As a travel blogger, freelance creative writer and a social media influencer, I love working on the opportunities in the travel industry.

Freelance Writing/ Travel Writing Assignments:

I do freelance writing, especially travel assignments. I also contribute articles to websites, write guest posts and also do content writing related to traveling.

Please find some of my published work here.

Blogging/FAM Trips:

I’m open for media led/press/FAM trips across the world to promote or write about places, food, culture, branding & hospitality partners. I love exploring the places in unusual ways and in as local way as possible, as I believe every destination has untold stories and hidden faces.

Social Media:

As a social media influencer, I’m interested in working  with tourism boards, hospitality partners, hostels and hotels, brands and companies for blogging, creative content development and marketing projects, social media campaigns and promotions.

Accommodation Reviews:

I write reviews about the places where I take up the accommodation. Please email me if you’re looking for reviews.


Apart from these, I also offer the following services and would love to work on these opportunities:

Create and maintain content for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Collaboration with Brands in the travel/hospitality sector

Volunteering opportunities across the world

Service promotions like NGO, promoting responsible and safe travel

Destination/Theme promotions

Collaboration with travel bloggers across the world for relevant travel blogging projects/campaigns

For any other type of business related opportunity revolving around traveling and writing, reach out to me through any of these to start an interaction.

Email Id:

I’m available online here –

Facebook: The Solo Globetrotter

Twitter: @ReshmaNarasing

Instagram: thesologlobetrotter

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The Solo Globetrotter

Welcome to the Solo Globetrotter!

I'm Reshma Narasing. A passionate traveler who dreams of travelling to as many places as life takes me. Especially, I love to wander on the roads less traveled and love telling the world about them.

I share all my stories, tips and the good, bad & the ugly of traveling at the solo globetrotter. Hop on & join me on my journeys! Want to know me better? Start here.

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