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Bucket List – 9 Stunning Pictures For Antarctica Inspiration For Everyone!

Bucket List – 9 Stunning Pictures For Antarctica Inspiration For Everyone!

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I have had this habit of spending hours online looking for beautiful places from around the world. I am guilty of doing a lot of armchair travel ever since I can remember! The number of days might have reduced because I travel much more actually, but I still haven’t got out of this habit of checking the internet for travel inspiration!

Speaking of inspiration, the continent of Antarctica, most of which is unexplored is probably enough to get the attention of travel seeking people like me. The aura of this continent is simply stunning! The rugged icy mountains, giant icebergs, the enigmatic landscapes with adorable penguins & seals, and above all the journey to and from this incredible place on earth. Simply put, Antarctica is the final frontier to any traveler in this world!

In this post, I am sharing some splendid snapshots for Antarctica inspiration. Check them out right away!

The best way to experience the charisma of Antarctica is to opt for Antarctic cruises, as they are skilled and offer professional services in managing your entire trip. The journey to this continent involves a 2-day voyage in the sea involving cross the Drake Passage, which is popular as the most notorious sea path known to humankind!

If you have a weak stomach, you can skip this by flying directly – relieved to know, right?

antartica inspiration
Hello from the other side!

The King Penguins just having their usual days in this part of the world! How can you not think of visiting these lovely creatures? The best part is to be able to get really close to them, and get to know how they live in this gorgeous continent!

The Falkland Islands and the South George islands are home to these wonderful creatures, and the good part is you can visit them too, on your trip to Antarctica.

antartica inspiration

Not just that, Antarctica is also the best place to meet these enormous looking but relatively harmless beings called Seals! If I have to learn to be lazier than I currently am, I know who to look up for my inspiration!

antartica inspiration
Hmm, city? Never heard of that! Yawn!

A continent that has more daytime than anywhere else in the world, Antarctica surprisingly is easy to travel to for anyone with money these days! Plus, there are a lot of activities waiting to be tried for the adventurous lot. The most popular and intimidating are the Polar plunge – diving head-on into the sea which is in negative temperature in your swimming suit! I am confident that this is not for me!

antartica inspiration
King Penguins taking a stroll

I would probably try Kayaking, an activity that I enjoy despite the fact that it makes me a little scary! Did you know that you can also camp in this continent? This is the first thing that I want to do!

And if glaciers and iceberg look enticing to you, then the Lemaire Channel will keep you hooked for all the days that you are here. Just look at this gorgeous shot of the iceberg – it gave me chills as well as made me want to go – What a contradiction!

antartica inspiration
Iceberg, anyone?

THIS pic convinced me that the life of a seal is the best!

antartica inspiration
I am happiest when I am doing this!

Another shot of the dramatic landscape of this magical continent called Antarctica. This is what dreams are made of!

antartica inspiration
When views like these are a norm!

So, this it folks. Until I someday hopefully set foot in this dreamland, more and more stupendous pictures will keep serving as my Antarctica inspiration. You can bookmark this too to get out of your Monday blues!

Are you one of those who has stepped on this dreamy continent? I would LOVE to hear your story! Please let me know in the comments below! Or do you have plans to travel here soon? I am happy to get to know your plans!

Image credits: Pixabay.

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