears Seals, and Sea Lions. 

Go Sightseeing

One of the great pastimes for tourists who visit Iceland is to simply take a tour or even go by yourself to tour the countryside. You can choose your favourite way to do this and tour include those by bus, helicopter and even snowmobile. Each offers a wonderful way to tour the island and to see one of the most beautiful countries in the world. 

If you want a more traditional stay, make sure that you make the capital city Reykjavík, where you stay. The city has great restaurants, cafes and a thriving might life that includes lots of nightclubs, bars and discos that stay open all night. 

Visit Iceland and see a unique and beautiful country that will create lifelong memories.