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Amazing Things To Do In Amsterdam

Amazing Things To Do In Amsterdam

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Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands is one of the most amazing cities in Europe. Given its beautiful vibes, parks, historical monuments, wonderful food, happening nightlife and more, it is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Easy to travel and good on pockets compared to most of the other cities, this comes as no surprise.

There is no dearth of things to do in Amsterdam. Whether you have 2 days or a week, you have something to explore that you are going to like!

   1. Hop on a cycle

Things to do in Amsterdam

If you don’t know already, Amsterdam is the unofficial capital for cyclists around the world. The flat streets and the neighbourhoods are curated for cyclists. What more, locals use it a lot as their preferred means of commute. You can explore as much as you want planning to go wherever you want, depending on what you like on a bike. You can go to the playgrounds, ponds, open-air theatre and giant sculptures, like The Fish by Picasso.

   2. Take the canal cruise

Things to do in Amsterdam

The protected canal area is one of the most sought-after experiences in Amsterdam. Whether you opt for a tour during the day that takes you through vibrant and picturesque lanes and squares or at night when the entire city is gloriously lit up, you should surely experience this unique tour to capture the colourful side of Amsterdam.

   3. Explore the Museums

While you are in Europe, museums are what you can’t miss. You may not be able to fit in every one of them if you are a little tight on your budget, but certain museums are free and others are cheap and definitely worth visiting. The museums depicting the story of the Nazi concentration camp include Anne Frank’s home, part of which has been converted into a museum.

Things to do in Amsterdam

If the Renaissance and medieval history fascinate you, check out Westerkerk (not a museum), for artwork The Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum for an ultimate collection of books, and Rembrandt House Museum for Rembrandt’s paintings.

   4. Vist the Royal Palace and the National Monument

Things to do in Amsterdam

The majestic place of the royals and the national monument in Amsterdam are the attractions to check out. The brilliant architecture of the Royal Palace is a classic example of medieval European architecture and is a great place to photograph too.

  5. Stroll or relax in the parks

The people of Amsterdam love strolling and picnicking the parks in the city. The most famous and the biggest of them is Vondelpark, which is an awesome place to soak in the views, cycle and relax. Visit this park during the morning and the evenings to enjoy Amsterdam’s scenes.

  6. Explore Amsterdam’s Nightlife

Things to do in Amsterdam

The popular red light district in Amsterdam is well known, and hence the curious travelers mostly visit this place. Apart from this, the city has a great nightlife and entertainment not digging too deep in your pockets while providing fun. Look for happy hours in the bars to make the most of the food and drinks.

  7. Take day trips from Amsterdam

Being the capital, Amsterdam has great connectivity to most of the towns making it possible for many day trips. You can head to another lovely city Rotterdam, go to the Tulip fields if you are visiting Amsterdam between March and May, or head to historic and cultural towns like The Hague, Utrecht, Delft and more.

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