Photo Essay: Chiang Mai Sunday Market & Walking Street – Of Food, Souvenirs & Arts

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Luckily, Chiang Mai had a lot in store for me when I happened to land there on an idyllic Sunday morning after boarding a bus overnight from Bangkok. Chiang Mai had already charmed me with its brisk air, with travelers, especially the backpackers, bustling in the city. The day got better when I got to know that Chiang Mai Sunday Market would be happening! So the Sunday’s are super unique in Chiang Mai, for the city looks more vibrant, lively and packed – the key attraction being the famous Sunday Market and the Walking Street.

Chiang Mai Sunday Market

People setting up shops and the crowd building up

People begin to set up their ‘shops’ on the Rachadamnoen Road,  in the bylanes as early as 4 PM and the streets start to draw crowds. In this photo essay, I’ll take you to the Sunday Market and the Walking street through my pictures!

The Souvenirs

For the Shopaholics, there is more than you can probably handle because you would be spoilt for choices and too many things are pretty cheap and too many things look adorable! Like these stuff which are cool looking, unique and CHEAP! So, a lot of things are up on the street for souvenirs and gifts.

Chiang Mai Sunday Market

Stuffed toys like these are found in abundant

Chiang Mai Sunday Market

No, these aren’t Levis jeans; Notebooks with Levis covers!

There are so many things to look at, admire or glance at – some of they are really funny too!

Chiang Mai Sunday Market

Bath ‘bombs’ for relaxation!

Once you start exploring the street, you’ll notice that most of the things are hand made, creations of skilled artists and creative minds. And some of the small things are fascinating and attracting, so much that even a non-shopaholic would end up buying – maybe sometimes just to respect the artist’s creativity! These are some of the little things I found. Aren’t they so colourful?

Chiang Mai Sunday Market

All the beautiful handmade stuff. By the way, the parrot is a real one, though 🙂

Incredible Paintings

As I walked past, reminiscing the arts, the sun had started to bid goodbye for the day. Passing through these beautiful paintings and their creators who were working relentlessly, I remembered a quote made by the legendary artist, Picasso –

“There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who, with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun.”

Chiang Mai Sunday Market Walking Street

Artists from all over Thailand come to the Sunday Market in Chiang Mai to sell their work

Chiang Mai Sunday Market Walking Street

Chiang Mai Sunday Market Walking Street

Each of the painting was brilliant, and the intricate details were reflecting the skilful strokes of brush made by the artist.

Delectable Street Food

Chiang Mai Sunday Market and Walking Street is not just for the art lovers, but it’s a delightful place for the foodies as well. Well, not much of choices for the vegetarian folks except Pad Thai noodles, which is quite good, but plenty to try for the rest.

Chiang Mai Sunday Market Walking Street

Thai Pad noodles is a must try

Chiang Mai Sunday Market Walking Street

Chiang Mai Sunday Market Walking Street

Sweets and Desserts are also equally tempting

Chiang Mai Sunday Market Walking Street

Chiang Mai Sunday Market Walking Street

The insects are available too!

Street Performances

Every Sunday, kids from some local schools and colleges give stage performances usually to support a cause or for their funds. I came across these lovely girls who were dressed up and waiting to perform. A lot of street artists with various musicians also fill the streets, and I came across this girl in the traditional Thai attire playing the instrument adeptly.

Chiang Mai Sunday Market Walking Street

A Japanese girl posing with the Thai kids who are all set for the performance

Chiang Mai Sunday Walking

Chiang Mai Sunday Market Walking Street

This girl played the instrument magnificently

Chiang Mai Sunday Market Walking Street

School students raising funds through dance performance

Chiang Mai Sunday Market Walking Street

Chiang Mai Sunday Market Walking Street

One of the entertaining performances which went on till late night

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist sharing this adorable puppy dressed up by his master!

Chiang Mai Sunday Market Walking Street

Finally headed to the hostel around 3 AM, while the Chiang Mai Sunday Market and the Walking Street still echoed with travelers and shops. Chiang Mai looks lively as ever  – the various hues, the smell of the street food and the crowd make it more vibrant. Having enjoyed one of the most memorable nights in these wonderful streets, I had fun in the first phase of stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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